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接龙游戏(Chain Reaction - Chinese Version )

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@overthesky, dun wanna sound rude or anything, but it should be 孑然一身 (jié rán yī shēn) as 子(zǐ) would be a totally different word/meaning, fyi     界限分明


呼庚呼癸   这个是冷僻成语。久久看一次。 也许这一辈就见这一回了!就像这里的同志。有缘一见就见吧!再回头,可能已经没有可能。  呼庚呼癸,是指向人借钱的意思,出自于先秦·左丘明《左传·哀公十三年》。     【注】 蹇滞jiǎn zhìㄐㄧㄢˇ ㄓˋ 艰难受挫,做事不顺利。

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U sure all of u use the correct term???


折is not拆


qu and that qu is of not


and 戟, u sure u know the correct meaning?? Not many in the modern times use this word now


if 戟断 is acceptable

then every word just add a 断will do eg




笔also can duan


it will b endless




goodness me! Some of the terms...


情断is diff and is acceptable

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5 hours ago, LickinGood said:

Far as i understand 戟 (ji) is a Chinese weapon... 兵器


And yup.... i don think why a  兵器 cannot be 断


If there is a chain follow by another yup 手断, 脚also断, 线断too,笔also can duan but lanjiao cannot 断 hor




[折戟] 是 古代的兵器,名词故。






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