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Millennials and GenZ Here?


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4 hours ago, MasterFitMalaySG4U said:

Younger ones many...from curious to wild. 


Millennials I am one of them. 


Good question though average age median about 35ish to 45? 

ah is it? 
a lot of message I get comes from at least 40. That assume isn’t even real age. 

could be median of 40-45? 
i don’t see lots of 20s here. 

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Can I say this is the only platform left catered for Singapore and Malaysia for our community - at least that's my impression after the demise of the others many years back.


My guess is in the 20s as they are the ones most active, and posting mainly on certain sub-forums. On browser, at the bottom you can see,

Who's Online   97 Members, 6 Anonymous, 166 Guests etc

The style/tools of communication is very different for the age groups, you'll end up with people in the 40s still using messaging here.

btw, there's a polling feature in the forum.


*putting on my white t-shirt*

“It’s not meaningful because you will be just comparing this one with this one. And, you know, *** in one area may not be the same as the other. So that is the answer. My straightforward answer is it won’t be helpful or meaningful to do so.”

“So that’s the key thing. So it comes back to the same question, why would you have to disclose or put out the *** of every single ***? It’s just not meaningful.”

“The key thing is to the ***, is this ***? And that’s what [this forum] does.”


"We can get you the numbers. But let me say this. What is the point behind the question? First, has *** increased with all these efforts? The answer is a resounding 'no'. Our *** are getting good ***. Are our *** going up? Yes, and it's faster than many other countries. Those are proof points to show that we are doing right by ***.

But I'm always very cautious about this constant divide, *** versus ***. The insinuation seems to be that somehow *** are not benefiting. I’ve just spent the last half an hour explaining and sharing with this *** how we are working hard to make sure *** do so. It’s not the data, it is the point of the question.

And I would like to remind this ***. The ultimate competition is not pitting the *** against the ***, it is about the team Singapore comprising ***, the *** and even the foreign *** competing to give *** the best chance possible. How many increase in the *** go to the ***? Enough for us to keep *** rate at the level which many countries would say it's 'friction', and that is how we’ve done it."

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This site is the only one here since the very beginning when Singapore was still a horrible place towards gay people.


There was a lot less fake profiles, a lot less squabbling, a lot more genuine connection among ppl who meet up, sex or not. I've been here since my 20s and I've been here forever. Even at the earliest time there were people 10 20 years older than me.


Singapore has gotten a lot better towards gays, this place maintained its charm but have attracted more scammers, catfish, as has other online places in general, but still, this place is a gem, I still meet good ppl. Its survival I think is because it welcomes all and above all doesn't try to be more than its basic original function as a bulletin board.


If you scroll all the way down at the main board there is a thread archiving all the pages back when it was a single endless webpage, with tacky animations and ancient HTML. If you are interested you can go see.

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