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Hello guys!


This is Daniel here. Not new to blowingwind but I'm a newly certified Masseur. Gotten my cert last year and took sometime to think about if i want to try this out and decided to take the leap of faith to try so what this means is I'm doing this "PART-TIME". 


I will start taking booking from 1st June onwards. 


Here are the details:

Full-Body Holistic Massage (Medium light strength)

Venue: OUTCALL to where you are at. I do not provide a location.

Operating hours:

Mon to Fri

11am to 7pm (last call at 6.30pm) 


(Try out rates for 1st 100 Customers)

For 60mins body massage - $60 (UP: $70)

For 90mins body massage - $85 (UP: $95)

(Pricing includes essential oil needed for massage and my transportation both ways).


Please note that I won't be able to take anyone above 85kg as i might not be able to give you a good strength massage.


How to book:

Please book via

Telegram: @hellodbg 

Please kindly state that you are from BW and looking for massage. Thank you


I apologise due to lack of resource, i'm only taking reservation via telegram. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

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Hello Guys!


Thank you for all your interests! I have receives queries and questions, so i thought let me put it here as FAQs so you can read before you decide to text me. 


1. Hi, care to intro? - I'm not sure why is important but I'm between age 27-35, 166cm, 65kg. I'm local chinese. 


2. Can I do after 7pm? - Yes I can but as mentioned, this is me trying out and doing it part-time, hence I want to plan this out properly so that i can give my best to both my jobs. 😃 I won't take more than 2 clients a day and if i do take 2, i will probably rest the next day. So my availability is limited. 


3. Do you do weekends? - Sunday is a definite no as i believe in self-care. So it's my me time and rest time. As for Saturday, If i'm able to accomodate, I will so just check with me. 


4. What is your massage style? - I would say Holistic massage that is based on my client, if i do feel that you need more accu-point, i will focus but predominating, My massage is to relax your tired body. Strength wise is medium light


5. Do I (Client) need to prepare anything? - Will be great if you could take a shower before that. Depending on where the massage is done, have a big towel for it. If not, i do have. On the air-con or fan to cool down the room as your body relaxes when the temperature is cooler, between 23-26 degree, however that suits you.


6. Do you have a massage bed? Currently I do not but if this business is sustainable, I will definitely get it because it's good for you and me. 


7. What do I provide? I will be bringing a big towel and a small towel, if you have, there will be great. Oil for massage. Speaker for music.


8. Do you provide location? I'm sorry, i don't have a location currently and i don't do hotel booking and stuff.



That's all for now, i only stated relevant questions. Those other questions, I do not entertain. Thanks! 


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Hello Guys!


I would like to thank you everyone for your kind understanding as i attend to my family matters the past 8 days. 


I would like to share that I have resumed my services as of today. Please do note that I'm currently only taking a maximum of 2 client a day as I want to make sure i'm able to provide a good service. 


Here is an update on my promotion price! 70 slots left for the promotional price. 😃


Once again, Thank you!


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57 minutes ago, russrussboy said:

It’s interesting to know you started on June 1st and you’re left with 70 slots considering you take maximum 2 customers a day and you were away for 8 days #justsaying

Hi Russrussboy,

I don’t think I need report anything to you but let’s just say that you’re curious.


1. My first post was 26th May, there is no reason why I wouldn’t take up a client  before 1st June when I can. 

2. When I said I’m away for family matter, it’s not a vacation or anything, my grandparent passed away. So please be sensitive.


3. Do you know my schedule? Did I say I have already massaged 30 clients? I just mentioned that 30 slots are already taken up.


So don’t be a sour-plum or act like you care when you don’t know me. #justsaying.

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