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Found 103 results

  1. I am searching for some discreet "action" are these the only place we can go to for some "action" that is discreet?
  2. ARE YOU READY TO CRUISE? COMING REAL SOON. Get set for "CRUISE" - Singapore's latest, newest all-men's private sauna that caters to the whole community. More information on the launch date and club location to be released soon. THE HUNT IS ON! Part time and full time employment available. Attractive remuneration awaits. E-mail us at info@cruiseclub.sg to join the CRUISE family! VISIT our website for more: www.cruiseclub.sg LIKE our Facebook page for exclusive member privileges and promotions: http://www.facebook.com/cruiseclub.sg
  3. Care to share the wildest things you did at saunas before? Note: NOT what you saw or what you heard or what you intend to do. This is for sharing of your personal experience.
  4. Just saw their new website... waiting with anticipation.... www.shogun.com.sg --------------------------------- The above post was split from New Shogun @ Hong Kong Street. Which is now closed. Gachi
  5. Hi all , Lets start a thread to update each other on the most cruisy celebrity fitness gym in KL ! Cheers//
  6. A new gay sauna by the name of Keybox will be opening soon. It is located at North Bridge Road, near the Lavender MRT station. I was asked by the owners to take a look at the place last Saturday. This place is located on the ground floor of two shop units along North Bridge Road. It is conveniently located with easy access by MRT or bus. Drivers can also parked their cars nearby at Aliwal Street. Everything is brand new. They have a large locker area, ample seating in the resting room, a sauna, two or three general play areas and 13 private cubicles. I saw lubes in all the rooms and I understand condoms are free. Opening hours are supposedly from 1 pm to 7 am the next morning. Point to note: They are not related to Diamond whatsoever. I have asked them to register a nick here so they can eventually answer any queries readers may have here. Please post all related matters pertaining to Keybox Sauna in this thread. Cheers and have fun. Safely of course.
  7. I am always wet kinki I love gettingblick on my asshole and getting fuck I love it so much and I can cume when I getting fuck
  8. hi guys...me aand my frenz organizing small orgy with 4 ppl confirmed...any tops or btms still wanna join us,pvt me.. plc a siglap...u can stay overnite too and those working can go off from my frenz hse.surely discreet and pvt... 18 feb/ thursday nite..it start after 10pm...cheera
  9. Today tried the new ten men club love the new environment . Tomorrow after work might go again . Saw one hot daddy book airline fligh tickets but too bad I have fun already . Love the new ten men
  10. hi, any1 can tell me where to find stock/beefy mature man in batam, thinking of going by boat one of these days
  11. I visited a couple of saunas in KL and Singapore over the last 2 weeks while on holiday. 2 guys tried to engage in bareback sex with me on 2 separate occasions. One persisted in sitting on my cock without a condom (even though I had one with me) and the other made an excuse that the condom was too tight and proceeded to fxxk me without it. Of course, I stopped him. What's that about? Is this kind of behaviour prevalent in Asia or was I just unlucky?
  12. Justice


    WHO wants go KB , pm pm
  13. to be fair to TMC, the plus point is that the deco is quite nice....with the ambience, i won't mind becoming a regular... but again, most pple goes to sauna is to have fun... kinda difficult to do so if there's not much pple...u agree? TMC faces tough competition from the big boys like 17 and TC, and would probably lose out to smaller but older establishments like Diamond, Shogun, RAW and Blue Heaven. Even Y club, though as run-down as it is, have more crowd... being a new PLU venue, its seems like business has yet to pick up.... correct me again if I'm wrong... if we go further to analyse the various sauna, 17 and TC have the financial muscle to be the best, the biggest and the most happening; Diamond has its loyal mature customer base for more than 10 years; RAW has the strong support of indian community and the sisters; Blue Heaven attracts lots of yound lads and army boys; Shogun has the chubs/ mature and the controversial theme nights; Y club goes on its discounts strategy of $7.... its about time for TMC to think and re-define where it stands amidst these tough competitors...it may seem cruel at times.... but customers are discerning and intelligent...nevertheless i do hope that TMC all the best to become better...
  14. Hi, any 1 who wanna be the host for sex open house? Whoever stay alone please sugges you place!
  15. Hi all, Whenever a guy approaches me (while cruising), he tends to wanna play with my nipples then lick and suck on them. They then suck my nipples so hard and furious just like as if they have not eaten for days! My question is this. Do they all do this because they KNOW I am bottom? OR being a bottom or top isn't related to this furious nipple sucking at all? Im a muscular bottom by the way. Thank you very much!
  16. I just read the the "gay" hot spring Huang Ding is closed since a few months. I will visit Taipei in a few month and I wonder what's the best "gay" alternative hot spring?
  17. Before saunas, IRC and dating apps, how and where would one cruise? Where would PLUs hook up?, Esp in a less tolerant time
  18. do u all know ppl who dun go to any suanas? a % of aj have never been to suana, can we discuss that
  19. Please offer your ideas?
  20. PileUp

    Fitness First Tampines

    Any action in FF Tampines sauna?
  21. Welcome to Hercules Club where lovers of bodies gather and dreams come true. On 8th August 2009 (Sat), we are officially open from 11.00am through 2.00am next morning and we welcome all members to visit us. We are located at 4 Jalan Klapa, Tel: 62961018, email: info@herculesclub.com.sg www.herculesclub.com.sg. For a limited period only, ex-New Diamond membership holders will enjoy a special entry price of S$15.00 & S$18.00 for other customers. However, for other customers who are able to show/produce their other similar clubs and/or gym membership will also enjoy the special entry price of S$15.00. No membership is required for our club. Lunch (12.30pm) & dinner (7.00pm) buffet will be served on Sat & Sun respectively to officiate our new opening. From Hercules Club Management
  22. asiatrip61

    Gay in Johor Bahru

    Hey, I am going johor for few days. I would like some advices and contacts in Johor. Thanks guys
  23. Milk4u

    Cruise or keybox??

    Seek buddy to go sauna together.
  24. any guys wana go tmr around 12 to 2 for fun? Email me at tampst23@yahoo.com.sg, or ping me at charles79.
  25. Dear All , Cos old Keybox thread has been locked. Like mod says, please do not use thread for rants and bitching. Hope to get it right for benefit of all. Please do not sabotage this thread...just like many had done to Cruise Club which was locked too. Constructive comments . Think mod should not allow guests to posts at all. Thank you.