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Best Instant Noodle


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Guest Local Taste

I usually avoid instant noodles especially because of the packet of msg flavouring and opt for dry noodles instead.


However, i must say i like the Prima Taste Laska. There is no packet of flavouring powder inside.

Instead you will get a packet of laksa sauce and coconut powder. The laksa sauce is just like those instant cooking sauce and it tastes good! 


The only complaint i have is that one packet of noodles is too much for me. I have to split into 2 portions.

Sometimes i use the laksa sauce to cook prawns or other meat, and eat the noodles as dry noodles instead.

Although it may seem costly but to me because of the large portion of noodles, it is like buying 2 big packets of other instant noodles. 




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On 10/19/2021 at 2:23 PM, practease said:

My favourite since young and probably forever will be Myojo's Chicken Curry Noodles. 


You can totally eat it as is or bling it up.

When I feel the need for decadence, I'll throw in a can of 




If I want it simple, I'd throw in an


or two.


When I want it spicier I'd stir in 
Pure heaven!

i like e exact same things as u. jus tt i prefer normal chicken flavor 4 noodle. lol.

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On 6/17/2022 at 5:59 PM, Since u r here said:

If in terms of cup noodles?

i pref nissin- esp the seafood one though salty…..

OMG I like nissin ones also :D yes quite salty, usually i dun drink up the soap or will have high sodium intake :D 


Alternatively I like these:


Cos it's not too spicy...



Of course the traditional ones like:



or this




And hope to try this (DONOT SEE THE PRICE on pic. SG is selling at 30+ish I think)



Will you be my valentine's? :D

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