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Are you running on Windows 10? Did you get a prompt to upgrade to Windows 11 for FREE?


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I’ve a Razer Blade Stealth 13 and I’ve actually installed all my Windows 10 updates and signed up for Windows 11, but for some reason, I still don’t see it yet. Not sure what’s the reason but I do hope to get it working eventually! Hehe. 


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My PC from 2019 not fit to do the upgrade to Windows 11.


There was this tool to check and then it said it cannot upgrade to Windows 11.


The question will be how long Microsoft will maintain updates for Windows 10.

From the past Upgrades it seems that they shorten the time span of their programs more and more to force people to buy new laptops or PCs...

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On 3/13/2022 at 1:30 PM, Since u r here said:

dont ever upgrade to Win 11!!!!!!!!!

i got it without a choice as i recently gotten a new laptop!

ApPEARANCE wise is just like a Apple pdt like WLDSBTM mentioned

but but it no longer allows us to drag and drop! this is Farking frustrating, can someone help?!!? 
or can i install Window 10 instead?



There seems to be help on the way:


Windows 11’s Taskbar Is Finally Getting Drag and Drop

Feb 17, 2022


The latest Windows Insider build, which is called Build 22557, features some incredible changes that give us a positive outlook on what to expect from Windows 11’s future. One such feature is the return of dragging and dropping files to the taskbar, which was sorely missing from Windows 11 at launch.


In Windows 10, you could drag a file over an app icon to bring that app to the front and use the file in the associated app. For example, you could drag a file to the Outlook icon to attach it to an email. This feature was missing from Windows 11 at launch, forcing users to relearn how they navigate around their OS.







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I havent used Win11 but I guess I will have a hard tie getting used to the start bar in the centre (center) too. Thankfully there is a way to solve it:



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Will you be my valentine's? :D

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