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Cruisy @ Jb: An Experience

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JB's cruising is definitely not as active compared to those in KL or SG, nonetheless, given the fairly decent crowd of PLUs in JB, there are still some cruisy areas in JB. Personally, i have not been to any other places other than Larkin swimming pool and a few other saunas.


Larkin swimming pool is listed on utopia asia website as one of meeting places for JB. It is open daily from 9am-9pm. with 3 different sessions, 9-12pm, 2-5pm, 5.30-9pm. The most cruisy hours would be the last session of the day when there are cute executives who come for swimming after a hectic day of work. It is quite obvious that if one is PLU because from their swimming trunk. Most of them would clad in skimpy swimming trunk in the most vivid colours that u can ever imagine. In the afternoon session, mostly there will be uncles who come to swim, some on an almost daily basis.


I am not exactly certain about the history of larkin swimming pool, but to me, one of the attractive points that makes it an amazing place for cruising would be the toilet. The big toilet spans across perhaps a large area, with at least 12 showering cubicles lined up in a row. Opposite those cubicles are dry changing room, and some benches. Albeit rather run down, with some of the toilet doors broken, that is exactly the part that is exciting. One is not able to fully close the door (for some doors), so that provides a perfect opportunity for cruising.


There are several instances where I had rather exciting encounters with some hot hunks at the pool toilet. They would loiter outside my cubicle or sit at one the benches that can look directly into the cubicle where I am showering. Occasionally u do get annoying uncles or some persistent dude to pace outside your cubicle.


Sadly, the larkin pool will be closed on the 1st June this year for some upgrading works. God knows when will the pool be reopened, probably those magical cubicles will not be as cruisy as it was after renovation.


Anyone care to share about any other cruisy pool or places in JB??

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I noticed this forum post has been overtaken by Guests posting rubbish fake nonsense.  Wondering is it done by 1 person?  Get a life! 

I usually will go to JJ pool on Tuesday evening

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Guest ahwee123456

I went to dato onn swimming pool for a few time with m6 totally clear mind. But after few times i swim there , i got something hot there....

Old uncle bath naked with door open , malay showing off his cock, n etc

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On 1/4/2016 at 2:27 PM, riandy said:

where is kotaraya?


It has been renamed to Galleria if im not wrong. But people in JB dont really cruise in the shopping toilets is it? Havent heard of any happening toilets in JB.


Anyway any views on Hutan Bandar? Any potential? Too bad the place open only from 7 to 7pm.



Volunteering for the underwear association for third world countries. Please donate your used underwear to me.

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On 12/15/2015 at 0:55 PM, Guest Guest said:


Is Larkin swimming pool re-opened after they closed for upgrading or renovation? 


I thought they still closed it. since when they have reopened?


Larkin pool still closed until further notice.

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Let's make Bandar Dato' Oon swimming pool; Permas Jaya swimming pool; Johor Jaya swimming pool and MBJBT swimming pool (skudai) become cruising place for PLUs in JB

meanwhile for the LARKIN pool to be reopen in 2020 closing for upgrading five years ever since last year

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Just now, ahwee123456 said:

Anyone went to Educity swimming pool on 1 April? You walk naked in changing room n show Ur cock in front me? Please contac5 me here.....


Can I know your age? height? weight? maybe we can meet as I noticed that you are a regular poster here....


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