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Prehistory Of Singapore Gay Sauna By Lungker


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(1/8/02 3:15:53 pm)

| {Del All} [New Post] The death of a sauna


I have been to YESS twice, one on Christmas Day and the second on the Sunday just before New Year Day.

The first time I was there, the PLU uncle/Manager showed me around and I was impressed with the place and the service. True enough, the steam room lights were off and I had great fun with someone slightly chunky in his thirties. We were joined midway by another guy who is a regular at Diamond. I was a happy man that day.

Later that day when I was sitting at the tv room/gym, I was approached by the lady manager/supervisor or mamasan as some of you had called her. We spoke for quite some time as she asked me for input and the ways for the sauna to improve. I understand that day, by about 5 pm, they had only about 10 customers.

The impression I got about this lady is she is cunning and manipulative. She was asking pretty personal things which normally the staff would not be asking.

The second time I was there, there were only 6 people registered. This time the lights were on at both the steamroom and sauna at the Pink section. And beside that, the mamasan was walking in and out of the locker area without a care in the world. BTW, they (females) are not supposed to enter our changing rooms whether they are staff or not. I have been to health centres for the last twenty years and females are just not supposed to enter the men's changing rooms.

I had fun with a young man later but overall, I agree with some of the posters here, the mood had indeed changed. And it was only a matter of 5 days between my first and second visit.

Goldleaf and even before that a Japanese sauna(name I forgot) that was located above the NTUC supermarket at Peace Centre were the grandfathers of straight health centres that openly welcome PLUs. Both of them shut down for different reasons. The Japanese sauna because it was too exclusive and Goldleaf because there were management disputes. The only indication at that time that a health center welcome PLUs was that they have male masseurs.

Diamond followed shortly after. In its early days, it did not openly welcome PLUs like what they are doing now. I think the management back then knew there were some of us around (there wasn't any openly gay saunas 5 or 8 years back) but they did not discriminates us since we brought in good money. In fact I felt that the growing number of PLUs patronising Diamond force the management to actually create the dark sauna for us. And in doing so, their business actually took off like a rocket. It became so popular that I stop going for some time because too many pair of eyes were following and watching your every move.

I remember two other saunas that opened a couple of years back that vaguely tried to copy Diamond's concept. One, called Dickson Health Center, at Dickson Road, became fairly popular through word of mouth amongst Diamond's customers. I went there once, was impressed with the physical set up, but saw no action. A couple of weeks later, I went again, and there were actually signs put up warning customers against engaging in illegal activities in the sauna/steamroom. Apparently there was a change in attitude towards PLUs patronising their place. I have to conceed that unlike YESS, they never actually went all out to solicit PLUs business. Anyway, I understand that they actually went out of business for a while before a new management too over.

Another place which I really like was previously known as Ocean Health Center along Kitchener Road just next to the New Park Hotel. It shut down for a couple of years and had reccently been re-open as the Eastern Park Health Spa. When it was newly opened a couple of years back as Ocean, the popular thing about them among PLUs was that they took over two PLUs masseurs from Goldleaf which had shut down. The best part about Ocean then was it was relatively uncrowded and they have a TV room that was almost pitch dark, plus the fact that the recliners in the TV room were placed next to each other. It allows for greater access if one wants to reach over for something or anything. The business from PLUs was starting to rival Diamond. I personally rate that TV room the best cruising place among all the Health Centers in Singapore until some idiotic homophobic staff (their new manager I think) decides to permanently turn on some small lights in the TV room and separate all the recliners with small side tables. From then onward, business amongst the PLUs starts to drop and as I predicted to a friend it went under within 6 months.

Diamond is one of its kind in Singapore. The place is a dump if you ask me, but it continued to be popular because of the management's attitude towards PLUs. Sure they cater to the straights but they specifically cater to us and welcome us too. And its rub-back guy is the best value for money in Singapore. All their staff, including the counter girls, knew what is going on. They may not like what we represent or what we do, but they love our money and they will tolerate us and do what is necessary for PLUs to keep going back. And that is the most important thing where the hospitality business is concerned.

YESS is having the same problem as Ocean. I think the management cannot decide what to do. They love our money but they don't really like what we do in their saunas and steamroom. The mamasan is way too bossy and she is behaving like the spa belongs to her and she is doing us a favour by we patronising the place. She actually told me the owners have deep pockets and therefore are not worried about the lack of business. The management is clearly on the side of the mamasan by not only letting the PLU male manager go, but also changing their original strategy of aggressively attracting PLUs eg. pink changing rooms, lights off at the saunas and steam room, male masseurs etc. What I think they are saying and thinking is they basically like our money, but when we are there could we please just make friends and enjoy the facilities there. And can we have our sex elsewhere and try not to dirty the place.

They are trying to have their cake and eat it at the same time.

Regardless of the anticipated crowd from the opening of the Turf club betting center next door, I predict the demise of YESS as a potential crusing place for PLUs if they continue their current policy. At the rate they are going in antagonising PLUs, I give them 6 months before they shut down. Which is sad actually because with the right attitude and focus they could have been the best straight health center for PLUs to go. And they would make tons of money in the process.

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(1/8/02 6:48:02 pm)

| {Del} [New Post] Death Of Str8 Saunas


Just in case anybody has any romantic notion that str8 men at str8 saunas are more manly, they r mostly very shabby cheekopeks. The young ones too. Wonder if they ever looked at themselves in the mirror. I guess they think their money talk loudest and can buy anything.

The str8 saunas come and go rather quickly because of their connections to the gangster underworld. The law could not stop them from operating but the authorities are wary that the money involved would enrich the underworld and fund other operations. So they tolerate them but will always keep them on their toes with raids. Hence the str8 saunas will take risks ( offering lots of extra services ) to make their money before they get closed.

Of course mixed in with the str8 r the hidden Bis. When there r no gay saunas, then the Bis and gays find the gay friendly str8 saunas by words of mouth. We r such a desperate lot. Somehow we are the nicest clients who give the least troubles because we r very discreet. So we r quite welcome by the operators.

Then along come the gay saunas and things just changed. Now gays can enjoy much more varieties and need not worry about being scolded by the wrong str8 target ( listen to their conversations and gay bashing will appear but it is usually a disguise that their egos feel good for being wanted by a gay guy ).

Still str8 saunas expected the same discretions as before when they welcome the pink dollars. When the liberated gays meet the old world str8 saunas, the different expectations will surely cause a clash of interests. It's a free market so the pink dollars will go where the best returns are. With competition from gay saunas, the str8 saunas will not have the upper hand to dictate terms as before.


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(1/8/02 7:14:42 pm)

| {Del} [New Post] Re: The death of a sauna


Lungker: A very impressive post! I was a regular at Goldleaf (and was very sad when it shut down) but have never heard of Ocean or the one at Peace Centre. (BTW one of the Goldleaf masseurs is now happily working at the very no-hanky-panky health centre at the Badminton Association.) I did hear of Dickson but only after it became non PLU-friendly. I did have fun at Suntec City's Atlantis Health Centre (which eventually shut down) and another one which eventually changed management and became Goldfinger Health Centre... Yup, so far Diamond's the odd one out, for surviving and remaining PLU-friendly for so long ! [ smile.gif ]

Matured Player: Yup, the str8 "health centres" are not much more than {expensive brothels}. But {who's complaining}? [:rollin]


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(1/8/02 8:08:37 pm)

| {Del} [New Post] ROMAN BATHS!


After reading most of the comments of spas/saunas, it makes me realize that the old Roman baths in ancient Rome and other such places have indeed come into existence again. Diamond, Greenleaf, Ocean and other such places seem to cater for gay sex - gropings in the dark and other hanky panky stuffs become so open that gay sex seems to be flaunted freely. Now, this makes me wonder what has become of the strict homophobic attitude and laws in Singapore.

There has been lots of complaints about Yesss! Maybe the management has been warned sternly by the authorities and they could not openly cater for gay patrons or face shutting down by the authorities.

It would seem that Rabbit 93 is obnoxiously over-reacting when he freely verbally chastised the complaining patrons as "pigs"! It is not polite to call others "pigs" - it is like he is acting like a hot up hildegarde! Could it be his disgust became so desperate that he could not but help voicing his anger in such terms? One expects such ugly words from Nero or Osama bin Laden?

Of course, I agree with Rabbit 93 that patrons of such places ought to be more careful how they spill their semen! Nothing is more vilified than to go into a tub, which has been used as a kind of pisspot for sperm! Yes, indeed, Rabbit 93, I shall echo with you when you uttered "yucks"!! On this issue, you were justified for voicing your dissent whether politely or otherwise.

Really, if others find that Yesss is not PLU friendly, they could reserve their energies and spend let them overflow in more comfortable quarters like their own bedrooms or hotel rooms. It would be bad for the management of Yesss or other such places were their antics discovered by raiding police or vice guys from CID.

Nothing is worse than to appear before a stern judge or magistrate with the public staring down on them when they are charged for criminal acts performed in public places. The management would lose its licence too!

Thus, it is necessary to observe some decorum and strict privacy. I agree again with Rabbit 93 when he drew an analogy with a not so gay orientated restaurant or a gay-friendly restaurant. Every gay activity even in NY and London or Tokyo or Paris must be furtively done in privacy. One would be shocked to find the free gropings of another male by a male in a places like Niagara Falls, Eiffel Tower, or the Tower of London. Would then a football fan, who is PLU (whatever that word may denote) find the strict rules in Manchester Old Trafford stadium an unfriendly place for PLU's?

It is fantastic to now discover that so many spas nowadays do not forbid male fondling another male or having further sexual dalliance with another gay in their places. Swimming pools, beaches and other cruising spots like Ang Siang Hill, also are flooded it would seem by such goings on.

Is Bugis Street unfriendly to PLU's? Also, City Hall does not seem to be so gay friendly to a visitor too, but, from the accounts written here, such places are not entirely free from homosexuals looking for fun.

Once the newspapers gave an account of what the toilets at the NUS would offer for gays! However, a visit now and then, would show none of such activities being conducted in any of the toilets there!

Once upon a time, the toilets in Singapore were really offensive places to visit. Their foul odour, dirtiness and filth were so well known in the early 40's and 50's that a person in his right mind would not visit unless absolutely necessary! People just cared not where they deposited their foul dirt then! So too, in spas/sauna places, it would behove the patrons to practise some hygiene by not depositing their semen all over the jacuzzi tubs just because the spa is PLU friendly!

If a place is found to be a "paradise" for certain class of people, then it would be logical and in the interest of that certain class of people to keep the place a "paradise" and not befoul it with their excrement or semen whatever!

To stretch Rabbit 93's objections further, it would not be too extreme to ask whether the person would mess up his own bedroom by spurting his semen on the walls and ceilings?

Good spa going to you all!! Keep it clean, OK? [8)]


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(1/9/02 12:32:49 am)

| {Del} [New Post] more please


mr lungker, u r truly THE guru here. the breadth n depth of ur knowledge is simply amazing. please sir, if it's not too much trouble, do tell us more about the gay scene here, past n present.


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(1/9/02 12:53:38 am)

| {Del} [New Post] Good posting, Lungker


Lungker: You did a good write out, which I find factual and non aggressive against the management. And you scored tops by being able to categorise the mamasan as cunning and manipulative.

I too had been at YESS and had conversations with both the mamasan and the PLU uncle. They are worlds apart. While the uncle stands firm for the owners the mamasan appears to be biding time at the spa and if you know, her reccomendations of...(!) Sori for the (owners) though, even with deep pockets, as similarily revealed to me, for fools and their monies are eventually parted.

Your prediction of 6 months for the demise of the spa may be generous.


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(1/9/02 12:16:54 pm)

| {Del} [New Post] Re: ROMAN BATHS!


SHOCKED: Please lah, everything fun that goes on in these health centres - str8 or gay - is illegal! In fact much more illegal (not to mention profitable) str8 sexual activities occur in these places than free furtive gay fun. [ smile.gif ]


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(1/9/02 10:05:36 pm)

| {Del} [New Post] The death of a sauna YESS


Lungker, Curious,Shocked - I agreed with you all. Lungker has described the Yess health centre correctly. I was there last evening and it was my 4th visit and the last one. I'll never visit the place anymore, it would only waste of time and entrance fees, although I like the place so much near my working place and home and especially its cleanliness. The attitude of management towards PLU has changed and it becomes now unfriendly PLU establishment. Last night just a few guys there (5 to 6 guys) and the pinlk section was full visited by non-PLU and I was the odd guy in the pink section. The sauna and steam room's lights were on and the mamasan entered the pink section to chat with a guy, there is no privacy anymore. What a pity? I also guess, the establishment will down just a few months' time and what waste of $1.5-2.0million (just wild guess) or more renovation works?


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(1/12/02 4:43:40 pm)

| {Del} [New Post] Where to go tonight?


Any suggestion where to go on a Saturday night for a middle-age, single, unattached gay male. Not really into dance music, unless I am a little drunk.....[ smile.gif ]

I am open to all kind of ideas. Been away from the scene for a while. Thanks.


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(1/13/02 12:47:41 am)

| {Del} [New Post] Life is still beautiful


Been away from the scene, now re-emerging, hmm.. sounds like suddenly finding yourself single again. Whatever, it really depends on what you are looking for. In reality, when you stressed that you are open, you are actually "lost". And from there, you are going to be lonely for this weekend.

But life is beautiful, you need not go to a dance club or some saunas or any other commercial joints. There are hosts of other venues. Besides the "mother-of-all-parks" (Hong Lim Green), there are other lesser known gardens which will captivate your imagination. Just be resourceful.


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(1/13/02 11:09:12 pm)

| {Del} [New Post] Thanks Lungker!!!


Thanks for your postings. It has given me a better insight of what the spas/suanas scenes used to be in Singapore before our gay spas flourish now. Really hope to hear more from you. [ smile.gif ]

I have never been to Yess so I couldn't contribute to this subject.

Lungker, if you are free on Saturday night. Might be you wish to try One Seven or Blue Heaven.



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