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you know how in forums normally, there are stickies topic which showcases all the rules and faqs and T&C... etc of the forum and important message blah blah


so i was thinking maybe BW admins will consider putting a lsit of all the pink community's helping hands together in one thread, this is inspired at Pinkdot 2017

when i went to the back end to have a look, i had no idea so many help groups have been always behind the scenes


so heres my first stab, if you have any comments or additional info, do post and i will update the main 3 posts eventually

certain links are repeated cause they do administerand execute a fair range of activites

i do not know everyone out there other then the main instituitions like AFA, oogachacha, inter-unity LGBT... you get the point

i also have not participated in their activities or met any of the C-suite guys who run/manage the organisation.

if you think the sorting can be improved or any thought on your mind, just make a comment


So 3 sections according to 3 different posts

- the main pillars - people whom you can reply on for help

- Resources - generally literature in nature

- social groups, networks and everything else


The main pillars - well established, reputable, common household names

bascially if you need help, counselling, family issues.. etc, they are the ones you can turn to for a helping hand


Action for AIDS a.k.a. AFA





MSM Resources by AFA - http://afa.org.sg/whatwedo/educate/msm/

MSM : Men who have sex with men Outreach Programme



at the forefront of the pioneer generations forging ahead and taking a stand for us






Inter-University LGBT Network, Singapore




Pelangi Pride Centre



The Kopitiam Brothers



Rainbow Parents SG









Move Community




Young Out Here



The T Project


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Resources - things to read, where to find books/ articles on LGBT issues in SG

in no way sorted in any order


I Will Survive


they have their own compiled list of gay community resources which is much more comprehensive than this thread


Inter-University LGBT Network

- Sexual Assault Awareness Booklet for LGBTQ Youth

- Sexual Health 101

 - Gender and Sexuality Diversity 101



Action for AIDS a.k.a. AFA




Free Community Church



Pelangi Pride Centre






Pink Dot




Same But Different



Download here --   https://www.singaporelgbtlaw.com/home/guidebook-e-book/


Queercast Singapore




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One of the groups mentioned above, Same But Different, have just published a eBook for gay couples in Singapore and their legal rights. The eBook is produced by lawyers who are supportive of the LGBT community.  


This is an incredible resource for gay men to secure their legal rights here in areas of probate, medical decisions, buying a HDB/private property and immigration. Even though s377A is still in the books, there is no reason why we cannot plan our lives and live together as any other committed couples. 


This is a free download available at this website:


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On 09/07/2017 at 4:58 PM, Guest dont said:

Don't have fridae,sgboy and this blowing wind


On 09/07/2017 at 8:32 PM, heliumduck said:


whats fridae and sgboy?

youl are already in blowing wind




sorry no trevvy thanks


EDIT: nah i decided not to add trevvy and fridae, all these all in one portals for your updates and news is not my intent, but i appreciate your efforts for this non-exhaustive list of everything, i mean even that utopia site is not in here. i can't stop you from posting, im not going to , cause you are not a kiddo, but its just not fitting in my intended outcome

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Hey thanks for this! Not sure where you can slot this, but if any LGBTIQ+ persons are interested to join a queer book and movie club, you can consider Queer Book and Movie Club. We meet on the third Thursdays of the month and alternate between gay, lesbian, and queer books. In between we will do a movie. Come join us on our Facebook page for regular updates!

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