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Found 674 results

  1. IkuTube

    The Good 31 Years

    This writing - and I shall confess that it comes with some emotional struggles - is my commitment to reach out to the gay community. It will be my story. It is written in memory of Fitz (not his real name). It is the space of our contribution; to honor my relationship with him. This space, after much persuasion from some close friends, is to render support to the community. To reach out mainly to gay couples (and hopefully to all gays) to share that everything is possible. Every strain, every burden, every chain and every hurdle retreats. Here, in this space, I hope to share: How to safeguard shared assets (about Wills, about Joint Account, about Joint Tenancy, about CPF Nomination, about Insurance Beneficiary, about Lasting Power of Attorney) How to (hopefully) survive a gay relationship The pains of grief losing a loved one Being a primary caregiver to cancer patient. I hope to share what I am experiencing and learning. It has, somewhat, impacted my way of life. Still, this sharing is not the absolute right way nor it is the only utmost course. This writing is to bring awareness to others as this awareness has served me. I just want to reach out to those who might be in the need and whom might be in the same path. Grief is a process. I hope, as I am allowing myself to be much exposed here, that it will grant me to heal and reconnect myself with Life. It is, at the same time, for me to maintain an ongoing connection with Fitz. It is my process to acknowledge that I am grieving. This space will probably be my healing ground. I learn that while the phrase "Letting Go" is so often easy to say, the process in itself is not. I learn, till anyone truly experienced the impact - the brunt, the shock - of a spousal loss and when the loss is still very much at the height of everything beautiful, that he/she will be able to fully empathize on the process of grief. A loss is a loss but there is variable difference towards grief. The reactions to a loss are unique and psychological. In my life, I have lost a father, a mother, a sister, a nephew and a beloved pet. I love all these people (including my beloved pet) but, somehow, the grief I experienced from each loss does not level up to a loss of a spouse. There is huge difference. There is unexplained uncertainty. There is unfamiliar fear. I learn that the only cure for grief is to let myself do my grieving. While time will heal, it is not that simple in truth. Time itself does not have any magical healing properties though it allows reality to take place. It is only when one is in the real experience that understanding evolves. Grief does not recognize deadline. There is no predictable trajectory in grief. The ebbs and flows are a landscape with peaks and valleys. Some days are easier than others. Some days, it can be riding a roller coaster. The roads are never a straight line. What makes it not easy is the mourning and grieving of the surviving gay partner. While I feel lucky that I am able to express and share my grief with family members and with good close friends - straight and gay, I realize it will not be easy for many other 'gay widows' who are not as privileged. Grief can be a bitch when there is no one out there to understand the real situation. The real loss. More so when we are gay and, probably, closeted. Grieving can be a lonely experience, though in solitude it brings one to surrender and accept. Let this space be another avenue to share, to care. Let it be a space to let grief takes new opportunities to present for another positive moment. When a chapter in life ends, another begins. It shall be in our own hands for that possibility to write the new and next wonderful stories. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking time to read.
  2. Malaysuckerboy2


    EVENT: BUKKAKE PARTY 2018 DATE, TIME AND VENUE: NOTIFIED IN PRIVATE GROUP AGE GROUP: 25 TO 45 YEARS OLD ABOUT: 1 SUCKER (Myself) 20 GIVER (MAX 50 People) The SUCKER will be in the center of the room while the GIVER will surround him. The SUCKER will serve the GIVERS until everyone has a turn to ejaculate on the SUCKER. Once you are done, you may leave the venue. All will be anonymous. MIN REQUIREMENTS: ONLY TOPS ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN, STRICTLY NO BOTTOMS Disease free. Be hygienic and bathe before the event. No Chubs RULES: MASKS WILL BE PROVIDED. You are required to surrender your Smartphone as no photography and videography is allowed. You are also required to wear a medical mask throughout the event to protect your identity. You are required to be nude before the event starts. NO smoking, NO drinking and NO chems. HOW TO JOIN?: METHOD 1: 1. Send me a PM at @MalaySuckerBoy2 2. Send me your Age, Height and Weight. Send me a face or body picture of yourself. 3. Give me your Kik Username as I will add you in the private group chat. METHOD 2: 1. Download and Install Kik app 2. Add my ID: MalaySuckerBoy 3. Send me your Age, Height and Weight. Send me a face or body picture of yourself. 4. I will then add you in the private group chat.
  3. Yanto

    Chain Reaction

    Let's play chain reaction. like the game show, say a word, and next user says it in another form. EXAMPLE: User 1: Base Ball User 2: Ball Hog User 3: Hog Warts this keeps going and going for a long chain reaction! Note: if word is impossible to use, make a note of it and start a new one, or wait for someone else to answer it. LET'S PLAY CHAIN REACTION! I'll start BLOW JOB
  4. Hello people who live in Selangor and KLANG VALLEY in general. This is the thread to post cruise information and ads for hookup (quickie sex, one night stand, whatever you want to call it). Since some "brilliant guy" cannot understand that "KL" means GREATER Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley (that includes most of cities in Klang Valley - which in Selangor AND KUALA LUMPUR), I am starting this thread. Please state the type of meetup (one night stand, cruising, quickie sex, hanging out), exact location (not too detailed of course), date and time, and how long you are willing to wait at the place you are in. Avoid posting one liner or worse, one word! Reduce useless chats, and start hooking up!
  5. ray88

    Crusing, Meet Ups In Penang

    Starting a new thread for guys in Penang to share their activitites and the likes
  6. Hi guys, Anyone here into plane spotting or aviation photography? or flight simulator or even aeroplanes in general? Ocassionally I go to changi beach/changi business park (strictly for planes and I leave before the sun sets!) to take photos of planes so i was wondering if there were any others in the AJ community who have the same interests. It would be nice to make some friends with similar interests so we can go spotting together or something. Maybe, if there are sufficient numbers, we can even form an AJ aviation enthusiast group. Anyone?
  7. alien0505

    Katong Swimming Pool

    Anyone interested to go laying swimming pool?
  8. la.pas

    Indian Men

    Hard to find. So lets gather here...
  9. Hi, any 1 who wanna be the host for sex open house? Whoever stay alone please sugges you place!
  10. Machy

    Cardfight Vanguard!

    Anyone still play this game? I'm looking for players who still plays this game. We can have a gathering or stuff to play together. We can also download the online version Cardfight Area to play together
  11. Pinoydaddi

    Married Pinoy

    Is there any married pinoy here?
  12. Sometime the " First " " Beginning " question people throw at you in social apps (grindr, hornet, Jack'd and etc) really make you go nuts. Here's my top list: 1. T or B ? ( hmmm.... u wanna cut to the chase, u cut the whole story) 2. Seek ? ( I've a profile, read?) 3. Can we be friend? (Yeah , Like I believe in fairy tales)
  13. I want to set up a WeChat group for discrete Bi and/or Married men here in KL and the surrounding areas and for gay guys who prefer guys in our situation. I think many guys like me would like a safe environment to talk with other guys, help each other out, share experiences, arrange hookups or whatever, with likeminded people in a community where we know people are genuine, honest, and non-judgmental. Dunno if this will work or not ... but I hope it will. Please reply here or PM me with your WeChat ID and I'll get it started.
  14. sgind

    Regular fun buddies / FWBs

    Anyone into regular, long sessions wild fun and can host? 175 69 26 here. PM me.
  15. I see them in porn, in underground movies etc... But never seem to meet any in Singapore, or even in SG's internet space. Where are all these femboys hiding at?!?! These babes are aged between 19-25, and don't we have similarly gorgeous femboys here?!?!?!
  16. Singapore's LGBTI community has a drug problem and it's time to fix it How do you help LGBTI people with drug problems in a country with strict drug laws and that criminalizes homosexuality? The four storytellers in Singapore's 'Our Story Is' campaign. | Photo: YouTube 7 May 2018 Shannon Power Singapore has some of the world’s strictest anti-drug laws. So trying to stem the growing use of recreational drugs in the LGBTI community is very challenging. The small nation criminalizes homosexual sex and there are no anti-discrimination laws in place to protect LGBTI people. In the past five years LGBTI advocates, working very closely with the community have noticed the worrying trend. Many have tried to provide counselling and support services, including Leow Yangfa who runs the LGBTI organization, Oogachaga. He and another advocates have had to try and get creative in reaching out to LGBTI people. ‘Talking about drugs in the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore is difficult and sometimes controversial,’ he told Gay Star News. ‘It can also be divisive: both between the LGBTQ+ & non-LGBTQ+ communities, and also between different segments within the LGBTQ+ community too.’ One big hurdle to providing effective support is the lack of data about drug use in the LGBTI community. ‘It’s not easy to conduct research on an illegal activity (drug use), while ensuring safety of the research subjects – the already marginalised LGBTQ community. Even if there is any data, it has not been published or made available yet,’ Yangfa said. ‘It thus becomes a circular problem – we need data and statistics, so that we know how to help and address the issue, so that the impact can be measured in subsequent data.’ Oogachaga and other groups have come to rely heavily on information coming from the ground about drug use. For example, one group of gay and bisexual men, Lifeline, have made their own peer-led drug recovery programme. Thinking outside the box In order to reach LGBTI communities Oogachaga teamed up with SG Narratives. They’ve come up with a video campaign about drugs, which has been a year in the making. Four official storytellers talk about the seriousness of drug use and how to ‘prevent it from becoming a health crisis’. The video campaign called, Our Story is Drug Free, is unique not only in its approach but the people it has chosen to give voices to. ‘You will notice the absence of the gay, cisgender Chinese (majority race) male, who has been the “dominant” voice in the local LGBT community for a long time,’ Yangfa said. The video series wants people to understand ‘that Singapore’s LGBTQ+ narrative is so much more than that of drug abuse’. The website will serve as an online resource hub. It will also be a place where Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community can contribute stories that form their individual experiences. Then all those stories will be collated into a video. ‘We want to build up an archive of local drug-free LGBTQ+ stories, in hopes that we can all look upon them as a reflection of who we all are,’ Yangfa said. ‘Talking about harm reduction is not an option in Singapore, due to our strict anti-drug legislation. ‘We came up with the idea of sharing stories – while acknowledging that the dominant narrative at the moment may appear to be one involving drug use, we also want to disrupt that by surfacing counter narratives and otherwise subjugated stories that we all have in our diverse LGBTQ communities.’ Meet the storytellers The four stars of the video series include; Paralympic medallist, Theresa Goh, Transgender SG co-founder, Cassandra Thng, Oogachaga counsellor, Shamini Nedumara, and Oogachaga center manager, Muhammad Faliqh Bin Abdul Rahman. Goh wanted to join the campaign because as an athlete she could be a role model for other LGBTI Singaporeans. ‘As an athlete who’s been continuously tested and who’s always been clean, I wanted to be one of the many representations of a drug free life,’ she told Gay Star News. ‘I just want to say that, for those who may be going through a hard time, to please not be ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes, that may be one of the hardest steps to take but no one can help you if you are not willing to seek it and receive the help.’
  17. Ggpee

    JB or Masai Area?

    i'm a malay guy and would love to meet guys looking for fwb or even crossdressers in masai/jb area, please message me if you're interested
  18. passby

    Virgin Active Gym

    Anyone signed up?
  19. Happy New Year BW fam! Sgboys that caught my eye. I'll try to post 2-3 pics per boy so everyone can appreciate them XD Do share your twink / sgboy candy too. The more the merrier DISCLAIMER: These are the kind of boys I like (Some I've slept with). If they're too buff / old, feel free to post your own instead of complaining about them thanks!
  20. CuteChub_

    Looking for exercise/ sport buddy!

    Hello! I am looking for exercise/ sport buddy - someone who is into brisk walking, swimming, badminton, etc. Motive: To lose weight To lead a healthier lifestyle Total weight lost till date - 48.9 kg.
  21. Never try anything loser than 6 inch before, was thirsty for that in my mouth , pm me
  22. Guest

    Scuba Diving (Compiled)

    hi. would like to take up diving hobby. would appreciate it if anyone can point me to the right direction of a good scuba diving
  23. KL area any1 crossdreaser/sissy/ femboy or can act like girl.. I like u wear g string..woww..make me hard!! Overnite in my room..need tonite before go back to Penang. Send ur wechat id or wasap
  24. Good morning everyone, I'm brand new to Blowing Wind, and as I read through posts and just observed the topics and discussions, two terms tended to pop up a lot: straight-acting and sissy. The first is heavily desired, seen as superior. The second, viewed like a plague. And that bothered me. I'll admit now that I'm somewhat effeminate, or 'soft', depending on the person judging me. Yeah, I'm no macho man, but it doesn't make me less of a person. Just as being gay doesn't make us less worthy as human beings. We all really need to stop with the "sissy" bashing here, but perhaps we need to first understand why we're so critical of those who are effeminate. sissy |ˈsɪsi| informal noun ( pl. -sies) a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly. • chiefly offensive an effeminate homosexual. effeminate |ɪˈfɛmɪnət| adjective (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly. It's interesting to see how feminine traits are paired with cowardliness and lack of manhood. Of course, many will argue that a gay man wants a man, not a woman. I'll also admit that I myself do find a masculine disposition attractive. I did ask myself why, many times. There were a lot of really nice, gorgeous and interesting men out there that I didn't feel as attracted to because their mannerisms leaned towards girlishness. This goes beyond the sexual context, because the bashing or rejection occurs even when sex is not an issue. I've experienced it myself. The following excerpt in Madonna's "What It Feels Like For A Girl", made me think about this aversion to 'sissy' mannerism when I first heard it. Girls can wear jeans And cut their hair short Wear shirts and boots 'Cause it's okay to be a boy But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading 'Cause you think that being a girl is degrading But secretly you'd love to know what it's like Wouldn't you What it feels like for a girl Perhaps it goes back to our ingrained misogyny, that men are superior to women — in particular, a man who aspires, or appears to aspire, to be like a woman is especially terrible. The mentality of, "Why would you want to be like the weaker gender? That's so silly! Be a real man!" I believe that a GLBT calling another a sissy is no better than the people who call us faggots. Yes, attraction is complex and we like what we like, but there is no need to insult what we don't. And for that matter, scrap saying straight-acting. That's like saying "cat that pretends it's a dog". If you want a manly, masculine or rugged guy, just say so. I'm sure you don't want someone who denies who he is. So, do you feel like slapping or punching my face already? Let me know your take on this.
  25. How many of u guys cook your own dinner when you get home after work? How much time do you spend doing this? Does anyone have any quick and simple recipes to share? Do u know of any cooking courses for men focussing on simple and quick meals? I have recently taken to preparing my own dinner, and looking to broaden my repertoire of recipes. As I'm fitness-oriented, I prefer meals that are balanced with a generous portion of protein --- chicken breast etc. There may be only so many ways to skin a cat but I'm sure that there are much more ways to cook chicken! Lol!