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What android games do elderly likes?

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Hard question to answer. It is like asking are you internet savvy. There are so many ways to answer that. It depends on the personality of that group of 'elder' people. And how old are we talking about here, those elderly?


I am in my 50s.. what kind of games do you think I should be playing? heh I play AAA games on a powerful PC still and see myself playing that way till i am in my 70s if my fingers and brain is still function as a good level. I am also very tech-savvy, built all my own PCs thus I can troubleshoot my hardware and am way less dependent. So I am hard to shop for.


But we have a lot who are not or even claimed to be tech or internet savvy but what mean is they use LINE or WhatsApp constantly, posting to Facebook and thinks bejeweled candy game's awesome as all being 'savvy'.


So if you are looking for something for some elderly person YOU KNOW, you need to not get a general answer but look for one that suit that particular person and not buy something they do not like as it is beneath them or fly pass their head and you end up being always the "tech suppot' to them. :P


This much I know, males like to play more complex games than females.

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