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From Bw Archives 15 : 10 Jul - 14 Jul '98


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07/11/98 14:58:58

Name: Nick69 My URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Your Fav Sextivity: 69

Your Fav Body Type: Asian Your Nationality: SG


Wow! Lots of new guys and lots of action!Decided to check out the restrooms in Marine Parade after hearing so much about them.YES! They definitely have huge termites in Parkway parade especially the restrooms at the 2nd and 3rd floors.The partitions there have holes huge enough to stuff your largest erection!Anyways I stripped and sat in the cubicle for a few minutes when a few guys entered the loo.I pretended to mind my own business but the stares through the peep holes were obvious.Soon a tongue appeared through one of them.So I stood up and strategically placed my hot wet cock through it.Heaven is all I an say as a hungry mouth enclosed my erection and made me cum.The sweet dear sucked me dry and when I peeped again the cute guy was gone.As I dressed up noticed that the cubicle on my other side had a cute dripping dick swaying below the partition.What luck, I kneeled down to stoke it and it shuddered! I then slowly placed my soft lips round the throbbing tool and started running my tongue all round it.I heard a sigh and soon found sweet warm jizz filling my hungry mouth.When I came out of my cubicle I saw him come ouot too.He was a tanned hunk of a NS man in uniform!Parkway Parade is nice!

07/11/98 13:55:08

Name: Chin Kok

My URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me


I am new to this bulletin. I read with interest on the accounts by you guys. Any guidance?

07/11/98 13:17:34

Name: jeff


hi yah people...... welcum back...... hmm.... it seems like it was going quite well till we ran out of things to do..... anyway, i enjoyed it and i get to see who i was talking to.... and, just for your info, just_sex said that he will try to organise ano her one.... well, i just hope that it will include what to do after meeting up..... just to save the embarassing questions of "So, what to do next?" and "Do you guys wanna cruise?" ..... etc.... so..... talk to you'll again......

07/11/98 04:47:22

Name: actionkid


hiya peeeple.. dammit.. Saturday morning and I'm still stuck at work, with plenty of tedious finances to deal with.. sheesh! Aaaaanyway, it is nice to see that there are more newer guys sending in their postings.. It's great that you feel welcomed and all and Max.. sure thing, man.. we're all like old friends here.. you're welcome to join us anytime and, hey... I think it's great that you feel comfortable enuff to just come out and write in like that.. And golfnut.. hehehe... I can't help having this visu ls of this particular type of nuts whenever I see your nick..;P.. Welcome to the club, dude! Dun be shy.. I think you've got a great story brewing and I was just about to sigh with romantic pleasure when you had to cut it short.. hummph! Keep writing, oka ? We're here to share stories, listen and just create a storm and be happy.. ;) As for BW.. write to him.. although he doesn't participate actively, I'm sure he appreciates your little notes to him.. and from what I know, he still reads this page regularly . :P that's all boizzz.. croooze on always!!

07/11/98 02:58:39

Name: ahboi


hmmm, i noted the conspicuous absence of ze regular bunch this 'moaning' .... pretty-ing up for the post noon's OUTing no doubt ? and my, my golfnut, such an articulate piece for a first posting surely win u points. this page is a definitely a "no attitud " page. we are here to share and who knows, pair ? hahahahh. i understand bw's present non (active) participation in this bulletin had been explained in his homepage which btw, u'll also get to read his sexperiences. cum to think of it, our naive indulgen es here actually pale by comparison; actionkid's being the exception. :) so, welcum and join us as and when u are comfy. this page can accommodate more colourful pple, like yourself. hey, stay cool and for our sake, get out there and crooze, boi! :-)

07/10/98 20:25:34

Name: golfnut My URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Your Nationality: Singaporean


Hi, this is my first posting. I've been reading this board on and off and i am glad to say that the postings are foremost open-minded (thanks to actionkid, ahboi and others who passionately defended the contents of contributors, eg. Mackay), erotic, educ tional and humourous. I thank you all for helping to make a dull day for a dull man more lively. I am Chinese, 40 years old, professional, gay and my preference are mature oriental men, who are straight acting. I have always been single 'cause boh lung ai.... :) I 've had my share of cruising when I was younger, but lately (for the last 2 years) I have hardly cruise for sex. In fact, quite shy to say, I have been a good boy for almost 2 years!! Except DIY of course. When people ask, I tell I date my right hand and fool around with my left.... :) I would like to share one of my experiences. Although my preference is mature oriental male who are straight acting (due to, I think, my love and loyalty to a straight friend - that's another LONG story)I am partial to younger men, even potatoes, especia ly if they are straight. OK, on with the story. It was 1985, and I was in a University in New York. I was 27, and I had a classmate called Joey, 20, Italian(Sicilian no less) who lives in Brooklyn. Joey is short, has dark features, black hair and a tr ly mascular body. He looks like that short Spanish detective in NYPD Blues but only better. He even speaks like him - with the unique Brooklyn accent and all. Joey and I knew each other a year earlier in one of the computer classes. I knew from the on et that he is straight but we somehow got close very quickly. BTW, I am pretty straight acting and people will not guess that I am gay. We got along really well and we always hang out together. We look like a really unusual pair, me Chinese, 6 feet tall with a swimmer built(I was in fact swimming for my college) and Joey, Italian, 5 feet 5 inches and mascular. I have seen Joey naked a couple of times - showering after going to the beach in Summer. Boy, his body and his personna really are are feast for sore eyes. BUT I never had a chance to get physically close to him until the Winter of '85. Guys, I am sorry this is such a long post - blame it on the nostalgic memories of a older man. Please forgive me. I will continue the story in a day or so. BTW, does anybody notice how come Blowing Wind never contributes to this board.

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