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Found 683 results

  1. ray88

    Looking for Meetups in Penang

    Starting a new thread for guys in Penang to share their activitites and the likes
  2. Yanto

    Chain Reaction

    Let's play chain reaction. like the game show, say a word, and next user says it in another form. EXAMPLE: User 1: Base Ball User 2: Ball Hog User 3: Hog Warts this keeps going and going for a long chain reaction! Note: if word is impossible to use, make a note of it and start a new one, or wait for someone else to answer it. LET'S PLAY CHAIN REACTION! I'll start BLOW JOB
  3. Official Mobile MMORPG [Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA Ver.] will be released in Southeast Asia! LINK: https://www.ragnaroketernallove.com/?fuid=en1019 Dear adventurers, greetings to all the adventurers who are waiting for the game. The exciting close beta test of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA version is finally here! No more “Soon™”, no more memes, there will be the information that all the adventurers wanted. CBT will start at: 2018 October 20th 10:00 A.M. (GMT+7). (Note: The positions for CBT are limited, approximately 50,000 players, recharge won’t be available. We are appreciated for all the tester and welcome everyone to give advices or report issues on our Facebook groups) Make sure to call your companions, grab your gears, let’s all march into the ROM world. IOS Pre-Reservation: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1404051022 Google Play Pre-Reservation: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gravity.romg Any ex RO fans? Anyone gonna play this?
  4. I am getting the ball rolling but I would like you guys to eventually take over and get the clubs going. 1. When? 2. Where? 3. How much? 4. Who?
  5. Hola guys, some may know me some don't, I started Coffee Sessions long time ago after I ORD from PLC Feb 2007. Already MR last year. Yay! Haha I was confused that time and thinking possible ways to make friends and know more people that is where the coffee session is born. The response was not that good from just 2-3 for the first day till overwhelmed 30...it is fruitful and blessed. As I can't cater to all request it is disbanded till I get request to start it again. From the old Suntec City Starbucks to Marina Square Mall Starbucks to Rochester Mall starbucks. Not just that I also organized a picnic at Sentosa with food provided and jog hike at macritchie. As the years goes by, landscape is changing etc...so as an organizer I also need to understand the best place (MRT food etc..) So for a start, I would like to organized my first session next friday. Day: Friday Date: 28 Sept 2018 Location: Clark Quay (Starbucks) Donuts: By JCO/Crispy Creme What we gonna do: Intro ourselves, first we buy our drinks at Starbucks/7 eleven then walk to Hong Lim Park to Singapore River and walk after MacDonald's and sit near the river steps. If you have better ideas suggestion let me know. See you guys next week. P.S: This invite also goes to all gays apps too. Meaning those who are in gays apps are also invited to come too.
  6. I want to set up a WeChat group for discrete Bi and/or Married men here in KL and the surrounding areas and for gay guys who prefer guys in our situation. I think many guys like me would like a safe environment to talk with other guys, help each other out, share experiences, arrange hookups or whatever, with likeminded people in a community where we know people are genuine, honest, and non-judgmental. Dunno if this will work or not ... but I hope it will. Please reply here or PM me with your WeChat ID and I'll get it started.
  7. 1. Social Interaction for BW Members Blowingwind Forum has 42K members + many guests. Last week Mod's meeting, the mods discussed on ways we can allow members to engage in Non-Gay Topics (eg Special Interest Groups like Plants, Pets, Karaoke, Food, IT, Travel etc) Something which we tried with mixed results some time back. 2. Try Again ! Introducing Social Clubs Clubs allows MEMBERS to create " User-created popup communities for collaboration. Clubs enable members to create social groups for the BW community. Club owners (any member) can choose an appropriate club (Open, Close, Private) type to determine how much they share with the wider community. While some groups may aim to be fully visible to the community, others dealing with more sensitive subjects may want to be more hidden (from Google and Guest) , and our forum software provides the tools to do so. Click on Menu > Clubs to take a look. Or link by https://www.blowingwind.io/forum/clubs/ 3. Members take charge ! a, For Members who like to create your own "Club", you can go Menu > Clubs > Start a Club b. Create a Topic Name and post information as appropriate. c. We prefer the Clubs to be community driven. If there are existing topics in the forum where you like to move into the club, let the moderators know. d. Any member(s) can create Clubs. However we prefer Clubs to be "NON-SEXUAL" and observe the BW guidelines. Topics can be like Pets, Manga, TV/Netflix Series, health. mental issues, Japanese language, cooking, music, ... The owner of the club have to be responsible for the Club and Drive it by leading discussions and do member recruitment. Moderators have prerogative to shut-down Sexual Content Clubs and also moderate the contents of the club. 4. Pokemon Go As a start, I have created a Pokemon Club. Feel free to join the Pokemon Club and see how it works. A sample Club is attached. 5. Ask This is still in test stage as we are also learning as we we go along. Post queries here. Enjoy ! Hendry Tan Admin cum Moderator
  8. Any cat lovers? You can be a cat owner, a cat lover, a stray cat rescuer, or just someone who loves cats in some way or another. Me, I love animals, but cats most of all. Love to take pictures of them, capture their various expressions and emotions. Love to stroke them and roll them. But unfortunately, not allowed to keep any, because of allergic reaction by a family member. Yet, I'd often take a minute off when I encounter friendly strays outside to stroke them and play with them. I will not go around feeding them, as I believe in letting the established caregivers take care of that. I'd also sponsor a couple of cats each year for their sterilisation, medication and/or food. What about those of you who like cats, anyone? Share share please! Share photos of cats also can! Share catty tails (I mean tales) also can!
  9. Any good and safe glory holes or understalls inn KL? I am keen on experiencing such thing in KL...
  10. DrFhill

    Looking for Meetups in Kuala Lumpur

    Hello people who live in Selangor and KLANG VALLEY in general. This is the thread to post cruise information and ads for hookup (quickie sex, one night stand, whatever you want to call it). Since some "brilliant guy" cannot understand that "KL" means GREATER Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley (that includes most of cities in Klang Valley - which in Selangor AND KUALA LUMPUR), I am starting this thread. Please state the type of meetup (one night stand, cruising, quickie sex, hanging out), exact location (not too detailed of course), date and time, and how long you are willing to wait at the place you are in. Avoid posting one liner or worse, one word! Reduce useless chats, and start hooking up!
  11. alien0505

    Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    Anyone interested to go laying swimming pool?
  12. I know it has been done before but didnt seem very effective. Lets try again gentlemen. Be it for relationships or just fun (or sharing your hot photos to be admired), atleast we have a group of our preference to turn to when we are lonely/horny Leave or PM me your wechat ID
  13. la.pas

    Indian Men

    Hard to find. So lets gather here...
  14. Fahn


    As the title states, I am homeless. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be saying that. What brings me to the position that i'm in is because one morning I decided to sleep in, long story short, my roomate went through my stuff and found illegal substance in my closet. Few questions that I wish can be answered. Why did he went through my stuff when he came into my room to check if I was ok? Why does he think its ok to literally pick lock my room door when he can see that I was obviously sleeping? Why does he think its ok to invade my privacy like that? After he found "my stuff" the home owner said to him that he wants me out (my friend sent me a screenshot) so I just packed all my needs and left. Am I being too dramatic? The home owner wanted to chat with me that night but after that message that he sent to my friend, I just can't bring myself to have a face to face conversation with him. He's been my friend for a year (the home owner) gave me a place to stay, helped me through difficult times. I just don't know what to do right now. i've been staying at a cheap hostel for 2 nights and my money is running out so I might have to sleep on the streets (atleast until i get my salary) i'm scared, I'm homeless, I'm confused.
  15. vera.


    in east rn yearning for a cuddle lmao
  16. Guest


    EVENT: BUKKAKE PARTY 2018 DATE, TIME AND VENUE: NOTIFIED IN PRIVATE GROUP AGE GROUP: 25 TO 45 YEARS OLD ABOUT: 1 SUCKER (Myself) 20 GIVER (MAX 50 People) The SUCKER will be in the center of the room while the GIVER will surround him. The SUCKER will serve the GIVERS until everyone has a turn to ejaculate on the SUCKER. Once you are done, you may leave the venue. All will be anonymous. MIN REQUIREMENTS: ONLY TOPS ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN, STRICTLY NO BOTTOMS Disease free. Be hygienic and bathe before the event. No Chubs RULES: MASKS WILL BE PROVIDED. You are required to surrender your Smartphone as no photography and videography is allowed. You are also required to wear a medical mask throughout the event to protect your identity. You are required to be nude before the event starts. NO smoking, NO drinking and NO chems. HOW TO JOIN?: METHOD 1: 1. Send me a PM at @MalaySuckerBoy2 2. Send me your Age, Height and Weight. Send me a face or body picture of yourself. 3. Give me your Kik Username as I will add you in the private group chat. METHOD 2: 1. Download and Install Kik app 2. Add my ID: MalaySuckerBoy 3. Send me your Age, Height and Weight. Send me a face or body picture of yourself. 4. I will then add you in the private group chat.
  17. Hello, Just that we married guys get busy with "family first" "work second" "us and our fitness last". So having a forum page, where we can all find like minded folks, who are also interested and live in the neighborhood to go for jogging, gym, and some physical activities time for ourselves and in turn keep ourselves fit. Thanks
  18. We are living in the US a historic moment, worth being followed by the whole world, in the Senate confirmation hearing for the candidate to the Supreme Court. Yesterday was the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who accuses the candidate Judge Cavenaugh of having sexually assaulted her as a teenager. Her testimony is an amazing story of how a 15 y.o. girl suffered lifelong damage by the actions of two 17 y.o. rowdy drunk boys, one of them the now Judge who jumped on her trying to take off her clothes. Her testimony is amazingly believable, drawing the sympathy of any decent person, and revealing how little unsuccessful sexual assault can traumatize a young life. Now one Republican senator has defected his majority in a move to request a further investigation of the incident by the FBI, something the majority was refusing since they thought that they had the majority to pass the confirmation. Even Donald Trump has reversed his position and has ordered this investigation. All of this thanks to the AMAZING testimony of Dr. Ford. I spent the whole day yesterday glued to the TV watching the procedures, and I am highly optimistic of the message this gives to young people and to all of society. It is like a confrontation of truth vs. evil. Here is her testimony, and the whole hearing and other parts of it are available at youtube.
  19. SEPTIE1234


    Hello guys! So basically this is a space where you can post and share pictures of whatever things that you do / happen in your daily life! "Inspired by Instagram, BWgram is a whole new concept and a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and and the BlowingWind community. Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to BWgram, it's as easy as cookie. It's photo sharing, reinvented." :clap: :clap: p.s gif is the new thing in town yo. gifs are accepted too. ^^ To start the ball rolling and avoid awkward penguin situations I'll post a photo lol. "Time to work a lil harder " ....okay this is awkward. Have fun!
  20. any jc boys out there keen to develop friendship and have fun tgt?
  21. rocks

    Bukit Batok Swimming pool

    Hi All, I am going to bukit batok swimming pool. I am 21 wt 55 ht 169 Interested can join me.
  22. trevose28

    Textile Centre

    Any Uncles around here for quick fun? There are some uncles here, but dun seem like PLU Prefer Chinese man late 40s and above, mature looking...hehe This evening at Bukit Timah Plaza...
  23. AP1987


    Any1 still awake at this hour? Wanna chat in WhatsApp or we chat?
  24. Sgboys that caught my eye. Do share your Twink or SGBoy candy too. The more the merrier These are the kind of boys I like (Some slept with). If too buff or old, post your own instead of complaining Also on tumblr http://www.tumblr.com/blog/sirgm
  25. Galaxystar

    SRC Singapore Recreation Club

    Hi, Anyone can provide advice on Singapore Recreation Club? is it a good place to social, and the club facilities. Aim is to make more friends and spend time in the Club. Anyone has membership in this place to advise. Appreciate your advise. Thank you