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How to cocktease lao uncles at Clementi MRT male toilet

Guest Guest

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On 10/27/2019 at 7:57 AM, Guest Guest said:

Any tips?


Why tease when you got no interest in them


Its already hard for them to find cock


Dont entice them then leave them hanging


That is very evil...you will grow old too


What if someone do the same to you


But if your interested  just show your proud boner...


But do keep in mind ...of std and hiv...if they can suck you off in public, they can suck anyone in public



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Guest Nightingalewhore
23 hours ago, Guest disclosed yourself said:

I wrote a long post on how to do this somewhere here on BW. Go search under my Guest disclosed yourself name. 



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Disclosed Yourself aka @mlyfunp bitter about being excluded from group fun at Keybox on 8 November 2019:



22 minutes ago, Guest fake gang bang show said:




If it is the one fatter guy with a face mask and the other guy is a tall Asian with a small plait. They both come from time to time, go to the last room at the corner and attract a huge crowd to block the corridors.

The only problem is: Only the tall Asian guy is allowed to fuck the bottom. The get plenty of horny tops into the room, but you will waste your time if you think any of the other guys can top the bottom wearing the mask. They go on with the same show for 3 hours and make a break, after 30 mins the same boring wayang will continue again. The Asian guy will grab some cocks and jerk them while the bottom guy in the mask will make some moaning noise or talk dirty talk, sometimes the bottom will touch dicks too.


To my assumption from the accent the btm guy is a British/ Irish or Australian guy (late 50s to late 60s). The tall Asian maybe mid 40s.


After a while you are fed up with the show realising it is just some play to turn on the masked bottom and tall Asian with the plait.

I don't bother about them any further or mock them with moaning noise while walking by.


Either do group and allow others to top the bottom (safe) or close the door and do it yourself.

Any fucking show in Thailand is more interesting than this silly non-participative private fake gang bang drama. Sorry.

Actually, I don't understand what the show is about.


I would even prefer as it happened before , being pulled into a room by two horny guys and even if I m just a tool for their arousal but at least they suck me in case  the bottom doesn't prefer to be fucked by 2 guys.


But with above "show guys" with the masked bottom and the taller Asian with plait : there is nothing thrilling because it is by all means not interactive.

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