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    Sitting on the toilet bowl at Mandarin Orchard Shopping Gallery, I saw that the lighting was exceptionally good, so I took this penie (penis selfie). Hope you like it
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    Share Your Butt Photo

    Love to spread for u
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    Share Your Butt Photo

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    in the late nite, when u have no1 to do it for u All u can dpend is your right hand/friend and a laptop
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    Been awhile since i last posted... anyone missed me yet..? ;) Follow me @ instagram.com/lustvalerie
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    Where to get a good waxing?
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    Updated profile picture

    Updated profile picture
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    Went to chow kit for ba kut teh last night. Saw a few lady boys walking around. Couldn't tahan cock started getting hard. One of them locked eyes with me, I gave her a nod.. she nodded back. Oh it's on. Paid my bill and went to the hotel across the road. She waited outside. Got the room, went up and soon as entered the room I had to pull my cock out cause so hard already. She straight got down on her knees and took the whole thing in. She gave me a nice hard slurping .. was so good I came in like 4 mins. Got naked .. and took a shower. She waited in the room, Came out and she was naked doggy style. My cock straight got hard again. Lit up a 420. And pounded her. She was really loud. Lol As I was doggying her I could see in the mirror her 6 inch cock was hard. This got me curious See At this point I wanted to try something new. I've never sucked a lady boy off. Flipped her over and there it was. A nice 6 inch cut cock. Beautiful. But safety first.. put on a condom on it. And ... Sucked her.. Her moaning was music to my ears and cock. After about 5 mins.. she started shivering.. I knew was going to cum so pulled of the condom got on her and grabbed her cock and mine with both hands and rubbed our cocks as hard as I could and she blasted her self all over. Was so surprised. First time getting lady boy cum on me. What a night
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    After Exercise pictures

    See you....TRAIN HARD till then... (If re-quote, pls remove pix) Last post till 1 April 2019 (Got approval.. . Recovering from new tatt till then)
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    Looking for Meetups in Malaysia

    i am so horny
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    Share Your Butt Photo

    I think u are very sexy
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    kinky kyle

    Share Your Butt Photo

    Feeling naughty and adventurous...
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

    Body grooming Monday.
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