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SingPost Postage Rates For Local Mail To Increase By S$0.20 From 9 Oct 23


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SingPost To Increase Domestic Postage Rate In October

SingPost has revealed that from 9 Oct, they will be increasing postage rates for local mail by S$0.20.

The price hike is to manage “rapidly rising costs” and “declining mail volumes,” the postal service revealed via its official website.

To help cope with the change, each household will receive a complimentary stamp booklet.


With an increase of S$0.20, local standard regular mail will now cost S$0.51, up from S$0.31 previously.

Standard large mail will cost S$0.80 while tracked mail or packages, renamed as “Tracked Letterbox” will cost S$2.

A sign-for doorstep delivery service will also be available for those with standard regular or large mail, at S$6.10 in addition to the delivery rate.


In addition, SingPost will be streamlining the mail category by basing the rates on dimensions. Standard regular mail should measure up to 240mm by 162mm and 6mm, and weigh up to 500g.

For standard large mail, deliveries can measure up to 324mm by 229mm and 14mm, with the same weight threshold.

Households will receive complimentary stamp booklet

The increase in postage rates is due to “rapidly rising costs” and “declining mail volumes,” SingPost explained.

“SingPost is raising rates to maintain commercial viability so that we can continue delivering quality postal services for our customers,” they added.

To handle the increase, every household will receive a complimentary stamp booklet from end-October onwards.

From now until 9 Oct, people can continue to use their current stamps for postings.

While the sale of first and second local stamps will be suspended, denominated postage labels are available for purchase from post offices, SAM kiosks, vending machines and online during this period.

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