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How to deal with time wasters on Grindr, Carouhell and Telegram?

Guest Whywhy

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They are everywhere.


On Grindr, lots of people are ashamed of their looks? No? If not, why they keep saying asking others "After you" Just send la.


On Carouhell, the price is already there. Still ask me what's the price?


On Tele, I don't those who use disappearing photos. Worse still, those who like to clear history. After some time, can't recall who I'm talking to and have to reintroduce again. Some get offended when I ask for photos again. Some too lazy to start the convo again.


These places so toxic and time wasting. 


Given a choice, I rather not to be on these platforms but I need to sell stuffs and find fwb.


How to deal with time wasters?

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Because you are a guest and this forum had been trolled by many guests who make irresponsible remarks simply because the. Can easily hide behind the goverment and execute keyboard warrior mode lever over 9000. Become a member and post and most probably you will see more replies.

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