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  1. ARE YOU READY TO CRUISE? COMING REAL SOON. Get set for "CRUISE" - Singapore's latest, newest all-men's private sauna that caters to the whole community. More information on the launch date and club location to be released soon. THE HUNT IS ON! Part time and full time employment available. Attractive remuneration awaits. E-mail us at info@cruiseclub.sg to join the CRUISE family! VISIT our website for more: www.cruiseclub.sg LIKE our Facebook page for exclusive member privileges and promotions: http://www.facebook.com/cruiseclub.sg
  2. A new gay sauna by the name of Keybox will be opening soon. It is located at North Bridge Road, near the Lavender MRT station. I was asked by the owners to take a look at the place last Saturday. This place is located on the ground floor of two shop units along North Bridge Road. It is conveniently located with easy access by MRT or bus. Drivers can also parked their cars nearby at Aliwal Street. Everything is brand new. They have a large locker area, ample seating in the resting room, a sauna, two or three general play areas and 13 private cubicles. I saw lubes in all the rooms and I understand condoms are free. Opening hours are supposedly from 1 pm to 7 am the next morning. Point to note: They are not related to Diamond whatsoever. I have asked them to register a nick here so they can eventually answer any queries readers may have here. Please post all related matters pertaining to Keybox Sauna in this thread. Cheers and have fun. Safely of course.
  3. Had a 3 day 2 night stay at JB KSL hot spring resorts with my wife. The hotel is relatively new and clean, only downside is its kind of ulu with no provision shops or places to makan for supper. End up we drove out to eat our supper. The hot spring experience was good! Staffs over there was very polite and the lady said its okay to wear thong. She even recommend me to soak in nude (as i was carrying my thong swimwear when i do the sign in). I went to soak at about 9 plus in the morning, crowd wise okay okay (about 7 to 8 pax including me)
  4. Noticed quite a number of people getting warnings for putting up "ads" in the Main forum discussion for TMC. Just thought I'd create a new topic for doing so. For those who wanna look for people to go with feel free to drop your "ads" here! I'd like to meet more guys for Tuesday nights myself https://www.tenmensclub.com/
  5. Just saw their new website... waiting with anticipation.... www.shogun.com.sg --------------------------------- The above post was split from New Shogun @ Hong Kong Street. Which is now closed. Gachi
  6. hi, any1 can tell me where to find stock/beefy mature man in batam, thinking of going by boat one of these days
  7. Today tried the new ten men club love the new environment . Tomorrow after work might go again . Saw one hot daddy book airline fligh tickets but too bad I have fun already . Love the new ten men
  8. Before saunas, IRC and dating apps, how and where would one cruise? Where would PLUs hook up?, Esp in a less tolerant time
  9. Hi everyone, I provide outcall massage service at your comfort of your home. Real 1 hour Total Body Massage to relax your muscle tightness and soreness let you feeling great after the session. Massage Specialty: Sensual Massage with massage lotion (not oil as most of my clients don't prefer it) Area covered mostly are: - Seri Kembangan - Cheras - Kajang - Bangi/Semenyih - Puchong - Putrajaya - Cyberjaya - Bukit Jalil - Bangsar - KL central - Pavillion Other area can be considered going depending on the distance travel and time. NO outstation from KL/Selangor area. (extra surcharge apply if there is request) STRICTLY NO INCALL SERVICES. For more info, kindly whatsapp 0149600683. (Fussy customer will not be entertained).
  10. hi guys...me aand my frenz organizing small orgy with 4 ppl confirmed...any tops or btms still wanna join us,pvt me.. plc a siglap...u can stay overnite too and those working can go off from my frenz hse.surely discreet and pvt... 18 feb/ thursday nite..it start after 10pm...cheera
  11. to be fair to TMC, the plus point is that the deco is quite nice....with the ambience, i won't mind becoming a regular... but again, most pple goes to sauna is to have fun... kinda difficult to do so if there's not much pple...u agree? TMC faces tough competition from the big boys like 17 and TC, and would probably lose out to smaller but older establishments like Diamond, Shogun, RAW and Blue Heaven. Even Y club, though as run-down as it is, have more crowd... being a new PLU venue, its seems like business has yet to pick up.... correct me again if I'm wrong... if we go further to analyse the various sauna, 17 and TC have the financial muscle to be the best, the biggest and the most happening; Diamond has its loyal mature customer base for more than 10 years; RAW has the strong support of indian community and the sisters; Blue Heaven attracts lots of yound lads and army boys; Shogun has the chubs/ mature and the controversial theme nights; Y club goes on its discounts strategy of $7.... its about time for TMC to think and re-define where it stands amidst these tough competitors...it may seem cruel at times.... but customers are discerning and intelligent...nevertheless i do hope that TMC all the best to become better...
  12. Casual sex, loneliness and the desire for human contact OPINION: Bathhouses, overworking, alcohol… LGBTI people use many tools to distract themselves from loneliness: some healthier than others Men at a gay sauna (Photo: Chariots Spa / Facebook) A single, gay friend who lives in another part of the country recently told me he had three Amazon Alexa dotted around his home. Three seems a little excessive. I was surprised at how he’d embraced this fairly new technology. ‘I like to be able to speak with someone when I’m home alone,’ he confided. ‘It feels less lonely.’ I was struck by this revelation. It made me think of an old song: The Things The Lonely Do, by 80s British girl group, Amazulu. Written long before technology introduced slightly scary new ways for us to combat loneliness, it’s an underrated and simple paen to how empty life can feel when one feels isolated. Loneliness is a universal human emotion, and yet it remains taboo. It’s something most of us don’t want to admit to experiencing. However, despite the wealth of ways in which we can now connect digitally with others, loneliness is something most of us can relate to. In the UK, there are now more people living alone than ever before. Experts believe the figure will rise. Loneliness doesn’t just accompany physical isolation. Work can feel lonely if you don’t feel you fit in with your colleagues. A relationship can feel lonely if you feel you’re never allowed to voice your opinion. The ‘lonely old homosexual’ Loneliness and isolation can be particularly suffocating for LGBTI communities. If you’re in a situation where you cannot be your true self, fearful of coming out, the sense of isolation can be acute. It’s why Gay Star News’ Digital Pride festival this year is exploring loneliness and isolation. Growing up, the trope of the ‘lonely old homosexual’ was a common one. In fact, I think I remember one or both of my own parents, when I came out in the 80s, expressing the fear that I might end up lonely when older. I can’t blame them for feeling this way. It was a different age: years before same-sex marriage was legalized or long-running same-sex couples featured on TV shows. However, like many myths and stereotypes around gay men, it had its impact on my psyche. Quick-fix intimacy The cure for loneliness is company, companionship and intimacy. We are social creatures who need to find our own tribe – however big or small that tribe may be. But knowing the cure doesn’t necessarily make it easy to locate. So instead, we sometimes go for the quick fix: The things the lonely do that are not often talked about. Or which distract us from realizing we’re actually lonely in the first place. ‘Casual sex. Lots of it,’ one man on Twitter, Leon Fleming told me when I asked recently about what people do to avoid loneliness: things they might not readily admit to doing. ‘Sometimes because I like it, but often because I’m craving physical human contact. I’ve done lots of things I’m embarrassed about to get it, but have also done the same things and not been embarrassed because it was fun and not because I was lonely.’ He was not putting casual sex down, but acknowledging that sometimes it’s a quick fix for intimacy. And as gay and bisexual men, if you’re not too fussy, finding sex is not that hard in a big city. Bathhouses, backrooms and hookup apps don’t just fulfil sexual needs. That’s not to say everyone who goes to a sauna is lonely. In fact, some will have loving partners at home. But more may feel lonely than will easily admit. Human touch, grooming and pampering Bathhouses not your thing? In an age when physical contact is increasingly fraught with complications, one of my colleagues recently visited a ‘cuddle club’ for gay men in London. I’ve heard of other such initiatives around the world. Similarly, I’m sure that the reason some people have a massage is not purely to alleviate tired muscles. We just want to feel the touch of another human. A trip to the barbers or a pedicure can offer the same benefits, even if we don’t like to admit that’s part of the pleasure of being pampered. Anaesthetizing ourselves from loneliness A less healthy approach is simply to anaesthetize ourselves from loneliness. ‘I engaged in loads of stuff I’d rather forget,’ said another Twitter follower. ‘Self-esteem, long work hours, low wages, language barriers and cultural differences all contribute!’ A recent study in London found that many men who engage in chemsex often report loneliness plays a part in their actions. The problem was particularly acute amongst those from other countries, further highlighting how the aforementioned language barriers can heighten feelings of isolation. And it doesn’t have to be heavy drugs people opt for. It’s very easy to ‘eat’ on one’s feelings, turning to snacks and sugar for comfort. It’s also well established that LGBTI people are more likely to have alcohol abuse problems or to smoke. This can be for a multitude of reasons, but loneliness is certainly somewhere in the mix. Cigarettes and solitude I used to be a heavy smoker. One of the reasons smoking felt so very hard to give up was that cigarettes felt like my best friend. They were always there for me, ready to take the edge of any feelings I struggled to handle. Cigarettes felt reliable and dependable. That may make little sense to anyone who has never smoked. How can a drug be your ‘friend’? Yet, it’s a common feeling. One of the most famous cigarette adverts of the mid-20th century in the UK was titled, ‘You’re never alone with a Strand’. It depicted a man alone on a street at night, taking comfort from the mild hit he got from his cigarette. Too busy to stop, think and feel There are other ways we can distract ourselves besides sex and drugs. Another man, 48, wrote to me saying he missed true intimacy in his life. He said friends and family were his ‘saving grace’, yet he remained aware of wanting more but realizing it might not be on the cards for him. Indeed, a survey last year found that the majority of gay men in the US over 45 are single. ‘I’ve recently realized that I’ve “copped out”,’ he told me. ‘My last relationship ended five years ago, and I’ve not been able to put myself back out there. ‘The odds of meeting someone kind, good, respectful, respectable, with positive morals and values is slim enough. To meet a single gay man who fits that bill seems to be an impossibility. So I’ve copped out. ‘I’ve poured myself into my work, to the tune of an average 60-70 hour work week. That’s essentially been my way of dealing with loneliness. ‘As challenging and stressful as that life has been, it’s easier than dealing with the dynamics, possibilities, and impossibilities of a personal life.’ Owning up to the problem When I told work colleagues about my friend and his Alexa devices, they were aghast. But in terms of coping mechanisms, if talking to a computer helps slightly alleviate the pain of loneliness, who are we to judge? It’s safer than taking a load of drugs and engaging in risky sex with a bunch of strangers. And at least my friend was aware that he was being driven by loneliness and wanted to do something about it. By contrast, making one’s self too busy to ever sit down and realize one is lonely… well, it’s harder to fix an issue if you’re not even aware it exists. Follow David Hudson on Twitter: @davidhudson_uk
  13. Hi, any 1 who wanna be the host for sex open house? Whoever stay alone please sugges you place!
  14. As to my best knowledge, Cruise did not assign a special colour lightstick to guys looking for threesomes. The question is difficult to respond because the how probably just happens or it is a couple looking for a third. The guys don't run around with signboards indicating a search for a threesome. It just happens I would say. Experience: There are a lot of blogs with stories if you're looking for some arousal, then that might be an avenue. Eventually you scroll back to the start of the thread and read through from the first response if there is any such threesome encounter. If you're a newbie you're excused if not. ok. ln that case you better go to the personal section and post an ad. -------------------------------------------------- Ka nui taku aroha ki a koe.
  15. Hey, I am going johor for few days. I would like some advices and contacts in Johor. Thanks guys
  16. PM for Group Buy Low Waist Swimming Trunks -3/4 BUTT FIT ( OEM Japan Design ) Multi Wear _ as Underwear, homewear, Sleepwear PM - Size, Color Prepaid Mail or self Collection Double Promo - 2nd Pc - 50% OFF Colours: W - White G - Green BN - Brown Coffee BK- Black SK- Skin BU - Blue Light Y -Yellow Red - Red O -Orange DB - Deep Blue
  17. Pm me now , kl sentral
  18. Any volunteer ? Subang , puchong and sunway area
  19. anyone free to hang out with me at genting 2-4 mei?
  20. I’m Indonesian and met this singaporean guy at Jakarta Pondok Indah Celebrity Fitness’ steam room. He gave me his contact number, but i lost it. If you’re here please DM me. Thanks.
  21. Have you captured any photo while you were inside any of the establishments or places - onsen , sauna , steam room , spa , bath and hot spring? The answer to this would be rarely . No worries, this thread will show us candid shots and videos of men relaxing inside an onsen, having fun inside a dry sauna or bathing in a hot spring. This will give us ideas on how and what we shall do if ever go to these places and reminisce past encounters we had. Enjoy and please also share any of your own photos or videos.
  22. There are a few JB massage spa that have wet facilities like jacuzzi, sauna or steam. E.g. Siam Legend, Sawadee Resort and Spa. Likewise, some hotels in have gym, sauna facilities e.g. Double tree, KSL hot spring resort. Places like Siam Legend and Sawadee Resort and Spa allow you to relax in nude at their wet area. However, both are closing their wet facilities soon. Anyone know of massage spa or hotel that allow guest to walk around and relax in nude at their wet facilities.
  23. Iso tops to gang bang my ass and mouth. Will be in Singapore may 31. Need to be fucked like crazy. No money. No drugs. No alcohol. I host hotel
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