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I had copied Blowing Wind (the man) writing from his old Tripod site for references...

OB addition: Long before blog becomes popular, before our in-house gem writers like Heartlanders/ nick69 started their posting, BW (the man) had been writing his own encounters and chronicle a part of SG PLU history into wordings.

Before all these gets lost in the constant changing internet world, I would start to cut and paste here.

Enjoy his works and more to come.... :)

do note that all these were written around 7 YEARS AGO, all these are HISTORY!

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Cruising In Singapore - Part 1

I do not get much chance to cruise so my information may not even be accurate. What really gets me " hooked " on cruising is the excitement of meeting all kinds of gay and not so gay married men, not just for sex ( though that would be very nice ;-) ) but to know why each person is risking so much for sex.

As we all know, Singapore is a highly regulated society where homosexuality is swept under the carpet. There's no openly gay sauna, gay bars, discos etc. Anything that exist as such is just a convenient herding place for the authorities to watch over us and gather any incriminating information on those desperate souls there. We all know yet we still gather there like sheep waiting to be slaughtered !

Likewise all the popular cruising grounds are well known to the police and we hear of frequent arrests. Still we come after a cooling period after a raid. The newspaper reports seems to inform those innocent ones and more will come ! I myself got to know them from the newspaper reports before the Internet made these information easier to find.

These are my observations of the various places :-


Used to be very daring and open sex can even be observed in the bushes or abandoned shop houses. It's the open sex that made this place legendary ! There were many who hung around waiting to watch these free sex acts. This was where I saw my first fxxking or oral sex or group sex. You can imagine how excited I got when I first saw these sex acts. Most times I just watched and jerk off myself in a dark corner. There were usually men cruising around and watching out for police as well as others to play with. Occasionally, I let someone else play with my cock when he was careful to give the right signals as not to scare me off.

So what are these "safe, gay signals" ? First, he must not approach as a group because the undercover policeman need a witness to collaborate their story so they usually work as a group of two or more. He must make the first move by quickly flashing his cock or at least rub his crotch and smile in a sexy way. That's the hard part for the police to fake because they are supposed to be straight and their smile were more forced than a bad actor's. Then if he makes the first move to unzip my pants and touch my cock, I will freeze and watch for any covering actions from his colleagues nearby. I will not move to touch him till he exposed and played with my cock. Then I listen for quickness of breathe and other signs of excitement. A policeman would not want to go this far and looked like he enjoyed it when his colleagues were watching ! If he even go further to suck my cock, he was definitely alright and sex felt like double dose of orgasm.

You will notice that many fellow Singapore Webbies say that people at Raffles Place have an attitude. It is partly because we want play it safe and wait for the other person to make the first move. If no one makes the first move, then we watch each other for sometime to see who he is with and whether he is secretly communicating to his police colleagues. Cute and ordinary looks do not say much about a person. I had seen the undercover police get off their police vehicle some distance away. The policemen had backpacks and looked very ordinary with all the right dress codes of a gay; they do have an intelligence unit to study these codes by watching over the gay places ! One thing that I noticed was that they were junior staff so they were usually 23 to 30 years old. A senior staff above 30 would be humiliated to carry out such duties especially when he is married. These staff usually have a grumpy look because they must be very reluctant ! The more one protest, the worst the reputation that come from the question " why choose you if you are not gay when others would be too grossed out to co-operate ".

Eventually when we watched enough and depending on who is hornier, someone will make the first move. Or if one is too cautious, the target would have been gone by then. So cruising is a balance of caution, attraction and competition. One wrong move, you can get into trouble or if lucky, sex can be so good that it can be addictive.

One valuable asset is to drive a good car. Singapore is the most expensive place in the world to own a car. So some guys think better of you if you drive a car and cruise around. This is especially so after midnight when the taxi fare rise by 50%. I've tested the reactions of people to different dress code. When I dressed simply in long pants, loose shirt and slippers, I hardly got a look from those I desired. When I dressed in tight short pants to show off my smooth, fair, muscular thighs and.tight t-shirts to show off my stout body with big pecs, I can get what I desired quite quickly. Otherwise, I will jangle my bunch of car keys and chances will improve dramatically. Okay so it did not happen everytime and those I desired may not be the muscular one of my dream but they were usually hot enough for good sex. Let's face it, we take the best that we can get.

Okay, once you hooked a hot one, how to consummate ? It was the most common question asked and the solution is never easy. I try not to do it in my car because the smell of sex seems to linger on in the car unless that is the only solution. I find it exciting but the family may not think so. If the guy is so hot, I will purposely do it in the car so that his smell lingers on even after he is gone. I'll pretend nothing happened when the family smelled the sex scent :-). Yeah, those hot ones really make it fun. But they are usually the most promiscuous ones. They are so hot that they seem to eat up your body. But once they had tasted your body, they lose further interest and you are just another trophy. They ignore you when you meet them later as they are searching for fresh meat. It makes me wonder if I scored because I am desirable or I am just fresh meat then and used meat now. Sigh, for guys in our late 30s we can't help but wonder if we still can attract others.

As with any other cruising places, there are all kinds of gays with different grades of attractiveness. The tall, young, muscular and handsome ones are the premium grade. Well most of us have some of this and missing in some of that so who is more desirable than who can be a mess to figure out. This plays a big part in the cruising game. The desirable ones want to " act class " and want to be seen to be pursued by others. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some of us of not premium grade want to be desirable to others too. Problem is if we " act class " too much, we may not get anything if we keep ignoring the good-enough ones who risk humiliation by signaling the first move. Once, there was this guy who approached my car but I wanted to look for better meat since the night was young. After cruising around, and on closer look I found him quite attractive with his fair, young handsome look though he is not quite tall enough. So I signaled to him by walking around him but he was apparently pissed off with me for humiliating him earlier and ignored me. Now, I feel humiliated as I imagined others watching my mating ritual fell flat ! Such are the perils of the gay mating game.

I find that watching all these going on around me interesting and addictive. Sometimes, I just watched for hours from my car. There was once this guy who came to me because he saw me "acting class" in my car for hours so he thought I must be highly desirable. So he took me to a hotel and we had passionate sex together; his sexual techniques were so good then I almost let him fxxk me. He was stout, muscular and smooth with a winsome smile that I was almost bewitched. He talked to me about himself like we were buddies. So I teased him by poking my finger up his ass. It was warm and tight. He then licked my ass and got me hot inside. I half jokingly said that if he wanted to fxxk me, he must also allow me to fxxk him. He thought about it but said he was saving his virgin ass for his future lover.

I am not too sure if I want to get fxxked like a woman otherwise in future when someone scolded " fxxk you " I will feel humiliated because some guy really had me on all fours and poked my ass with his cock. Sometimes, my straight friends like to joke about this in crude details. We Chinese men have this superiority complex over women; when I fxxk my wife I feel that I am the one doing her the favour and for that she is to serve me like a faithful wife. I wonder if it felt as good to be fxxked like the way women seem to enjoy it. I felt intense pleasure when I ejaculate and I always believe women feel the same when they get fxxked. If getting fxxked in the ass also produced as much pleasure, then it must be a waste to miss out on such an intense pleasure That really got me curious and itching. Watching those gay videos seems to suggest that when men get fxxked they groan as much as a woman. But I tried fxxking myself with a rounded glue tube and felt only slight tingling sensation that makes me feel like urinating. Maybe a man's cock is warmer and of the correct texture compared to a plastic tube. I am sure my wife will find my hard, throbbing cock more satisfying than a dead plastic tube that needs to be pushed by hand. The shape of the cock head and the hip pushing penetration of a man's cock seems to be designed perfectly to fxxk a woman so it should also be perfect for fxxking a man. But then the warm embrace and skin contact are also part of sex, so I need a complete man. Or are somethings better left untried ?

Now if I allow someone to fxxk me, then he must be more macho than me to make me submit my manhood in womanly humiliation. If that guy is less macho than me, I usually do not want to fxxk him. But I have met hungry bottoms who are as pushy as a woman and want to grab my cock with their holes. These usually turn me off. Except one time when I put on a condom and threatened to rape a guy who pursued me too closely.

I scolded him, " you want to get fxxked is it ! "

He looked like the rough "Ah Beng" type, so I thought he would be offended.

He responded " hey brother, I know I have no shame to pursue you like this. I am also a man too. If you want to fxxk me, then fxxk me like fxxking a man, don't scold me like I am your woman !"

I thought he wanted to start a fight. But before I knew it, he turned around grabbed my cock and shoved it into his ass. This surprised and excited me because those around were urging me to " kan " him. I must had lost my mind because I felt so macho with this guy bend over in front of me and others wanting to watch me fxxk him. To encourage me, everyone took out their cock and masturbated in front of me. So I dropped my pants and fxxked him while others watched and put their hands to feel us up. It was like a feeding frenzy. Actually he was not a good fxxk; he was skinny and his asshole was too dry and tight. But I came and then pulled off the condom and smeared it on his face ( that from watching too much xxx-movies) then pulled up my pants and ran like hell. It was stupid and dangerous and I told myself never to do it again.

With the bushes gone and the shop houses locked, Raffles Place is now much milder but the attitudes still remain. It's now mostly young gays who gather there in groups for a night out or something. If they are all gay then why not have a sex party among friends instead of wasting time chatting and cruising. Or do they prefer fresh meat ? Some looked so young and some carry their school bags with them. Are they trying to attract dirty old men ?. Some Webbies said there are some doing it for money but I have never come across any. Compared to some of these guys, I feel old but hey some guys find my type attractive ( stout and square jaw looking macho, I was told ). But I tried to avoid guys who are too young as I prefer the muscular macho type. Okay, I was curious and picked up some older looking ones for sex. But their boney bodies and small frames are not exciting to me.They do have wonderfully smooth and supple skin and they are very keen to please. I try to avoid those groupies because I don't want them to look at me and giggle as they talk among themselves about their sexual conquests. I tried to listen in on some of their girlie chatters and occasionally I heard them describing the sexual characteristics of a guy who just walked by and encouraging the next guy to try him. From the way they giggled, I was imaginging that this guy felt like he was some piece of used meat and his desirability is lowered.

This is getting too long so I'll add more in part 2.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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2. East Coast Park ( ECP ) Beaches

If Raffles Places is for late NIGHT fun, East Coast is for afternoon and evening fun. The good point about ECP is it is huge so you can find private spaces to play. But then with people spread all over the place, it takes a long time to walk around to cover the whole place before settling down on what you want to do. The place can roughly be divided into 5 main sections.

a. The front section facing the traffic roundabout at Fort Road.

This is usually the entry point for most guys. This is the late night spot for those who want all night action at ECP ! It is convenient being near the main road but also the most dangerous as police patrol car can stop nearby and check which is quite frequent i.e. almost every night. Undercover police is usually present also so everybody is watching and wondering who will be the unfortunate guy to get busted next. I kept hearing guys whispering to each other that the undercover police is around. Funny thing is the undercover police seems to be keeping a low profile and few arrests were made. It is totally dead during daytime. There are lots of trees with the undergrowth mostly trampled bare by the crowded cruising ! Guys know this place is extremely dangerous yet the crowd on weekend can be unbelievable ! Are we all crazy or what ? It really shows how desperate most gays here are just like the male of the Black-widow spider that had to get its sex even though it may get killed. Everybody is careful unless the horniness gets in the way of caution. Sometimes, the cruising seems to go on and on without anybody willing to do anything. ( give me the gay sauna anytime for quick sex, this is getting too tedious here). I just wish guys would not stay around here but move deeper to the beaches where we can all have a better time. But a hot cruising spot seems to have a life of it's own. Guys who move deeper to the beaches find there are fewer guys around to choose from so they move back here.

I am also extremely cautious and choose very carefully. There are usually some Gay White Men ( GWM ) around and I prefer to cruise them since they cannot possibly be the police :-) But GWMs are hot property here ! So hot that even the rolly polly older bears can pick and choose. The few times I offered myself and I occasionally get rejected ! It's humiliating. Those few GWMs that accepted me seems to be having a feast of jerking off one one guy after another so I am just an another easy meat. ( when overseas in a sauna, I can easily start an orgy if I let an older GWM bear touch me as the other older gays will quickly move in for a piece of the action but now these same type of guys are doing the choosing instead ! I had to keep resist from being pulled into somebody's room as I walked around. Over there, GWMs who would suck my cock as soon as I drop my towel will now refuse to do so, they only jerk hard and fast to see me cum as they count their sexual conquests.)

Having traveled frequently overseas, I noticed a big difference between the gay culture here and overseas. The gays here are young men mostly of less than 30 years old and some to 35 years old but older gays from 35 on are few. The gays overseas are of a more even mixture of the age groups. The different age groups then usually keep to themselves as the younger ones usually avoid having sex with the older ones. Of course, there are those who do not mind having sex with older gays and they are hot properties at the saunas for older gays. I like both young and older gays. I have to work harder at the saunas for the younger crowd. But at the saunas for older crowd, I have to keep my towel on tight otherwise I will be finished in less than 15 minutes ! I usually look for an older gay with that distinguished handsome look. In the worship of youth, these are gems that others forgot to appreciate. The older GAMs here usually get married and start to get very discreet and almost invisible. So the whole gay scene is dominated by the young ones who want to sow their wild oats before going into the graveyard of marriage. After playing around with local GAMs, they find the rarer, older GWMs exotic and exciting. Looking around at Orchard Rd ( tourist shopping area ), young GAMs are proud to show off their GWMs. Unlike their poorer cousins of other Asian country, GWMs here are popular not for their money but for their sophistication and sexual experiences. Also a GWM on holiday here is relaxed and fun loving. Okay, some GAMs may still have that inferiority complex and dream of having a white sugar daddy. The gay scene here is so oppressed that many GAMs are secretly wishing they can get a foreign boyfriend so that they can live overseas. Some older GWMs are pleasantly surprised that they are so prized here by the young GAMs while their own young gays usually ignore them.

b. The center beach

This is the section closest to the the front section, about 300m straight in. This is usually the least cruisy section as many straights without any clue on what's going on, come here for the relatively less crowded beach. At night, this place is only occasionally hot when guys who move in from the front section may start some action. I had witnessed an orgy there once when a daring big GWM laid naked on the beach and started the orgy. He had a nice round smooth, white body and a big cock that stayed hard. He just graciously laid there while men were all feeling his tall, big body that GAMs just loved. I just could not help but joined in and played with his body. I jerked his cock, fingered his ass along with numerous others who sucked his cock or licked his body and he still allowed us to swarm all over him. He preferred the small young men as his hands only played with those. He tried to fxxk one but with so many guys around, no one wanted to play the whore. After half an hour, I was exhausted and left partly because of fear of police and partly because of being bitten by mosquitoes.

c. The east section.

If you turn left at the center beach, this section is after the granite wave bund. This area can be very cruisy depending on your luck. The wooded area offers good cover for cruising and occasional action. Sometimes, guys who lay naked and hidden in the bushes will attract others to stay around hoping to watch some gay sex. If the nude guy is hot or fresh, then someone will move in for sex while others watch. But if the nude guy is either old, ugly or " regular ", then most guys know there will not be any action and move on. There are some 3 or 4 "regular" nudes who do this too often that other guys just lost interest except for the newbies for move in for a closer look and occasionally get pulled in while others giggled as they watch. But this is rare as newbies are considered hot properties and usually get taken very quickly by the regulars who spotted them. After the newbie come regularly, they will cruise around like any other regulars. Most guys here know almost everybodyelse since we can see each other in broad daylight but even for guys who had sex with each other before, they try not to talk to each other. Two guys who stay together are either not available or they are undercover police !

d. The west section.

If you turn right at the center beach, this section is between the 2 granite wave bund. The vegetation here used to be quite thick and this used to be the hottest section But now, this section's vegetation is mostly cut down and without the tree cover, this section is not so hot anymore. At it's peak of popularity, everybody crowded here and sex can be quite open. I just loved to watch guys having sex in the bushes and I don't even need to cruise for a guy to have sex. After watching, I get to a quiet area and stripped naked to jerk off while walking around. Unusually, no one is around to disturb my nude bush walking. But if anybody happened to see me, I will hide in the bushes. If the guy came searching for me, I usually let him have me for sex; I just love the luck of the draw as the guy may or may not be good looking. I get all types. There was once this old man who was picking wild herbs in the bushes and he saw me. Thinking that he couldn't be gay so I put on my clothes and hid while I waited for him to go away. Instead, he came looking for me while pretending to look for herbs. Seeing me clothed, he approached me and pulled off my shorts. I've never met an old man so daring and aggressive. I walked off and went to hide deeper in the bushes. After a while, he came and found me again. Sigh, okay if he is so desperate, let him have his way with me. But to keep my dignity, I just froze without encouraging or rejecting him, I can be his sex toy but reluctantly. It;s kind of funny to keep still while some old man desperately stripped off your clothes and feel all parts of your body. Seeing me playing the frozen mannequin game, he groped and hugged me while jerking my cock. I used my hand to cover my cock as I didn't want to cum. But he pried off my fingers. I grabbed his head and fxxked his mouth thinking that he would gag and be humiliated enough to go away. Instead, he sucked hard at my cock till I cummed. After that day, I saw him sometimes but never let him have me again even though he tried a few times.

There was once this guy driving all the way from Ipoh, Malaysia. I saw him get off his car and he followed me around asking me to show him the place to look for sex. I generously brought him to this section and left him to cruise around on his own. Unfortunately, he tried to stay close to me while I tried to hide in the bushes. Thinking that he couldn't possibly find me in the deeper bushes, I stripped naked to walk around and suddenly there he was watching me. Sheepishly, he told me he wanted to have sex with me. I told him not to waste his time on me since he drove all the way down from Ipoh; there's so much to see and do here.

His intelligent reply was " Yeah, after I see your naked body and do you, I can still see and do more ! If you let me have your body, then at least that is a good start to your advice. "

Me and my big mouth ! If I have to give advice, at least I should practice it. The things that some men will say just to have your body for sex is sometimes downright amazing. He was kind of skinny so he's not my type but since he wanted to be smart Alex, let's test him out.

" Okay smart Alex, I'll let you have my body but I want you to beg me before you touch each part of my body or ask me to move my body."

It was kind of funny when he begged " can I suck your cock please ?"

I said yes. Then he sucked my cock and balls.

"Huh", I said, " you didn't beg to suck my balls, the cock doesn't include the balls. I will punish you by slapping your face with my cock 3 times."

I whacked him real hard with my cock and he was shocked that I meant it. He wanted to take revenge so he asked " can you get down on all fours please ?"

Oh,oh, he wanted to fxxk me and that's a big no,no. Anyway, I got down on all fours. He asked " can I fxxk you please ? ". I said no.

This time he said " huh, you cannot say no if I beg, remember ? For punishment, I have to really fxxk you." Then he spit on his hand and lubed up my ass.

" Huh, you begged to fxxk me but you did not beg to touch my butts or asshole. So for punishment, I will whip your face with my cock for 3 times and you lose any chance to fxxk me."

So for that day, he got whipped by my cock for many times while I got into all kind of strange positions for him to play with my body; even one where he hooked my legs to a tree branch while I was upside-down and he put a red ant to bite my cock ( his revenge ). After I cummed, I left while he stayed to look for more action. Talk about having intelligent sex with both heads ! I never met him since and I can never seem to meet another guy who can play this funny game spontaneously with me.

Maybe, it's because I talked too much in trying to help this stranger from another country whereas for my own country men, it's some brief hello pretending to be interested to get to know each other. But after the wham bang sex, he sees me again and yet pretended not to know me ! I also looked away shyly as I am still partly ashamed that I let this guy used my body for sex. I am still fascinated by the intense pleasure of sex and the way we lose our guarded self when we engaged in sex only to put on our pretentious front again after the sex is over.

Looks like I have to continue in Part 3.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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e. The Far West Section

This is the section that's further west from the west section. It stretches all the way to Marina Bay. It used to be quite deserted. After most of the trees and bushes of the west section were cut down, most of the action moved here. But the place can never be as busy as before. It's a long walk from the main road. The scene is just like the East section where guys cruise around in the bushes and the daring ones lay naked in the bushes.

Other Parts Of Gay ECP

Please note that the actual non-gay ECP is even bigger; the gay part is usually only used by the gays because there are no facilities like toilets/showers or fast food and they are far from the main road where a canal conveniently divides the gay from the non-gay parts.

Other than these 5 section, the rest of the gay ECP is very big. There are well worn tracks leading in from the front section. For those who drive, there is a car park further down from the traffic roundabout and another path lead from this car park to the the West and Far West section which is shorter. As I usually drive, this is my favorite access path. The car park is mildly cruisy as most guys know why other cars are there. This car park is a lover's paradise at night as there is no lights. The access path used to be surrounded by trees and bushes and also cruisy. For those looking for quick action, the right signals to the right guys walking along this path can result in sex in the bushes. There used to be an area to the right of the entrance to the path which is mildly cruisy from 4 to 6pm. But since most of the bushes along the path are cleared, there's nothing left.

I had good sex there once with a stout handsome guy there. I saw him there walking around but when I tried to approach he will quickly move away each time. He looked unsure of what he wanted as he just usually just stood there looking pensive and lost in thoughts. As he was my type, I watched him closely each time frustrated that I cannot have him. He looked like a married straight wanting to try gay sex but still not sure about it. This went on for a few weekends. Luckily, one day as I was leaving he was walking in. I smiled at him expecting a stony look in return. But I detected a shy slight smile in return as I passed him. "Wow, is he really interested or just polite ? " I stood there wondering. As I turn around, he was already gone. I looked around the parts where he usually loitered but he was not there. "Aha, he is hiding in the bushes and playing my hide-and-seek game." Knowing these bushes so well, I found him hiding in the bushes in no time. Cautiously, I circled around him to hint that I was interested. He did not move away. I moved closer and he nervously looked away but still did not move away like he usually did. So I moved in for the kill by standing close to him without touching. I can smell his cologne and heavy breathing. Now I was sure he wanted it. I slowly reached for his zip. Surprisingly, when he let go of his pants, his zip was already undone and he was not wearing any underwear. His thick cock was hard and ready as I touched it lightly so as not to spook him. The way his heart beat so fast and loud, I knew this must be his first try. An experienced gay may quicken his heart beat but never like this since the excitement of gay sex got routine. For a mature man, he was as shy as a virgin maiden. His thighs were thick, fair and muscular as I pulled off his pants. I wanted to pulled off his shirt but he refused since he had a slight beer belly just matching his rugged, macho, good looks for a married man distinguished in his prime. As I stroked his cock and pinched his tits, I could feel his heart beat go faster. Then I knelt down to suck his cock and he groaned. I sucked slowly and included his balls, butts and thighs. He was well prepared as I smelled fresh cologne in his groins and butts ! Gays usually want you to smell their musky raw manly crotch. I love his thick and meaty butts that are so fair, round and smooth. As I licked him, I could feel his body send waves of pleasure to his brain. I couldn't get enough of him and he was fascinated that I demean myself in loving him. Unfortunately, he lasted very long and my jaws begun to ache. When I sensed he was close, he pulled his cock away form my mouth and jerked off by himself, refusing to let me touch his cock. When he was about to cum, he turned away from me and pulled up his pants. Then he cum while I was frustrated that I could get a good look at his cock shooting cum. After cumming, he looked dazed and he quickly walked off. That's typical of an insecure straight. But I still loved his thick stout body type that I usually cannot find amongst gays.

The Regulars

I would like to mention the regulars at ECP who seem to be so regular that they are like part of the landscape. Their nicknames are all my own invention as I've never talked to them before and do not know them personally.

1. The JB Motorcycle Nudist - He is a man of about 50 years old. He's about 5 ft 6" and has a nice smooth fair body. His hair is usually neatly combed. He likes to lay almost naked( with a towel strategically covering just enough of his genitals ) in the bushes next to the beach. If you pass by and get close because of curiosity, he will pull off his towel to show off his cock to you. He looks neat and well groomed and not bad looking. But since he shows off his body so readily, he lost that mystic that gays like. If he is so easily available, there must be something wrong as meat that is too easily available is not sexy. He is patient as he is there almost every weekend listening to the radio as he waited. I always see his motorcycle (with the Johor number plate)hiding in the bushes hence his nickname.

2. The Nudist - He is tan and about 30-40 years old. He likes to cruise around in the nude or lay in the bushes in the nude without covering his genitals. He's about 5ft 8" with a lean smooth, tan body but he looks dumb with the occasional silly grin. He is too camp and cheap like a public whore so generally, guys avoided him. Anybody can touch him and some guys jerk his cock just to make fun of him in front of everybody. He doesn't mind at all and even encourage others to join in but everybody just watched and giggled. He is not crazy as he will run away if he sensed the police is around.

3. Bicyclist 1 - This guy just pushes his bicycle around while wearing just enough to cover his genitals. He is actually quite slim, tan and muscular so he must be an exhibitionist because I've never seen him making contact with anybody for all these years. I tried to follow him and touch him but he moved away quickly. When he stopped, he looked like he is posing to show off his body. I'll really like to know whether he is keeping up his exhibitionism without sex for all these years ! I would consider him attractive but I do not like tanned body as it makes him look old.

4. Bicyclist 2 - This guy as almost a clone of Bicyclist 1 but with a square face and a small mustache. Same slim, tan and muscular body, wearing the minimum and pushing a bicycle around. Only this one do occasionally make contact with guys for sex. I bumped into him one late evening and noticed that even his tiny bit of clothe is missing. I may not be his type but I know a gay man in heat when I meet one. So I approached him and we had sex. As usual, after sex, he pretended that he doesn't know me.

5. The Curly Haired Bottom - This guy is about 30 years old with curly hair and about 5ft 6" with a smooth fair body. He has a nice round bottom and he is looking for a top. Sometimes he will hide while being naked in the bushes. His cruising intentions are too obvious as he has that longing look in his eyes. I bumped into him one night and he pulled me into bushes while I reluctantly let him. He put a condom on my cock and hurriedly pushed my semi hard cock into his ass hole. His hole is loose and I can hardly feel any friction. Anyway I still cum because it was late and I was horny enough without trying.


Being still in the closet, I prefer the anonymity of these cruisy areas. There maybe others but I prefer the busy, crowded cruise areas so that I can just be one more unknown in the crowd while I watch what's going on. I tried the public toilets and swimming pools but the close proximity of security guards just freaks me out. The others like discos, pubs and karaokes are just too open and guys there tend to socialise in group, so I stay away. But I am curious about what these social groups do together. Do they hold private parties and have orgies like the naughty gay stories seem to suggest ?

For all these cruising, nothing beats the amount of sex I can get when I go overseas. As you probably know, I love the gay saunas with so much action and less pretense. Sometimes I miss it so much, I just book a weekend trip out when the wife is out for the weekend in Malaysia. But my adventures overseas are another series of stories and they are much more sexplicit.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Cruise/Free Sex Versus Paid Sex

Sex, so innate and primitive. Yet, it is so powerful that it has always being as great a factor in history as any powerful momentous events in the history of mankind. Hence, the ancient conservatives tried their very best to control it and even classified it as a sin. But such a powerful force just cannot be controlled and the ensuing battles created an explosion of sexual related cultures that will always exist as long as human history exist because it will always be that force that gets its powers from the controlling forces. Those who seek to control drugs can maintain control because they keep away from drugs but those who try to control sex cannot keep away from sex so they too are subjected to the urges of sex.

Prostitution is that oldest profession that exists no matter how conservative a country is. Communist China used to claim that prostitution was totally extinguished in a socially just country where everybody is well taken care of by the State therefore nobody need to sell his/her body for money. Well, we all know better than that that :-)

Just like prostitution, cruising also has always existed just like its elder sibling. Again, Communist China used to claim that cruising did not exist before the opening up of China in the late 70s. Haha, there are plenty of cruise stories from the gay comrades of those days. Co-incidentally, the gay Chinese . for the cruising grounds is "fishing ground".

The differences between cruise/free sex and paid sex are just too many to be mentioned. But what tickled my interest is that each provides different sensations to be derived from plain sex. Of course, I prefer cruise/free sex. My favourite illustration is fishing; fish caught by one's labour somehow tastes better than one bought from the supermarket. Then someone mentioned that the excitement is in the cruising process rather than the sex. That is just like saying fishing is the excitement rather than eating the fish that you caught. Oops, my rather simplistic views on cruising needs to be re-examined.

So to extend the fishing analog further, cruising do need all the element of luck, skills as well as the right tools and baits. The element of luck is when the right guy that you fancied do show up and your competitors do not get him first. The right skills mean getting the right signals across and not seem too desperate :-) The right tools are to dress right and have a flashy car. ( I wonder if this last tool is unique to Singapore's gay culture. But it is always true in the hetero world that the flashy car does get you lots of chicks. ) Of course the most important is the right bait which is your looks. Well, with so many complex elements intermix, cruising is indeed a complicated process and the excitement is when the process landed that juicy trophy :-) Some anglers don't even bother to eat the fish that they caught. If it is a biggie, then they will take pictures and brag about it. But in cruising we cannot take a picture of our trophy :-) however, we still like to brag about it. Hence, I suspect that is why the BB for such stories is so popular :-) I guess some of my stories are also guilty of such vanities. ( So how big was that biggie ? Oh, it's as big as an international TV star ;p )

Coming to paid sex, well it really is not so boring. You do get very great variety and they are all available if you have the money. You shop in cool comfort and need not fear any harassment. You don't need luck, tools and never mind about the baits. The best yet, you don't need the skills to act cool when your heart is pumping fast and the disappointment when all that efforts may have gone to naught :-(

In fact, on the hetero side, I know a few married friends who are regular visitors to Thailand. Of course, they tried to recruit me as one of them but somehow, I wiggled my way out because they do it so blatantly that it certainly is no secret to their families. From the way they described their experiences, I gathered why Thailand is able to lure them even though commercial sex is also available in Singapore. It is all about pampered services.

From the moment they checked into the hotel, they hardly need to leave their rooms. The girls would come to them and served them from hand to foot. You would think that the hetero male would be aggressive and in control when in bed. But these guys wanted to be kids again; they just wanted to be pampered like a spoilt mommy's boy. They wanted to just lie there passively and let the girls do all the work of servicing them sexually. They wanted to lie in bed watching TV while the girls sucked them slowly. They didn't want to put in the effort to reciprocate. They wanted the girls to feed them while riding their cocks. They wanted the girls to bathe them while they just lay in the bathtub like a piece of log. They wanted the girls to stimulate their asses while washing. ( Some guys like that but they insist that they are not gay. ) They wanted to be massaged and stimulated. They wanted to be kissed all over and the girls sucked off chocolate cream from their crotches. Those Thai girls sure knew many, many tricks to keep them happy in bed for days. Tricks that married men don't get from their wives. Tricks that many conservative men succumb to because they do fantasize about them when their routine sex get so boring after years of the same thing.

I don't really know about the gay counterpart to this but paid gay sex is just as thriving in Thailand so I guess the services must be just as pampering. Now, that must be some very fine fish dinner so maybe fishing is not that important in comparison :-) Having said that, however I still prefer cruise/free sex because I am putting in an equal share for sex too. If the guy only desire my company just for the money, then I find that quite off-putting and sex is just not fun anymore. But again, I have nothing against paid sex because one of the party is putting in a lot more into the process so being paid for it would then make it worthwhile.

But disparity also demand compensation in the cruising/free sex process too. Somehow, guys know instinctively the kind of guys that they can cruise with a good chance of success. But if disparity cannot be compensated by money, then somethingelse has to be added. Funny that it again come back to services. I was jolted into that reality one night when a cute guy that many were cruising somehow seemed to be looking my way while he was chatting with friends. Wooo, lucky me. I thought. So I paced him around till we get the chance to talk at a dark corner. After some small talk, he came straight to the point.

He whispered into my ears, " I want to fxxk you".

" Sorry, I don't do that. You like to fxxk, many guys here will bend over for you. "

So I left it at that. He was very fair and smooth, definitely my type. But then, he was not the only fish in town so I'll rather not pay the price. But every time I passed by him and his friends, he gave me that beckoning look. Soon even his friends noticed it and they were giggling as they turned to follow his gaze. This was just too embarrassing. So I quickly left the scene.

On another night, I met him again. Still the same beckoning look. Maybe the price can be negotiated. So when we got the chance to talk again, he repeated the same demand. I countered with an oral service which he rejected. Then I counter offered with a simulated fxxk.

" Huh, what is a simulated fxxk ? ", he was intrigued and seemed interested.

" You fxxk me between my thighs. It can be tight. Put your hand between my thighs and try."

So he stuck his fingers between my thighs and I closed them tight while rubbing them together.

Liking what he felt, he took me to a construction site far away. When we got naked, he was impatient. I tried to hug and kiss but he pushed me hard to bend me over with my hands on a wall for bracing. He spread some spit on my thighs in the fleshy crevice just below the buttocks. Impatiently, he hugged my waist, grasped my cock and rammed at the crevice. I tightened my thighs and felt his cock rubbing my buttocks. Unfortunately after a while, he rammed it upwards towards my hole. Fortunately, I had my thighs tightly closed so he was not able to get it in. He gave up and soon he came between my thighs. After we cummed, I was surprised that there was someone at the corner watching us. He told me that was just his friend.

His friend came over excitedly and asked me, " did it get in ? did it get in ? "

What kind of a question is that ! I was so embarrassed that I quickly left the scene. So the price was a fxxk show to show his friend that he can fxxk me as he pleased. All he had to do was that look and guys like me will bend over for his pleasure. Unfortunately, I did see him again on another night.

He came over and laughed, " I still want to fxxk you". This was too embarrassing so I walked off quickly and I always avoided him since.

So, how big was that biggie you said you landed :-) Or how much is that fishie in the window, the one with the beckoning eyes ? :-) Don't Be Shy.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Everybody Has A First Time

I've seen lots of web pages and stories about "The First Time". So here is mine. I grew up in an illiterate, extended family near the red light district. We kids simply ran wild most of the time. Sex was giggled about and very visible. I've seen almost naked men and women or at least their sex organs when unaroused.

Never thought much about what they do since my cock is just a smaller version of those of grown men and I don't feel a thing there. In fact, I thought a man's cock was ugly as it is black and wrinkly;. until one day I saw a construction worker jerk off while bathing in one of those shacks without roof and I was at the top floor of the unfinished building accidentally looking down.

I saw a big pink cock that's shiny against his dark skin. I only vaguely remembered what I saw since I did not know what he was doing. I also vaguely remembered seeing some white liquid from his cock mixing with the water.

Then one day while I was bathing , I pulled back the foreskin to wash as instructed by the school doctor. The feeling was so good and soon I had my first cum. The same white liquid. Now I understood what the doctor meant by masturbation and why sex was embarrassing. Masturbation was great but I tried to control myself since they said it was bad for you only if you do it too often.

Anyway, I never thought about terms like gay or straight. Being illiterate, my family hardly knew what's happening in this world. I did not have a crush on anybody and most men do not excite me. I only realised that I was attracted to bodybuilders but even then, I only looked at those who were tall, smooth and not too veiny(sp?). Most of the famous ones are short , squat and out of proportions. I said to myself that I was only admiring their bodies and there was nothing sexual even though I felt a tingling in my cock. My taste vary slightly from time to time. My present favourite type looks like this So if you look like this type, I want to meet you ;-)

I never thought of having gay sex till I was visiting Perth when I was in my 20's. For most Singaporeans, the sex shop there was an eye opener. I've seen a few sex magazines before but nothing like the full colour, sex magazines with nothing left to imagination. I was immediately attracted to a Colt magazine with all the naked musclemen that I only dreamt about. I bought one and went to the nearest cinema toilet to jerk off to the magazine. That's when I said "to hell with it, I am going to look for gay sex here". So I picked up a free magazine with advertisement inside for a sauna.

The next evening, I went to the sauna. My heart was pounding like it was going to explode as I imagined the counter staff were all staring at me. I fumbled my way to the lockers and the showers. There were a few naked men showering. I quickly showered and left to look around. I found a nice warm Jacuzzi and went in. A guy joined me and soon his leg was poking at my cock. I acted cool while my heart was still pounding. Soon, he was all over my body. Wow, they were so open and daring here! Then, he pulled me out of the Jacuzzi, went into a room and locked the door. We hugged and kissed in bed. He sat up on the bed and guided my mouth to suck on his cock. I was reluctant to be a cock sucker but I tried. His groins smelt of bread and cheese and I did not like it even though he was clean as a whistle. ( from my latter experience, I found that most Caucasians smell that way; wonder if we Asian have a characteristic smell too since I can't detect my own body odor or those similar to mine ).

I turned around and tried to get him to reciprocate and suck my cock. But he turned his head away. I was furious and left. Soon the place was filling up. I explored the place and soon found a dark corridor upstairs. Curious about what's inside, I groped my way in. Meanwhile, I felt hands from everywhere groping my body but I can't see what's going on. Then, I entered a big room and stopped. In the vague shadows, I saw figures around me groping my body. This is incredible; hands on my cock, my ass, my nipples, my arms, my legs...I felt every part of me feeling those hungry caresses. Then I felt a warm mouth engulf my hard cock and I felt like I was in heaven. I stood there and explored all the bodies around me. This feeling was better than any pleasures I thought possible. I felt the hunger in me released after all those years of modesty. " Yeah, I am a cheap slut; come and have my body, I don't care what you look like because I am cheaper than any of you.", I heard me saying to myself. Soon, I felt warm sticky cum from some of the shadows and that got me even hornier. My cock felt like intense orgasm as this guy sucked it hard and fast; he was as hungry as I was. No I didn't want this to end, it was too incredible to end. I held my sperm in and with the greatest reluctance, I pulled out of the room to cool down.

Masturbation was never so intensely good. If this was what I've felt hungry for all these years, YES I AM GAY !!! With that proclaimed, suddenly I lost all mental roadblock and started cruising for good looking men. I realised there were a few tall, good looking ones with strong, smooth bodies. I secretly trailed one around to see what I might learn. He picked up another guy and they went into a room. However, the room was not properly closed and I could peep in.

Then I witnessed my first live sex show. Two naked men sucking each other and their groaning was as exciting as any physical touch. Soon all that groping led to one bending over and the other pulled his ass cheeks apart to fxxk. I knew men can be fxxked and this was my first live show. Wonder what's it like ? The one doing the fxxking was real strong as he banged hard and fast like an animal; 2 naked men fxxking are just primitive animals forgetting the inhibitions of being socially modest. Then they switched positions a few times; I guess it's fair share of the male dominant and the female submissive roles since they were aware of me watching. In my latter years, I got to observe such gay dominant and submissive role plays that gays signal to each other as a prelude to cruising and eventual sex.

( Most Singapore gays are very afraid of losing face; the better looking ones want to be dominant and the lesser ones are expected to be submissive. The dominant one expects to be "silently" pursued. Rejecting others is a privilege; giving in to sex is a favour. That's why some said Singapore gays "act class". )

After so experiencing so much intense sex, I felt like exploding with pleasure. I just can't hold my sperm anymore. I was losing my self control while I was in the dry sauna. I was holding on tight to my cock and trying to hold back my sperm. Then a plump guy walked in. I was too horny to cover myself. He heard my loud breathing and knew I was too horny and high to reject him. So he grabbed me and hugged me tight. Then he tried to grab my cock while my hands were holding on to it for dear life. He tried to push my cock into his ass but I refused; yuck, I don't want to fxxk somebody's shit hole. So he used his fleshy thighs and ass cheeks to grip my cock. I let go off my hands and fxxked him between his thighs like some hungry animal. I cummed like crazy while gripping his buttocks hard.

Before he recovered, I grabbed my towel and ran out when I suddenly felt shy. I quickly took a shower while secretly glancing at other nude men; most were tall,.plump and pink like babies. I changed quickly and left while I still imagined that everybody was staring at me.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Bangkok, The Gay Capital Of Asia - Part 1

It's strange, I only discovered the pleasures of Bangkok about one and and a half year ago ! Yet I am living only 2 hours away by plane.

Actually, I've been to Bangkok many times before that. Only problem was that the gay guide was so inadequate that I thought there was nothing much gay going on. First impression was the terrible traffic jams. Then the ubiquitous sex touts. Every taxi driver or tuk-tuk driver invariably asked " you want girl ?, massage ? ". Then there's Patpong where more touts kept pestering any single guy passing by. But this time there's more variety - " girls ? massage ? tiger show ?". When everything failed, then suddenly it's " boys ? ". Ha, that's interesting but no thanks. I remembered how guys got fleeced a few hundred dollars for a drink in those joints. Anyway, following the gay guide then, I found a few gay bars. Lots of Go-Go boys inside but the young skinny types were not my cup of tea. The brawny bouncers guarding the door outside were interesting though but I figured they were too dangerous.

The gay guide recommended that the department store at the end of the street was cruisy at night after closing. Sure enough, there were a few guys hanging around. Soon a short little guy approached me trying to make conversation. But with his poor English and my non-existent Thai, we could barely understand each other. However, without fail, there's that " girl ? massage ? " from him. My goodness, they really were everywhere ! Only this time he was more inventive with " boy ? me ? ". I thought then that sex in Bangkok was so commercialized that guys want money even for mutual satisfaction. Paid sex is not my cup of tea as I prefer to "catch" my own man, just as fish caught by my own labour tasted much better than those from the restaurant's fish tank.

I tried to look for a sauna. The only one I found was dirty and deserted that I left quickly. Bangkok seemed to be fun only if you looked for commercial sex. Every time I passed through Bangkok on my way to another destination, I usually did not stopover.

However, I was to realize how wrong I was. One day as I was browsing the Net, I stumbled across Utopia. They had beautifully designed web pages and lots of information. Though the information on Singapore was sometimes vague, but the information about Bangkok was interesting. So there are beautiful saunas and other gays places to visit ?. Being still skeptical, I waited for the right opportunity before I booked a quick tour over the weekend.

On arrival in the late evening, I went to look for the sauna called Colony. Unfortunately, the tuk-tuk driver could not find the place and had to keep calling the sauna for directions. Eventually he did managed to find the place and I gave him a fat tip. No wonder, the place looked just like any private house. I liked the garden and the swimming pool as mentioned by Utopia. The house was small and with the usual but not much of other facilities. The guys there were tanned Thais and not really my type. So I spend most of my time swimming naked in the outdoor pool which was quite erotic. Most of the guys were quite modest to put on their towels but I walked and laid around the pool totally naked with a hardon for all to see. It was so refreshing to swim the backstroke with my hard cock sticking out of the water. Of course, for modesty sake, I stroked my cock only when I submerged my cock inside the water. Then there were strong jets of water where I held my cock for the swirling water to massage and the feeling was totally new. I almost cum a few times but each time I got out from the pool to cool down. Eventually I just could not hold it in anymore and went to the dry sauna to jack off. There was nobody in there and it was dark inside. As I was jacking off, a short guy came in and tried to put his cock in my mouth. I felt his body and found it a little muscular and smooth. I took his cock in hand and jerked it with mine till we both cummed. I cleaned up, put on my clothes and left when it was almost morning. The swimming pool was fun and I am now wondering if I dared to do the same in the day time on another visit.

The next day, I went looking for the sauna Babylon since it was so highly recommended by Utopia. Again, the driver did not know where it was. The address written in English was incomprehensible to him. Fortunately, Utopia mentioned it was near Malaysia Hotel which the driver knew. From there, I walked around to look for the sauna only to realized that the driver did passed it on the way to Malaysia Hotel !

My first impression of the place was that it was cleverly designed to imitate an ancient building of Babylon. The beautifully landscaped gardens were a reflection of the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The aging brown colour of the exterior of the building was to imitate the look of a preserved ancient archaeological relic. How clever ! the older the building gets, the more authentic is the ancient look. This will surely save lots of maintenance costs. The attention to details was no less impressive inside. Antiques were on display shelves and interior decor with some ancient motifs ran through all parts of the building. The whole design was so classy that it was a delight just to relax in there. This place could challenge the Thermos Day sauna of Amsterdam except for the facilities.

If the place is so classy, I can't wait to see the men inside. After finding my locker and a quick shower, I went to explore the place further. The roof garden was another delightful discovery. It was spacious enough to be a classy bar on its own, in fact it's bigger than most bars in Singapore. Okay, enough of checking out the facilities, I want to check out the men first. That's when I got to the ground floor with the dry and wet saunas and the Jacuzzi. There were plenty of men there and lots of GWMs. Then I realised that there seemed to be lots of Chinese inside there too. Most were very fair and some were quite well built but with an attitude.

As I was looking at the Jacuzzi, I noticed a big GWM with long flaming red hair. Though he was chubby and bearish but his flaming red hair was very sexy as it reminded me of the mane of a lion. Unfortunately, he was in the Jacuzzi playing with two little Thai guys. I went into the pool with a raging hardon that I tried to conceal with my hands. He did not notice me but I was lusting for him as I watched him play. If he liked small and tanned Thai guys, then I must be out of luck. The Jacuzzi was not heated and soon I had enough and decided to explore other facilities.

I went in the dry sauna and nothing was going on there. I went to the steam sauna and found that the place was literally jammed full of naked bodies !. It was dark and I squeezed through all kinds of naked bodies and enjoyed rubbing against them with my own naked body. At the end of the room, guys were having sex in a big orgy of sweaty mass of bodies and hands everywhere. I could not see much but I joined in feeling my way about. I could feel a man's cock being sucked and I felt my fingers being sucked together with the cock. Then I felt another man being jacked off by another. Numerous sex acts just kept going even though I was rude to put my hands on the cocks that were receiving the pleasures. Guys were also grabbing my cock and sucking my tits. It was too intense and I could just lose my cum too quickly so I squeezed my way out again. I sat near the sliding door to watch guys going in and out to keep the action going.

Then I saw the bear with the flaming red hair walked in. This was my chance. I quickly positioned myself to obstruct his way so that he had to squeeze past me to get further in. As he was squeezing past and rubbing against me, I reached for his cock and jerked it. He stopped to check me out with his hands all over my body. Liking what he touched, he reached out to grab me towards him for a warm tight embrace. As he was taller than me, I had to reach up to run my fingers through his sexy hair. In the dim light it seemed to be a dimly glowing flame. With my hands on his head, he thought I was forcing him down as a gesture for him to suck my cock. So he went down on my cock and I was even more excited to see his red hair bobbing about as he pumped my cock with his mouth. He was really good. I ran my fingers through his hair and others around us were feeling us up. Soon I cummed and he spat out my cum onto the floor. He left while I was resting.

Then I saw a tall, muscular, fair, smooth Chinese guy came into the steam room. As guys tried to feel him up, he pushed everybody away roughly. What stuck-up attitude he had ! As he passed near me, I put my hand on his towel and got a rough push off. Soon guys knew his attitude and left him alone. As he moved around, he came near where I was sitting. What was he here for if he not for sex ? This time I did not try to touch his groin but started to caress his back ever so lightly. He showed no sign of the rough reaction to me as he did before. Soon, I started to feel him gently but always above the waist and I can sense that he liked it.. As I was lightly pinching his nipples, he gasped. I then sucked his nipples as I slowly licked his muscular chest from one nipple to the other. Sensing that he was getting hot, I slowly moved down and was licking his stomach and waiting for his okay signal to enter his forbidden zone. He loosened his towel and I went gently for his balls and then his cock. Then I realised why he acted the way he did. His cock was slightly smaller then the average but rock hard. It's just the right size for sucking and I can roll his cock around inside my mouth. He was enjoying it all when another guy tried to feel him up. Suddenly, he grabbed that guy by the throat and jolted him roughly. The guy was shocked and left him alone. I quicken my sucking action as I pulled on his cock. Sensing his balls tightening, I switched to jacking him and he spurted his gooey cum on my chest. But before I could see his face, he literally ran out of the room. Now, I can never tell which one of those stuck-up tall, muscular guys that I see lining the corridors with the standoffish attitude was he.

Babylon was a big gay playground, so I have to continue in Part 2.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Bangkok, The Gay Capital Of Asia - Part 2

After I had enough of the sex, I went to look for food. I found two dining areas. The one at the 1st storey was next to a beautifully landscaped courtyard with a nice Koi pond. The owner must be Chinese because Chinese believe in symbolism of good fortune; fish is "abundance ", water is "wealth".

But I find the 2nd storey restaurant much more interesting with the ancient motifs. They had the food on display like the Japanese and it looked delicious. I ordered a beef with crab dish and found the food tasted even better than those at the hotel or even in Singapore; maybe I'm just plain hungry. Compared to the same food in Singapore, this good food is really cheap. Someone recommended the chocolate cake. I found it sinfully rich and I liked it very much even though I normally wouldn't touch a cake because of it's calories.

While I was having my dinner alone, I noticed that the 2 guys at the next table looked and talked like my fellow Singaporeans with their 2 Thai boyfriends. What's interesting was that while these guys look like geeks in their 40's, their boyfriends were huge, tanned 30's Chinese-Thai with huge muscles, a slight beer belly and the macho crew cut hair. That's quite a reversal of roles from the Caucasian types who prefer cute young things. The 2 Singaporeans were trying to impress their boyfriends by teaching them proper ways to handle Western cutlery. With the kind of assets that they have, I guess these guys need not be impressive with their table manners :)

On subsequent visits, I noticed their boyfriends were regulars at the sauna and I even saw them at Patpong showing some guys around like escorts. Now, it made me wonder if they were resourceful hustlers and not fellow gays out for mutual fun. Commercial sex really is everywhere.

As it was the weekend, they put on a a lounge show. The lady singer was quite good with the powerful voice and the place now looked like a classy country club. I loved the atmosphere as it was nice to relax a little after the hot sex and a wonderful dinner.

Soon the place was really jammed with guys everywhere, I've never seen such a crowded place before. I went up to the 3rd level to check on the cruising corridors and rooms, it was so crowded along the narrow corridors that you had to squeeze your way through. I loved to do that and felt the body contacts when brushing against so many guys. I felt like a kid in a candy store with my last penny since I felt like having only one more cum load to let go. Then I found the dark room where it was also crowded. I joined in some feeling around and soon shot my cum in some orgies. I spend my last "penny" on a mixed bag of candies.

That was really fun and I really changed my opinions about Bangkok. What they said about Bangkok was true after all, just that I didn't know where to look before.

The next time I visited Bangkok, I knew enough to be on my own and I stayed at the Malaysia Hotel which is near to Babylon. It's a no frill hotel but I liked the friendly attitude of the staff there towards gays. I met some of the guys in the lift who were at the Babylon and we pretended not to know each other.

On the next visit, it was more of the same thing but this time the surroundings were more familiar so I spent less time exploring around and more on cruising around. The mix of guys there were truly international from the West as well as all parts of Asia.

This time, I met a well built Chinese-Thai guy who was very smooth and fair. He was relaxing with his eyes closed at the Jacuzzi pool and I slipped in next to him. Other guys at the pool were playing under the cover of the frothy water. I let my feet touched him accidentally under the water. He didn't respond but then he didn't move away either. Maybe he was really tired or he had already spent his cum. So I just let the water current push my body against his. Soon he responded by lightly caressing my body and I caressed his. I was trying to arouse him by squeezing on his tits when he opened his eyes and grabbed me towards him for a warm embrace. We were cuddling in the water while other guys were either watching or playing on their own.

Suddenly, he got up and I was worried that he was leaving me. But he held my hand, pulled me out of the water and signaled me to follow him. He found an empty room upstairs and closed the door for some private play. After many silent anonymous sex, I was quite happy to have some pillow talk while having sex. He told me he was a stockbroker and he just had a hard day at the office because the stock market was doing badly. He lost some money and was very tired so he came to the sauna to ease the tension inside. He was too tired to cruise around and any guy who showed interest in him can have him. So I was the lucky first.

" You poor baby, let me massage your aches away", I said.

So he laid there as I clumsily tried to massage him from head to toe while I was actually enjoying myself feeling his supple body and wonderfully smooth, fair skin. He was so handsome in the soft light, I just took my time and tried not to over stimulate his cock while giving it enough rubs to keep it hard and horny. I can tell he liked it from the occasional gentle sighs of relieves from him. He may be able to control himself but I was losing my self control when I started to use my mouth to kiss him all over instead of massaging him. Soon his cock and balls were just too delicious looking and I had to suck on them. Soon he was moaning as I raised his legs while I poked my finger in his tight ass.

Just as I was enjoying myself feasting on him, he suddenly grabbed me and pinned me down with him on top and started sucking on my cock. He was quite strong as he threw me around effortlessly. That was a pleasant surprise so I opened up my legs wider for him to get better access to my cock. He poked his finger into my butt hole, then he suddenly asked, " have you been fxxked before ? ". I said no. Suddenly, he came alive as he assured me, " you will like it when you tried it ", while he busily pumped his hand with lubricant and tried to put on a condom. I pleaded with him that I knew what's it's all about and I did not want to get fxxked. He grabbed me by my feet and slapped on the lubricant in my butt hole while twisting his finger inside. Boy, he was good at this and I was really turned on though I protested. He was pretty strong but I managed to turn around and grabbed his cock in my mouth to prevent it from going into the wrong hole in my body. He protested that he cannot cum without fxxking me. But I sucked his cock the best way that I can to drain his horny cum to make him forget about fxxking me. He sportingly got into the 69 position to suck me off. It's a game of who gets whose cum first and the loser was going to get fxxked.

I sucked and jacked his cock furiously as if my life depended on it. It stayed hard as ever but he just did not cum. Meanwhile, he was so good at sucking my cock and twisting his finger inside my butt hole, I was losing control. In desperation, I tried to copy his technique and twisted my finger inside his warm butt hole. Still, I was getting closer to cumming yet he was so calm and collected while enjoying himself toying with me. In an attempt to cheat, I pulled my cock out from his mouth reluctantly while trying to catch my breathe. He sportingly let me pull out while he laughed softly as he enjoyed my continued sucking while laying back with his legs wide open for me to play with his body. This was my chance to at least recover some lost grounds. I worked real hard till I was sweating but he was still so cool, smiling and encouraging me. He lightly caressed my cock, balls and my thighs and that prevented my cock from going completely soft. When he saw that I was slowly going soft, he resumed sucking on my cock and I felt like an electric bolt had shot through my body.

Damn !!, there was no way I was going to win this competition. My mouth was aching, my arms were tired and he was so damn good, almost sucking the soul right out of me, I might as well surrender and enjoy his service. So I gave up and laid back in ecstasy as he worked on my cock while he was twisting his fingers inside my butt hole. He pulled my butt cheeks apart for a good look at my butt hole. Then he moved his cock closer to it while I half heartedly wiggled away from him. He put on the condom and slapped my butt with his cock to signal me to stop moving away. Still, I wiggled away. So he quickly brought me to orgasm to make me lose my mind control. As I was gasping and squirting my cum while bucking my butt up towards him, he took aim and poked his cock squarely at my butt hole. Fortunately for me, I was clamping my butt hole tightly shut as a natural convulsion of orgasm. He could barely get his cock head in and I recovered just in time to whimper a plead to him not to do it.

As I laid there gasping for breathe, feeling drained of energy and feeling totally vulnerable, he relented and told me that he was sorry. He could not bring himself to fxxk me if I was not willing. He was so sweet and sincere then, I could have lost my last line of defence if he had taken the opportunity. After a long rest in his warm embrace, I regained my composure. I looked at his cock and it was still as hard as ever !! I told him that I was sorry that he couldn't have fun in his usual way of fxxking me. But I was really curious as to how long he could really last.. He smiled and said that since he liked me alot, he was willing to let me work on him till he cummed. So I sucked, jacked his cock and fingered his butt hole while he caressed my body.All the time he was smiling, looked in control and yet enjoying himself. Soon, I had to add lubricant as even my saliva was drying up.

I realised I was really going nowhere with his cock unless I worked on his mind. So I reached over and kissed him hard on the mouth as I whispered that he was so handsome and sexy that I could eat him alive. Then I licked and bit on his tits. All this while I had to keep jacking his cock and switching from one tired hand to the other. Soon, there were signs of quickened breathing and that slight sigh with the pounding heart beat. So I kept up the kissing, repeating that he was so handsome and well built, yet so firm and smoother than a girl's that I really wanted to eat him all night long. Then I growled softly as I used my mouth to attack his cock as I pumped it furiously inside my mouth.

Soon I tasted more salty precum coming out of his cock and knew he was close. I spit the precum out with some saliva on my hand for lubrication and switched to jacking his cock. I was really all excited with expectations to see his shooting cum. With a loud grunt, he let loose his white cum that shot all the way to his neck !! while I had my hands on his cock and balls and trying to feel the sexual tremors deep inside of him. I could feel every spasm of his orgasmic eruptions and it made me feel so powerful to be the one who extracted his very private man juice from his macho self.

It was really exhausting and very satisfying sex. He lasted close to an hour, a record according to my limited experience. We crumbled together for a long time to recover.. Then we washed up and went to the rooftop garden to talk some more. I remarked that it must be fun to be gay in the Gay Capital of Asia. He corrected my misconception because some Thais still despise the gays and showed their prejudice indirectly. He had to park his car far from Babylon just to avoid being seen.

That's when I did the unthinkable by telling him to look me up when he was visiting Singapore..He declined because he said that he was probably going to get married soon. He did remarked that he had some Singaporean friends who visited him and expected him to chauffeur them around the sights without realising that he had to work. Some of those sights like the Floating Market are far away and start very early in the morning. I squirmed in embarrassment as we Singaporeans considered that to be "kiasu" ( afraid of losing ).

Soon every good thing must end, yet I was feeling lonely already. So I invited him to my hotel room, again he declined. I gave him the address of the hotel that I was moving to in case he changed his mind. ( But, he never called. ) As I was leaving with a friend that I met at the hotel, I noticed he was following me around. So, to tease him back for rejecting me all the time, I told him that the guy was my boyfriend. I could sense the jealousy in his eyes as he watched me walked out with my friend. Sigh, this was going to be a long and lonely night and why do I feel so stupid for trying to be so clever. Maybe he was at his last line of defence before I pulled that stupid stunt. No wonder he never called.

There's more in Part 3.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Bangkok, The Gay Capital Of Asia - Part 3

After the pleasures of the Babylon sauna, I was not too excited to try out any other saunas. But out of curiosity, I went to look for another sauna called Obelisks as it was recommended as classy and huge with 11 stories.

As usual, the taxi driver did not know where it was and just dropped me off at the entrance to the Soi. I saw a group of Thai guys who looked "obviously" gay so I asked them where Obelisks sauna was. Unfortunately, they shrugged their shoulders; either they could not understand my English or they were not gay so they did not know ?. After much running around, I managed to find the place. To my surprise, these guys were just ahead of me ! So my "gaydar" was correct but they were just as lost as I was !

First impression of the sauna was that it was shiny and new. The lobby was classy with marbles and columns. The guys here were more local and younger than those at Babylon.

The place was really huge and luckily there was a lift to help the exploring around. Each floor was not big. But with 11 floors, they do add up to a lot of space. Unfortunately, that also meant there was no particular place to congregate and grope in the dark. The dark room was so big and dark that guys just scatter around with too much personal spaces that other guys were afraid to invade for fear of rejection. But then there were also some guys inside the individual rooms who laid on the beds with their butts facing out obviously inviting others in for a fxxk.

There was a rooftop garden bar but it was mostly empty. There was also a Jacuzzi and a steam room with a wonderful view of Bangkok by night but most guys were too busy with looking at each other to admire the view.

On the 6th floor, there were more of the usual facilities like a steam bath, a dry sauna, showers and a Jacuzzi. On another floor, there was a video room with a big video screen showing some gay movies. On the first floor was the restaurant but the selection of food was much more limited than those at Babylon.

Though the facilities were good and guys were mostly young Thais but the place did not hum with sexual energy like the Babylon. Maybe it's because today was not the weekend. With so much personal spaces, guys just looked mostly but few venture to make the first moves. I too was affected by the atmosphere so when cruising or being cruised, I just adopted the wait and see attitude.

Eventually when I was tired of the exploring the facilities, I went to settle down at the rooftop Jacuzzi. It was heated and so was better than the cold Jacuzzi of Babylon. Soon it was filled with guys. With the close proximity of naked guys in the pool, soon things started happening. Someone's hand found my cock and gave me a slow hand job. I looked at the guy and he pretended that nothing was happening. Soon, another hand and even a leg was touching me all over. I could figure out who these body parts were coming from but everybody could somehow keep looking innocent. I lowered my head and enjoyed looking at the stars in the sky while my hands also wandered from body to body. Then one guy got up and I could sense his " come with me " look but I was not sure so I just stayed where I was since I was already having a buffet here. Anyway, with the previous Chinese-Thai guy still on my mind, I still feel a kind of melancholic sadness in me.

After a while, I noticed he came back into the Jacuzzi with that hurt ( angry ? ) look. But he still settled down beside me.but was further away than before. Soon I had enough and got up to shower to leave.

The next visit to Babylon was quite routine. The place was just as crowded in the evening. The corridors were packed with guys. As I was squeezing through the mass of bodies, suddenly my "gaydar" went "beeping like crazy"; that can only mean someone was cruising me and wanting me badly :-) I stopped to check out those guys nearby but everybody had the nondescript "poker face". Is somebody sending the mental signals but yet trying to look disinterested ? Was my "gaydar" just my fertile erotic imagination ? Though this "gaydar sixth sense" was difficult to describe, most gays can usually use it to detect other gays who are cruising them through some almost imperceptible body language or eye contacts.

I decided to follow my gaydar and sense the direction where the signal was coming from. Sure enough, from half way across the long corridor and with the dim lighting, I can sense there's a guy smiling and looking at me intensely. But the corridor was so long and packed with so many guys, how can I be sure that he was smiling and looking at me ? As I moved closer to him, I realised why my gaydar was confused. He was a short, very young Chinese-Thai guy and not the type of built, tall guy that my gaydar was trying to connect with. But on closer look, I almost gasped in disbelief; this little guy was very cute. He had short curly hair and a very ruddy, fair, handsome and boyish face. His smile was dazzling. As I walked passed him, his eyes followed me. Now I was sure he wanted me. So I doubled back and stood behind him.

I estimated he could be about 19 years old. I usually avoided guys so young because they were so inexperienced and not my type. But this guy was very cute and my cock was sticking out, telling me that it wanted him. So I plucked up the courage to circle in front of him and smiled at him. He smiled back, so I moved closer to touch his hand. He did not reject me so I grasped his hand and after some talk, I led him into one of the rooms.

As soon as the door closed, I was the aggressive one and took control on all sexual moves while he just watched and generally followed my non verbal instructions. He told me that this was the first time in a gay sauna. Just to make sure that I was not going to have sex with a minor, I asked him how old he was. He said he was 22 years old and already working. I guessed with his small size, he did look younger than his actual age. He had some limited gay sex experience but with guys his own age. He wanted to try an older guy like me for the experience. I guess he wanted to be "baby loved" by an older man so I swept him off his feet and set him down on my lap as I sat on the edge of the bed. When naked, he was as cute as an overgrown baby. This was a new experience for me as the type of guys I usually have sex with are much too big to lay on my lap; some were even strong enough to lay me down on their laps instead :-) Sex was usually like a kind of erotic and frantic wrestling match of competing male egos.

As I laid him on my lap, I explored all parts of his body. He had a nice pink cock that's very hard. I sucked on his cock and felt his whole body writhe with pleasure. When I wanted to, I could easily flip him over and started kissing him all over his very smooth and round butt. Then I flipped him back and kissed him all over his body and nibble on his nipples. I lifted him on my arms and gave wet , deep kisses on his cute face and mouth. He giggled with delight. He enjoyed being played with like an overgrown toy doll. I was taken in by his innocent pleasures. After much playing around, I sensed he was close so I jacked his cock hard to watch his cum fly. He did not disappoint as he cummed like a fully loaded toy water pistol :-) as I squeezed his cock like squeezing a water pistol.

After he cummed, I tried to get him to work on my cock but he was so inexperienced that I felt I could not cum. When sucking my cock, his sucking force was too weak. Maybe he was too drained from the sex workout that I gave him. So I suggested that we cleaned up and went for a dinner break.

During dinner, a middle aged, tall guy came to our table to say hello to him and join us for dinner. He introduced his good friend who told me that the young guy was a "good" boy who did not dare to visit a sauna and so he had to introduce him to this famous sauna. I asked if they were sex buddies but the older guy said the young guy would not give him the chance and they both laughed. The older guy was very experienced and had lots of information on the gay scene here. He even pointed out the owner of Babylon as he walked by and described his family background.

After dinner, I suggested to the young guy that we go for another round of sex play. His friend smiled and knowingly excused himself. So we adjourned to another room. But the room lock was broken. As we were having sex, guys were peeping at us through the small gap left. I did not want to share my cute guy with anybody so when I heard the door open on the next-door room, we quickly wrapped our towels and moved over.

I could not get enough of this cute guy and he just loved my devoted attention. I enjoyed feeling his body all over again. Soon I could feel that he was again ready to cum. This time he shot his cum just as much and as powerful as the first time. Lucky of me to get an exciting sex performance show twice. After giving him time to rest, he was now more energetic in working on my throbbing cock. But the strange thing was that I just could not cum. I was used to big, strong hands grasping hard and pulling on my cock or powerful suction from mouths that were hungry for my cum. He was not too sure how to service me.As I laid on the bed with my legs wide open for him to work on me, he was timidly exploring my body and touching me tenderly and tentatively as though I was going to be angry with him for touching me.

Luckily the room had a mirror. So I stood beside the mirror and told him to concentrate on jacking hard on my cock. The image in the mirror showing a very cute guy kneeling beside me and jacking furiously on my cock helped to raise the sexual excitement. Soon, I was able to shoot cum directly onto the mirror.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Thermos Day and Thermos Night In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the gay capital of Europe. It got me itching to find out why. So one day I went. It is the commercial sex capital of Europe. Wow! sex is so open there that even other Europeans visit for the relative sexual freedom.

I saw my first BIG screen gay movie there. I was at the bookshop/lobby of the movie theatre looking at the movie posters when this guy with crew cut slipped in front of me and well, tried to pick me up. After some pleasant chat, I thought he would take me home since he said he followed me from the Chinese takeaway where I had my dinner and I looked like a delicious Chinese dinner. Okay, so my favourite pickup line is a corny joke to keep the sexual tension up :-)

But he bought two tickets and pulled me into the theatre. There was a small crowd inside watching the movie and he chose some middle seats at the side. I tried to watch the show but soon he had his hands all over me. Being new at this, I looked around to see if anybody was having sex but those guys were actually quietly watching the show. If you've seen one gay show, you've seen them all. Now I can hardly recall what was on except it was exciting to see nude men, cocks and buns in full giant screen size.

I tried to slow him down but he soon pulled off all my clothes and some of his. Now, the crowd was watching us instead of the show. Then he had my legs straddled across his seat and my cock in his mouth. Soon guys were moving to the adjacent seats for a live show. Under the cover of the dim lighting and being in a foreign land, I lost all inhibitions and just let him enjoy putting on the show. Except for a little touch here and there, guys just watched instead of joining in. Soon I was close to cumming and signaled him to stop. But he forced me down and sucked even harder. Soon I cummed in his mouth and apologised but he just smiled. Well, I wanted to watch a gay p--n show and ended up putting a free live show :-)

However, that little sideshow was nothing compared to the two world famous saunas there:-

Thermos Day Sauna

I was surprised when I found this sauna from the gay guide. It was beautifully decorated. There's a swimming pool and huge Jacuzzis. Now I can swim in the nude without any worries about being arrested. Being now quite experienced, this is one place where it is quite alright to enjoy the facilities instead of just looking for sex. The crowd here is a mix of young and old. However, I noticed that there was this big muscular guy who just simply walked round and round the place. Knowing he was beyond my league, I just cruised the place and joined in orgies where they formed. This place was sexually less inhibited than any other saunas I know. Guys don't mind being fondled even if they did not want to have sex with you; they just smiled and waited till you had fondled enough then patted you on the arm to let them go. Likewise, I did the same and got my share of being fondled. Suddenly I thought, " hey how about that big muscular guy, is he also so obliging ? " Suddenly my cock stood up and given the courage prodded on by sexual urge, I went looking for him. Sure enough, he was walking around. I approached and when I saw nobody nearby, I raised my hands to fondle his huge pecs. He stopped and smiled; he was obliging ! I fondled his muscular hard pecs and worshipped his muscled body while he towered a whole head above me.

This was my first taste of a muscled god and this one had the handsome smile to melt your heart. I put my hands inside his towel to play with his semi hard cock. Boy I was dying to pull off his towel and suck his cock but I kept my senses and did not go too far. Soon enough, he patted me on my arm and gave me a huge smile. How can I ever let go ? But I had to, so I did the last thing to keep him in my memories. His dazzling smile was just irresistible so I raised my toes and reached up to kiss him. He did not try to stop me and his smile was still on. I felt like melting and reluctantly let go of him. I felt like dying. Within sight of him, I dropped my towel and jerked my cock I cummed quickly while he was walking off, leaving me crumbled on the floor exhausted and willing to do anything he wanted if only he was mine.

Having been to so many saunas, this muscled god's behaviour was unusual. The cynical part of me reasoned that he was just a beautiful guy employed by the sauna to raise the general standard of the clientele by attracting other beautiful guys to come to the sauna. Anyway, I'm not complaining as it gets the place really hot and comfortable. At other saunas, the first thing I noticed about the prime A guys are their attitudes. They will quickly walk away if you look at them. If you touch them, they will push your hand away in disgust. Their attitude can really sour up a place, so I generally avoid them unless I detect an encouraging look.

Thermos Night Sauna

As required by Dutch law, no business can operate 24 hours so the same company opened a night sauna a short walk from the day sauna. This night sauna was also beautifully decorated in Roman style but facilities were not as good as that of the day sauna. I came prepared to spend my night there. The place was crowded and soon all the rooms were taken by guys who sat by the doors or on the beds waiting for sex to drop by :-)

Soon, one British guy pulled me into his room while I put up the token resistance :-) After the great sex, we went to the coffee lounge to talk. He told me he owned a restaurant in a beach resort in Spain and he worked long hours during the summer months. Once summer was over, he closed the restaurant and enjoyed long holidays to make up for all his hard work. He did have a beautiful tan but seriously, I prefer guys with smooth lily white skin. The tan made a guy look old as his skin texture became rough. Unfortunately, his boyfriend came to look for him and I ended up without a companion for the night. On looking around, there really was no place to sleep ! I already checked out from my hotel, expecting to take the morning train to another destination. Finally, I took a few towels and went to sleep at the dimly lit open sex room where there was a big wooden platform bed. But I could hardly get much sleep as guys came to have sex right beside me. Ordinarily, I would be turned on to join in but I was really dead tired after having sex everyday in this sex capital. So I just slept on and clanged on to my towels in case someone try to unwrap me.

Then in the middle of the night, I felt something warm down at my groins. I felt a funny sensation to urinate or cum. When I awoke sufficiently, I realised that there was a mouth attached to my cock and a finger slowly massaging my prostrate. The guy was sucking ever so slowly and his finger was lightly pushing my prostate. This guy must be really expert to stick his finger in my ass without my consent. But the slow, slow pace was really relaxing so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the service. After a drowsily long time, I cummed even when I thought there's no more cum left in me. He tasted my cum and moved away. In the darkness, I did not even see his face.

Needless to say, when the sauna closed in the cold early morning I was even more tired than the night before and nearly missed my train.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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How To Visit Japan With An Arigato And A Smile

Japan ? It's too expensive and I only know one or more Japanese words, Arigato ! So what was I doing in Tokyo Narita airport ?. Well I figured if it was a free stopover for a few days, why not ? First impression of the airport was it was as bare as a cheap hotel compared to 5 star Changi Airport. The queues were long at the immigration and the place seemed gloomy. Unfortunately, the Custom Officer searched my bags and found my precious gay Colt magazine that I intended to smuggle home. As he flipped through the magazine, he kept shaking his head and waving his right index finger at the nude pictures while I stood there nearly dying of embarrassment ! Okay, okay so it is illegal in Japan but must he flip it from page to page from front to back. Unless of course, he was actually enjoying the magazine and I can definitely sense that he was. He tried to explained something to me but his English was as bad as my Japanese so I was confused. Anyway, he confiscated my magazine and just let me through. What a relief !

In fact Tokyo itself is a confusing contrast of old and new. Suddenly, I felt illiterate and dumb in a place where I cannot understand what everybody was saying. This was a new experience for me who was so used to taking charge of matters relatively easily. So, this was what it was like to be illiterate in a foreign land, no wonder most of the older generation in Singapore always seem so lost and frightened when they could barely understand the language of the white men.

I heard the Japanese are not too open towards foreigners. So the best way was to fit in like a Japanese. Fortunately, the written Japanese text has about 20% Chinese text mixed in. By adding in the context and filling in some blanks, I can actually understand most Japanese signs. Road signs also included English text so that helped too. So after some orientation and with the Tokyo subway map, I could easily find my way around.

Ordering food was not a great problem; those plastic food samples really came in handy. I only needed to point and smile then smile again and say "Arigato" when the food arrived. Boy, those Japanese were extremely polite. When the waiters or chefs smiled at me I don't know if it was politeness or the knowing smile that they knew I was not Japanese but trying to pass as one.

Soon I knew my way enough to look for the gay areas of Shinjuku. Unfortunately, the guy who wrote the gay guide was not correct most of the time and I only managed to find a few.

First I found a gay bar. There were only a few guys in there. I only knew for sure that it was gay when I saw an older man singing karaoke with a younger man and he had his hands all over him. The other guys looked bored as they quietly drank at their tables.

Then I found a gay bookshop in a basement. Unfortunately books were in Japanese. As expected, the pictures of nude men had black spots to obscure the genitals. But it was refreshing to find oriental nude men instead of Caucasians. There were also some American magazines. I actually found the same Colt magazine that I lost to the Japanese Custom there but priced at 5 times that in America. The black spots vandalising the pictures made the magazine less attractive. So, my magazine must be a collector's item to some Japanese Custom Officer :-) A quick sample of those on offer showed that tall, stout, cute and smooth Japanese guys( like overgrown pink babies), were the premium sex objects here. They especially like to show middle aged men in smart business suits who got fxxked in various degrees of slow undress and the business suits were obvious sexual symbols. I don't know if that was a reflection of the fantasy of the majority of the smartly suited middle aged Japanese salarymen or some authoritarian power play or some Oedipus complex that Japanese men have of their remote and strict fathers. Hey, any Japanese reading this care to comment ? :-)

With my gaydar on, I found a dark park by a river and sure enough there were men in the shadows cruising around. Most of these men were still in their business suits; either they were out for a quickie before going home or business suits were gay sex symbols :-) Fortunately, no spoken words were needed when cruising and the universal language of the slight smile and the gay body language were well understood and used here :-) Soon enough, one neat looking middle aged guy caught up with me. Without saying much, he reached over and kissed me. Suddenly, I smelt something I never thought of before; stale cigarette breath ! Most Japanese were heavy smokers and I hate cigarette breath. How to reject him now in the middle of the sex act ? I tried to push him away but he took that as sign that I wanted oral sex. So he pull down my pants and sucked my cock. Seriously speaking, he was not too good at sucking as he seemed to be reluctant.

The next evening, I went looking for the gay saunas. But for curiosity, I went to a non-gay public Japanese bath first. Wow, the hot bath was really hot and I could barely sit in before feeling my balls being boiled alive like some eggs being cooked. So I climbed out and splashed hot water on my body. My skin was turning lobster red, unfortunately only in spots where I splashed on the hot water. Then I watched some Japanese men getting in and out of the hot bath. I noticed one young man who climbed out and was glowing with a beautiful pinkish glow throughout his body. He sat on a stool right beside me and I looked at his beautiful smooth skin closed up. It was pink and smooth as a baby's ! I was tempted to touch him but dared not.

After much searching, I managed to find the gay sauna at Ikebukuro. Knowing that they probably do not accept non-Japanese, I tried my luck and smiled and nodded my way in. In these sex places, it was only normal for guys to be reserved and avoid saying much. So my tactics worked like a charm. Once inside, the place seems small and the facilities were minimal. There were not many guys around as this was not the weekend. There was no private rooms but a few large rooms that were dimly lit. Once I got used to the lighting, I could see some couples on the large beds making love. They used their japanese robes to cover themselves for privacy. But of course, any movements can be easily seen fluttering the thin robes, so they kept their movements slow. It was a real difference to the rough and fast actions I saw at western saunas. Being tired, I settled down between some couples to rest. Soon I noticed a tall, cute, young and big Japanese looking at me. He's my type. So I smiled to encourage him to join me. Instead, he smiled back and I moved over to join him. When I settled down beside him, he opened his robe to cover me and I spread mine to open up more space to play.

Oh god, please let him not be a smoker and spoil all my fun. As we slowly embraced I can smell his breath and body odor; thank goodness it was fresh as a baby's. He was tall and big but with only just enough baby fat for a nice smooth, supple touch; mummy's well nourished boy that was a symptom of a prosperous Japan :-) The boyish smile was just so sweet to melt any heart. The warmth of his smooth cuddle was relaxing. We enjoyed the cuddle for a while before exploring each other's body. He was slow and gentle and I took my cue from him to slow things down from the usual pantingly quick sex. We took time to feel and massage each part of the other's body. Just when things started to heat up, he wrapped me on top of him to kiss me hot and slow. His smile was so bright and sincere, I felt like I was in heaven. We stayed locked in that position for so long, I thought I might fall into blissful sleep. But his slow, probing caress was telling me he was savouring every moment of it.

Eventually, we had to take care of the "spitting cobras that poked at our stomachs." So I turned around to assume the 69 position as I really wanted to have a good look at his pinkish cock. It was beautifully pink, even his balls were pinkish. It was not too big and almost the same size as mine. I sucked it slowly and he gasped. I don't know what he liked so I watched for any signals from him. He seemed to be quite inexperienced and everything I did send waves of pleasure through his body. So we spent time slowly sucking on each other's cock. Then a wicked thought came over me to claim this beautiful guy as mine, why not fxxk him in his virgin ass like claiming a virgin wife ? So I moistened a finger and slowly probed his ass. It was warm, fleshy and very tight. I tried to wiggle my finger in and he stopped to raise his leg to let me in. Still, his ass clamped hard on my finger and I couldn't unless I forced it in. Then I realised I was doing the same finger test on him as other guys had done it to me before. Some guys used their fingers to test the tightness of my ass. When they found it tight, they get excited over fxxking a virgin ass so I had to struggle to get them off of me. This guy was too good to deserve my selfish intention and I should be ashamed of myself ! Now I decided to give him the best blow job that I can instead. After we cummed, we cleaned up and wrapped around each other to sleep for a while. Reluctantly, I had to leave because I don't want to get caught in this red light district in the middle of the night when the streets got deserted after the trains stopped.

As I was leaving, I noticed someone waving to me from a second storey window. It was my sweet guy ! He looked absolutely gorgeous with the sweet smile and waving from the window saying "ARIGATO !" I waved back and replied "ARIGATO !" back. Our love making was so stirring, he must have felt the need to express his feelings for me in this sweet and unique way.( Most guys would pretend that they do not know you once the sex is over, much less trying to be so enthusiastic about thanking you. ) My poor heart was going to break because there was no way I can break through the language barrier to get to know him better. Sex with him was the best I ever experienced even up till now; he still was always on my mind even now.

Then one day I saw a picture of a cute Japanese guy on the Internet who looked just like him and memories came flooding back. Hence, I need to relieve the sleepless sexual tension that go round and round inside my head. Yes, he is the cute Japanese guy that you see at the top of my homepage; that same sweet smile :-) I could almost hear him calling out "ARIGATO !" Now, you know why I designed the graphics at the top of my homepage the way I did.

( This part was added later :-



... Since I revised the graphics at the top of the homepage, I moved the original graphics here to retain the continuity of this story.

You will notice the window behind him. He is raising his arm to wave to me and saying "ARIGATO".

... Actually, there is another meaning to this graphics. The picture is my BALLs, the Burstani gif is my COCK aligned with his mouth. He is giving me a blow job as sugested by the "wind blowing along my cock". The white ARIGATO is my squirting sperm :-) I swear, this graphics just came out of nowhere then. My horny state of mind at that time just composed it as a reflection of my feeling as I deposited my sperm onto my hand while recalling this story; more than once :-) The things that the "other head" makes us do are sometimes darn amazing. I can also sense the sexual tension of some guys who posted on the Bulletin Board while being driven by the "other head". It is safe sex and I DO encourage safe sex :-) Don't be shy !

Those who remembered the original graphics will recall that the original "ANSWER" was replaced by the white ARIGATO. I was too shy to put in the true, bawdy version then. People may think that my mind is all full of "slutty" ideas. Well, since this website matured, I am now more comfortable about expressing my feelings. Hence, I felt that it is only right to show the graphics that I originally conceptualised. Don't be shy ! I told myself. )

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Mama Mia, Hello !!

For those who read the stories in this website, I may be giving them the false impression that cruising is all fun and sexcitement. Well, it is not. Other than the possibility of getting venereal diseases or getting arrested, there is also the possibility of getting hurt from questionable characters. As cruising grounds are usually quiet and shadowy places, we do attract some dangerous kinds. Hence, cruising places are usually labeled as "AYOR" i.e. At Your Own Risk. Thus caution is always necessary to protect oneself and one must always be alert for things that are risky.

Singapore is a relatively safe place as I hardly hear of any unfortunate guys who get hurt here. Or is it the fear of being exposed that those guys do not dare to report such matters to the police ? In fact, there was one guy who posted on the bulletin board here that he was robbed. Fortunately the sum was small and so this was a minor incident. I heard of such things also happening to straight guys who get robbed by prostitutes and they dared not report to the police for fear that the family will get to know about it.

That reminded me of an incident in Italy, long ago.

I just finished most of the sightseeing in Rome and decided to take the train down south to a seaside resort. When I arrived there, it was already about 9pm. I was a little tired lugging my bags around. I inquired and got the address of a small hotel near the train station.

When I stepped out of the train station, I was really worried because the place looked dangerous with dim street lighting. This being Southern Italy where the Mafia rules and the people don't look too friendly, I must look like an obvious target with my foreign looks and heavy bags.

Sure enough, as I was walking along, a little car was following behind me. Since I was still near the train station with some people still around, I felt safe enough to stop to take a closer look at the guy inside the car. He was a matured bear with a smiling face which was somehow reassuring. With my gaydar on, I could instantly detect what he wanted. But then, I was in an unfamiliar, dangerous place and he was a total stranger to me so I did not want to take the risk to lead him on. I shook my head to indicate that I was rejecting his offer though my aching body was telling me to do otherwise.

I continued on my way while I could sense that he was still following me. I figured that since he was not out to rob me, it could even be safer to have him around. Soon I found the hotel and was relieved that the staff can speak English reasonably well. Unfortunately, this being the holiday season, the hotel was fully booked. I cursed myself for not thinking about this before coming over. The hotel then gave me directions and scribbled down the address of another hotel that may have vacancies though they cautioned that most hotels would normally be full.

When I came out of the hotel, I found the same little car again waiting for me. Ha, that guy must have known that the hotel was full and I will be out again soon. That means he must have good local knowledge. I was too tired to lug my bags around and I sure could use some help to find the next hotel. So when he wound down his window, I passed him the address note and hoped that he will take me there.

He looked at the note and seemed to understand my intention. So he opened the boot of his car and wanted me to put my bags in there. But I told him that I wanted to keep my bags with me. So I threw them into the back seats instead. I got into the passenger seat beside him with a smile and a thank you. Then I realised that he had not spoken a word so far. I figured that it was not unusual since most Italians don't know much English.

As we drove off, I sensed that something was wrong. He was driving much too fast and the hotel was supposed to be nearby. I protested but he just smiled at me and put his hand on my thigh. Goodness, I figured he wanted his "payment in kind" before he rendered his taxi service. Okay, we can have a quickie at his home nearby and there would be no harm done.

But as he drove on, I realised that we had reached a very dark expressway and he was driving like a crazy Speedy Gonzalas. I protested louder and he just put his hand on my zip and tried to unzip me while driving at way above the legal speed limit. This was no time to be horny when I was worried for my life ! So I pushed his hand away and tried to keep his attention on the road. Shouldn't there be some traffic cops on duty at this time to stop him before we all got hurt. For once in my life, where was the traffic police just when you needed them most and I'll gladly pay for a speeding ticket !!

After about half an hour, we reached a row of seaside villas, still very much alive though I was shaking inside. What have I gotten myself into ? I could get murdered and be dumped into the sea without leaving a trace !! All those horror stories that I read about with such a similar situation, flooded my mind. I figured that as soon as I get out, I was going to grab my bags and make a run for it. But where was I and where can I run to ?

Soon his car turned inside one of the brightly lit villas and I saw his neighbours coming out of the villa next door. Thinking fast on my feet and as soon as he stopped, I got out of the car so that the neighbours could see us. His neighbours waved to him and he waved back in acknowledgment. I wanted the neighbours to remember having seen me so I also waved to them and shouted " Mama Mia, Hello !! ". They looked back at me with puzzled looks.

Now that I was sure that I was no more anonymous, he could not harm me without leaving any trace and I was more relaxed though still worried. I could barely remember how his villa looked like though it was luxurious and was perched on a cliff because I could see and hear the waves breaking below the windows.

But I was in no mood to admire the luxury nor feel horny. I was just hoping that I did not make a serious mistake that I may regret. I just wanted to finish him and get out of there double quick. So I took the initiative to strip him quickly which made him thought I was turned on. Unfortunately, he did not want me to service him. Instead he stripped me, carried me to bed and wanted to suck me. But I was unable to get hard. As he sucked hungrily on my soft cock and slurped my balls, I looked out the window and listened to the waves while wondering how to get hard and cum quickly. For once in my life, sex was no fun and miserable.

Soon I was relaxed enough to get a little hard and in thinking about the irony of the situation, I was able to cum and he swallowed it all hungrily. He took a wash cloth and cleaned my groins thoroughly while hoping that I would get a second erection. No way !

I told him I had to go and he reluctantly let me put on my clothes. In his very broken English, he was trying to tell me to stay for the night. I pretended that I could not understand him and picked up my bags to go. On the way back to the railway station, I was relieved that he was not as crazy as I thought because I noticed all those other Italian cars on the dark highway were speeding along at the same crazy speed. Maybe, this was just a macho and crazy thing to do in Italy. That was why they were famous for sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

I tried to make conversation but it was really going nowhere. His English was almost useless and what Italian I can speak was learnt from an ABBA song. No comprendo ( ? ) What I could barely understand was that he wanted to see me again tomorrow night. When he dropped me off at the hotel, it was just a short distance from the first hotel !! Why that sneaky, double-crossing, no good son-of-a-gun was taking advantage of me after all !! My good opinion of him again changed for the worst.

I went into the hotel only to find again that the hotel was full but they had the vacancy just moments ago and I missed it. Now I was hopping mad. He made me miss the room. I knew his little trick by now. Sure enough as I peeped around the main door, his car was there waiting again for me to come out.He would have me at his mercy and he would enjoy my second erection which he wanted then. I could feel his hungry mouth milking the cum from my cock like an overgrown calf sucking on an overgrown cow-tit which was to be my unwilling semi-erect cock. ( Now that I am writing this down, my semi-hard cock does look like a giant tit ). No way !! I felt like a frightened deer being stalked by a very cunning wolf. It made me gather all my wits to beat him at his game.

So I pretended to use the hotel's toilet while hoping that he would give up and leave. When I took a second peep through the main door, his car was gone. Maybe he thought I was lucky enough to really get a room. After making sure that he was really gone, I came out to find that the streets were mostly deserted. No wonder, it was already pass midnight. I don't feel safe to go looking for another hotel and so I hurried back to the railway station where I found many unfortunate guys like me sleeping in the station. I made sure that I secured all my belongings and tried to get some sleep sitting up on a hard chair. I took the very first train in the morning getting out of there.

It may seem pretty funny when I am writing this down now. But at that time with that scary uncertainty and in a foreign land, I felt just like enacting a horror movie where if things were to really go deadly wrong, he could get away with murder if that was really on his mind. These things really happened to some unfortunate guys so we better not tempt Faith and should always be on the alert.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Red Rubber Band

It is often said that gays are the "invisible" minority. That is why we could use the "invisibility" to hide in the closets. It is convenient but too convenient. We are "invisible" even to ourselves. So how do we get to know people-like-us ( PLUs ) ? Let us count the ways.

The most common way is mark certain grounds as "gay-oriented". Hence we have gay bars, gay discos, gay saunas, gay karaokes,and gay social clubs. Of course, we have the gay cruising grounds in parks, toilets, beaches and shopping centres. These are public grounds that are normally quite out of the way such that there is less chance of straights being "inconvenienced".

However, in some cruising grounds like shopping centres, there are more straight guys than gays. So how do we find each other ? Most gays soon developed an acute sixth sense of detecting other PLUs out of necessity. This is commonly called "gaydar"; short form for " gay radar ". But gaydar is by no means always accurate because even the best practitioners cannot fully explain how it all works. It requires a good analytical mind to consider the interactions of the physical environment, the body languages and the unwritten but commonly used signaling methods. But if we need it, we will quickly learn it through much trial and error. If you read the bulletin board, you will find how each person used his gaydar.

The recent gathering at SC organised by Actionkid brought out the need to use this gaydar. Most of the guys who came for the gathering never met each other before. The Olio III cafe had many other customers, yet the guys had no problem meeting up without going to the wrong group first. I guess that may not be too difficult. But there was also another "invisible" group who wanted to satisfy their curiosities even though they were too shy to join in. My guess is that golfnut and Krap were not the only ones who chickened out :-) Their accounts from the "invisible" side of the gathering were hilarious. But what got my attention most, was that they were able to pinpoint the guys correctly and conversely some of the other guys' gaydar were able to "lock on to" them even though they thought they were "invisible"; they were not the "stealth fighters" that they thought they were :-) I thought the whole thing is interesting enough that I tried to archive the postings together and would recommend them to others. I also thought that I could also extract this article from the postings because they made such a deep impression on me and on many others. ( Click here if you want to read them. )

Even though some of us could achieve the highest form of gaydar, the problem is that we still can never be sure. Many PLUs with misguided gaydars will readily relate some humiliating experiences. Hence we also have visible gay objects for easy recognition. Those who wanted respectable visibility would display rainbow flags, red ribbons etc. to proudly declare their gay identities. Then there are those who use hanky codes that most guys cannot remember; there are just too many colours to memorise. For myself, I think a coloured hanky is not a common everyday item, hence it will draw attention if found on a guy; we usually use some neutral coloured hanky or hanky is out of fashion and is replaced by paper tissues.

Then there is the equally confusing earring; was it to wear on the left or the right side ? This gay signal is too well known that straights who want to mimic the gay fashion, are very careful to get it "right". But then, the gays also liked to use the muddled confusion to deflect some attention. The end result is that it is a probable gay sign but don't bet your house on it :-)

The problem here is that we are more closeted than any other countries. Most gays avoided these gay objects because some straights already know them as well and we could be outed. We need a better gay object. That got me thinking about the attributes of a gay identification object that could safely complement the use of gaydar :-

IT should be a common everyday item so that having IT will not draw attention and possesing it will not cause us to be outed.

IT should be not too common an item so that straights will not carry IT to mix up our signals.

IT should be big enough that interested guys can see IT effortlessly.

IT should be small enough that we can hide IT effortlessly when we want to be "invisible" and not be outed.

Seems like the IT needs to have contradicting attributes or very finely tuned balance of attributes. I had actually thought of such an object before; it is the common RED RUBBER BAND. So lets weigh It against the required attributes :-

IT is very common, we use IT to bind all kinds of things.

IT is not too common because straights usually will not carry them around.

IT is big enough because we can twiddle IT around our fingers and we can also form shapes with IT using our fingers so that our twiddling and shaping actions will amplify the visibility. The RED colour will also help to increase IT's visibility. In fact if there is someone that you meet in a "straight" environment who you are dying to connect with, you could "innocently" twiddle a red rubber band in front of him and if he twiddles an "imaginary" rubber band back for you, then you are in luck :-)

If there is someone whom you fancied and is too shy to ask, just "shoot" him with a red rubber band and see if he gets the hint :-)

If you want to meet other gays at a cruisy cafe, just place a few red rubber bands on the table and see how many guys come by to say hello. Maybe the waiter will even serve your drink with a glass wrapped with a red rubber band :-)

If you want to have a group gathering, you could string some red rubber bands together and place them on the table and others will automatically gather at the right table.

But then of course, the ah pek who wrapped your chicken rice packet with a red rubber band is not asking you for a date :-)

IT is small enough that we can roll it into our wallets or pockets.

As many readers of my webpages would know, I am a very curious guy. One of my curiosity is that how many guys who are out there cruising, have actually read my webpages and how fast does information on my homepage propagate down to even those guys who do not even surf the Internet ? How do guys who are readers of my webpages, recognise each other ? So, why don't you guys try my proposition and use the RED RUBBER BAND ?

The gathering organised by Actionkid triggered this opportunity for me to test my proposition. So if you guys should go cruising, please do feedback if you spotted anybody using the RED RUBBER BAND. Of course, this proposition will take time to propagate. As we all know, the bulletin board lives and breathes on those incidents that create hot and sexciting postings. Actionkid's gathering was one exciting incident that generated lots of very interesting postings for the benefit of all. As reports of spotting of the RED RUBBER BAND slowly come into the bulletin board, we will all have a wonderful time reading about them.

RED RUBBER BAND, don't leave home without it :-)

Who knows what all this may lead to :-) All comments are very welcomed.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Smile! You're On Candid Internet

Luck would have it that I was able to go cruising today. So I thought I would get on down and update on the cruising scene at Raffles Place/ China Street with a candid account without the camera.

Unfortunately, it just stopped raining when I arrived there. So there were not many guys around. China Street area has closed and they are constructing something there. Opposite to China Street, they just finished constructing Far East Square. So the scene has moved across the road to the URA car park and further up to Ang Siang Hill/Road.

Unfortunately, Ang Siang Hill/Road area has a few restaurants so the place is quite brightly lit. However, at the end of the road near the substation with a loudly humming transformer, it is relatively dark so most guys gather around there. But it is really very different from before since there are so few guys and cars cruising around where previously the scene at China Street would be crowded with cars and guys spread over two streets. Maybe it was the rain or the scene had diversified with more gay outlets so guys need not depend on cruising. Or maybe it was much too early.

So I thought I'll go and check the scene at Hong Lim Park. That park is considered the elephant graveyard for local gays since it is mostly dominated by Ah Peks and Ah Bengs etc. The park is nice for relaxing but the scene here is usually avoided by the young trendy gays. There are usually folks who form groups and chat together. It is not uncommon to see some pairs strolling together. Others will either stroll around trolling or sitting around fishing :-) It was nice to see some guys pair up eventually and they will wait by the roadside calling for a cab. It was so obvious, I wonder what the taxi drivers will think about picking up passengers beside this park. Anyway, I noticed that there were some taxis parked at the car park nearby so there were also gay taxi drivers too.

Though most guys here were usually well behaved, occasionally I had been "molested" just by being friendly with some of them and getting to know them. Well, I normally wouldn't mind being "molested" but they did not really turn me on and I didn't gave them the okay signal since this is a public place right beside the police station. You'll never know where the police may be watching !

So as I was entering the park, I passed a towkay with gold rim spectacles and standing beside his big Mercedes Benz. "Showing off ! ", I said to myself. So I passed him as he was looking at me. I went to walk a round and settled on a bench. Again, this place was also relatively quiet today. As I was leaving, the towkay winked and smiled at me. He followed me to the roadside and we made conversation. I smelled alcohol in his breathe and he said the needed the booze to boost his courage to come here to pick up guys. Unfortunately, the booze clouded his judgement and he was trying to dive his hand right into my trousers. I was shocked and taken aback as he grabbed my semi-erect cock. I quickly pulled out his hand and told him to behave himself. Soon he wanted to kiss me and I had to hold him off. Guys were staring at us making a scene right there. In embarrassment, I quickly went into my car and he followed ! Again, he dived into my trousers and I had to tell him to behave himself since there were guys watching us. I had to struggle to get him off me and told him to get out. He refused unless I take out my cock and let him stroke it. In desperation, I told him to get in his car and follow me to a safe place. As soon as he got out, I drove off before he even got into his car. I guess he would be too drunk to catch-up with me ;-p

I went back to Ang Siang Hill/Road and the place is still relatively quiet. I parked at the car park to watch the cruising games. At the back alley and beside the frangipani tree, I saw a cute young guy sitting on the curb. Sure enough, a desirable guy would attract attention like bees to honey. One guy was standing diagonally opposite him and pacing up and down trying to get his attention but failed. Another one was at the tree and looking at him intently; intention was very obvious but no action. I was looking from my car and hoping to get lucky; no luck.

I gave up and drove around. Soon I saw a car stopped right in the middle of the car park's driveway. The driver had spotted a target. I followed his gaze and saw the object of his desire; a muscular man in tight T-shirt and wearing a cap, standing there and "acting class". Being the voyeur that I was, I stopped at a parking lot to see how they would play out this "mating game" or maybe I could get lucky :-)

There they stayed, fixed at their respective positions and neither one making the next move. This went on for some time before the car moved and circle back slowly when passing by that man. No sign. The car passed and circled back a few times before the driver parked a few lots away and got out. He stared across at the man, yet unsure of how to approach. However, the object of his desire now walked off into the back alley. End of drama.

This was going to be a slow night. So I drove a few rounds up and down before retreating to the Musa Restaurant at Maxwell Road for the best mutton curry with roti telor and teh tarek. Yummy... I saw a group of young Ah Bengs and Ah Lians there. One of them had his hair dyed flaming red and with his very fair complexion, he is very cute. Thought they were straight guys and gals till I heard one of the girls spoke. It was a man's voice and looking at him/her, it should be obvious. However, none of the other gals was obvious so maybe they were not. One gal with the tight cheongsam was yummy too as she proclaimed that "hers" were real.

Finished my meal and drove across for more cruising rounds. This time, there were more cars circling around, even some with number plates from Malaysia. There were more guys also circling around, I just could not get excited about any. I saw the muscular guy with the cap sitting on the curb stone beside the car park and still "acting class". I passed the same group of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians strolling on the road and taking up half the space.

I passed a cute one while turning a corner and we locked gaze. So I stopped by the roadside waiting for him to pass. Unfortunately, he only passed by without stopping. Sigh. So I went a few rounds and then decided, this was not my night.

As I was turning out to the Maxwell Road to go home, I instinctively felt my gaydar telling me that I was being followed. But looking through my rear view mirror, I saw a few cars so I don't know if I was right. But I slowed down to let them all pass. Aha ! from the corner of my eye and without actually seeing it, I thought I saw one of the drivers turning to look at me. I followed and saw that it was a BMW. It stopped at the red light ahead and that gave me a chance to stop beside him. The driver smiled at me and nodded his head. Bingo ! When the lights turned green, I followed him to a convenient car park.

We parked side by side in a dark corner and I got into his car.My car was used to shield us from any unexpected intrusion. Well, the sex was rougher than what I was used to and he was cute. Let's just say it was pantingly great ;-p But I shall skip the glory details this time just in case he may be reading this and may be embarrassed by it. However, I did ask him if he surfed the Internet and he said he did not know much about the p--n or cruisy sites.

You may wonder why I used the title "Smile! You're On Candid Internet." That was because I had included enough details here for him to know for sure that I had described our candid encounter on the Internet just like they did on Candid Camera. Oh boy, will he be surprised to be the "victim" !

Looking back over the one year of postings, I was hoping to see a cruising encounter where both parties co-incidentally posted the 2 sides of the encounter ; now that will be really interesting :-) It would certainly be a surprise to the other guy; " Jeez, I did not realise that you were so-and-so and that guy that you just described was me ! " :-)

Yep, you guys would probably know by now that I am very naughty :P I thought that I might give him a RED RUBBER BAND before we parted, just to give him a hint. But if he is a regular visitor to my homepage, that might spoil the surprise.

So, did any of you guys ever got caught by surprise that one of those postings maybe actually be describing you as the second party. Did you remember to Smile! You're On Candid Internet :-)

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Learning A "Killer" Love Making Technique From A Blind Man

This happened years ago when the family was on holiday in Hong Kong. How the women love Hong Kong where they can shop till they drop. Unfortunately, we guys get pulled along as cheap porters and of course, a convenient walking ATM :-(

So it was after one of those marathon shopping sessions that I came back to the hotel totally exhausted. As I was laying on the bed rubbing my tired and sore feet, I asked the wife for a massage. Afterall, she was the cause of my pains; and I reminded her that it included my wallet too. Being exhausted herself, of course she said NO. As I was sulking away, she suggested I get a blind masseur from the hotel's Health Centre. So she called up the Health Centre and ordered the massage service, making it doublely sure that they would send a Blind masseur. In the meantime, she said she was going out for tea with the girls and more shopping to do.

In the meantime, I settled down in bed and waited. I was almost alseep before the masseur arrived. What took him so long to get here ? He was a stocky man, carrying a cane and a bag. He apologised for being late because he was only working part time here and will only come to the hotel when called.

I led him to the bed and he asked for two big towels to be laid on the bed. He requested me to get naked and lay on the towels. Wearily, I did what he requested. Yawn, this is going to be a nice comfortable massage and no hanky panky. So drowsily, I let him carry out his work on me. The feel of his strong hands rubbing down my tired muscles with baby oil was soothing. Though he tried to make some small talks, I just grunted something in reply with my eyes half closed.

I was enjoying myself for more than half an hour before I sensed that his massaging had changed from hard muscle kneading to soft, soothing rubbing. He was also doing it around my thighs and seemed to "acidentally" touch my private parts then quickly moved away. I felt kind of strange because my cock was slowing rising and responding to his soft touch. Goodness me, he was a blind man. How could I even think such "dirty" thoughts. He could not possibly be doing it on purpose. Am I so horny that I'll even think a blind man would want to play with my cock ? Suddenly, the nonchalant mood in me gave way to tension as I tried to control my cock. But the harder I tried to will it go limp, the harder it got ( pun intended ). Soon, I was having a raging erection.

This was really embarassing. I thought, well maybe he could not see my erection so it was not that bad. But then when he accidentally knocked against my hardon with his arm, my cock sprang back and hit him back with a bounce. He grinned wickedly and I knew that he knew. Oh what the heck, if he was not embarassed by it then why should I ?

Then he asked softly, " I can provide free service to take care of that for you, boss."

Huh ?? This cannot be so. I don't want him to provide any service if he did not have to do so. That was when he said, " I really like to do that for you, boss. "

Well, I hesistated with a hanging "really... ?"

Sensing my hesistation, he explained, " hey boss, you people think we blind people have no sexual feelings. We are just like normal people, loh. I want to get married but no girl will look at me. I want to have sex but prostitutes want me to pay more for their services. So I rarely go loh. But you nice man, and you like my service then I dare to ask you. Please don't complain about me if you think I am too daring. "

Oh... that's what he was playing at, trying to arouse me and test my gayness. This was just too unexpected. I better play "innocent" just in case.

So I said, " eh, I am a man you know; not a prostitute with 'hole' for you to fxxk."

He retorted, " man also got 'hole' mah "

I jumped on hearing that, "What !!!"

Then he realised his mistake, " sorry boss, I mean I got 'hole', please don't be angry. I deserve to get fxxked. "

Suddenly, the challenge got me interested. Yep, now we'll see who was boss. Still I had to keep my guards up and play a "straight" man.

So I scolded him, "you think I don't know you want, accidentally touching my cock like that. Wah, you are not afraid that I'll beat you up. I am a healthy man, of course my cock can stand easily."

" Sorry boss, sorry boss", he kept apologising. " I'll finish your massage, please don't complain about me or I'll lose my job. I do anything you want. "

So I laid back and let him continue. As I felt his hands tremble while trying to massage me, my attitude softened. Maybe he was not playing any deceptive game and I was being too suspicious. There's no one else around, I should quit being so uptight. Well, maybe I was being straight for the whole day and it's hard to switch to gayness too suddenly.

I tried to console him a little by making small talks in a softer voice. But then when I switched to gayness, I got naughty by trying to tease him and talking 'cock'.

" So you like men only because you cannot get girls, is it ? Free sex hah. No fish, then prawns will do ? "

" No, no, no... boss. Some men are very nice, better than girls. Even more difficult to get than girls. Men can still be men, you know, it's different lah. "

Sensing my softer tone, he got cheeky again, " boss, you got nice body. Girls like, some men also like."

Hahaha, flattery, the oldest trick in the book. Funny though, still everybody fell for it, line, hook, sinker and all yet they'll be back for more.

Oh boy, and here I fell in with my eyes wide open, "is it ? old man already loh. "

" Boss, not so ah. Matured man so sexy, I can smell your heat. Very exciting so I make mistake. "

There he goes again, "accidentally" touching my cock. " Oh sorry, boss. "

Oh what the heck, " you like to touch, never mind loh. Be careful if I get too hot, then I'll fxxk you like a woman. " So the 'boss' line was drawn, he can have his fun. I'm still the "straight" guy.

" Thank you boss, I'll make you very happy. " With that, his now steady hands took my cock and massaged it slowly. And I do mean massage it unlike the usual jerking off. He used all his fingers while his two thumbs were swirling around my cockhead. Wow, this is really good. Soon I was moaning with delight. Now that he got me all hot, he slowly stripped and laid beside me. Still trying to play the "straight" guy, I avoided touching him though he was very fair and smooth with a beer tummy.

Without the sense of sight, he had compensated everything with the sense of touch. Sensing no more resistance from me, he went on to suck my cock and rim my ass. Again, his tongue was different from the usual; it was actually quite strong and could actually wiggle into my hole ( after his saliva and finger had loosened it up while his hands massaged my ass cheeks and pulling them apart for his tongue to get access ). His wet, hot and slippery tongue darting in and out was better than anything I had experienced. I was too happy enjoying it to put on my guard. Then I turned and saw our reflections in the side mirror that nearly got me jumping up in "fright". I was actually on my back with my feet up in the air. He was actually pressing me down by holding and massaging my thighs. Oh shit, isn't that the classic 'bottom' position I was assuming. Double shit, he was pressing down my thighs to raise my ass for better access. Triple shit, he was actually fxxking me with his tongue. Holy shit, he was not kidding when he hinted that he will fxxk my hole. Double holy shit, I was too ecstatic to care. Triple holy shit, his erect cock was dripping with precum and he could slip it into my hole without me realising it.

"Don't you dare put that thing in my hole, " I warned him. I somehow consciously tried to avoid using the word fxxk. As it may suggest that was what his tongue was doing to me.

" No lah, boss. I would not dare. My tongue not fxxking you loh; I like you alot so I don't mind licking your hole. Only big man like you then I don't mind doing this shameful thing like a small man. " Wooh, let me digest that flattery again; he purposely used the word "lie tiew" ( tongue fxxk ). Was he hinting that he already "got" me through flattery. With his kind of job, his arms were big and muscular so he looked much bigger in size than me. Yet he called himself a "siu nam yen." (i.e. a small man - a popular Hong Kong phrase for a meek guy who is afraid of his wife.) I really cannot tell if he's boasting or really humiliating himself.

Anyway, I was too esctatic to figure it out. I realised that all this time his hands never stop caressing the sensitive parts of my body. It made me realise that my back, buttocks, breasts and thighs are quite sensitive and like being caressed a lot during sex. Looking at the mirror, his hands were busy running all over my body. It must be tiring to do that for so long so only a trained masseur like him have that kind of stamina.

When I finally cum, I cum like crazy since I was so charged up. As he continued massaging my body, he picked up my cum to apply to his cock and jacked himself till he finally cum all over me. Still he did not stop as he massaged the cum onto me ever so slowly like cooing a baby to sleep. I almost fell asleep. But realising what we had been doing for so long, it's better to shower to get rid of the evidence. So I led him to the shower. While we were showering together, he still kept on massaging me ever so lovingly with soap and water.

Sheesh, I guess that I've never been caressed so much since I was a baby. It really felt good. When it was time for him to leave, I paid him with a fat tip. He was very happy and reminded me to ask for him again when I needed any service.

Well, after I learnt this "killer" technique from him, I tried it on some guys. Most of them liked it very much as they said I was a very warm and caring lover. Unfortunately, it is very tiring work to keep the caressing going for so long. So I only do it when I get so charged up in wanting sex with a guy, enough to forget the tiring work :-) It is also the reason why I prefer smooth guys over hairy guys because this technique will not work on hairy guys; their covering of hair made it seem as though they are still "clothed" and I cannot get the feeling of caressing naked skin.

Note :- The conversations were actually in Cantonese but I tried to translate them into English without losing the dialect's flavour. They like to call the customer "por sie" which came from "boss" in English or "low pan" which is boss in Cantonese.

16th May - Note after posting this story :-

Oh boy, talk about exposing my dumb inexperience for the world to see and giggle at ;P . Someone ( who claimed to be Bi ) wrote to tell me that the reason I got hard even when I tried not to, was that the masseur knew where to press the right "spots" to get me erect, without actually touching the penis. I was fighting a losing battle against a "master" in disguise. He knew some professional girls who are very good at penis massage, as it is called. He said the masseur must have learnt this skill from some "acupuncture masters". He can control my cock at will and I'll be eating right out of the palms of his hands, doing anything that he wanted. That was why the masseur sounded so confident. After getting me into the right position, he could enter into me if he wanted to; maybe he waited too long then. Okay, that may explain a lot about how he got me to do those things then, but I am still skeptical that pressing some acupuncture points on my groin and thighs can really control my sexual response. Is this supposed to be scary ( I hate to lose control and be 'MANipulated' or 'MANhandled' ) or good news ( new way to enjoy good sex ) ? Maybe I am really inexperienced and maybe some other guys can post their experiences or opinions on the Bulletin Board.

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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Excuse Me, Are You A TV Star ?

I was never a big fan of those high drama law series on TV but I do watch them sometimes. As such, I can recognise the actors' faces but I don't even know their names.

There I was in Munich, Germany with a few hours to spare at night after the sightseeing. So I sneaked out for some fun on the town. But with only such a short time to spare, the easiest way to get laid was of course at a sauna. Like most gay saunas, this one was also difficult to find and the sign was so small that I wasn't sure that it was the right one. What the heck, being in a foreign country I was not afraid of being embarrassed so I went in. Bingo ! it was the right place.

So I paid up in a hurry and found the lockers. As I was stripping to change up, I saw an older gentleman walked in. Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe what I saw. He looked like the guy from the TV law series that was very popular at that time ( 1980s ) .

Maybe I was wrong because I may not be good at telling the Caucasians apart if they looked alike. Likewise, the Westerners said they find it difficult to tell us apart. But as I looked closer, I was sure he was. He must have noticed my rude stare and flashed that million dollar smile at me. I recognised that thick, curly gray hair and his short stout stature.

I noticed that he had showered and was toweling himself to get ready to change up and leave. I guess he must be so famous that if anybody recognised him then the papers will out him. Hence the only chance he can have fun at a sauna was to do it in a foreign country. Oh what a waste. Why couldn't I get here earlier then I could get a chance to have sex with an international TV star. This was chance in a million and maybe I'll never be so lucky again.

As I looked dolefully at him, he again flashed that million dollar smile at me. I thought stars were snobbish and hated being stared at. Wow, he was such a friendly nice guy and I was so horny. What the heck, like they said, everybody wants to take advantage of a nice guy so I was going to be very rude :-)

Without so much as a hello and wearing only a smile on my face, I reached out to grab at him. He was quite surprised but he was not pushing me away.

" Sorry chum, I am finished ", he said in his deep voice with the American accent.

Well, I know and I don't care. I was the beast filled with lust and I was going to have him for supper. He was shorter than I am so I reached down to kiss him. He smiled and obliged. I pulled at his towel to take it off. He resisted by grabbing hold of my hand.

" Hey, there'll be people coming around ! ", he protested.

Hell, I know and I don't give a damn. I kissed him harder and ruffled his thick curly hair. He always looked so distinguished with that trademark hairstyle. Now he was mine and I won't let him get away. I grabbed at his cock through the towel. It was limp. Obviously he had already cummed that night. But I haven't and I was burning hot with desire. I wanted to feel him naked. So I pulled harder at his towel till it came off so that I can hug him naked. The kissing did not arouse his cock but it certainly reduced his resistance.

I tried hard to arouse him by sucking his tits and playing with his cock but still his cock was only barely engorged. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy and I thought I could cum without even touching myself. So I guided his hand to my cock and made him stroke it. After a few starting strokes, he carried on without me holding his hand. I was ecstatic.

The thought of having sex with an international TV star kept running through my head. This was too good to be true. I wanted this moment to last. So I kept changing my positions to get stroked in various ways. Unfortunately, there were just so many positions of variety when you were both standing up. I would have laid down on the floor for more variety but I was close to cumming.

In all that sexual frenzy, I realised that I must be stinky with all that sweat as I haven't got the chance to shower. Still, he did not show any sign of being repulsed. I was being such an inconsiderate and rude son-of-a-bitch, yet he was such a gentleman. As I was about to cum, I thought it would be really be too much to spray my cum onto him; he just showered for goodness sake. So I turned sideways and spreaded my arms and legs wide apart and let the cum spray onto the floor.

As was customary, I kissed and held him real tight for awhile after I had cummed. But then reluctantly, I still had to let him go. As I was catching my breath after all that sexual frenzy, he changed up and left with a smile for me. All this while I haven't even said a single word to him except grunt like a wild beast during sex.

After that I don't have the energy to go looking for sex inside the sauna so I showered and changed back to my clothes. On the way out, I noticed that there was a bar counter so I stopped by for a drink. A few older men were there and they all seemed to be staring at me. Whatever for? I wondered. I was still in a daze and still couldn't believe my luck. One of the guys came over to chat. Being inside a sauna, the conversation was suggestive; like do I want to be his boyfriend, I can stay with him if I wanted to .... It was like bartering a price for sex.

I could sense that he was considering me to be real easy for sex and I hardly even know him. He was straight to the point, unlike usual polite sexual courtship rituals. I told him I was really tired and I had to go.

It was years later while stripping to change up at a locker room of a sauna that I realised there were closed circuit television cameras at the locker room to guard against theft that's so common there. Then it dawned upon me that we must be having sex while the camera was showing everything on some TV monitors somewhere. Blush, I was in a kind of frenzied daze then and the things that I was doing must be like downright unbridled amateur p--n that was said to be popular because it was more raw and unpretentious than scripted and directed commercial p--n. Now I realised why those guys stared at me like they did ;p They must have seen my performance on the TV monitor somewhere. No wonder that guy thought I was so easy. Funny how guys lose that subtle respect for you after they had seen you behave like a slut during public sex :-( We humans are such hypocrites ;p Well, we all know most people are like that while having sex; even the rich and famous too. So everybody carried on pretending :P

Wow, I got to be a co-star on television with an international TV star ;P

:thumb: When I Think It, I Do It, I Win It! :thumb:

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