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BW HangMan Challenge (HMC) - Game


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The BW HangMan Challenge (HMC) Series is similar to our very familiar game we play, whether as a student or an adult.

The HMC is led and managed by The Host.

THE Host will chair the series until the HangMan Challenge (HMC) is solved!

Then the series ends!

You can ONLY start a new series when the current series ends, i.e. “HMC is Solved".

You become the sole Host (because you are the ONLY one who knows the HMC word.)

(NOTE: The HMC Word cannot be hyphenated. It must be a single word. People's name, abbreviation are not allowed.)

The Host will continue to chair and manage the current series until the HMC ends.

Interested Members are needed to remain patient for Host to respond to the latest guess.

Hint: scroll back to read the past guesses of players / contributors.





Host begins The Series: ???? (he keeps the 4 letter word in HMS, "COOL" to himself)

Response 1 guesses: O

Host responds: ?OO?

Response 2 guesses: A

Host responds: ✖️ (for wrong guess & Quote)

Response 3: B

Host responds: ✖️

Response 4: C

Host responds: COO?

Response 5: P

Host responds: ✖️ 

Response 6: L

Host concludes: COOL - solved!
* The Series ends*


Note: anyone can start a new series … by being the Host.



Let's play BW HangMan Challenge

Garner your friends to play!

Thank you for your support!

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