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False accusation by admin

Guest J’s girl

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On 5/17/2022 at 12:16 AM, Guest Vision said:

Hey do not drag blowing wind and other members down with your personal mess. 


By making a police report you may well implicate the mod and other forum users because of the activities here on blowing wind. 

The repercussion and consequences may be a bigger fire than anyone of us can put out. There is a potential Titus Low saga might even by eclipsed. I reckon majority of us are not ready to be the talk of town. 


Isn't that the fear which J's girl is counting on exactly, while she blackmails the entire community here?  Do not be afraid. Do not fall for blackmail and terrorism.


Even if she is going to go 同归于尽 kamikaze with us here, there are more evidences of J's girl doxxing, harassment, and blackmailing activities than evidences of our misdeeds here.  Let's see who has more to lose: a gay community living our lives as normally as any other day, or a girl who will NEVER find another boyfriend after she gets outed on her ways to spy on her bf, her creepy catfishing ways to dig out other people's info, her doxxing and her harassment of other people, and let's not forget her blackmailing of the entire community here? 


So sure! Go ahead! Let's see who has more to lose if both parties gets outed. And I am really hoping that she gets outed soon, so that the first thing I will do is to write in to her school and/or colleagues to ask if that is the kind of person they have been grooming. We can have pictures of her face plastered all over the internet, so that she can become an overnight internet sensation for everyone to avoid as a life partner for the rest of her life.


If anyone thinks that girls can be bitches, they have never seen GAYS at work.

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