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Alan's Sports Therapy @Bugis

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Hi all,


My name is Alan. I am a certified sports therapist for 8 years. I recently converted to full time last year. 


My sports therapy includes sports massage, trigger point release and dry cupping/moving cupping.
My expertise is mainly in treating muscle injuries such as sprains, pulls, stiffness, reduced ROM (range of motion) and accumulation of inflammation in the body due to overuse and overstrain of the muscles.

I also give advises on rehab exercises that facilitate recovery and also help correct your gym workout postures. 

If you don't have the above problems and just need a real good sports massage for maintenance for your body aches to sleep better, I do that too.


My charges are $80 per hour.

You may contact me on IG @ 0aheart0


I added some pics of my works below so you have a better understanding of my work


Here is also a youtube link of one of my works for a shoulder injury where the client cant lift up his arm fully and have pain when dressing up.







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Just wish to highlight that you are not naked during the therapy session. please bring you own pair of shorts. I also have many female clients  so feel free to let your female friends know.


Lastly, no offence to anyone, i take my job seriously with pride. I really love this job and helping ppl recover from their injuries so they can gym better and/or perform better on their day to day activities without pain or discomfort. I do not provide anything hanky panky.

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