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  1. Yanto

    Chain Reaction

    Let's play chain reaction. like the game show, say a word, and next user says it in another form. EXAMPLE: User 1: Base Ball User 2: Ball Hog User 3: Hog Warts this keeps going and going for a long chain reaction! Note: if word is impossible to use, make a note of it and start a new one, or wait for someone else to answer it. LET'S PLAY CHAIN REACTION! I'll start BLOW JOB
  2. Hey guys, I've been playing MLBB for some time now and i realized it is easier to play if the team was right there beside you. It is so much easier to communicate and plan ambushes. So was wondering on others take on this. Have been getting lots of not to say "noob" teammates but you get the point. How is everyone else game going? In-spite of that note, was wondering if anyone would be willing to meet up for a gaming sesh, and where would be best??
  3. ray88

    Looking for Meetups in Penang

    Starting a new thread for guys in Penang to share their activitites and the likes
  4. CherieLove

    Tumblr NSFW purge

    Anyone else saddened by the tumblr nsfw content purge?? Need to find a new site to lurk in for hunks!! Any recommendations???
  5. I want to set up a WeChat group for discrete Bi and/or Married men here in KL and the surrounding areas and for gay guys who prefer guys in our situation. I think many guys like me would like a safe environment to talk with other guys, help each other out, share experiences, arrange hookups or whatever, with likeminded people in a community where we know people are genuine, honest, and non-judgmental. Dunno if this will work or not ... but I hope it will. Please reply here or PM me with your WeChat ID and I'll get it started.
  6. any jc boys out there keen to develop friendship and have fun tgt?
  7. Subang , sunway and puchong area better , pm me
  8. Updates on Miss Universe news before the actual Miss Universe 2018 event to be held tentatively in Macau at the end of the year. Let's discuss the winners of each national pageant, scandals, news and anything that is new to the Miss Universe Organization under IMG management.
  9. la.pas

    Indian Men

    Hard to find. So lets gather here...
  10. Any cat lovers? You can be a cat owner, a cat lover, a stray cat rescuer, or just someone who loves cats in some way or another. Me, I love animals, but cats most of all. Love to take pictures of them, capture their various expressions and emotions. Love to stroke them and roll them. But unfortunately, not allowed to keep any, because of allergic reaction by a family member. Yet, I'd often take a minute off when I encounter friendly strays outside to stroke them and play with them. I will not go around feeding them, as I believe in letting the established caregivers take care of that. I'd also sponsor a couple of cats each year for their sterilisation, medication and/or food. What about those of you who like cats, anyone? Share share please! Share photos of cats also can! Share catty tails (I mean tales) also can!
  11. I am getting the ball rolling but I would like you guys to eventually take over and get the clubs going. 1. When? 2. Where? 3. How much? 4. Who?
  12. anyone goes karaoke around Malaysia? I want to go after 17dec
  13. hi this forum is for those guys who want to look for dates - to chitchat, go shopping, go movies, go dinner, go travelling, go parties, etc. only for those who want to have a mature relationship. strictly no quickies in public places especially toilets!
  14. lookseelooksee

    Plant pics

  15. The recent death of former US president George W. Bush is burying the US under an avalanche of eulogizing of the famous man. Here is an article that is a little less flattery of the man, who held back on an adequate response to the AIDS epidemic. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/opinion-george-hw-bush-lgbtq_us_5c0366ffe4b0606a15b5efa7 The Media Is Erasing George H.W. Bush’s Catastrophic Harm To LGBTQ People It’s no surprise that after the death of former president George H.W. Bush we’re seeing media pundits, advocates and popular historians promote a rosy view of his tenure as president. In the era of Donald Trump, there’s a tendency to portray every Republican leader of the past in a nostalgic, sugar-coated way. The first thing that caught my eye was a report on CNN’s website that included a tweet from the president of Covenant House, a charity that runs shelters across the U.S. for homeless youth and which has a historical connection to the Catholic Church. The tweet included photos of the former president and the late first lady Barbara Bush hugging children, implying that Bush was an important advocate for people with AIDS. Perhaps that was what Bush “believed,” but it was far from the truth. Bush was as captive to the evangelical right on social issues — and thus a decidedly Republican president — as was his predecessor, Ronald Reagan, who cultivated religious conservatives as a potent political force and bowed to their anti-LGBTQ agenda as the AIDS epidemic mushroomed in the 1980s. Reagan’s history of callously ignoring the epidemic while thousands died is well-documented. Bush, at the outset of his term, promised a “kinder, gentler” presidency than the man he’d served under as vice president. He even gave a speech on the AIDS epidemic in 1990, which was long on compassion but short on strategy and commitment to funding. During the speech, in fact, Urvashi Vaid, an invited guest and then the executive director of the prominent National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, now the National LGBTQ Task Force, took the unprecedented and heroic act of standing up and holding a sign, “Talk Is Cheap. AIDS Funding Is Not.” Bush, in the end, bowed to the same extremists Reagan did when it came to AIDS and LGBTQ rights. As The Washington Post noted, Bush allowed evangelicals to mature as a movement within the GOP after Reagan brought them in, rather than pushing back.
  16. Hi! Looking and hoping to find anyone who is into KPOP singing, dancing and we can chat chat in the forum! And if perhaps we can even join a group and sing or do a dance cover together?
  17. 1. Social Interaction for BW Members Blowingwind Forum has 42K members + many guests. Last week Mod's meeting, the mods discussed on ways we can allow members to engage in Non-Gay Topics (eg Special Interest Groups like Plants, Pets, Karaoke, Food, IT, Travel etc) Something which we tried with mixed results some time back. 2. Try Again ! Introducing Social Clubs Clubs allows MEMBERS to create " User-created popup communities for collaboration. Clubs enable members to create social groups for the BW community. Club owners (any member) can choose an appropriate club (Open, Close, Private) type to determine how much they share with the wider community. While some groups may aim to be fully visible to the community, others dealing with more sensitive subjects may want to be more hidden (from Google and Guest) , and our forum software provides the tools to do so. Click on Menu > Clubs to take a look. Or link by https://www.blowingwind.io/forum/clubs/ 3. Members take charge ! a, For Members who like to create your own "Club", you can go Menu > Clubs > Start a Club b. Create a Topic Name and post information as appropriate. c. We prefer the Clubs to be community driven. If there are existing topics in the forum where you like to move into the club, let the moderators know. d. Any member(s) can create Clubs. However we prefer Clubs to be "NON-SEXUAL" and observe the BW guidelines. Topics can be like Pets, Manga, TV/Netflix Series, health. mental issues, Japanese language, cooking, music, ... The owner of the club have to be responsible for the Club and Drive it by leading discussions and do member recruitment. Moderators have prerogative to shut-down Sexual Content Clubs and also moderate the contents of the club. 4. Pokemon Go As a start, I have created a Pokemon Club. Feel free to join the Pokemon Club and see how it works. A sample Club is attached. 5. Ask This is still in test stage as we are also learning as we we go along. Post queries here. Enjoy ! Hendry Tan Admin cum Moderator
  18. hornyswimmer

    Gay men from Klang, Malaysia

    Hi guys! If you're from Klang, Selangor, leave a reply in this thread so we all know each other. Pretty sure Klang has a lot of gay guys, so don't be shy! Let's all get connected!
  19. Dickbi

    Bi Married KL

    looking for Bi married and or Curious guys to socialise with as well as create a group on wechat.
  20. This is a strange declaration by the Pope in a recent interview where he talked about gays in the clergy. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/02/gay-people-should-not-join-catholic-clergy-pope-francis-says No room for ‘fashionable’ homosexuality and gay priests should be ‘impeccably responsible’ or leave "Pope Francis is “concerned” about what he describes as the “serious issue” of homosexuality, saying in an interview published on Saturday that being gay is a “fashion” to which the clergy is susceptible. “The issue of homosexuality is a very serious issue that must be adequately discerned from the beginning with the candidates,” the pontiff said with regards to would-be priests. “In our societies it even seems that homosexuality is fashionable and that mentality, in some way, also influences the life of the church,” he says in the book The Strength of a Vocation, released in Italy on Saturday. “This is something I am concerned about, because perhaps at one time it did not receive much attention,” he says in the book, a transcript of an interview that will be released in 10 languages. A decree on training for Roman Catholic priests in 2016 stressed the obligation of sexual abstinence, as well as barring gay men and those who support “gay culture” from holy orders. The barring of people who present homosexual tendencies was first stipulated by the Catholic church in 2005. “It can happen that at the time perhaps they didn’t exhibit [that tendency], but later on it comes out,” Francis said. “In consecrated and priestly life, there’s no room for that kind of affection. Therefore, the church recommends that people with that kind of ingrained tendency should not be accepted into the ministry or consecrated life. “The ministry or the consecrated life is not his place.” Gay clergy were urged to be “impeccably responsible” in a warning over bad behaviour that was notable for its silence on heterosexual clergy who break their vow of celibacy." I have always been a supporter of Francis and his progressive ideology. But to call homosexuality a "fashion" is kind of weird. Why isn't heterosexuality a "fashion" too?
  21. Taiwan votes against equal marriage in major blow to LGBTI community BREAKING: Marriage will stay between a 'man and a woman' in the Civil Code Anti-LGBTI rally in Taiwan | Photo: GagaTai (republished with permission) 24 November 2018 13:34 GMT Rik Glauert and James Besanvalle Taiwan just voted against equal marriage in the country today (24 November). It held a referendum on several LGBTI issues, including whether to change the Civil Code definition of marriage to two ‘people’ rather than a ‘man and a woman’. But in a devastating blow to the LGBTI community, voters rejected marriage equality. For any referendum to pass, it needs a result of 4.95 million people voting in favor, according to the Central Election Commission. At the time of writing, just over 5 million people voted to keep the Civil Code to the ‘man and a woman’ definition, with only roughly 1.5 million voting to change it. In today’s referendum, Taiwanese people voted in five LGBTI-specific questions: Case 10 asked if the definition of marriage should stay between a man and a woman. Voters said yes. Case 11 asked if gender equality education should be taught in elementary and middle schools. Voters said no. Case 12 asked if voters believed in giving same-sex couples who live together legal protections, without changing the Civil Code. Voters said yes. Case 14 asked if voters wanted to change the Civil Code to offer same-sex marriage. Voters said no. Case 15 asked if schools should teach all students about ‘gender equality, emotional education, sex education and same-sex education’. Voters said no. Miao Poya launched the two pro-referendum petitions and said after the announcement of the losses: ‘Start tomorrow with a heavier mission. We’re going to work harder.’ All hope is not lost: Marriage equality in Taiwan by May 2019 In May 2017, Taiwan’s top court made a first of its kind ruling in Asia, saying that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry. It set a two-year deadline for legislation. This means by May 2019, LGBTI people will legally be able to marry in Taiwan. But new referendum laws allowed both anti- and pro- LGBTI groups to launch petitions on what form the legislation would take. The government has previously said the outcome of the referendum won’t affect the ruling of May 2017. But LGBTI advocates have denounced a separate marriage law, akin to the UK’s Civil Partnership Act, as failing to provide equality. They wanted lawmakers to change the Civil Code to define marriage as between two ‘people’ rather than a ‘man and a woman’. On Saturday, Taiwan also went to the polls on the country’s LGBTI-inclusive curriculum. How did we get here? Taiwan made headlines last year when its highest court ruled that failing to recognize same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. It paved the way for Taiwan to be the first country in Asia for equal marriage. Advocates hoped, in line with the court’s suggestion, lawmakers would change the Civil Code’s definition of marriage. The court’s statement, however, led space to enact separate legislation to recognize same-sex marriages. But Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party, despite campaigning on a promise of marriage equality in the run-up to 2016 elections, and other lawmakers failed to enact legislation. A lawmaker Gay Star News spoke to put this down to the country’s small but powerful Christian population. She also said older Taiwanese held conservative traditional family values and were susceptible to misinformation. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s government made it easier to propose referendums. Citizens need only to gather signatures from 1.5% of the electorate —280,000 in this case – to secure a referendum.
  22. Heya wanna restart up the thread for SUSS since the last one was titled SIM. Any for study buddies dinner buddies etc
  23. Any good and safe glory holes or understalls inn KL? I am keen on experiencing such thing in KL...
  24. Pure bottom here , I wanna practice blowjob and deep throat on your dick , any volunteer ? Pm
  25. Yanto


    Any K-popers out there ? Mention your favorite boy/girl group... Im fans of EXO n BTS