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Pathetic Singaporean singer only got 5,000 views in 6 years

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Sgs pop is 3 m while pinoy is 100 m.


How to compare?



never argue with the guests. let them bark all they want.





After I have said what I wanna say, I don't care what you say.



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On 7/22/2018 at 11:56 PM, Guest Guest said:

Another singer from the Philippines got 49 million views in 6 years.

Singapore really tak boleh leh



In my humble expert view, Charice is one of mother gaia's treasures..Charice is a gift to the world. At such a young age, she had won worldwide acclaim and is regarded as one of the best singers blessed with one of the best voices that had ever lived. 


Take note that it is not only my view but views from industry whos who ad I often miggle with the movers and shakers of world wide entertainment.

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1 hour ago, killerwhale said:

FYI, Charice is now known as Jake Zyrus after going through gender transition.

His voice has deepened significantly.



Wow I am in love. Jake look so geogeous and handsome. 110% hunk material! I am lustfully in love this this gift from mother naturem 

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Guest Holding Breath All Day

I hate the title of this thread and think it is unnecessarily and spitefully cruel, but I have to agree that Jake Zyrus is very sexy in the screen capture above, especially compared to when he was known as Charice. One thing I wonder is whether she became a he, in part, because she (now he) wants to marry a woman and have kids. If the doctors were unable to make her (now his) new plumbing fully functional, however, the surgically reassigned he could be a perfect bottom for me (and I'm sure many others) again and again and again.

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