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  1. Not really a mantra but at the end of a day, I'll ask myself "Have I earned an honest day's wage?". Usually, the answer is yes and that gives me the assurance to put work aside and concentrate on my loved ones. Another mantra that reinforces that is "Work can never finish". LOL!
  2. Talk about work (we are in the same industry)... talk about the latest BL show... talk about where to go for our next holiday vacation... talk about our families... will still make it a point to tell him I love him every now and then when I am at work. I do this for both our good: it affirms him, and it reminds me that there is someone who is more important to me than work LOL
  3. Yes I have to agree. If we treat our partners worse than how we treat normal friends, then that's just sad. Very often, we take our loved ones for granted. I think a simple happy birthday and some quality time (or whatever his love language is) is enough. Extravagant gifts are not necessary especially if they mean nothing.
  4. A little perturbed by the very ungrammatical question posted as the topic. Sorry to go off-topic a little but all the branded goods cannot make up for a lack of class sometimes, if you know what I mean. Don't mean to offend anyone. Let's help each other improve our language
  5. Pokemon Sun & Moon

    Finished elite 4 a couple of weeks ago and just collected all the ultra beasts. Thought that the post games are not as good as Pokemon ORAS. My Team? Primarina, Muk, Oricorio (electric version), Salazzle, Dragon Exeggutor and Kommo-O. Will try to catch the other legendaries now and fight Red/Blue. Yes, I agree with you that the idea of being the first champion is a good one. Wish he could do more as champion.
  6. For me, it's nearly everyday... with our friends or with our families.... spending time with each other is important but making sure the relationship does not stagnate is another.... must always make sure we do different things so that you keep making new memories...
  7. What I've heard is that OCBC is bleeding because of this and things may change soon. Well, perhaps just enjoy while it last?
  8. Blame It On The Raging Hormones

    I downloaded it on my kindle... Can get from Amazon
  9. Canned food is a must... sardines? sinful luncheon meat? mushrooms?.... getting hungry....
  10. Really love the show too... Shall read the novel when I have more time. For those interested, you can find the novel here: http://www.blnovel.com/20/20202/ I really think these shows should just do crowdfunding... I am sure many would support.
  11. FATHERS <Movie>

    The premier in bangkok took place some weeks ago already. Need to wait a while for it to be released online. Nat Ho flew down for the premier to support Utt too.... I wonder how close the 2 of them are.
  12. Is Kinokuniya also trying to protest against the censorship? LOL... This is a pic from the Taka branch btw...
  13. I think to lose 5-6% fat in just 5-6 months is good and healthy. Anything more might not be suitable. My question is how u know that the weight loss is due to fats? And what was your starting body fat%? I think just exercise and stick to a caloric deficit diet will surely allow you to achieve your goal.
  14. Do you guys believe that the only way to cut fat is to ensure caloric deficit? And what do you guys have to say about intermittent fasting? If you don't know about it, just search on youtube. This challenges the whole idea of eating smaller meals of greater frequency and it also challenges the notion that breakfast is important. Would like to hear what you guys have to say.
  15. Career Advice

    Investment banking has it pros and cons from what I know. Really slog a lot but it's also hard to get such an offer. For me, I'll go with a choice that I won't regret. Have you always wanted to go into IB? If this thought of IB only came about because of the offer then maybe u should stay. But if it has been gnawing at you then just go for it because not everyone has that chance.