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Stop looking at me. Please!

Guest Leave me alone

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Guest Leave me alone

Whether I am attentively reading a book in MRT or eating quietly in hawker centre , there will always be people looking or staring at me when I lifted up my head. I find it very uncomfortable and instrusive and even felt worse if that person harbour horny thought upon see me mind drifted elsewhere.  I get even more frustrated if that person is a hideous freak man or woman.   Once an old fat  lady deliberately  sat next to me even when half the train was empty.  She could easily get the opposite sitting area with more spacious instead of squeezing her butt next to me.  Another toothless smelly smoker old man tried to strike a conversation in the midst of me trying to enjoy my meal quietly.  His body was reeked with odor.  He apologised for sharing with my table when 90_0% of the tables were empty.  What was the motives of all these freaky people?  Leave me alone and fuck off!

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