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Bw Forum - Words From Yesteryears ( Past Postings )


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For the nostalgic guys among us, would like to mention that we're in the process of bringing back the old Blowing Wind archives.

a. Yahoo/Geocities era (mid 1990 - early 2000)

We have recreated the original Blowing_Wind site at


For those infamous Yahoo "guestbook" posting, we are slowly bringing the archive back at in the Interesting Archives Forum.


Enjoy the adventures of ActionKid, AhBoi, Golfnut and many many others.

b. EZBoard era (early 2000 - 2005)


You still can view some of it at the old ezboard, although many threads were loss

c. Relive those older days.

PS: I received several PMs that many of the entries were truncated. Apologies. Please PM me when you noticed such truncation especially if the articles have particular nostalgic value for you and I see what I can do.

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