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On 7/22/2021 at 4:38 PM, notd said:

Anyone pulled for Ayaka thus far? What are your thoughts about her? 


Also, no to Gorou having abs. Perfectly fine with Gorou having a young boy model in-game. Not every cute twink in Genshin needs to have a chiseled body or washboard abs.


I pulled ayaka, but i haven't properly tried it because you need to farm all the new materials to ascend (bloody sakura bloom!), talent material, etc. Everything is new XD

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8 hours ago, KopiAddict said:

Hello!! I got Ayaka and I need help getting perpetual heart to ascend her. (Will also need help with Yanfei’s). 

anyone can help?? 

You need help because you don't hv high level units? Zhong+ning can kill it easily.

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