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Laws For Sex With Minors To Be Tightened

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Today ZaoBao Newspapers reported on the frontpage that the Government is in the process of tightening the Law, in the areas of Sex Offence where minors are involved.

Coming soon it will be an offence even if the sex act with minor is done overseas.

Currently it is illegal to have sex with children (male or female) under 16 years of age. In future where there is payment for the sex (prostitution), the legal age will be revised up to 18 years old for male and female.

I hope I translated the main essence of the report correctly.

My advice, stay clear of any man under 18 years old no matter how horney you may be.


新闻:新加坡 2006 -03-03







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Coming soon will also be an offence even if the sex act with minor is done overseas.

I think this resulting from an incident a few months ago when our local Sporean lecturer in Polytechnic was caught in Bangkok when he tried to engage paid sex with minors and he arranged the meeting thru internet prior to his departure to Bangkok.

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