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    • By sivi
      So, how often do you guys get tested? Because I am surprised at people not asking about disease status on apps like Grindr. Some people find it "rude." What do you think?
    • Guest Charles
      By Guest Charles
      Just curious, do you guys mind having a female doctor while going for STD screening?
      If yes, why?
    • By Insanity
      Am thinking of taking a short break in July or early August to Beijing or Tokyo.
      Looking for travel buddies.  Any one gamed for Beijing/Tokyo?  
    • Guest Adam Branov
      By Guest Adam Branov
      So, I'm apparently 67% gay, what are you? Took a test at www.nextgaything.com/how-gay-are-you/. Such fun!
    • By jimenian
      Hello frens,
      It has come to this stage of my life (maybe midlife crisis) that I have decided to start my own blog. Always wanted to write but didn't have the time and opportunity to do so. Hence, I just started my own blog - Life as a Bear. BTW for those interested my stats are: 170 90 45. I am a mature chinese muscle bear and love everything about bear! Anyway, thanks in advance for supporting and following. Check out my facebook too and follow my instagram if you interested. Cheers
      Blog:  http://jimenian.blogspot.com
      Facebook: http://facebook.com/jimen.ian.1
      Instagram: http://instagram.com/jimenian