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Is anyone here into Drum n' Bass? Or Liquid DnB?


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I feel like this is a relatively foreign music genre to the gay community since most of us spend our time moshing to mainstream genres.


Drum n Bass was a relatively unknown genre until it gained prominence in 2016. Prior to that, you'd probably only hear it in small UK communities.


Most people are often put off by the loud and chaotic music. Just like punk music has its own distortion, drum n bass is similarly distorted in its own right, though good or bad distortion is entirely to your interpretation.


I got into this genre back in 2013 and have never looked back since. Personally enjoy working out to them too. 


Just genuinely curious if any gay guys here are into drum n bass.


Video included is a typical example of how Drum N bass should sound like. 



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I'm into Drum N Bass aka Jungle Music since the 90s,
it's quite big in the UK back then too!


Here're some of my favourite DnB tunes back in those good old days...




If Smooth's drum and bass remix of James Arthur's 'Get Down' is the current defacto for DnB,

I must say that DnB has definitely evolved and is more pop & tamed these days.... 

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