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  1. Those who seek any type of massages from Local SG, do join the Tele Or Those Local SG who are new to any types of massages from practice to noob to pro welcome to join too. Can share related experiences. Do state your intro, if you searching or a masseur. Do you host? Etc... Once have 5 local masseurs and 5 seekers will create tele.
  2. Let's play chain reaction. like the game show, say a word, and next user says it in another form. EXAMPLE: User 1: Base Ball User 2: Ball Hog User 3: Hog Warts this keeps going and going for a long chain reaction! Note: if word is impossible to use, make a note of it and start a new one, or wait for someone else to answer it. LET'S PLAY CHAIN REACTION! I'll start BLOW JOB
  3. If you skinny to slim/slim fit to average or anything in between. Tele for open for anything. Share anything, meet up etc... You know this kind of people have humble big cocks too haha so lets team up shall we? Haha They also have interesting fetish kinky bondage and wild too! Love the fact that their horny level is damm raging! Don't feel bad ok? It is normal. Embrace it! PM me if keen! 🥂
  4. This is open to those who into tanned guys like me or the following; 1. Swimmers 2. Sun Tan lovers 3. Marathoners/Hikers/Cyclist/ Joggers/Triathlon etc... 4. Others (any sports related exposure 🌞) Chat or share anything. If keen PLS PM me PERSONALLY! Let's behave and discreet haha I will NOT add those reply here or quote. You can PMs me or direct tele or messenger. I am doing you a favor for not anyone to spam or scam you etc...that is the reason I rather have your ID privately. And pls make sure your ID don't show your number. Go to settings or ask me if I can see your number. 🥂
  5. Starting a new thread for guys in Penang to share their activitites and the likes
  6. I usually go for runs at Bishan AMK Park and I realised like its a pretty cool place for hangouts and meet ups. Like theres many places to sit around and chill. Anyone interested in meetups and Bishan Park anytime soon? Can share any experiences too!
  7. Open to anyone who enjoy nature like me over weekend on a beautiful day. Be it rain or shine. To prevent from people anyhow add you in tele PM me if you don't mind then just quote with your ID here. That is why I mostly ask to PM me. First Hike Next Sat SG Hike 1 Sunday King Albert Station-Hillview station explore both sides Green Corridor (not going clementi forest, can be arranged for other time) Wear dry fit or any comfy clothes and hike shoes. About 1 or 2pm?
  8. Doesnt matter if you slim fit or muscular fit. As long you have abs you are in. Even washboard abs is okay too. This TELE is for us to meet up from group friends to bromance to group run/swim/fitness/beach to group shower to group fun/sex and hopefully when virus ends yearly chalet or villa retreat If Keen Pls PM me personally if keen to join. Subject head and proof your body pic. You work hard for it,dont be shy to flaunt it. Pls Do NOT put your tele here. Will not entertain. For your privacy and safety plz. Thanks brah. 💪 The rest can keep doing your best don't give up. Discipline is important and focus positive a must. I know you can do it. Jia yu! Anything you can PM me. Cheers!
  9. Understand that some Fit Str8 Curious or Bi or Gays guys prefer to suck and get suck or both on the go or with condoms haha If you FIT and like to get 🍭 or received 🍭 or any kind of other physical touch or group FITs 🍭 etc...join us! Proof needed. Pls leave your TELE on my PM or direct PM my TELE. Thank you! 👍🥂 FIT = Slim Fit, Lean, Defined, Jocks, Musculars. Do NOT Leave Your TELE here. Thanks 👍
  10. Those who frequent to gym, swim, tennis, badminton, run @ stadium and volleyball islandwide. Inclusive selected DUAL locations for badminton and sportshub. Open to anything to chat/share about. If keen to join just PM me. Cheers 🥂
  11. Those who have hoverboards, Airwheels, PMDs, Leisure & Racing Cyclist. Share tips, best route, spots 🤫💦🚿and anything else related. I have hoverboard. Still havent decided which foldable bike to buy. Excited to wear tight spandex cycling suit. For now rent 🚲 nearby bike shops. Best if you own the following above. And interest of the sport. Dont join for the sake of knowing haha (Only my personal groups not from BW know)
  12. Don't feel down if we are born not that tall. Haha 😆 it is okay, no matter what, all have its own flaws... In fact, some just love to play with us! 😏 Join the club! (Seek anything that comes by or go with the flow) If keen Pls PM me, I will not respond those quote or reply here ah. ☝️ 🥂
  13. I used to play Vainglory with my ex. Dota 2 is damn hard. And currently Pokemon Go level 34 love to give free gifts. Thanks to those add me 😜 hope we can meet up and catch together haha From CS to ML to LOL...any type of games or multiplayer. This tele is open to any gamers, share tips, cheats and even look for frens or anything over gaming. And those who have discord account can join too. If keen to join can just PM me. Cheers! 🥂
  14. Those who into malays do pm me here with your id will add u up. And for the malays do PM me personally in malay for malay official tele. For those malays, I be conducting jog run and after virus free bootcamp this to encourage malays to running or jog or fitness or swim or all....burn bodyfats and lose weights...hope it help pass your IPPT ah kong give free money take advantage of it. Join a few of us 4th Jog run this Friday. From heartlands to place of interest parks (canals/pavement/bridges/beach/parks/stadium) for now is 5km run normal pace objective non stopping. Let me know if you keen. You feel damn good. Fitness help give you stamina best sex best energy no need the temporary drugs or coffee or ch*ll or p*lls. If you don't fitness n take any temp stuff u cum fast haha unless you jelqing or edging.
  15. Those who need encouragement... motivation...need advice...etc... Open to anything...chat...mingle...share..meet...repeat... If keen, pm. 🥂
  16. 1. what are you watching now? 2. what is it about? 3. why do you like it? 4. anything else you would recommend?
  17. Those who mugging for exams... Those who can't sleep... Those feel need someone to talk too...or those seek cam now Those seek for a car/van thrill or outdoor or even meet up mac meals or dessert or even delivery... Or run/cycle/walk and clean up 💦 any anything else not mention here... As always Pls PM me personally. Do NOT reply or prompt or put your ID here. Trying to help you not letting others/guest spam/scam your Tele. 🥂
  18. Would like to create a new tele chat group inviting fellow sis and guys to chat, NSA FWB (no monetary) If keen kindly comment ur tele id and I will add you xoxo Have a great day xoxo
  19. New to creating your own content? Need someone with skills? New to modelling? Need photographer for your O.F content or YT content? New to sports? Need a clean up? Bi/Gay Delivery services... And many other....etc... Intro.Share.Mingle.LinkUp.MeetUp.Repeat. If keen pls PM me. And pls do NOT post your ID here. Or reply or quote. I will not RESPOND!!!. Thanks! 🥂
  20. Stigma among factors why some find it hard to accept LGBTQ family members: TODAY webinar panellists By NAVENE ELANGOVAN Published NOVEMBER 20, 2021 From left: Moderator Elizabeth Neo, TODAY supervising editor Yasmine Yahya, The SG Boys podcast co-host Yeo Sam Jo and researcher Mathew Mathews. The second of TODAY’s Live webinar series on Nov 19 looks into the topic of youth attitudes towards LGBTQ issues A researcher on the panel said that while people are tolerant of friends or co-workers in same-sex relationships, they apply other values such as their moral views on family A gay panellist who helms a podcast said that there needs to be accurate representation of LGBTQ individuals in the media It is not possible for everyone to come to a consensus on LGBTQ issues, but there must be a willingness to talk, he added SINGAPORE — Young Singaporeans are less accepting of family members having same-sex relationships than they are of their friends and colleagues as they apply different values on both groups. While they apply tolerance on their co-workers, other values such as their notions of morality or the traditional family unit come into play when dealing with a family member. Researcher Mathew Mathews, who was speaking during a TODAY Live webinar on Friday (Nov 19), said: “So in my family setting, I would want that value to operate. I need people to live within a certain kind of boundary.” Dr Mathews, who heads the Social Lab at the National University of Singapore’s Institute of Policy Studies, was commenting on the findings of the TODAY Youth Survey 2021. The survey, which polled 1,066 respondents between the ages of 18 and 35 in early October, found that more than 70 per cent of respondents were willing to accept friends or work alongside those having same-sex relationships, but 58 per cent were willing to accept family members who do so. Relating his personal experience, another panellist on the webinar, Mr Yeo Sam Jo, said that the difference in attitudes towards friends or family members who are homosexual could also stem from a place of concern. Mr Yeo, who helms The SG Boys podcast that discusses gay issues, said that when he finally told his parents last year that he was gay, his mother expressed concern over whether he would face discrimination at work or be treated differently by people due to his sexual orientation. “I can’t speak for why there is a discrepancy (in the survey results) as a whole… but if you go by a case-by-case basis, I think a lot of it really boils down to the stigma of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) identity,” he said. Friday’s webinar was streamed at 8pm on TODAY’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. The topic for the second instalment of this year’s four-part webinar series was on youth attitudes on LGBTQ issues. The event was moderated by CNA presenter Elizabeth Neo and also featured TODAY’s supervising editor Yasmine Yahya as a panellist. MEDIA PORTRAYAL OF LGBTQ COMMUNITY The panellists of the webinar also discussed the portrayal of LGBTQ individuals in the media. TODAY’s survey found that a third of the respondents (33 per cent) felt that the community was positively portrayed, while almost half (46 per cent) were neutral about it. About a fifth (22 per cent) said that the portrayals were negative. On this, Mr Yeo said that it was not just enough to have representation of LGBTQ individuals on screen, but also have accurate portrayals that did not dehumanise, rely on tropes or portray such individuals in a negative light. He cited the example of the Chinese-language drama series, My Guardian Angels, which aired on Mediacorp’s Channel 8 last April. The series had faced criticism for featuring a paedophile character who molested teenage boys and had sexually transmitted diseases as well as a character who was worried about the sexual orientation of her son. Mediacorp had apologised last July for causing offence and distress, and reiterated that there was “no intention to depict the LGBTQ community in a negative light” in the series. Such portrayals perpetuated stereotypes of the LGBTQ community, such as how gay people spread sexually transmitted diseases and are sexual predators, Mr Yeo said. As individuals with aspirations and dreams, members of the LGBTQ community would appreciate positive portrayals in the media, he added. On the portrayal of LGBTQ issues in the news media, Ms Yasmine said that TODAY is still “navigating” its way on how to report such issues fairly without flouting laws on how they could be portrayed. TODAY has thus tried to centre the community’s voice in an accurate, fair and non-judgemental way in the hope that reports on LGBTQ issues will be read by the wider public, she said. LEGISLATION The panellists also touched on the question of whether LGBTQ individuals can be equals in Singapore without legislative changes, such as the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code that criminalises consensual sex between men. To this, Ms Yasmine said that “only time will tell” if there will be legal changes in Singapore, but in the meantime, individuals can create safe spaces for LGBTQ persons in their work settings, social spaces or at home. Mr Yeo said that even if Section 377A is repealed, mindsets about the LGBTQ community, such as how it is here to “tear apart the fabric of society”, must also change. “If anything, we are all for stability and cohesion as well. We want to be part of this society as much as you are. We want to feel like we belong.” BUILDING CONSENSUS Ms Neo asked the panel about the concerns of people in society who are opposed to the normalisation of LGBTQ issues. Dr Mathews said that it stems from how people frame the idea of a family. These segments of the population have questions about an alternative way of running a family, whether it would be viable and its impact on children of homosexual families. On whether different segments of society will ever reach a consensus on LGBTQ issues, Ms Yasmine said that it is not possible to convert everybody. Drawing parallels with the feminist movement, she said that there will always be pushback from society whenever progress is made. However, society must keep fighting for change while trying to reach across the divide and build bridges between groups who have opposing views, she added. Agreeing, Mr Yeo said that it is not possible to force someone to agree in something they do not believe. However, it is important that the different groups are mature and open-minded enough to listen and be receptive to what the other side is saying. He added: “If there’s no willingness to sit down and have a proper discussion, then the battle is already lost.” The third part of the webinar series will be on Nov 26 at 8pm where TODAY journalist Natasha Meah, mental health researcher Jonathan Quek and founder of counselling service Talk Your Heart Out Shilpa Jain discuss the impact of Covid-19 on mental health and social relationships.
  21. Hey guys, I've been playing MLBB for some time now and i realized it is easier to play if the team was right there beside you. It is so much easier to communicate and plan ambushes. So was wondering on others take on this. Have been getting lots of not to say "noob" teammates but you get the point. How is everyone else game going? In-spite of that note, was wondering if anyone would be willing to meet up for a gaming sesh, and where would be best??
  22. Hi Any regular swimmers here? What is ur favourite stroke? Where do u usually swim?
  23. Amidst the ugliness of Covid-19, isn't it a good change to think of beauty? As a gay person one can be perplexed over how subjective male beauty is. One can be attracted to masculinity in so many different ways. In these days of idleness I think I have found my ideal of male beauty by reading about and watching Rudolf Nureyev. He is considered by a majority as the best male ballet dancer in our lifetime. Not only do I feel this way, but I also see him as the most attractive male figure. Elegant and sensible, without being effeminate. And he was One of Us, although possibly bisexual. His persona is not only to admire, but also to imitate in some ways. We cannot dance like he did, but we can cultivate the slim but strong figure, with excellent posture, moving with elegance, walking with firm but soft steps and an expression of confidence. It is a pity that AIDS took him away at the young age of 54. It would have been interesting to see how he would be today at 81. He might have confirmed my belief that an old body can still be graceful and attractive. He is definitely a Gay role model. Just some look around and we find plenty of them as stars in the arts and sports and science and even politics. There is nothing that supports that we gays are inferior in any way, something that young gays should realize soon. Here are some videos of Nureyev that show how impressive he was. And we don't give up any masculinity if we watch ballet
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