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Found 110 results

  1. hi, any1 can tell me where to find stock/beefy mature man in batam, thinking of going by boat one of these days
  2. ARE YOU READY TO CRUISE? COMING REAL SOON. Get set for "CRUISE" - Singapore's latest, newest all-men's private sauna that caters to the whole community. More information on the launch date and club location to be released soon. THE HUNT IS ON! Part time and full time employment available. Attractive remuneration awaits. E-mail us at info@cruiseclub.sg to join the CRUISE family! VISIT our website for more: www.cruiseclub.sg LIKE our Facebook page for exclusive member privileges and promotions: http://www.facebook.com/cruiseclub.sg
  3. A new gay sauna by the name of Keybox will be opening soon. It is located at North Bridge Road, near the Lavender MRT station. I was asked by the owners to take a look at the place last Saturday. This place is located on the ground floor of two shop units along North Bridge Road. It is conveniently located with easy access by MRT or bus. Drivers can also parked their cars nearby at Aliwal Street. Everything is brand new. They have a large locker area, ample seating in the resting room, a sauna, two or three general play areas and 13 private cubicles. I saw lubes in all the rooms and I understand condoms are free. Opening hours are supposedly from 1 pm to 7 am the next morning. Point to note: They are not related to Diamond whatsoever. I have asked them to register a nick here so they can eventually answer any queries readers may have here. Please post all related matters pertaining to Keybox Sauna in this thread. Cheers and have fun. Safely of course.
  4. eastwest69

    Meeting for Group Acts

    hi guys...me aand my frenz organizing small orgy with 4 ppl confirmed...any tops or btms still wanna join us,pvt me.. plc a siglap...u can stay overnite too and those working can go off from my frenz hse.surely discreet and pvt... 18 feb/ thursday nite..it start after 10pm...cheera
  5. Just saw their new website... waiting with anticipation.... www.shogun.com.sg --------------------------------- The above post was split from New Shogun @ Hong Kong Street. Which is now closed. Gachi
  6. Today tried the new ten men club love the new environment . Tomorrow after work might go again . Saw one hot daddy book airline fligh tickets but too bad I have fun already . Love the new ten men
  7. Have you captured any photo while you were inside any of the establishments or places - onsen , sauna , steam room , spa , bath and hot spring? The answer to this would be rarely . No worries, this thread will show us candid shots and videos of men relaxing inside an onsen, having fun inside a dry sauna or bathing in a hot spring. This will give us ideas on how and what we shall do if ever go to these places and reminisce past encounters we had. Enjoy and please also share any of your own photos or videos.
  8. https://m.facebook.com/yunomorisingapore Today seems like a good weather to soak in a hot bath. As there’s one for one deal promotion at the moment, I’m looking for someone to pair up for the deal. We meet at yunomori spa at 7:30pm tonight to enter to the spa together, and tentatively I’ll check out around 10pm. If you are interested please pm me and we may chat further? [Found someone to go with, thanks!]
  9. Subang and sunway area
  10. Malaysia , Subang , Puchong and Sunway area , pm me
  11. Hi, any 1 who wanna be the host for sex open house? Whoever stay alone please sugges you place!
  12. share experience if you dont mind and lets get into u2
  13. its history......with absolute...why do people keep going back on history. Cruise Club is already dead
  14. Botboyfortops

    Cyberjaya Fun Area and Meetups

    For anyone who would like to meet nice and adventurous guys here in Cyberjaya. Please be nice and respect everyone's preferences.
  15. Posted before and already advised before that since Keybox has violated some Penal Code and hence the result of more checkings and investigations by the relevant Singapore Governing Authorities.
  16. Guests Report post Posted 12 hours ago Why? EXPLANATION: By the way, Raymond is one of the normal counter staffs who can say, follow him for the longest. In another words, if the longest serving staffs follow for so long and still put his name at stake being the "Tua Peh Kong" , person-to-be-blamed if any fault happens by being the licence holder for the old Keybox, and after all these sacrifices, he is now banned from the current new Keybox. This shows that there is no friendship at all. Mr John Lim has NO friends. Always screaming and shouting, both towards staffs and customers. Never heard from the other three saunas' bosses or management screaming and shouting around on a regular basis. Even his long-term bf, Li, also ta bo leh ta han him. Now they both led their own individual lifestyle. Adding to that, on skin naked nights, sometimes, Mr John Lim would wear his towel and go into the dark maze, looking for prey. Really un-profesional for bosses to behave like that. Knowing that men have urges and desires, one should definitely behave like that. And again, you never heard from the other three saunas' bosses or management behaving like that in their own saunas. One does not shit and eat at the same place, brother.
  17. hotfire131

    Looking for Meetups in Singapore

    I am planning to go there later anyone there? From blowing wind?
  18. Care to share the wildest things you did at saunas before? Note: NOT what you saw or what you heard or what you intend to do. This is for sharing of your personal experience.
  19. Presson69 offering man massage, oil massage, body to body massage, thai massage etc please call 93833699 Incall and Outcall
  20. to be fair to TMC, the plus point is that the deco is quite nice....with the ambience, i won't mind becoming a regular... but again, most pple goes to sauna is to have fun... kinda difficult to do so if there's not much pple...u agree? TMC faces tough competition from the big boys like 17 and TC, and would probably lose out to smaller but older establishments like Diamond, Shogun, RAW and Blue Heaven. Even Y club, though as run-down as it is, have more crowd... being a new PLU venue, its seems like business has yet to pick up.... correct me again if I'm wrong... if we go further to analyse the various sauna, 17 and TC have the financial muscle to be the best, the biggest and the most happening; Diamond has its loyal mature customer base for more than 10 years; RAW has the strong support of indian community and the sisters; Blue Heaven attracts lots of yound lads and army boys; Shogun has the chubs/ mature and the controversial theme nights; Y club goes on its discounts strategy of $7.... its about time for TMC to think and re-define where it stands amidst these tough competitors...it may seem cruel at times.... but customers are discerning and intelligent...nevertheless i do hope that TMC all the best to become better...
  21. Guest

    Shogun Spa @ Chinatown

    And old place but its was one ogf the best respectable place
  22. Johnsontan

    Spa1 @ Paya Lebar

    Keen to go see this Spa1 since sometimes in the middle of the night I need to massage or soak in a hot sauna. Any recommendations or other comments before I drop by to take a look?
  23. HornyInd

    Seremban cruisers....

    Hi Guys... I hope this thread would be benefitial for seremban cruisers... Do update on ur activities in Seremban..
  24. Kinkiboy

    Just love sucking And licking

    I am always wet kinki I love gettingblick on my asshole and getting fuck I love it so much and I can cume when I getting fuck
  25. Guestforfun

    romeo sauna

    anybody know that romeo sauna at BM still operation? is it crowd?