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  1. 1. what are you watching now? 2. what is it about? 3. why do you like it? 4. anything else you would recommend?
  2. Let's play chain reaction. like the game show, say a word, and next user says it in another form. EXAMPLE: User 1: Base Ball User 2: Ball Hog User 3: Hog Warts this keeps going and going for a long chain reaction! Note: if word is impossible to use, make a note of it and start a new one, or wait for someone else to answer it. LET'S PLAY CHAIN REACTION! I'll start BLOW JOB
  3. Starting a new thread for guys in Penang to share their activitites and the likes
  4. I want to set up a WeChat group for discrete Bi and/or Married men here in KL and the surrounding areas and for gay guys who prefer guys in our situation. I think many guys like me would like a safe environment to talk with other guys, help each other out, share experiences, arrange hookups or whatever, with likeminded people in a community where we know people are genuine, honest, and non-judgmental. Dunno if this will work or not ... but I hope it will. Please reply here or PM me with your WeChat ID and I'll get it started.
  5. Discreet Married looking to make friends with other discreet bi curious or bi  married. Perhaps even seeking to explore light fun while being able to share with each other various things. Helping each other out. Network for KL Married Guys too TELEGRAM GROUP : https://t.me/bimarriedasia
  6. Hey guys, I've been playing MLBB for some time now and i realized it is easier to play if the team was right there beside you. It is so much easier to communicate and plan ambushes. So was wondering on others take on this. Have been getting lots of not to say "noob" teammates but you get the point. How is everyone else game going? In-spite of that note, was wondering if anyone would be willing to meet up for a gaming sesh, and where would be best??
  7. Good morning everyone, I'm brand new to Blowing Wind, and as I read through posts and just observed the topics and discussions, two terms tended to pop up a lot: straight-acting and sissy. The first is heavily desired, seen as superior. The second, viewed like a plague. And that bothered me. I'll admit now that I'm somewhat effeminate, or 'soft', depending on the person judging me. Yeah, I'm no macho man, but it doesn't make me less of a person. Just as being gay doesn't make us less worthy as human beings. We all really need to stop with the "sissy" bashing here, but perhaps we need to first understand why we're so critical of those who are effeminate. sissy |ˈsɪsi| informal noun ( pl. -sies) a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly. • chiefly offensive an effeminate homosexual. effeminate |ɪˈfɛmɪnət| adjective (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly. It's interesting to see how feminine traits are paired with cowardliness and lack of manhood. Of course, many will argue that a gay man wants a man, not a woman. I'll also admit that I myself do find a masculine disposition attractive. I did ask myself why, many times. There were a lot of really nice, gorgeous and interesting men out there that I didn't feel as attracted to because their mannerisms leaned towards girlishness. This goes beyond the sexual context, because the bashing or rejection occurs even when sex is not an issue. I've experienced it myself. The following excerpt in Madonna's "What It Feels Like For A Girl", made me think about this aversion to 'sissy' mannerism when I first heard it. Girls can wear jeans And cut their hair short Wear shirts and boots 'Cause it's okay to be a boy But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading 'Cause you think that being a girl is degrading But secretly you'd love to know what it's like Wouldn't you What it feels like for a girl Perhaps it goes back to our ingrained misogyny, that men are superior to women — in particular, a man who aspires, or appears to aspire, to be like a woman is especially terrible. The mentality of, "Why would you want to be like the weaker gender? That's so silly! Be a real man!" I believe that a GLBT calling another a sissy is no better than the people who call us faggots. Yes, attraction is complex and we like what we like, but there is no need to insult what we don't. And for that matter, scrap saying straight-acting. That's like saying "cat that pretends it's a dog". If you want a manly, masculine or rugged guy, just say so. I'm sure you don't want someone who denies who he is. So, do you feel like slapping or punching my face already? Let me know your take on this.
  8. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-corruption-case-bribes-former-deputy-group-director-12959834 Former LTA deputy group director charged with taking S$1.24 million in bribes, cheating colleagues Henry Foo Yung Thye, former LTA deputy group director, is accused of taking bribes and cheating colleagues. (Screengrab: YouTube/LTA) 24 Jul 2020 11:27AM(Updated: 24 Jul 2020 12:40PM)
  9. Hi Any regular swimmers here? What is ur favourite stroke? Where do u usually swim?
  10. As the title states, I am homeless. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be saying that. What brings me to the position that i'm in is because one morning I decided to sleep in, long story short, my roomate went through my stuff and found illegal substance in my closet. Few questions that I wish can be answered. Why did he went through my stuff when he came into my room to check if I was ok? Why does he think its ok to literally pick lock my room door when he can see that I was obviously sleeping? Why does he think its ok to invade my privacy like that? After he found "my stuff" the home owner said to him that he wants me out (my friend sent me a screenshot) so I just packed all my needs and left. Am I being too dramatic? The home owner wanted to chat with me that night but after that message that he sent to my friend, I just can't bring myself to have a face to face conversation with him. He's been my friend for a year (the home owner) gave me a place to stay, helped me through difficult times. I just don't know what to do right now. i've been staying at a cheap hostel for 2 nights and my money is running out so I might have to sleep on the streets (atleast until i get my salary) i'm scared, I'm homeless, I'm confused.
  11. Any good and safe glory holes or understalls inn KL? I am keen on experiencing such thing in KL...
  12. Queer And Over 55: Older LGBTQ+ Singaporeans On Coming Out, Finding Love, and Making Their Lives Here A year ago, while conducting interviews for a series on LGBTQ+ Singaporeans, a question kept churning in my mind: where are all the older people? Ageism exists across society, and is in no way limited to the LGBTQ+ community. But combined, the two produce a startling vacuum. Older LGTQ+ people are a minority within a minority, which is to say they are practically invisible. Even most of my LGBTQ+ friends, when asked to help me find leads I could interview, couldn’t come up with a single name they knew personally. Older people’s stories generally don’t get a lot of screen time, but the ones that do are more or less exclusively heterosexual. Representations of contemporary queer life, from films like Blue Is The Warmest Colour to TV shows like Orange Is The New Black and Queer Eye, largely show people in their 20s and 30s. And the Internet, which has been instrumental in increasing LGBTQ+ visibility, with many brave coming-out stories and personal essays about LGBTQ+ lived experiences, is unquestionably the domain of the young. But clearly, not all queer people are young, and not all queer stories are, either. We spoke with three LGBTQ+ Singaporeans in their mid-50s and above, who graciously shared theirs with us. Ivan Heng, founding artistic director of the WILD RICE theatre company, and his husband, Tony Trickett, the company’s executive director. The couple were married in the UK in 2014. Image credit: Ivan Heng’s Facebook/WILD RICE Jeremy*, a cisgender gay man in his early 60s I guess you could say my very first exposure to queer culture was when I went to the Philippines in 1981. You know how Singapore is, it’s not touchy-feely, we don’t hug, no way two men would be hugging or kissing each other. I was 21 at the time, and when I got there I was like, is everyone gay here? To see men holding hands, hugging … it wasn’t that they were gay, their culture is just so warm and physically affectionate, but it seemed that way to me. I found the lack of labels so liberating, to see how they were so intimate and yet it was a non-issue. Growing up, there were no examples of gay relationships at all. At the time, ‘gay’ just wasn’t in our vocabulary, it didn’t exist back then like it does now. When I was young, it used to mean happy, bright, bonny, good. I grew up poor, in a traditional Peranakan household, and culturally I was in a desert. A lot of my education came from a dear friend of mine, my mentor in life, and in gay life in particular. We used to watch videos at his house, and one of the ones which left an impression on me was Making Love (1982). It’s about a couple where the husband falls for another man and embarks on an affair. What really struck me was that the wife found out in the end, and they had a huge fight and she slapped him across the face—she goes, “I can fight with another woman, but how could I fight with a man? How could I compare?” [The film ends happily], but watching this scene, I was like, oh god. Is this how it is? Most films about gay people are terribly depressing. It never ends well. As a gay boy back then—and even now, I think—when you’re young, a lot of it is about sex and getting off. When you don’t have mentors to look up to, or examples of healthy, mature, gay relationships, you just think it’s all based on sex and will never last. I’m not sure this has changed much now, although hopefully it’s a bit better. Still, examples of gay men in solid relationships are so invisible. Acceptance can only come when there’s deep and abiding love. Everyone just wants to be treated with respect and love, and that only comes with honesty. If you’re not honest with yourself, there’s no relationship which can be sustained. I’m not out to my family, but only because they’ve not asked the question. Otherwise, it’s an open secret. My siblings have met my partners over the years, and I guess they just accepted it. My mum has passed on, but when she was alive she knew all my boyfriends’ names … she would go, oh, so-and-so isn’t staying with you any more? Are you not friends any more? I think they’re just waiting for me to come out to them, and I’m waiting for them to ask. Right now, I have everything I need. I’m in a happy relationship, I have my own flat, my dogs, and I don’t want children. The one thing I would want to change is end-of-life rights. Otherwise, my sexuality is right at the bottom of my interactions with people. It doesn’t present any issues now. My partner loves Pink Dot. He’s much younger than me, and he goes every year. I go because he loves it so much, but I’ve been through all that, and I don’t need that kind of affirmation or public platform of support at my age. But I’ve been very blessed, with the friends and family I have, and working in arts and entertainment all my life. The scene is so much more exposed and accepting. If I hadn’t, I shudder to think of what my life might have been like. Not all stories are happy ones. This message was received by the Pink Dot organising team in 2019. Translated, it reads: “My family is conservative, and my religion sees me as a sinner. On the surface I am happy, but for many decades I have been living in darkness, in an oppressed environment. I have never really dated in the community. I am now 50, and I don’t think there is any more hope, and I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel any more. But I still want to wish the best for all the lucky ones at Pink Dot.” Linus*, a cisgender gay man in his early 60s I guess we all had inklings…you know, the dance of hormones, feelings you have as a teenager. So I went to the library in school and looked it up. We had a great library. Lots of texts on sociology and bio, and there was a book called ‘Everything You Want To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask’ (I think one of the very young teachers was heading up the library at the time). Once I identified what I was, internally, it was easy. I didn’t struggle with it, unlike some friends and classmates I knew. It was never an issue with my siblings. But my dad didn’t know—he passed away when I was in my 30s—and my mum doesn’t know. I don’t think she even knows what being gay is, and it wouldn’t be possible to explain to her now because she has dementia. I never thought of telling her when I was younger. My parents are so steeped in the older concept of what being gay is, she’d probably just assume that it’s someone who cross-dresses and wants to put on women’s clothes. It was never something I thought of attempting. When I got older, there were chats on the Internet, stuff that I guess would be the equivalent of Grindr or Tinder nowadays. There were saunas, where men went to have sex with other men. And there were bars and clubs like Inner Circle, Taboo, that you went to … but most of them don’t exist anymore. In any case, the club scene is very much geared towards young people. As you get older, it stops being so enticing. You look like a sad fish out of water. I think we were only conscious of the AIDS crisis because so much was happening in America. We read about it in the papers and in books, but I think we in Asia tended to think of HIV as a ‘Western’ disease. It was scary, but by the time we realised this was happening to us, there were already medical discoveries and organisations like Action for Aids (AFA), so there was greater awareness, and anyone sensible knew to take precautions. Still, I have some friends, some close ones, who’ve had it, or died from it. Sometimes you hear stories about someone succumbing to pneumonia, and they’re not that old, maybe in their 40s. And you think: could it have been HIV-related? It would be a nice victory if 377A was repealed, but I’m not holding my breath. The government will always say that the moral majority is conservative and not open to LGBTQ+ people. Personally, I don’t think there’s an ideal society; my friends and I never thought of going out there and demanding for solutions, because that’s not going to happen. In my opinion, what one should do is try and look for a way around things, find a personal solution, or you’ll just be hitting your head against the wall. I happen to know one of the couples who challenged 377A, and they told me that after two or three years of slugging it out in court, they looked at each other and asked if it was really worth it, because they ended up exactly where they started. Looking to the authorities for a solution is a tough sell. But I’m hopeful that things will change gradually. When I talk to generations that came after me, young couples in their 20s and 30s, everyone’s so comfortable with it; everyone’s got a token LGBTQ+ friend they’re so fond of. I’m optimistic that way. Edie Windsor (R) and her wife, Thea Spyer. Edie was the lead plaintiff in United States v Windsor, a seminal 2013 US case which granted same-sex married couples federal recognition for the first time. Cathy*, a cisgender lesbian woman in her 50s Work was lonely. I worked in the corporate world in my 20s and early 30s, and I never saw another gay person. You couldn’t talk about it. Stuff like what you did over the weekend, water-cooler chat … you can’t go into it, and I guess that’s why I always felt like a bit of an outsider. It was never hostile, but you just felt different, and conscious of having to hide in a way which other people didn’t. I began working in the charity sector and becoming involved in civil society in my 30s, and that was what changed things for me. Before that, for a long time, my plan was to migrate. When I was younger, I would imagine myself on a farm, enjoying the outdoors and seasons … idealistic things like that. It was only after I got involved in civil society that I began to feel like I was making a difference, and everything changed; it was how I met my partner, too. But I honestly think I would’ve left if I hadn’t found that. Civil society was an interesting place in the early ‘90s. The organisation I joined was a very accepting space. You felt comfortable bringing people and they would treat your partner as a friend, but no one asked about it, or spoke about it the way it is now, even there. You felt the acceptance, but you never introduced anyone as your partner. I didn’t do that until very late in life. Right now, I think it’s just a matter of time. I’ve bet with my friends that in 10 years’ time, we’ll be living in a very different society, and 377A will be history. I work with a lot of young people, and it gives me a lot of hope. We’re on the right side of time, and we’re moving towards acceptance. I don’t see how Singapore can keep still. Still, I’ve been incredibly lucky. Being a lesbian has been tough at points—perhaps not as much as for other people—but I think it compelled me to find my own way in the world, to make sense of my own life, because the tried-and-tested route just wasn’t available to me at all. Having kids, getting married … that’s never been on the cards. Even moving out, which I did at 22, was so radical at the time. The other thing is the support of my family. My sisters and I are all gay, and we came out to our parents when we were in our early 20s. It was a journey they had to go through, and there were some very difficult years, but that was one of the privileges I’ve had: parents who really, really love me. Their friends still aren’t comfortable with it, and I guess that’s the difficulty with society as a whole not moving, even if [my parents] have as individuals. They had to give up some of their friendships, or not see their friends so often, because the comparisons their friends were making or asking about our lives … they just didn’t know how to deal with that, and it was very painful for them. They had to have smaller worlds so that we didn’t have to be in the closet. But a few weeks ago, around Mother’s Day, I had a Zoom call with my mum, and she said, this was my best decision. I was like, what was? And she said, accepting all of you. That was the best decision I ever made in my life. It was the first time she’d said that.
  13. 全民Party,实时K歌交友派对,年轻人最爱玩的声音社交APP! 【不打烊的私人口袋K歌房】 ——发烧级HiFi音质,让你歌神附体唱到爽 ——海量伴奏同步首发,只有想不到没有找不到 ——热门房间卡,轻松Pick你的最爱 ——专属语音席,实时连麦互动,K歌从此无距离 ——全天候主题派对,风格各异,场场有惊喜 【灵魂社交,只看声音不看脸】 ——年轻人最多的声音社交APP,会唱更会撩 ——智能好友推荐,总有一个灵魂与你相似 ——标签匹配,兴趣相投拒绝尬聊 ——心情广场,遇见无法抗拒的神仙嗓音 ——同城交友,别让擦肩而过成为遗憾 【超嗨玩法,潮流达人就是你】 ——光速抢唱,谁能登顶中华小曲库 ——个性换装,开趴也能释放顶流气场 ——弹唱神器,人人都能自弹自唱 ——整首、选段随心录制,打造精致个人EP ——缤纷炫礼,特色礼物刷爆眼球,鲜花掌声收到手软 Anyone on this application? Share your room number/ ID number; let's all be friends!
  14. This guy befriended me on Blued. He gave me his number as +44 7448 265828... It’s a weird number, very suspicious. He suggested calling to chat but refused to use the video call on Blued. Nevertheless I added him on WhatsApp cos he’s my type from his posted self pics. We started texting for awhile. He tried calling me on WhatsApp several times but I never picked up, it’s weird and I’m scared. His distance on Blued showed he’s 23km away from me... But he’s been telling me he’s in UK now... Wow I never know UK is so close to me... 🤣🤣🤣 I asked him for his intro and his name, his life and what he’s been doing... But he never ask me for mine... He started calling me “dear”, “darling”, “love”... His replies are always short and some are repeated even... I know, this is highly a scammer right? He kept saying he has intention to settle down when he comes back and he wants to get married (with a guy) eventually... Yet, he still never ask more about who I am, what am I doing, and most importantly, what’s my name!!!??? Ok ok, I know he’s most probably a scammer by now, but he’s my type from looking at his pics, and guess I jus feel like flirting with him... Anyone here has similar experience on such social apps? What is your advice? Do you think I’m playing with fire? Or is it ok as long I’m careful not to fall into any of his tricks? Anyone has mishaps with such scams to share?
  15. The film producer Michael Moore has recently created a documentary "Planet of the Humans" He had planned to release it to movie theaters, but now with the pandemic he decided to put it on Youtube yesterday and let everyone see it for free. It is somewhat hair-rising, and before I watched half of it I already had changed my mind over technology resolving the energy issue that humanity faces. At times along the video I found myself crying, but it does not have to impact others the same way. The video left me with a feeling that when my days end, I will not lose much.
  16. Dear all, Despite the narrative that the PAP government has been giving since independence, as a gay man I feel that Singapore will prosper and generate further prosperity in terms of jobs creation, housing and even family/ social values. I may sound biased here but I can’t help but notice that the number of high caliber gay women and men are high. And we could just live openly as the rest of the country ,it’ll do well. no hate just good ‘ol honest and open talk please. Also congrats and thanks to Sengkang GRC. We’ve got a cutie pie, Jamus in✨✨🙏🏽
  17. Hey guys, do share any info on new cruising spots here. So far from what I know, we have these in KL: Parks 1. Taman Tasik Permaisuri (Bandar tun Razak) 2. Taman Kelana Jaya 3. Bukit Jalil Park (upcoming?) Swimming Pools 1. Kompleks Renang Bandar Tun Razak 2. Kelana Jaya Municipal Pool 3. Chin Woo Stadium Swimming Pool Malls 1. KL Sentral/Nu Sentral 2. Cheras Sentral Mall (upcoming?) 3. AEON Big Kepong? Gloryholes 1. Putrajaya Presint 6 Public Toilet 2. Gyms 1. CF Sunway? Saunas 1. Otot otot 2. Mandi manda 3. Kakiku Feel free to add to the list!
  18. Just wondering if anybody's interested in playing volleyball for leisure haha. Preferably west side kids cos there's a volleyball court at Clementi CC apparently haha
  19. Who else find wearing mask with exec wear is super sexy & turn on
  20. Incurable? Invisible? Deadly. No vaccines. do u agree?
  21. Heart Sutra (cho ver.) [telework mix] with Buddhist Monks Around the World - Japanese Zen Music Heart Sutra (cho ver.)(sakura mix.) × Kodai-ji Temple,Kyoto,Japan - Japanese Zen Music Heart Sutra (cho ver.)(yo-zakura mix.) × Taizo-in Temple,Kyoto,Japan - Japanese Zen Music
  22. Hi all, I have never shared this experience with anyone before and I been thinking whether I should share with you guys and finally, decided to share with you. It happened many years ago when I was in Sec 4. Before I start, pls allow me highlight in advance that this is my real experience (100% real) and it is not sad story or anything bad.. 🙂 so pls enjoy reading it and forgive my lousy English.. There was a period of time in sec 4 when I engaged a private male tutor who is around 4 years older than me. let's just called him Roy (not his real name and sorry if you got offended if your name is Roy 🙂 ). I engaged him together with another male friend. we live nearby so he usually came over to my place to conduct lessons together with my friend. so, usually lessons are three of us together. Roy usually a funny guy and joked about a lot of things. mostly he joked with us about sexuality and most of the jokes were sexual in nature. Of course we don't mind as we were teenagers and testosterone level was very high and horny at that time. (until now still high and horny..). I did not have any feelings for Roy or my friend though as I am only into girls and older women. But sometimes, when we didn't finish homework he gave or we couldn’t answer his questions, Roy got angry and scolded us. So, we kind of scare of him a bit too... Sometimes, I noticed that Roy gave me more chances and got along with me more than with my friend. He commented on my legs and my hands. He said he liked my fingers and my legs. It was a bit wired though but I didn't really mind it. He touched my legs and thigh areas sometimes during the lessons. I did not really mind those touches, as I mentioned, I am really horny guy and those touches felt good, haha. But he was not really obvious and he did not do those touches when my friend was around. Now, I think off those days again, I realized he was really into me only. Normally, when I am home, I did not wear underwear. I still do not wear underwear when I am home until now and even sometimes, when I go out nearby, I do not wear it.. So those touches sometimes, made my dick hard and I had to try hiding it from him and my friend..Sometimes, I had to excuse myself and went to toilet and breathed to relax it..May be Roy noticed those but I was not sure what to do or how to respond those touches.. when the exam was getting closer, Roy suggested that we should stay overnights at my place for a few days and studied together..He would also stay with us for a few days and guided us and helped us in studying. So, we agreed to it and “boob camp” was started.... to be continued...
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