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  1. ray88

    Looking for Meetups in Penang

    Starting a new thread for guys in Penang to share their activitites and the likes
  2. Yanto

    Chain Reaction

    Let's play chain reaction. like the game show, say a word, and next user says it in another form. EXAMPLE: User 1: Base Ball User 2: Ball Hog User 3: Hog Warts this keeps going and going for a long chain reaction! Note: if word is impossible to use, make a note of it and start a new one, or wait for someone else to answer it. LET'S PLAY CHAIN REACTION! I'll start BLOW JOB
  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Vinz, 28 years old from the Philippines. I am a solo Traveller (Backpacker) I do freelance massage while on my trip to support my travel expenses. If you want to get relaxed book me for a session of full body relaxing massage. **Available time** It is a full body relaxing massage. Back and front from head to toe I can guarantee you that you will be satisfied with my service. I do accept INCALL for Monday and Tuesday! (My last 2 nights in Singapore) reserve your slot. For inquiries you can reach me via WhatsApp: +60173909750 Message Code: BlowingWind Thank you so much!
  4. Any good and safe glory holes or understalls inn KL? I am keen on experiencing such thing in KL...
  5. tall_big30

    Beach Road Area

    Any mature / older Chinese man around beach road area? Textile Centre or Sultan Plaza? Quickies...??
  6. trevose28

    Textile Centre

    Any Uncles around here for quick fun? There are some uncles here, but dun seem like PLU Prefer Chinese man late 40s and above, mature looking...hehe This evening at Bukit Timah Plaza...
  7. Guest

    Scuba Diving (Compiled)

    hi. would like to take up diving hobby. would appreciate it if anyone can point me to the right direction of a good scuba diving
  8. Let me start. I used to tell my friends that if I could just be living somewhere in a woods, somewhere in a place with a weather that has positive effects on human fundamental needs (physical, mental, and emotional) and spend hours with my dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel .. I would be most delighted. Some of my friends feel that I am an escapist, that I am running away from life. Perhaps, I am. Life, to me, is one long journey of experiences and there are no limits to what one is able to achieve. Just like a baby who learns to crawl, walk and then run, life is an experience for humans to try everything. "Everything" that we like along with what we don't. It is said that when we take the time to experience these "Everything", what happens is that we become more aware of what is going on. Not only that we "know" what is going on with the world but also in the minds of people. These "Everything" provide the opportunity to relate and connect. I have this motto - "I am born alone and I shall leave this world alone but what I do while I am alive makes the difference". I believe that we are all designed to interact. We are all designed to share knowledge. That we are all equals and each one of us is blessed and we share the same blessings and hardships. No one, including myself, is better than anyone else. While some babies learn to run faster, life is about how the fact is interpreted. Communication is a two street - as you speak, I learn; as I speak, another person is collecting additional knowledge. Expectations and judgement, while in communication, are constants and when they are breached, the chain is broken. The process of life will come to a stage when one shall sit on a plateau where death awaits. When this happens, it shall be about recollection. It shall be about how much can we be grateful to all the things we have experienced, collected, learned and shared. And what is yours?
  9. Hello, Just that we married guys get busy with "family first" "work second" "us and our fitness last". So having a forum page, where we can all find like minded folks, who are also interested and live in the neighborhood to go for jogging, gym, and some physical activities time for ourselves and in turn keep ourselves fit. Thanks
  10. lookseelooksee

    Plant pics

  11. jcboistar

    Telegram Grp

    Creating New Telegram Groups, Interested to join any of the GROUPS? Reply here or PM me your Telegram ID. Please indicate which group/s do you want to join.  1) Fun 2) Exhibition 3) 18-30 4) Twinks 5) Friends
  12. la.pas

    Indian Men

    Hard to find. So lets gather here...
  13. Special k

    Malaysia Jerk Off Club

    Thinking of starting a jerk off club. Basically get a safe location where guys can get together naked and jerk off. You can just watch or participate, no commitments whatsoever. It's about male bonding What you think? Let me know in the comment below
  14. Pete Buttigieg is the Mayor of the city of South Bend, Indiana, US. He is 36 y.o. and gay, and has announced his candidacy for president of the United States. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/pete_buttigieg-36-year-old-mayor-south-bend-indiana-2020-713662/ Not only this, but he is MARRIED. Here is a video of his marriage to his partner in an Episcopalian church: (a rather lengthy video, but worth to jump around to see the marriage of two gays... in a Church! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CR30N-dieg Will the US accept a president that is GAY, married to another GAY, only 36 y.o. and with quite a progressive agenda? If so, the world will never be the same for us! We will see! After all, the US elected a black president already. .
  15. JoeNadzri

    KL Cruising Tips

    Hey guys, do share any info on new cruising spots here. So far from what I know, we have these in KL: Parks 1. Taman Tasik Permaisuri (Bandar tun Razak) 2. Taman Kelana Jaya 3. Bukit Jalil Park (upcoming?) Swimming Pools 1. Kompleks Renang Bandar Tun Razak 2. Kelana Jaya Municipal Pool 3. Chin Woo Stadium Swimming Pool Malls 1. KL Sentral/Nu Sentral 2. Cheras Sentral Mall (upcoming?) 3. AEON Big Kepong? Gloryholes 1. Putrajaya Presint 6 Public Toilet 2. Gyms 1. CF Sunway? Saunas 1. Otot otot 2. Mandi manda 3. Kakiku Feel free to add to the list!
  16. Heya wanna restart up the thread for SUSS since the last one was titled SIM. Any for study buddies dinner buddies etc
  17. Stumbling upon this article which I find both interesting and true in most aspects. I thought I’ll just share it for they have come a long way... Enjoy! https://newnaratif.com/research/how-discrimination-kills-gay-men-in-singapore/
  18. Add me @jtan98_hello on telegram
  19. 1. Social Interaction for BW Members Blowingwind Forum has 42K members + many guests. Last week Mod's meeting, the mods discussed on ways we can allow members to engage in Non-Gay Topics (eg Special Interest Groups like Plants, Pets, Karaoke, Food, IT, Travel etc) Something which we tried with mixed results some time back. 2. Try Again ! Introducing Social Clubs Clubs allows MEMBERS to create " User-created popup communities for collaboration. Clubs enable members to create social groups for the BW community. Club owners (any member) can choose an appropriate club (Open, Close, Private) type to determine how much they share with the wider community. While some groups may aim to be fully visible to the community, others dealing with more sensitive subjects may want to be more hidden (from Google and Guest) , and our forum software provides the tools to do so. Click on Menu > Clubs to take a look. Or link by https://www.blowingwind.io/forum/clubs/ 3. Members take charge ! a, For Members who like to create your own "Club", you can go Menu > Clubs > Start a Club b. Create a Topic Name and post information as appropriate. c. We prefer the Clubs to be community driven. If there are existing topics in the forum where you like to move into the club, let the moderators know. d. Any member(s) can create Clubs. However we prefer Clubs to be "NON-SEXUAL" and observe the BW guidelines. Topics can be like Pets, Manga, TV/Netflix Series, health. mental issues, Japanese language, cooking, music, ... The owner of the club have to be responsible for the Club and Drive it by leading discussions and do member recruitment. Moderators have prerogative to shut-down Sexual Content Clubs and also moderate the contents of the club. 4. Pokemon Go As a start, I have created a Pokemon Club. Feel free to join the Pokemon Club and see how it works. A sample Club is attached. 5. Ask This is still in test stage as we are also learning as we we go along. Post queries here. Enjoy ! Hendry Tan Admin cum Moderator
  20. Most such wives I know will keep quiet. Most will only only ve one child and unlikely to ve sex regularly. Few will look for other men.
  21. Anyone into interracial setups? Am seeking a slim/skinny, chinese partner myself for an interracial relationship. Interested persons please PM to discuss further
  22. I want to set up a WeChat group for discrete Bi and/or Married men here in KL and the surrounding areas and for gay guys who prefer guys in our situation. I think many guys like me would like a safe environment to talk with other guys, help each other out, share experiences, arrange hookups or whatever, with likeminded people in a community where we know people are genuine, honest, and non-judgmental. Dunno if this will work or not ... but I hope it will. Please reply here or PM me with your WeChat ID and I'll get it started.
  23. Needed to gather some funds for uni... Selling used OCS pt kit. Singlet-S Shorts-S $60 per set Will wear it for a day before sending it out if you'd like.
  24. Almost 1 in 4 who engage in chemsex know someone who died after a chillout Nearly two thirds suffer from depression or anxiety because of getting ‘high and horny’ 5 Guys Chillin' Theatre show 5 Guys Chillin' looks at the world of chemsex 14 September 2017 15:39 GMT Jamie Wareham and David Hudson Almost a quarter of people who engage in chemsex know someone who died after a party and play scenario. ‘Chemsex’ is using drugs for sex. And growing numbers of gay and bi men are getting ‘high and horny’. Gay Star News and social app Blued surveyed 1,117 people in the first global survey into chemsex. Guys experimenting with chemsex across the world told us: Almost 1 in 4 (23%) who party and play know someone who died after a chillout. Nearly two thirds (60%) experience anxiety or depression as a result of having chemsex. 1 in 10 reports being sexually assaulted in a chemsex environment. 1 in 10 has gone to Accident and Emergency, an Emergency Room or needed urgent care because of the chems they’ve taken. 23% have overdosed on chemsex drug ‘G.’ 3 in 10 who get high and horny, do it on their own with porn. Over half (53%) say they take more risks with their sexual health when on chems. This survey was conducted as part of Gay Star News’s chemsex series of articles which is examining the relationship LGBTI people have between drugs and sex. It was designed to find out about the way people are engaging in chemsex, rather than how many people are having it. Responding to the survey, David Stuart the Chemsex lead at London’s sexual health clinic 56 Dean Street says ‘These results are consistent with the stories I hear from gay communities I visit around the world.’ Read: Chemsex is creating a rise in gay men being criminalized What drugs are gay and bi men using for sex? The majority indicated that G (the common term for gammahydroxybutyrate, GHB, or gammabutyrolactone, GBL) was one of several drugs used during their chemsex session. When asked ‘which of the following drugs have you used for sex in the last year?’ Half said they used G, closely followed by ‘Tina’ (crystal meth) at 48%. Monty MoncrieffChief Executive with London Friend the LGBT Health and Wellbeing charity that runs drug service antidote refers to the popularity of G, crystal meth and mephedrone as the ‘unholy trinity’ of chemsex drugs. Gay Star News and Blued Global Chemsex Survey – Answers to ‘Which of the following drugs have you used for sex in the last year?’ Other drugs in the mix also included ecstasy, cannabis/weed and viagra. Poppers are the common name for isopropyl nitrite – which remains a legal substance in many countries, including the UK. Read: What you need to know about the drugs gay men are using to chill out and have sex Apps are powering chemsex The survey shows that apps are one of the main ways gay and bi men connect to have chemsex. Four in five (82%) said they use apps in the planning of getting high and horny, buying drugs and finding parties. Gay Star News and Blued Global Chemsex Survey – Answers to ‘What role do hook-up apps play in facilitating your chemsex life?’ We also know that nearly two thirds have their own drug dealers, while 16% are using apps to seek out dealers. Those that don’t have their own dealer, rely on a partner (46%). And, alarmingly, 7% swap drugs for sex. How often are people high and horny? Half of the respondents engage in chemsex at least once a month. For 16% of the respondents it’s just once a month, however both twice a month (15%) and every weekend (14%) had similar rates. A smaller number (4%) got high and horny daily. For the rest, chemsex seemed to be a more irregular experience. A quarter said it was just a few times a year, and 3% said they only took chems on public holidays. Actors from the play 5 Guys Chillin’ by Peter Darney Is everyone party and playing? The often sensationalised chemsex parties are only part of the story for some of those engaging in chemsex. Our survey found that only a third went to chemsex parties. Others played alone with a sexual partner – either someone they’d just met or a long-term partner. Gay Star News and Blued Global Chemsex Survey – Answers to ‘Who do you most commonly take chems with?’ Chemsex can also be a solitary experience. The results show 30% are taking chems on their own and watching porn. Liam McClelland is one person who gave a personal account of this to Gay Star Newsas part of its chemsex series. He described to GSN how making the the decision to slam (inject drugs), ‘unlocked a side of chemsex that was destructive.’ He eventually ended up slamming on his own; feeling isolated through anxiety attacks and just seeking to escape. ‘Chemsex is destroying lives’ This is a phrase GSN has heard from many people while putting together its chemsex series. The statistics in this survey make that even more clear. Almost 1 in 4 (23%) who party and play say they know someone who died after a chillout. When nearly two thirds (60%) experience anxiety or depression as a result of engaging in chemsex, it is clearly having a detrimental affect on many who experiment. Beyond this, it’s hard to separate the incidence of sexual assault (reported by nearly 1 in 10), from the numbers who says they have overdosed on G – nearly a quarter of respondents. This powerful drug is a depressant and notoriously easy to overdose on. Too much sends people into ‘G sleeps’: actually a type of coma. We’ve heard accounts throughout this series of people waking up from a G overdose and find themselves being fucked by someone. Gay Star News and Blued Global Chemsex Survey – Answers to ‘Think about the choices you make about sexual health while using chems. Which of these statements do you most identify with?’ Alongside this, 30% of people who took part in the survey were HIV positive. One in 10 of the respondents say they contracted the virus while using chems for sex. And 37% say they caught another STI. Ultimately, as summed up in the final question of the survey, over half admitted they were taking more risks with their sexual health while high on chems. Read: What you can do if you think your drug use is problematic Gay and bi men in London are taking more risks The largest proportion of respondents came from London, nearly a quarter. When you examine just Londoners, you see dramatic increases in risk taking. Of course the results pool is smaller, however, it shows there are higher uses of the ‘unholy trinity’ of drugs. People are more likely to know someone who died and there are more overdoses: G use rises from half to 7 in 10. Mephedrone use doubles to two-thirds reporting use of the drug (from 32%). Crystal is used by 58% of Londoners compared with 48% globally. More people go to chemsex parties, 45% compared with 35% globally. G overdoses are much more common, 35% in London report having one. And 35% of London chemsex users know someone who has died (23% worldwide). The trend indicates London’s gay and bi males are taking more risks on the chemsex scene. Narrowing down the results to the UK capital, 60% say they take ‘more or greater risks’ when using chems. This is higher than the global average of just over half (53%). Read: Sexual assaults double in London in chemsex environments How does our community respond? 56 Dean Street is a global leader in chemsex support. Stuart himself coined the term ‘chemsex’ in 2001. He says he feels ‘flush with unmanageable emotions’ at the results of this survey. Stuart adds: ‘We must get angry, we must not accept these harms as normal recreational hazards. Overdoses, sexual assaults, psychosis, deaths must not be normal parts of our pursuit of sex. Or our pursuit of pleasure and connection.’ Read David Stuart writing for the series: Chemsex will define a period of our gay history Starting the debate Blued says: ‘Our app is focused on health promotion and making our platform and our community safer. We want to inform and facilitate sexual health education and take on important topics like this. ‘We hope this survey and content over the coming weeks will get people to think how to improve their safety. ‘We’re looking forward to discussing the issues in more detail in our event with Gay Star News at the end of the month.’ Gay Star News editor Tris Reid-Smith says: ‘We believe everyone is free to make their own sexual choices. Stigmatising people doesn’t help and we won’t be doing so. ‘But while some people appear to be managing the relationship to chems, others clearly are not. And sometimes the consequences are devastating. ‘People volunteered to do our survey, so it’s not scientific. But it does take a global snapshot of the chemsex phenomenon for the first time. We wanted it to inspire further research and get our community talking. ‘But the stats are only one part of that effort. We have gathered a wealth of personal stories, expert analysis, video interviews that we’ll be sharing over the coming days. ‘We hope people will find the information helpful as they try to protect themselves and others.’ This article is part of the Gay Star News Chemsex Series. Read more stories, support and see the videos on our chemsex section.
  25. husbandsbestfriend

    Married Pinoy

    Is there any married pinoy here?