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To All Members and Guests,

We welcome sharing of IT information here where we are free to discuss about the content. However, do note that the Moderators are serious on anti-piracy. We take no responsibility nor do we encourage members/guests on your personal use of illegal softwares, multimedia video and audio, or data [simply 'pirated' copy].

Cheers. :)

Let me live my life to be an instrument of 'Love'

in how I speak, in how I see others.

- May there be Love and Peace beyond all understanding -

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2 S'pore Firms in Batam Raided for Suspected Illegal Software Use

Hardwarezone.com, 18 May 2007

Singapore, Friday, 18 May 2007 — BSA today hailed enforcement action by Indonesian police that saw two Singapore foreign direct investment companies operating in Batam Island raided for suspected use of illegal software in violation of Indonesia’s copyright law.

The two companies are suspected by Indonesian police of having installed unlicensed software worth US$500,000 belonging to Autodesk, Microsoft and Symantec on their computers, Indonesian police recently announced.

The raids followed investigations prompted by tip-offs received through the BSA Hotline. During the raid, Indonesian police seized one server and a total of 145 computers from the two companies for further investigation. Indonesian police also detained three managers from the companies for questioning.

“These raids underline the importance that Indonesia and many other economies across Asia place on protecting intellectual property and enforcing software copyright protection,” said Tarun Sawney, BSA’s Director of Anti-Piracy, Asia.

“Software piracy has a harmful effect on economies, compromising the growth of the software industry and stifling innovation and progress of local IT industries. Authorities in countries like Singapore and Indonesia are doing the right thing in taking swift action against companies that flout the law,” said Sawney.

Indonesian police have been cracking down on software piracy in the workplace, conducting seven raids within the last six months alone. Under Indonesia’s copyright law, software copyright infringement for commercial purposes carries a Rp. 500,000,000 (S$84,000) fine and/or a five-year jail term.

Back in Singapore...

The Indonesian raids follow on the heels of recent police action in Singapore which saw the authorities raid an Internet computer gaming and digital products distribution company in February this year for suspected use of unlicensed and illegal software.

“Singaporean companies, whether at home or abroad, must ensure that they are using only licensed and legal software. Like Singapore, many countries now impose stiff penalties for software copyright infringement, and companies risk being exposed to severe criminal penalties and civil redress from copyright holders if found breaking the law,” added Sawney.

To help companies in Singapore protect themselves from risk of liability through inadvertent software copyright infringement of BSA member company software, BSA launched last month the SAM Advantage Programme, a free and voluntary initiative that invites companies to go through a simple software self-audit process and submit the results to BSA for verification.

Companies whose audit results are successfully verified will receive a BSA SAM Advantage Programme Certificate and protection for a 12-month period from BSA-initiated enforcement action from the date of acceptance subject to terms and conditions.

“BSA advocates software asset management or SAM as a means for companies to verify if the software they use in the workplace are in compliance with licensing agreements, and to rectify any discrepancies. The SAM Advantage Programme is a good way for companies here to protect themselves through SAM,” said Sawney.

The SAM Advantage Programme is launched together with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and leading trade and industry associations. It runs for a limited period only, and applications will close on May 30, 2007. Information on the programme and audit forms can be found on www.bsa.org/singapore.

Let me live my life to be an instrument of 'Love'

in how I speak, in how I see others.

- May there be Love and Peace beyond all understanding -

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