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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

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    Waking up everyday like this in your bed... instagram.com/lustvalerie
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

    Sat Morning
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    It's not a complete schoolgirl without striped socks and panties.
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    Adding to the wonderful Monday pics galore.. enjoy boyz..
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

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    After Exercise pictures

    post arms workout
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    Strictly for Married Guys

    31 175 69 bi guy here...wish to find married bi buddy...
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

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    When a cute hunk at the gym keeps eyeing you and you pretend to be cool. He finally comes over and u think he has the nerve to ask for a fuck. "Your contact lens is on the side of your face." Someone just bitch slap me back into reality please.
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    Hahaha. Love his expression. Adorable but probably had to wash his eyes out with soap. A daring exhibitionist.
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    someone to cuddle with maybe?
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    Anyone want this can add me on line : tattooz this is semi hard
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    Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    Sun 12 May about 9pm-ish. I boarded bus no. 89 from Sengkang opp Blk 241. You were about 19/20yo in full black biz attire (uniform of sorts) seated next to the window right at the back. I went to sit next to you as our eyes met. You alighted at Blk 515 which was opposite the side gate to my place. Decided to get down at the main gate at next stop instead in case you thought I was stalking you though have to admit I wanted to follow you to say hello. You knew what we did on the bus. You made me so horny it was very uncomfortable and painful to have a rock hard cock in my tight jeans. The more you noticed I had to press down my erect cock to suppress it, the more you seem determined to make me hard..LOL At one point I was so horny I almost wanted to hold your hand. You knew my left hand was less than an inch from touching your fingers. My hand was rubbing against your thigh too as we lean totally against each other with our arms rubbing hard against one another. Connect with me if you read this. Would love to hold your hand while watching a horror movie. Of course if keen for more, we can do more..LOL
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

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    On contrary to common believes, I actually do meet guys. Just the right person at the right time in the right place.
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    Need to shave again lol.....
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    Btm chinese son ( always on feelings) , lean smooth lean, 62 kg , financially ok, seeks in shape Bromance / Dads / Uncle Super TOP 1) BroTOP / Elder Bros 45 yo up, or 2) DOM HARD DadsTOP above 50s...60s up.... the older the tastier, married, bi curious or str8...but be in shape not skinny...or even 3) SonTOP who loves older matured btm .....hiya make it less complicated and opens the backdoor : YOU Must be a HornyTOP, be it son or dad or grand dad, single or married Prefer u can hosts. Day or nights....love to be serve by son or sons's friends... Don't mind " Too Lan " dads to fuck me, just be horny and able to get hard....no strings attached. Asian / White Dads / Gran dads / hungs also welcome. Open to Team Tags Dads , who are NSA, but be FBs to sons. Must be discrete , manly looking and kind loving . NO $$$$$$ involvement I do not come here often, so please email me son4dads1069@gmail.com PS : No Money Dads or commercial dads
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    Looking for running buddy at Macritchie... Running buddy!
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