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All News / Gossip On Sun Ho / China Wine (何耀珊) Aka Geisha Fan Club (Compiled)

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1 hour ago, Guest Guest said:

One word to describe: STUNNING!


A world class vocal performance.


Yes, you can't expect anything less from Singapore's one and only multi-platinum and Billboard-charting star!

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3 hours ago, Guest Guest said:

Sun Ho and Mark Kwan new duet 'Here Again'





I haven't recently heard such a DUMB singing,  worth only for some little kindergarten children, and hopefully with more interesting words!

And that congregation, babbling the words with the Sun Ho, like frightened sheep who were just sheared...

What could be helpful is the extending of arms by some of the people there, but only in this yoga breathing and meditating exercise where one keeps the arms straight out to the sides, parallel to the floor, for about 10 minutes.  Try it, it is really a good challenge!


Musically, Sun Ho's congregation singing has ZERO value,  it can only cause bland decay of the musical center in the brain.

REAL religious music is, for example,  the oratorio St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach:




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Most people will know where to get the China wine.



never argue with the guests. let them bark all they want.





After I have said what I wanna say, I don't care what you say.



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