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Racial Slur deserves its place in the Flaming Room

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Guest was that English?
3 hours ago, Guest guest said:


Wait sekarli you kena Nigerian love scam, scam every drop of your hard earned money, wait your bank account kena Nigerian phishing scam , transfer out every single digit in yr ,


And you kena tricked by scammers to go to Nigeria to assist in investigation and then kena scammed and meet Nigerian human organ traffickers and u kena sedated and have your kidney illegally without consent removed to be traded on organ black market, your cornea kena remove by organ traffickers and sold on black market and also your blood and bone marrow drawn to be sold too, 


And at last , when you awake from your surgery, you realise you are not in a sterile surgical theatre but a lousy filthy dinghy mud floored room with everything set up temporarily to harvest every part of your body that can be sold to reap money and you hobbled unto the street only to be hit by a motorbike who disregards traffic rules, you fall unto the road bleeding with your surgical wounds opening up, and all the rats, cats , dogs, buffaloes, goats all gather around you to have a feast on your flesh while you are alive and the populace just goes about their african lives like u dont exist, 


You look up in the sky , and you ask, why me ? Why? I was a good person, I wanted the world to be a fair place, i spoke up against racism, i hate racist....why .


( Above is a creation of fiction writer but can possibly happen in that N lettered country)

( illegal illicit organ harvesting is rife in those dirt poor Afrc countries, well loved by recipients,  are young fresh organs from disease free countries like Spore, well fed , good  healthcare, healthy kidney and corneas, can be sold at a higher price.


AFRICAN populace have endemic all kinds of water borne , air borne parasitic infestations, amoeba parasitic infections, hidden undetected Ebola and other viral infextions at incubatory phases, Afrc organs are not top choice.






Will someone claim later that the above was English???

Or should I sing it loudly into a microphone and it should be seen as Afro rap?


Bro Bro Bro

He yoh,

Nigerian Love Scam

Evry drop you haad earn moni

Gonna bring back you honey

African brother fishin u bank account

No money left no single digit round

Do Do Do Do. Hey Hey Hey Yo.


Sold my bone by African bitch

Yo ho ho ho

Landed my kidney on the black market

Blood n bone no longer rich

Hey Hey Hey Do Do Do

Ebola infested rachet

Bro Bro Bro Bro




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Guest Anti-Colonial

Stop the racism. Nigeria has problems but many countries have problems. Quit bashing all black people because of Nigerian e-mail scams or Grindr criminals or African quality of life issues which are a leftover legacy of colonialism.


By the way, cheating scams and organ harvesting are also rife in the PRC, which is an Asian and for that matter Chinese country, but nobody is putting down all Asians and Chinese people because of a percentage of atrocious PRCs.


Africa had great ancient civilizations like Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Everybody with an education knows the legends of Timbuktu as well. But the ancient Africans were by and large peaceful and couldn't fight the colonists weapons.


The white colonists destroyed education in Africa and stole much of the continent's natural resources. Then they granted independence to leftover husk nations that they stripped of all their ancient glory. Colonialism is disgusting.


I will add that the colonists did the same thing in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and the Philippines closer to home. Singapore is lucky that we are smaller and that made it easier to rally everyone and recover.


Recovering in all those other places will take generations, if ever, due to the huge setbacks caused by colonialism. That left the door open for the crookedest politicians to rise to the top and they're still plundering their own nations.

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Guest 脏子姨
On 4/17/2019 at 8:39 AM, Nightingale said:

Knowledge well said.  Auntie OCD Fascist will always stay in the Flaming Room as her base.

Flaming Room is your birth place and your final resting ground:D:D

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Guest guest
15 hours ago, Guest 脏子姨 said:

Flaming Room is your birth place and your final resting ground:D:D



Ouuchhh....touchè....en pointe....



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