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    Feeling horny, over this clean feeling every day. Keep on getting hard, after a while.
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    Couldn't sleep so contributed for fellow members
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    Haven’t dressed for quite a while. I forgot how liberating it feels to have a dress and heels on... I’m loving every moment of it!
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    nice humid weather to dress down
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

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    hope ur monday wasnt too green~
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

    Hot Sunday
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    Nice to hold.. Once broken consider sold
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    Good morning everyone, how do u like this?
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    https://ibb.co/bbcgYNd image upload
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    East Hunter

    Post Our Nude Pics Here

    Old collage but think enough to make the cut here
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    Wanted to post this in the Shanghai travel thread but since there’s this thread then I shall post here. Warning: Long post ahead! I was in Shanghai last week for a short work trip and have been wanting to write about my experiences but haven’t had the time. So basically it’s about two encounters I had with China men, one was a straight gym instructor in the hotel I was staying at, and another is a gay masseur (who was very straight acting!) who was soliciting for customers along Nanjing Lu. The gym encounter was a really erotic (but non-sexual experience) while the massage was sexual. I shall leave the massage experience for another day as I don’t have the time to write so much. So as I said I was in Shanghai for business trip recently and I was putting up at one of the international 4-star hotels along Nanjing Rd. I’d finished dinner and went back to the hotel, hoping to squeeze in a gym workout before calling it a day. As it turns out, the hotel gym is also open to users who aren’t guests of the hotel. i.e. you can enter the gym if you have a membership. So there were a few locals using the gym with two personal trainers there. Not many people on a weekday night. One of the PTs caught my eye. I tried hard not to gawk, but he was smoking hot to say the least and very manly. Fair skinned, tall, in his 20s, very fit body and a squarish jawline. He was training a middle aged PRC lady and kept barking 「來來來!」as he motivated his client to complete those reps of sit-ups! How I wish he was ordering ME about! All this while as I was gymming, he would occasionally glance at me and that got my heart fluttering. I could tell he’s NOT gay. Just a typical straight PT checking if I’m using the machines correctly. Towards the end of his personal training for that lady, he asked her to lie down on the yoga mat and he even gave her a massage! What a lucky biatch! But I think I’m luckier. It was already 8pm+ when that woman left and there was just me and him alone in the gym. The other PT had left earlier. So he was wiping off his sweat when he approached me for a chat. First thing he asked, 「中國人麼?」(Are you from China?) and I replied no. I almost had a heart attack when he smiled at me. He was unbelievably cute. He told me he could tell I wasn’t from China despite my “yellow skin”. The conversation went on and on and on, and yes, he briefly mentioned he’s girlfriend - confirming my initial impression that he’s as straight as an arrow. He talked about his dreams, his life in China, politics in China and the recent HK situation... He then casually asked if I use the sauna. Again, that almost gave me another heart attack. He was asking me to use the sauna with him! “Sure”, I said and off we went to the changing room. I was really awkward and shy, and so didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of his cock as he striped naked. I too turned away and didn’t want him to see my semi erect cock. The sauna was really small which could only fit 3 people at most. So there we were, two big men butt naked with only a small towel covering our manhood - in close proximity to each other in the sauna. His body is to die for. Broad chest, big black nipples, big biceps, not forgetting a hairy treasure trail from his navel all the way down to that joystick which he covered with the mini towel. What a respectable bulge. Didn’t help that he was manspreading his big legs as he sat down. My heart was racing and I was trying so hard to conceal it and not think about it by engaging in conversation with him. But his bulge was a huge distraction. And those droplets of sweat on his big big big chest! At that point I think I was willing to give up 5 years of my life just to see his cock and big balls! I wanted to seduce him but didn’t know how to. I asked if he had dinner and if he wanted to join me (totally forgetting that I already had dinner!). 「好啊!」he shot back immediately. I love such decisive men. I was secretly very elated. I was alr sweating profusely in the sauna till it got quite uncomfortable and so left the sauna first for a shower. There’s only ONE shower cubicle in the gym changing room with just a flimsy curtain to cover for some privacy. Just as I was rinsing myself and covered in soap, he tore open the shower curtain and came in! 「我也要洗一下」he said. Oh god. His BIG cock and BIG balls dangling right in front of my very eyes, and he was using soap to rinse them with his IG biceps! What a long foreskin he had - couldn’t see his cockhead. His balls were so BIG and it was so hung! I guess the hot water helped relax his balls even more - as far as I can recall from my occasional glances, those balls were literally swinging about as he washed his inner thighs. He too, took a glance at my (already semi-erect) manhood. He laughed and commented 「包皮好短」(short foreskin). I was so embarrassed and all I could say was “Huh?” He shot back again, 「大龟头都給我看光啦!」(I can see your entire cockhead) 😳Luckily there was no one else in the toilet! I didn’t say anything and after awhile he continued! 「哇,大哥你那屌毛怎麼修得那麼美啊」(translation: Bro, how do you trim your cock hair to make it look so nice?). Not surprising that he made such a comment as he was much hairier in comparison. He didn’t seem to groom his pubic hair and that treasure trail. But I was utterly lost for words... I joked and pretended to laugh 「我也可以幫你修!」(translation: I can help you trim as well!) to which he laughed and replied 「瞎扯什麼啊!我就喜歡這樣」(translation: what nonsense are you saying! I like it this way). If there was any moment which was the most erotic I have ever experienced in my life, this would be it. This was extremely erotic men’s talk. I was very tempted to touch him or pretend to accidentally brush his cock but I had no guts to. He was so strong and straight — I knew he would whack me if I ever did that. “At least I got to see him in all his glory”, I thought to myself. So nothing sexual happened. We continued rinsing ourselves and got dressed, and went off for dinner. And yes, it was an excellent dinner — he brought me to some really local places for dinner and we had some really great conversations. And yes, of course we exchanged WeChat and still keep in contact now. Glad I gained a Friend in the process, and a HOT one at that!
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    Was passing by old parliament house and victoria concert hall last night 16 Aug 9+pm... saw 2 guys in exec wear walking in my direction. When both of them passed me, i turned around and they continued walking, this time holding each other's hands, slightly swinging with other pedestrians around. I must say that was really sweet and heart warming
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    think i might need a new hobby really
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    It had been awhile. How is everyone? 😉
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

    A little bored while working from home...
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    Morning wood .still horny .had a fuck yesterday but still cock is Hungary
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    Weather forecast for Tuesday : 26 - 34°C. Another warm, sultry day. It's been a long, dry spell and I am impressed so many guys have water conservation on their minds. They always suggest showering together. Keep it up boys😉.
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

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    One of the consequences of being busy for so long. I need a good blowjob.
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    Malaysia Outdoor Exhibitionist/Fun

    KLIA express... someone sitting there! you can see his luggage above him.
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    Post Our Nude Pics Here

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    Share Your Butt Photo

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    Kuching Cruising Places

    This is not a story happened in Kuching but it is a guy I met in the swimming pool A few days ago I went to KL for a course, but because my course finished early at 4pm, so I decided to ask a guy that I met in the swimming out, I have played with him a few time when he was in Kuching last year, and now he studying in to KL so didn’t play with him for some time already, he had a hot and delicious body and also one of this hobby is cum eating so I missed him so much. Initially, I was thinking to bring him to my hotel to play with, but since after I introduce some of the saunas in KL to him, he used to share stories with me how he played in the sauna, so I decided to see him play in the sauna in with my own eyes. We met at the bus stop and we took a bus to Mandi Manda haven’t come here for a long time because it doesn't have any LRT/MRT nearby but my friend likes this sauna so I just go with him. When we arrived, the counter guy since to know him well, they chat for a while and we go to the locker room to change, we took off everything and cover myself with a towel then I turn to my friend and look at his body, I saw his body is getting more fit and delicious compared to the last time he came back to Kuching for holiday, after he took off everything he just put his towel over his shoulder and walk around at the locker area nakedly, when I told him that this area is covered by CCTV, he said that is the purpose of coming to sauna to show off and let people see, so I smile and we go to the shower room located on the 1st floor. During the shower we clean each other up and there was a guy keep looking at us when we taking bath, after the shower we went to the steam room, the steam was dark inside and there were some people inside the dark place so I decided to use my friend in the steam room before he let other people use him, so I hug him and kiss at the entrance of the steam room which is not so dark we can see each other and when we were exchanging saliva the guy who looked at us in the shower come in and stand there looking at us, but we didn’t stop we keep on kissing each other and he started to user his tongue lick my ear, my nipple and down to my belly button and end up sucking my dick, when he sucked my dick I moan a few times, I think because of that some of the guys comes from the back of the steam and look at us. At first, there were just looking at us, but after a while, some guy starts to touch my body, lick my nipple and one of them even try to put his dick into my ass, I felt annoying so bring my friend out of the steam room and we went to the 2nd floor When we arrive on the 2nd floor I show one guy pumping up at the gym area and some sitting drinking and chat, so we also sit down and get something to drink and chat. while we are talking I saw the guy at the gym area keep looking at my friend, so I ask my friend if he knows him, my friend said yes they played few times so they kind of know each other. After we sit for a while, my friend went to the gym area to greed his friend and after that he sits down on a benches and do some shoulder workout, during the workout he open his leg width and his dick is exposed in the air and facing the sitting area, I saw some of the guys in the sitting area were looking at him. After a while, the guys who looked at him just now went over, pretending to help my friend with the workout but instate he get his dick close to my friend's face and I see my friend put his head into his towel and suck his dick. I can see my friend’s dick is getting hard while sucking him, after a while a guy in the sitting area wert over and play with my friends’ dick. After a few mins, the staff saw it and stopped them. Then my friend comes over to sit with me again and I asked him normally how many dicks will you suck in the sauna? He said it depends, sometime he will just sit in the darkroom and anyone dick come over he will suck or get fuck. When I heard that I feel excited so I ask him to show me how he fucks by anyone later, but before that, I want to play first him before someone else did, so we go to the 69 areas. When we went down at the darkroom area we took off our towel and find someplace to keep it, and I can see few people are standing in the walkway waiting to get served, while we walked past them, some of their hands will come over touch our body and dick, so to prevent any interference I push my friend into a private room lock it up and start to eat his body slowly part by part until he moans a lot and ask me to fuck him, I put a package of lubricant on his ass and wear my condom and start to fuck him, he asked me since when I need to wear a condom to fuck him, I said since he start visits sauna every week and fucked by endless of people every time. He said fair enough, but he said have done the test last few days and he is negative he said, but still, I insist to fuck him with my condom on. After a while, I told him that I am ready to cum and he begs me to feed him my cum, so I pull out my condom and cum into his mouth, I see he eat all of my cum and that’s make me satisfy a lot. After he ate my cum I lie down with him we hug each other and rest for a while. After around 20 min of rest, I feel like I can fuck him again so I put on my condom open the door and fuck him again. We fucked many positions and I think my friend purposely makes a lot of noise to attract people to come in to see him getting fuck eventually he successfully attracted some guy came in to see us in action while they playing with their dick. After that, some of the guys started to touch us and when they see we are not rejecting one of the guys start to put his dick into my friend's mount and another slim guy sits onto of my friends dick while I am is still fucking him. When I see that I stand up and let others use my friend, after I stand up an Indian guy immediately took my place, he sick his big dick into my friend's ass start moving. While I standing watching some guy came over to touch my body, served my dick and lick my nipple. I really enjoy seeing my friend getting fucked like that, after a while, I see the Indian guy went out and another guy continues. I if not mistaken I also saw some guy cum into my friend's mouth but it is dark I cannot confirm. after a while, my friend said he wants to cum, but the guy still sitting on him and my friend also did not move him away and eventually my friend cum into that guy ass. After the siting guy go away the guy who fucking my friend ass said wait he almost done, so my friend let him continue and in the end, he pulled his dick out and cum on my friend’s body. After he cum we went to take shower again, during the shower I ask my friend how many cum into his mount he said 2 or 3 he is not sure, but he didn’t eat them, and no one cum into his ass yet. After the shower we went to the sauna and steam room for a rest, and we went back to the darkroom at again around 7:30pm and this time we went to the maze area, I hold my friend hand so we don’t get lost in the dark maze, when we arrive at the maze we walk around and there were many hands touching my body and some mouth come over to suck my dick, and suddenly my friend stop, so I use my hand to touch him to feel what’s happened, I felt that someone is fucking his ass and he is sucking someone dick. And suddenly a handhold my dick and put my dick into an ass but I push him away as I don’t want to fuck anyone without a condom after that a mount come over so I rather let the mouth suck. After a while I felt like I want to cum so I push that guy away and after a while, another guy continues to suck me, so I let them server me until my eyes get used to the environment. when started get used to the environment I realize that there were many people surround us and a lot of hands is touching my friend’s body and people is fucking him continually, and his mouth is also busy sucking people’s dick, I can also feel some sperm on my friend's body too. After a while friend come over to hug me while is ass is still l fucking by someone and whisper in my ear saying that“ this is how I play, do you like it?”, so I hug my friend back and said “Yes, I like it so much, can you play wilder?”. When he heard that he turned one of the guys beside me and fuck his ass with dick, and now my friend is a sandwich, one guy fuck him at the back and he fucks another guy in the front, after a while my friend cum again on one of guy body and bring me out of the maze and we go into a toile together. I saw so pee coming out from his ass, he said just now someone pee in his ass, when I ask him if anyone cum into his ass he said he said not sure, but someone cum in his mouth, after he cleans his ass up he hug me and rest on my shoulder for a while and ask me if just now action satisfy me, I said yes, but I want to see you get fuck by all the people in the sauna, he smiles and didn’t reply. After the toilet we when to the sitting room again and just before I ask my friend to go back the guy at the gym come by and treat us some beer and we chat, during the chat I realise that my friend not only play with him in the sauna, but also played with him and some of the guy here at the hotel, after my friend drink 3 or 4 can of beer, a tall and muscular guy come over and ask the gym guy to go walk another round in the dark area, so the gym guy pull my friend with them but I said I am tired need to rest. So they went back to the darkroom again. After 10 min I feel boring and decided to go and see what’s happening to my friend. so I went to the darkroom again but It took me some time to find them, when I found them, I saw 3 of them playing in the corner of the walkway where it is there is a little bit of light, and people are surrounding them that’s why I didn’t find them in the first place. When I got nearer I found out that my friend lying down on the muscular guy body and the gym guy and muscular guy dick is inside my fiend's ass, my friend’s mouth is sucking another guy’s a dick, this is my first time seeing someone fuck by 2 dick at once in real life. So like other guys I stand there and enjoy the show and playing our dick. After a while the guy pulls out his dick an cum on my friends body and muscular guy turn my friend into the doggy style and start fucking him again, so I go over and put my dick into my friends mouth and he didn’t realize that was me, after few mins the muscular guy stop and looks like he cum into my friends ass, and after he left my friend still maintain in the doggy position to let other guys continue, when I was about to cum I stick my dick deep into my friends mount and cum again. After I cum I stand they and look at him continue to fuck by other people, If I am not mistaken I calculated another 4 to 6 people fucked him after I cum in his mount. After a while, he said he want to cum the guy who is fucking him, fucked him even harder until my friend satisfy and walk away and I follow him. He only realizes that I was in there with him when we were outside of the darkroom. After that we took bath and leave the sauna, I treat him Bak Kut Tea and before we leave I ask him to go to another sauna before I go back to Kuching, he said ok and….. if you guys what to know what happened in another sauna let me know This is the guy i talk about, he is 22 y.o, student, stay in Darmansara, Dayak Mixed Chinese, I took this video when he come to find me in my hotel and when I told him that I am sharing his sauna story here and need his naked photo to make it more exiting, he is so exited to share it with you guy, and he also want to let you guys know that he doing a part time as M.B., if you guy happened to visit KL can find him on Gindr, he can be Top / Btm / Group ( not more then 6 people ) This is his ass before I fuck him October 2017. and this is his ass hole now, not that tight anymore after he came to KL. ( sorry the photo is a bit dark )
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    So here I am undies on hand... Horny af .... Waiting for my fun date.
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    Looking for Meetups in Malaysia

    Bukit jalil oug
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