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BW Mastermind Alphabet Challenge (MAC) - Game


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Trying out a new BW Game after the 2 successful Games - Mystery Number  Code (MNC) and HangMan Challenge (HMC).

Hoping MAC  is well-received too 🙏


The BW Mastermind Alphabet Challenge (MAC) is similar to the physical game we play. 

The MAC is managed by The Host because he knows the Alphabet combination.


Rule of MAC

1. Only 6 letters are used (A, B, C, D, E and F)

2. The Host hides the 4 different letters, a.k.a. the combination (NOTE: NO repeat in letters)

3. The exact position of the 4 different letters is crucial and only The Host knows.

4. The clues to the exact position of each letter is revealed by The Host after each guess / submission. The clues are : Y - exact position... N - wrong position 

5. To successfully guess the Secret Combination, all participating lounge members/players are to collaborate and tap on past clues to make new guesses. 


How to Play

Host:  MAC Series #1 begins. A to F

(Hidden Combi: "BDCA")

Player 1: ABCD

Host: 1Y3N (meaning, only 1 letter is correct, 3 letters are in wrong positions)

Player 2: DCBA

Host: 1Y3N (meaning, 1 correct position, 3 wrong position)

Player 3: BCDA

Host: 2Y2N (meaning, 2 correct, 2 wrong)

Player 4: CBDA

Host: 1Y3N (1 correct, 3 wrong)

Player 5: BDCA 

Host: MAC ends 👏👏👏


I hope this new BW Game is as popular as my other 2 games.




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How come only 3, not 4?

One letter is wrong and does not belong to the combi. 3 letters are in the combi.

Choose from a pool of 6 letters A to F

Thanks for clarifying 

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To make the clues more easily understood...


MAC Series #1


ABCD - 1Y2N1✖️ ... one letter must be replaced by E or F

ACBE - 2Y1N1✖️ ... one letter must be replaced by E or F

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