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    • By cityguy
      Hey, Any Top or Flexi near by SengKang, Fernvale, Seletar Mall, RiverVale Mall, Jalan Kayu, Hougang or Punggol Waterway Point, wanna have fun? Skype Cam Fun on night also can, leave your skype ID
    • By cityguy
      Shiok〜any slim, slender or skinny guys, want to jerk off on weekend night🤔⁉Haha...😃Shiok...✊💦
      Hum...come and I'll help you lah...✊🍆💦Shiok😗

    • By xxx_an
      Since the old thread was removed, would like to revive the discussion on this particular kink. There are various techniques to work on the cockhead and focusing on stimulating the knob can be really intense and resulting in surprises like piss squirting even before one orgasms. Getting lost in such overwhelming sensation is definitely one of the best feelings!
      Anyone into cockhead polishing too? do you have stories/experiences to share?
    • By Iteboy23
      Hi...  I respect people privacy as I also expect people to respect mine.. 
      I'm very discreet.. Due to I'm married.. 
      I'm opening up offer to help u jerk off n make u cum... At the same time, u cn play with my dick too, if I'm too horny. I cn even cum with u.. 
      This are few places that I always go.. 
      Public toilet.. 
      Hdb BTO staircase. 
      Multistorey cpark. 
      Ur house. 
      How to do.. 
      Plan.  Go to location. 
      Once reached, I will go near u, ask u to blindfold..  Once ready, I will go to u..  Start to jerk u off using MASSAGE OIL, definitely make u feel syiok, feel like sucking or fcking.. 
      I will slowly stroke it for u.. Make it hard.. N slowly increase the pressure n speed.. 
      Make u cum.. Then I will go off..  This way... We won't knw each other so when we accidently meet up also, we don't knw.. 
      I do this bcos I want to help those horny guys at the same time being discreet. 
      I prefer guys to stay East. As I stay tamp..  Bedok or psir ris still fine. 
      Pm me at telegram if u want to get jerked.  I gt few regulars that come back to get more habdjob.. 
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