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An interracial love affair raises the ugly spectre of racism (Flaming room version)


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Guest Racist Comments Are Racist
On 6/17/2021 at 9:56 AM, Nightingale said:

Ngee Ann Poly  to  Sack  Lecturer  over  Racist  Comments  to  Inter-ethnic  Couple, Islamophobic  Remarks  in  Class



I hope he never gets another teaching job allowing him to harm young minds again. One of the most deserved sackings in the history of unemployment.

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It's horrible. The unfounded accusation hurts so painfully that I cry out for injustice. I remember the caylan ford resignation going on amid massive media headlines about racism. I'd like to say my opinion about all repressions, about people who allow themselves to impose their opinion on others. It is a pity that incomprehensible "democratic" steps are taking place in our country and practically in all developed countries. They completely kill other people's rights. People who could not protect themselves in any way. It is terrible to grant that anyone who faces double standards is forced to prove their innocence in political debate because of their skin color.

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