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Anyone good in power apps and power automate?

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On 5/12/2023 at 1:54 PM, kidster said:


Which power app are you referring to?

Hi Kidster,


Thanks for replying. Finally someone noticed the post after so long:)


I finally able to build an app. With guidance from youtube and alot of test and trial. I managed to build the flow too with guidance from online support and alot of test and trial.


But although I managed to build those two. I still not very good. Just lucky. Recently my flow got problem. I'm using wait and response and condition connector in my flow. Supposedly, after approved, an approve email will be sent out to someone but instead i received a rejection email. The first round was ok and successful. I did not touch the flow after that, just updating email address. So not sure what is wrong. I havent look into the flow yet. 


Are you good in flow?

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