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  1. Daddy & Me (Compiled) [No Incest!]

    There are daddies in here, problem is u guys are choosy and so are the daddies.
  2. I dun disagree with u richie, let retribution get the better of her for cursing n swearing at peoples family. She will get her sufferings soon

  3. Cursing

    This person by the nick of Dea likes to always curse peoples family (eg: fuck ur mother, may your whole family die n so on). She claims to be a gal and is very arrogant. God has eyes n ears. I think retribution will get to her.
  4. Bedok area fun

    55c 182 85. mutual jo ?
  5. where to get mature top fuck me?

    55c 182 85 u have place?

    Yes I agree. He is a DAMN TIME WASTER.
  7. Daddy & Me (Compiled) [No Incest!]

    Can msg me in Line ? ID : . cautious123
  8. Daddy & Me (Compiled) [No Incest!]

    Me mature . 50c 182 85 bi top. Seeking lean young btm below 22. Please msg me in Line with your intro. ID : cautious123
  9. Hello, I am a matured married bi top. 50c 182 85 average body size, masculine, tall n stern looking. Msg me in Line with your intro please. ID : cautious123
  10. Seeking long term buddies

    ur id not found. My id is cautious123
  11. Long Term Mutual Fun

    I am a matured married bi top. I am seeking btms 25 yr old n below for mutual fun. I am very discreet. Please reply me with your intro or alternatively, you can msg me in Line. My ID is : cautious123. Please inro urself in Line also. Thanks
  12. 3some fun

    Any lean young top 24 & below interested to have 3some fun tonite wif me a mature and a 23 yr old btm ? Do msg me in Line with your intro. ID : cautious123
  13. Msg u so many times but u didn't bother to reply. Are u a playout ??
  14. Furama Hotel Thai btm

    Hello, wats ur intro please ?