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  1. Anyone heading to Taipei next week for the marathon run?

  2. Taiwan Trip

    Anyone heading to Taipei from 25 to 31 jan 2018?
  3. Thanks... I will check out the website.. who did u request?
  4. Be at Taipei from 25-32 jan.. any good massage place to recommend? Looks like royal is an option.
  5. CNY 4 & 5 Star Hotel Super Sale

    Which five star hotel?
  6. Go onsen and have a relaxing day..
  7. You should know better, confirmed the video was just a decoy...
  8. I do that often, just wearing my undies after shower to gel my hair slowly and walk to the basin to wash hands. I wear GX3 or stud Low cut undies and I like the guys stare at times.
  9. whn r u gog agn. I can mit u n bring u there

  10. Open Hot Showers @ Punggol Bodywash Supplied, bring Towel

    Was there yesterday but didn't managed to find the shower area, plus there was a bn having cohesion, place looks crowded.
  11. travel to taipei in jan/feb 2018

    I be there from 25 to 31 jan
  12. X'mas Hotel Promo

    Which hotel?
  13. Sounds like a good place to go after my Taipei marathon in Jan.
  14. Taipei... Here I Cum

    I be at Taipei from 25-31 Jan alone. There to attend the standard chartered marathon. Anyone going there too?