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A Toast to 5 years of Memories


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golfnut Registered User, Posts: 1

(7/17/03 4:03 am)

Something occured to me just now. I took a look at the archives and it was confirmed that five years ago, almost to this day, I posted my first contribution to BW.

Wow, it's been quite a while. Back then I was a newbie, and I had lots of encouragement from the pioneers of BW to continue posting. And now, it is five years later.

I would like to attach the lyrics of a song by Paul Anka call "Times of Your Life" in salute to the five years that I have known this place as a second home. People have come and go, and yet like photographs, they have left their imprints behind with the postings that they made. I drink a toast to you all - you know who you are. And of course to the "Leader of the Band" BW, whoever, and wherever you are. Cheers!


Times Of Your Life Lyrics

Paul Anka

Good morning, yesterday

You wake up and time has slipped away

And suddenly it's hard to find

The memories you left behind

Remember, do you remember?

The laughter and the tears

The shadows of misty yesteryears

The good times and the bad you've seen

And all the others in between

Remember, do you remember

The times of your life? (do you remember?)

Reach out for the joy and the sorrow

Put them away in your mind

The mem'ries are time that you borrow

To spend when you get to tomorrow

Here comes the setting sun

The seasons are passing one by one

So gather moments while you may

Collect the dreams you dream today

Remember, will you remember

The times of your life?

Gather moments while you may

Collect the dreams you dream today

Remember, will you remember

The times of your life?

Of your life

Of your life

Do you remember, baby

Do you remember the times of your life?


Do you remember, baby

Do you remember the times of your life?


blowing wind ezOP, Posts: 63

(7/17/03 7:29 pm)

Thanks For The Memories Thanks For The Memories. The world is a better place for you and me :hat when somebody cared.

Be Happy :D


stick Unregistered User

(7/17/03 9:45 pm)

searching What! one more old, old uncle song. must start searching liao! ;)


stick Unregistered User

(7/17/03 10:18 pm)

memory My memory fall back to 3 year ago..............

When I started to key in "singapore gay" in yahoo search engine. Only very few of gay site to be see. "blowing wind" and "gay singapore" are the 2 webpages that I remember very well.

But last year I have problem in " gay singapore". Found that I cannot lock on to it anymore. So I only have "Blow winding" with me now. :\

Initially I did not send any messages. Just reading and reading and reading...... I remember actionkid and nick69 very well. The interesting adventure they have.

Yes,2003 is a year for me I have change allow in view of many thing. Thing that many people say is wrong and cannot work. I will like to give it a second thought. May me this is why I started to post in.


PinoySg2003 Registered User, Posts: 5

(7/17/03 11:03 pm)

Old Memories Nice to know that Golfnut is still around. Made me reminisce that first EB in Suntec, you posted that you wanted to join but hesitated at the last minute. :-)


golfnut Registered User, Posts: 3

(7/17/03 11:55 pm)

Re: Old Memories Brother Pinoy! You are still around! Nice to hear from you. I hope evrything is fine with you.

One more song for you learn, Stick. :)

And BW, before I die, I would like to see if you are real. Sometime I wondered if you are some computer generated Artificial Intelligent gay friendly personna created to comfort gay people in Singapore. :hat

What Pinoy was referring to was a post I made five years ago. Actionkid was organising an outing and I had just joined Blowing Wind's bulletin board. I am taking liberty to repost what I wrote here. Kindly bear with me. Thanks.


07/11/98 15:25:40 date is July 11th 1998

Name: golfnut My URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Your Nationality: Singaporean


Hi people, golfnut here again. You guys are surely going to have a howling good time when you read what happened to me today. So sit back, get some tissues ready (to wipe your tears, not the OTHER stuff!!), maybe have a cup of kopi-o standing by (it is onna be a long post....sorry) and get ready to LAUGH till your balls drop.

Before I begin, I would like to thank Boi and Kid for their encouragement. It is THEIR fault.... :) that I writing again so soon...just kidding guys. Seriously, I appreciate the encouragement. Makes a senior citizen feels wanted. OK....last night was the first time in many months that I went through the posts for this board. I was encouraged by what I read, and thus decided to send in my first post. It was completed around 5 am. When I logged in again around 12 noon, I notice that Boi had already read my post and he also mention about some kind of an OUTing.

I remembered from last night that in fact you guys were trying to meet up today for lunch, and Kid was saying something about having it at SC (Suntec City right? not Specialist Centre?) and at Olio or whatever. Anyway, since Boi had suggested that I should go out and continue to "crooze" I told myself, what the heck, I 've never been to Suntec City, maybe I should pop over and check out for myself what's going on in the toilets, and also the OSIM guy, and maybe crash the queens' luncheon ( just kidding people).

To put things in proper perspectiv: we are talking about a middle-age fella who has been out of the scene for a couple of years, trying to get back into action again. DISASTER!!! What to wear? where to go (at SC)??? How to walk??? What to see??? and where the hell is my gaydar??? Know what I mean?

I spent about an hour trying to figure out what to wear. What DO people wear if they are going to cruise around toilets? Shorts? - easier to take off? Or Jeans? - more cool and macho? Maybe bermudas? I seriously have no idea.

I read last night about eople's escapades in toilets - what with hands under the partition, jerking each other off, even blowing and fcuking. Now don't get me wrong, I think it is perfectly fine to do all these things, but how do one do them in the confine of a toilet? And the best part is, how do a person dress for it??? I don't know leh. I feel blurr like sotong.

I initially figured on blue jeans, but the last time I wore my newest blue jeans was many, many moons ago. I tried it on and I managed to button it - HOORAY!! that is if I don't walk or breathe. Really, it was that tight. Even if I can walk, I surely, definitely cannot bend over and grab somebody's tool under the partition of the toilet. It would be a pretty ugly sight. I finally settle on a newly bought and fairly proportioned twill slacks. A simple golf polo shirt complete the outfit. And yes I spent some time deciding on the underwear too.

Before I left the house, I felt there was something missing. OH yes. Cologne. A little bit of it behind the ears just in case someone wants to nibble on it. When I spray the cologne, I immediately realised the mistake. I had been wearing Ralph Lauren Polo for many years - in fact since it was introduced. But it is such an old fashioned kind of cologne. Would people laugh at me when they walked past me?? You know, back when I was really young - perhaps around the early seventies, a brand of cologne called BRUT was the rage. But when I was in my 20s it became quite obiang if someone wears it. Now it is the 90s, would people think I am obiang wearing Polo? I really don't know?? Anyway, the thought of having to shower again is too much and so I decided to take my chances.

I know where Suntec City is. I was at the convention center once to collect an award and left immediately thereafter. At that time, the rest of the buildings were still not completed. I did not have the need to go to Suntec City again - I have no business there and it was too modern, too big and too intimidating. But hey, I am croozing today, so I have no fear. It is only a building what, and all I have to do is to look for OSIM, OLIO and check out all the toilets. Simple enough, right? Dead wrong.

I spent 15 mins looking for the "right" car park to enter. An no one told me the carpark is like a subterranean ocean with cars instead of fishes. I kept circling around like an idiot. I was sure that I would end up in Marina Centre or Raffles City car park! And why are there so many cars!! Don't they know there is a recession on!! I decide to follow another car, an Audi. It looks like it knows where to find empty car park spaces. Wrong again, it was actually on its way out! Then I realise that there is another basement, and I finally found a lot there. Found a lift and up I went to Suntec City. The "paradise" of men who can be had in the its toilets.

Let me tell you, when I walked into Suntec City, the first thing to hit me was this place is HUMONGUS! So big, and so many people. You guys must understand that shopping centres are not my kind of place. To me, if I need something, I would more often than not, pop into the neighbourhood stores to get them. Work clothes are usually tailored made at Parksman in a a small shopping centre and golf stuffs are bought at the pro shops at my club. I have little reason to go to shopping centres and believe me, Suntec City overwhelms me.

All thoughts of croozing around in the toilets and reaching under the partition for forbidden fruits went through the roof when I saw, god forbids, some sort of a kiddie concert in the middle of the atrium. KIDS!!!! LOTS OF THEM!!!

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! What if I were to look under the toilet partition and saw instead of Doc Martens, children Badminton Masters BATA shoes INSTEAD!!! No can do. I was kidding myself. If I could never bring myself to crooze even at the infamous Yaohan toilets, what makes me think I can do it here? I never did go into any toilet at SC except one, when I really need to pee. I didn't see any one at the urinal, and I never could bring myself to stand at the urinal waiting for someone to come along when I am dry and done.

I did however found OSIM but WHO IS THE GORGEOUS GUY!!?? There were 2 skinny ordinary looking (my opinion) salesmen inside, one with glasses, and I wondered which one is stealing the hearts of some of the contributors to this post. Don't tell my taste is so off-line nowadays....I don't know.

I finally found OLIO, and by then I felt so stupid and out of place that even if some of you guys were there (I don't know for sure) I definitely would not have crash the gathering. My confidence and self doubts have already taken a tremendous meeting. Things can't be worst. Well, it became worst.

I thought since I am already at OLIO - along the walkway, I might as well see if there are actually a fairly large group of men (professional, somewhat educated adults - was what I think someone describes the members of this post) sitting together having a chat. My eyes drifted around....no..can't be this group.....looking....looking...no can't be that group - got girls amongst them....looking until at the other end....sat a group of about 8 to 10 young, gorgeous looking men. All look well groomed, trim, completely relaxed. Must be them I told myself.

But the next thought that came to my mind was not, why don't pop over and introduced yourself..BUT.....OH MY GOD!!!THEY ARE HALF MY AGE!!!!AND HALF MY WEIGHT!!! I walked away as quickly as my senior citizen legs could carry me while the thought "HALF MY AGE AND HALF MY WEIGHT!!!" rambled on and on in my head like a broken record.

That gentlemen, was how I spent my Saturday afternoon. I do not know if it was really your guys I saw, but my sixth sense told me it might well could be........ :)


And guys, the above was how I became involved with this board. I never did have a good look at those guys but the impression was they were young and handsome.

Someone mentioned that we should have a gathering for BWers. I think it is a marvellous idea. Another site, "Yawning Bread", and Blowing Wind were among the pioneers of gay sites catering to gays in Singapore. I understood at that time it was a "touch and go" kinda thing and there was always the fear that the "authority" were monitoring and might shut down such sites anytime. Now, five years later, we have gay saunas, gay pubs and karaokes and gay discos. Alan Sin, if you reading this, be encouraged that thanks to Yawning Bread and Blowing Wind and other pioneers, things have improved.

In the future, when the govt. realise that we are not and had never been a threat, and we are their sons, their brothers and maybe even their fathers, and all the laws making a crime what we do in private are removed, I would like to celebrate by getting seriously drunk together with Yawning Bread and Blowing Wind, whoever they are.

*Golfnut offering a virtual salute to both YB and BW*

Edited by: golfnut at: 7/18/03 12:15 am


stick Unregistered User

(7/18/03 12:22 am)

Poor golfnut So sat to hear that you are ashame of you body.

SEE and Follow this for 21 days. You will find yourself slim down every minutes.

Take a sweet potates plus handful of vegetable, and plus an apples only for every breakfast,lunch and dinner.

This is how I slim down and get fit. ;)

Don't need to take slim10 ok. :)


mr nice exec Registered User, Posts: 84

(7/18/03 12:27 am)

Re: Old Memories Golfnut, you don't know me but I certainly have read and enjoyed your posts since 5 years ago. BW is a special forum to me because 5 years ago when I first started searching singapore gay forums, it was the only one available and my sense of loss and frustration of having gay tendencies (I'm bi for your info) had psyhologically made BW a place of catharsis for me. I never had the courage to post then because I was very worried I would be tracked by the authority.:lol Those times were very special to me. That period was an awakening moment for me towards homosexuality in Singapore. Initially I took those cruising stories especially by Actionkid with a pinch of salt because I thought it just wouldn't be possible that it could take place in Singapore.

I still recall I was eagerly waiting in frustraion for your follow-up posts to your happening story with your contractor. Don't worry, I did read your last few posts that explained why you hardly posted since BW migrated to the current format.

Lastly, nice to see your posts again. Cheers!


Luvlonglong Unregistered User

(7/18/03 10:58 am)

Was it 5 years already?! I could've joined slightly later... can't recall how I stumbled onto tat site but wat a find it was!

Great postings by most contributors... there was even one chap fm the US. Where are all these people now... I wish them well nevertheless :D

So cheers to all the pioneers n Mr BW... n many thx for the memories!


golfnut Registered User, Posts: 4

(7/18/03 12:04 pm)

Jerk Off session with straight contractor friend "I still recall I was eagerly waiting in frustraion for your follow-up posts to your happening story with your contractor."

Mr NE, perhaps you have missed my post on the above matter. I replied to a similar query under another thread "Jesus on the Mainline."

I am attaching the reply below so you do not have to search for it.


Devil or Saint


Thanks for remembering these threads Nokia. It s nice to know that people do read my posts.

I have been keeping in touch with T. We actually met up fairly often because a couple of months ago he was seeking my opinion about setting up a small business. I understand that the business is doing quite well.

There had been a couple of times that we met up and jerked off together. It is getting more infrequent because of his business committments. There was a couple of times when he invited me to his apartment in the afternoon for some sessions since his business was close to where he lives.

We never really went beyond what happened. We would jerked ourselves off watching some stuffs that his friends passed on to him and and that's about it. After a while, it became kinda boring. I have never touched his coxk and neither did he touched mine.

I think he knew I am gay or at least knew that I was turned on by him. During such jerk off sessions, I was watching him playing with his "brother" more than what's going on with the movie. He knew I was watching him and he did not mind.

A couple of times, we did it in his bedroom laying upright next to each other on his bed, when the weather was too hot and the living room was uncomfortable. The wife was working and the children are with their granny during the day.

I really do not know if he is gay, bisexual or simply curious. Maybe it is just a way for him to get "it" off without having to risk getting STDs from prostitutes. In any case, these kind of sessions are getting quite routine and a bit boring, and there had been times when he called, I made excuses that I was busy, when in fact I was just not in the mood. There are just so many times you are stimulated by seeing someone you like jerk off but can't proceed further.


That's about it with the contractor friend. We still kept in touch and the last time I had a jerk-off session with him was about two months ago.


Nick69 Unregistered User

(7/18/03 6:41 pm)

Older and Better! Everyone grows older! So what if we're no longer young and good looking but instead older and with a little paunch, time doesn't stand still for us. I've met older PLUs who till date give me the best sex in my years of cruising and mind you I'm not ashame to tell you nick69 is now in his late 30s. Yes, younger guys have their looks and stamina , but older guys have the experience and knowledge.We all grow old, nothing to be worried about.We'll all fade away sooner or later but always remember the good times and that they continue and grow with you.What makes me proud here? That I have more than a handful of BW'ers who I can proudly call old but good friends!:lol


friday Unregistered User

(7/19/03 1:03 pm)

thank for the memory too i m still around ....how can i forget the wonderful "news" & events that update me. I m now happily settle down with my boyboy in JB.

Thanks again for the wonderful memory >>>>


haven Unregistered User

(7/20/03 2:16 am)

nostalgia hi all,

i am new here, well, actually i have been reading BW for a couple of years now. this is my first contribution.

i really enjoyed the stories that you guys have written...your experiences, fears......basically everything.

you make things look real, at least. i have never really enjoyed anything as much as reading your postings.


ps. golfnut, you shouldnt feel embarassed by yr body. looks will not last, what matters most is the heart and mind. god bless.....


golfnut Registered User, Posts: 5

(7/20/03 3:11 am)

My body Stick and Haven,

Thanks for the encouragement regarding my looks/body size.

I was speaking metaphorically when I describe those cute guys as "half my weight and half my age."

I am actually 1.83m tall and weighs 80 kg. I am neither fat nor thin. I was 39 when I wrote that article in 1998, I am 44 now.


haven Unregistered User

(7/20/03 11:45 am)

44 aint bad hi golfnut,

this may sound cliche, but age is but a number.

your physical details sounds really nice. many guys your age will kill to have that kind of stats. i am 32. after 30, you become more aware of the age factor. i realise that after 30, i started to change in the way i see things around me. 44 is just nice.


stick Unregistered User

(7/20/03 11:18 pm)

182 height Golfnut, you know normally what I like to do to man at that height?

I like to put both my hand round their waist and backside, pulling them closes to me. Chest sticking below their chest. Breath in their manly smell. kiss and lip their "BiBI".:b


golfnut Registered User, Posts: 6

(7/21/03 2:16 am)

BiBI? Stick, you can kiss and lip my BiBI anytime. Btw, what is BiBI? :hat


Neo Unregistered User

(7/21/03 4:11 am)

44 is Glorious I am not a contributor to BW but nevertheless have been reading selectively based on topic of interest.

To anyone feeling ‘old’, let me say: “Baby, you have a long way to go before you come to my age! I may be the oldest around here but could pass off myself as '30something' and nobody could be the wiser. It is how you keep yourself that really decides your age; Age doesn’t decide you".

There are a lot of men who are healthier at age 50 then they have ever been before, because a lot of their fear is gone.

When asked: “Nice to be here?” George Burns said: “At my age it’s nice to be anywhere” (when you considerate the alternative)

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair; we had everything before us, we had nothing before us; we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the other way." (Charles Dickens)

Finally, count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.


stick Unregistered User

(7/21/03 9:17 pm)

bibi? Aiya! "bibi" is "bobo". "Bobo" is nipples. So "BiBo, BiBo" you know?:lol


mr nice exec Registered User, Posts: 88

(7/23/03 6:18 pm)

Re: Jerk Off session with straight contractor friend Golfnut, I did read that last post of your encounter with your contractor friend, thanks anyway. Too bad, there's no more story about you and him. But I agree, it could get very boring and meaningless given his lack of response to the subtle signals you sent out during the jerk-off sessions.


actionkid Unregistered User

(10/2/03 5:45 pm)

Those crazy days... I have to admit that it has been a loooooooong time since I last glimpsed at this website and I have to say that I am amazed to see so many changes!

BUT.. I'm glad that BW is still able to maintain the essence of the site and it is even better to see the old gang like golfnut, nick69, oralb still active here, together with the new generation of BW'ers.. :D

You guys are right in saying that everyone moves on. But some memories will linger for eternity. As actionkid, I have to admit that BW has had a profound effect in my life. I first appeared close to my 25th birthday, back in Feb 98. Since then, I've binged on finding myself, cruised to no end, gotten myself engaged to a girl (hence my absence), broken up, went into a hedonistic spree, but, I'm glad to admit, have now moved on into a long term relationship with a guy. It's been nearly two years since I got attached and I've pretty much settled down with this really amazing guy. No more sexcapades to share... >D

Anyway, although this is belated, and may be irrelevant, I just wanna say a big BIG thank you to BW again for all the fond memories and all the great friends I've made via this site. Life is fleeting. Thus, we should just go out and be ourselves, unsubscribe to all those superficial labels and be who we are. And I believe we can all be young and there will always be that special someone for every one of us, waiting to be found.... :)

btw, golfnut, I've always thought you're a beautiful person. Although we've not met, your postings never cease to bring a smile to my face.. and that, to me, is an achievement that no gorgeous bodilicious sexgod can easily do... :rollin

Keep them postings cummin... :P


jungleman Unregistered User

(10/3/03 7:06 am)

change or unchange? I was at tana merah jetty yesterday, watching sunset with a friend.

We are gay-mentally-oriented but we both do not admit it openly.

He touched on the topic if I found my lover, whether girl or boy.

I told him that my independence enabled me to contribute more to my work.

He agreed to my comment.

He lamented there were no 2 stones which could match each other perfectly. It bounced to have a lot of compromise. When we were younger, sex drive could be difficult to tame but as age caught up ( we were both in our late 40s), we might treasure personal space even more in life ...

Sun set, with no great magic.

I knew him more than 5 years.

So as my stint with BW.

The time changed.

The people around changed.

But, did I?

Happy Birtday, BW!


OralB Registered User, Posts: 220

(10/3/03 10:29 am)

harlow Actionkid Welcum back AK

Nice to see your appearance after all this time.

For those who only been with BW recently, AK and Aboi were the major contributors to the earlier BW and their juicy stories were an impt factor that kick started BW.

I remembered there was a time most of us would log on eagerly to check their latest "escapades"! Then all of sudden, both of them faded off leaving a certain black hole in the board, which later filled by kind folks like Nick69/ golfnut.

I am glad that you are doing well, AK. Though I always had the impression that you have gotten married and stayed clear of alternative lifestyle.


blowing wind ezOP, Posts: 66

(10/8/03 11:08 pm)

Re: Those crazy days... Hello AK,

what a pleasant surprise ! Just to know that you are there and well, is enough to ease my mind that tend to treat no news as bad news. Just a hello is all it takes.

Be Happy :D


crazyhorse Unregistered User

(10/9/03 9:09 pm)

Happy 5th anniversary! I've been a quiet follower of this board since the begining. Never found the need to post here. But this thread brings back lots of memories.

It's through this board that I met my significant other half 4 plus years ago. Yeah we have been together since then...

Thank you all for this wonderful place to let your hair down and imagination free. I've learnt lots from the contributers here and hope this board never dies.



Jose Registered User, Posts: 2

(4/9/04 12:17 am)

What is love? Seeing the pioneers of this board chronicles their journey, I have been induced, by an uncanny source of inspiration to plot this post; despite the fact that this is probably not the right place for someone such as I who is from:

a) a foreign age (22)

B) a foreign size (slim)

c) a foreign country (Australia).

Yet with an affection towards men of generally stocky/bearish look and of mature age, I would hope that I conveniently slot myself here.

I would simply like to comment, whilst aware that this may have been mentioned elsewhere in a different form, that physical appearance draws lust, while inner qualities draws love.

Lust is an emotion. Love is a value.

Emotions come and go, value drives purposeful actions of giving, sharing and being content because the person you love is happy.

Edited by: Jose at: 4/9/04 12:59 am


Chrysalis Unregistered User

(4/10/04 6:14 am)

HAPPY 5th BW! I'm still around.

Still alive.

Still silent observer.

But this posting moved me to say 'hello' to both old and new friends at BW.

And er ... golfnut ... I was at the soiree you mentioned at SC. And if you are 44, I am not half your age. Why do ya think they call me 'Uncle Chrysalis'? hahaha.

So ya shoulda come on over. Instead of leaving me at the tender mercies of them young 'uns. *grin!*


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Chrysalis Unregistered User
(4/10/04 6:14 am)
HAPPY 5th BW! I'm still around.
Still alive.
Still silent observer.
But this posting moved me to say 'hello' to both old and new friends at BW.

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I m still around except single


Wow, when i read this thread, I found myself with BW for a year or more.

I thank BW and its members.

I learned a lot of things I have never learned in my life.


Thank you, BW

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