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Is it worth getting an Apple watch

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The first question you should ask yourself, is if you are already in the Apple ecosystem. If you already have an iPhone, and use a Mac, then there are lots of things that add to the overall experience. If you are not an iPhone user, then I think you might not experience that many benefits of the Apple Watch.


Also, not sure if you already have any experiences using a similar watch? One of the things that takes getting used to, is the need to charge your watch almost every day, or even more often. Some people will consider it too much of a hassle.


If you are a jogger/runner/cyclist, and use a cellular-enabled Apple Watch (more expensive option), you could practically go around without your phone, since you could still do emergency calls from your watch, and the watch will track your entire workout, from route (using the GPS), to pacing and heart rate.


If you are a driver, Apple has also introduced Crash Detection, that triggers calls to Emergency Services if a crash is detected (using the accelerometers). Of course, you are given the option to kill that call, if you are okay. The same also happens for "fall detection". A friend of mine is now a new user, because he had previously fainted at home, due to a previously undetected heart problem.


Of course, there are many others, like all the alerts routing through your watch as well. Quite helpful, when you are working, and not looking at your phone.


Me? I mainly use it for its integration with the iPhone, and to track my runs. I don't consider myself a "big user" of the watch. One thing that irks me, is that due to some software issues, the watch can sometimes not charge while placed on the charging cradle... So, you might take off your watch, place it to charge before turning in for the night, only to realise the next morning, that it hadn't charged at all! It's quite a common issue, and you usually just have to reboot your watch, and it will charge as per normal. However, it would probably mean some extra inconvenience.

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5 hours ago, Guest Guest said:

Is it worth it?


(Hopefully this doesnt get moved to IT thread, there will be no reply there.)

It has indeed moved to the IT thread.


It depends on what you are planning to do with the Apple Watch, some functions I can think of..

1) Unlock your Mac/iPhone

2) Use as Ezlink card

3) Track your exercise (there's also Lumihealth that let you earn vouchers)

4) Gets notifications from your phone (instant messaging, routing, emails etc)


All this is based on you using an iPhone. I think you won't get full benefits of the Apple Watch if you are using Android phones.

Also, as @sgmaven mentioned, charging of the Apple Watch is almost a daily affair, can you get used to this habit?

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I've been using AW since 2016 and still love to use it. I've upgraded to Apple Watch Ultra and the battery life is superb. Only charge it once every 2-3 days. I use the watch to track my workout, Apple Pay for public transport/shopping and control my homekit devices at home, and also to tell time. :)


Do note that Apple Watch only work if you have an iPhone.

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