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  1. Swimming nude in pools?

    i swam a few times naked at fitness first pool.. early morning and no one around...water was cold....but that feeling of getting caught and yet wanted to swim naked is very exciting.
  2. Morn dude

    Am keen to get to know you, are you keen chat at line or whatsapp.





  3. bi/aj and happily married now?

    If you are not ready, pls don’t... you may not be happy and suffer in silence since you have committed that path... you will keep asking yourself why and each time u see guys u fancy, u just want to drop all of it. Then u fear the guilt to the gal. so if u are not ready, don’t.
  4. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    Hope you are here. Very flattered to have met you this morning at the steamroom at MBC. Hope to be able to see you again.
  5. any gay grabcar uber drivers here?

    I need a ride later from mapletree business city to HDB hub at 10am
  6. I am at ipoh weil Hotel. Anyone nearby 

  7. anyone be at Ipoh from Friday?

  8. You can see who block you on Grindr here

    Where u be staying
  9. Tampines Hub

    Anyone here right now
  10. Anyone to show me around in ipoh? I be there next Friday to Sunday. Stays at Weil Hotel
  11. Bi / Married man chat

    Guess all are shy
  12. Bi / Married man chat

    Single word chat?
  13. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    Won’t lah... u just show yours and he will make the move... safe