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  1. I had a massage by Benny yesterday. Once again, he did a great job. And I sleep well last night. Good job Benny!
  2. I went for a 90 mins massage today and found the room neat, clean and with filled with pleasant soothing music. I enjoyed the massage today better as I find his skills has improved.
  3. Hi I am keen to connect with u? what kind of guy u seek?


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    2. Bistander


      i m also not into anal. u seeking anything now?

    3. Cum4u57


      seeking for chn or mly to give pleasure slow and long to my cock. i dont have pl

    4. Bistander


      i hv place. i dont invite ppl to my place, if we click, i will host. how u look? any fetish?

  4. I had my massage today, The massage is very good and is well worth the money!
  5. Hi,


    I am keen to know you better.



    1. razzmatazz
    2. Bistander


      great. what kind of guy u seek?


      me c 45 175 70 -u ?


    3. razzmatazz


      sry bro, my account got suspended.

      40 163 59 chn T

  6. hi, please PM me his details. thanks in advance