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  1. Hi all My name is ET I have been doing outcall for 9+ years for patients with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Finally have my own private space to cater a discreet cosy place for clients to address to their men's health issues. 1 session - 45 mins massage to improve blood circulation and manhood problems. suitable for: 1) Maintenance of Manhood Strength and Health (Circulation) 2) Erectile dysfunction 3) Early or premature ejaculation 4) Increase size naturally (application of massage and daily routines) 5) All other manhood related issues Lingam (Manhood) Therapy - S$70 Only inhouse @ Near Kovan MRT STN CALLING ALL MEN OUT THERE, DON'T KEEP YOUR ISSUES ANYMORE! THE TIME FOR NATURAL AND GOOD HEALING HAS COME! [PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A BENEFICIAL AND GENUINE MASSAGE FOR MEN.] PLEASE WHATSAPP ME AT 80306755 TO BOOK A TIME SLOT TODAY! AVAILABLE ALL DAYS FROM 9AM TO 10PM THANKYOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Payment options Cash/Paynow(come here scan QR Code)
  2. Those seeking Clean and Pro massages. Host/YourPlace. Currently, we have more seeking then givers. About 2-3 giver including me.
  3. Dear BW members, My name is Aaron and I am a new masseur located at Bukit Panjang. I provide Holistic massage with quality massage oil, focusing on improving circulation of blood & lymph and relaxing superficial muscles. The main objective of the massage is to R E L A X the entire body, with other benefits like promoting better mood and sleep. Rates: please whataspp 87673697 for updated pricing (edited Apr 2021) Operating hours: Daily First appointment 11am Last appointment 9pm **Late night booking is subject to availability and surcharge applies.** For appointments or enquiries, please feel free to WhatsApp 8767 3697. My service will commence from 1 Nov 2018 (Thursday). Strictly by appointment only via WhatsApp. Thank you and I look forward to serving you soon.
  4. anyone visited (many of u earning so much based on that thread) such barbers' shop(also avail in facial/waxing shop too) is sprouting everywhere! easily an OUE downtown has 2 U guys visited any? how was it?? hairstylist shop of course for me, but not so much of facial hair services (hairstyle shop has to be at least S$25 to begin with, not those what K cuts and i have straight friends telling me that they are able to source for S$8 in sg , oh dear! we are not goin to bring in ) spending a HKD 500+ is nothing esp based on how much u earned - his wife scolded him, but from the comments on facebook, supporters are more! and women do a pedi/manicure plus hair is way more than that already i think the video is NOT to show off his wealth, dont be mistaken the point is stressed several time in his video: ie purely a men's world that only men get to do it (all the staff in it are male-nt suggesting u to do hankypanky of cos!) In jp, dept stores that totally sell men's stuff is not uncommon from flowers to clothings, everything is men's dept Sadly it is still a long way for sg, even for straight men''s waxing shop, most of the time is female doing it who carry such man clutch for putting laptop too? not sure why virile? (doesnt need to be designers' labels) https://carousell.com/p/virile-korean-men-s-clutch-157716455 https://carousell.com/p/【m688】men-s-bag-hit-color-hand-bag-wrist-bag-men-s-bag-clutch-bag-hand-bag-pu-leather-korean-version-of-the-envelope-bag-big-clip-package-tide-159315241/?ref=product&ref_rank=15&ref_referrer=%2Fp%2Fvirile-korean-men-s-clutch-157716455%2F%3Fref%3Dprofile%26ref_referrer%3D%2Fonlinemenfashion%26ref_sId%3D94552&ref_pId=157716455 https://carousell.com/p/korean-fashion-clutch-bag-1035-blue-113313110 Side story : from what a man carries, it said so muchhhh abt him a flex ONCE told me that when he wanna top a btm one day, the btm qn has he "prepared" those stuff (i instantly guessed the btm is askin him whether he got the stuff for protetion) flex took a long time to guess it meant protection!? he qn why shd he be spending on such items and not the btm's role? He felt sored abt the purchase even as a flex So sorry, according to the video, one shd always get prepared , i too carry them around , it is abt how much u believed in safe sex (how heavy is to lug a pack of lube or condom around? no1 feeling sore spending S$100 over on a gym membership, but felt sore about a Condom! Not gentlemen https://www.facebook.com/fj234/videos/363091534175345/?t=0
  5. I have over 8 years of experience in giving Deep tissue, Swedish, and Sports massage. I give one hour, 90 minutes and two-hour massages. Once I massage head to toe, then I can focus on any body area you need additional attention. I am doing incalls and outcalls. My rate is for one hour of incall massage is $70 and 90 minutes is $100; please message or text me on 9134-2123 for details. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! I am a freelance masseur, providing a pure legit full body Javanese style massage. Javanese massage is a form of a traditional massage originated from Java, Indonesia which acts on the pressure points either by incorporating essential therapeutic oil or moisturing body lotion of your choice depending on your needs and specific body customisation. You may also consider relaxing / sensual massage. No words can explain it better than clients to experience it by themselves as the massage combines a relaxing muscle loosening techniques, body to body massage and sensual massage all at the same time. It may sound erotic, but it is surprisingly stimulating at the same time. Best to book the session at 90 minutes duration as 75 minutes is a little too short for a full body experience. I can do prostate massage too if specially requested. Usually my massage started from your back area, your neck, head and shoulders to both of your arms, palm and fingers going down to your spinal, waist, buttocks, legs, your foot and toes, to the front body too like thighs, chest, stomach, groin, etc… My massage incorporates the finest selection of essential therapeutic oils such as Jojoba, Lavender Chamomile, Eucalyptus Rosemary, Rose Yard and Lemongrass which works well in not just moisturising the skin, reduces tension on tired muscles but also rejuvenates your mood during the massage. In-call only: $60 for 75 minutes duration $75 for 90 minutes duration $100 for 120 minutes duration Body Scrub: $25 for 30 minutes duration (Exfoliating skin with Thai Jasmine, Lemongrass Mint or Rose Yard of your choice) A body scrub removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and cleanses skin through exfoliation. Also known as body polish, it consists of a liquid base with exfoliating granules which slough off dead skin when you massage it over your body. This action boosts blood circulation and drains your lymph nodes by increasing the blood flow to your skin’s surface. For enquiry and booking, please add me via Tele or Line ID: eddieadrika Thank you, Joe (I reside alone and my massage is mostly performed in a totally discreet setting and ensuring my client receives the best relaxed ambience possible. My client's privacy is my primary priority. Rest assured that I am fully vaccinated and I do hope that my client too are vaccinated.) *** ALL PICTURES SHOWN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY *** “In this hectic life, we have no time to take care of ourselves, hence massage is needed for rejuvenation and stress reduction. A massage is very holistic and natural.” - Nargis Fakhir
  7. Important Announcement: I will be away on holiday from 13 Sept to 16 Sept (Friday to Monday) Sensual Swedish Oil Massage is a deliberately slow massage with light pressure applied and a generous use of oil; as the hands glide slowly over the body you immediately feel relaxed and unhurried. There are several erogenous spots on your body when it is touched it awakens sexy feeling, and not many men have experienced this before. As the massage progresses each of these spots are gently stroked and touched; this is why the massage is called Sensual Swedish Oil Massage. In a one hour session no more than 15 minutes are devoted to these erogenous spots; because the massage is not about sexual stimulation; but is focused on relaxation, re-energization and a rebalance of your senses. Anyday and anytime is always a good time to enjoy a massage. In a room lit by a lone candle and soft music; leave behind the stress of urban life. A pair of warm hands will knead away the tiredness in your muscles; gently caress you and make you feel loved and respected. At only $60 for a one hour session, it is a wise investment for your well being. I do not treat any sports injury; this massage is strictly focused on relaxation and re-energizing. Appointment Availability : 11am to 11pm daily. (Every Monday only 2 slots at 8pm and 10pm) Please do not be late for appointment. I provide a 30min interval between each client to allow time for shower and resetting room for the next customer. I am a mature Chinese masseur (57 yrs) and has a professional diploma in body massage from U.K. (CIBTAC) since 2004 and WSQ Certificate in Sports Massage 2018 Venue: 10 minutes walk from Bedok MRT or bus 17/17A takes you to directly opposite my block (just 3 stops). Ample car park available with electromic gantry.
  8. Hi all, I am Ronald and currently working directly with a Thailand based marketing agency, who works directly with the major Thailand Developers, which include Ananda, Sansiri, AP Thai, Noble Development, Banyan Trees, Grande Asset, etc. Personally I owned a property in Bangkok, and also understand the process and procedures in owning a property in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, I am also assisting some of my clients in managing their properties over there, starting from the purchase, handover inspection, renovation, and getting their unit ready for their own holiday home stay, or for rental out. As we know, Bangkok is a LBGT friendly country, and the community there live well and accepted the LBGTs. It is also an affordable country to stay, be it as a retirement home or as a holiday home. The current opportunity is great indeed for those who are looking at getting a property there right now. With the COVID situation, the economy in Thailand had been pretty much affected due to the drastic drop in tourism figures. However, with the opening of the borders, things are already picking back up. From Dec 21 till Jun 22, the new Night Market at Jodd Fairs from quiet or not so crowded to one that's packed every other night! Prices of properties are beginning to pick up as well. A new launch which is nearby to Jodd Fairs, Nue District R9 by Noble Development, had managed to sell up to 60% of the units since launch early this year and developer had increased the price over the period, demonstrating the confidence in the market! Prices in Bangkok is pretty affordable, but please don't think is so cheap that with less than SGD100,000 you can get 1 unit. In fact, the high end development in Bangkok can cost millions of SGD as well! Will kick start my reach out to you guys through this forum, and hoping to update you guys, as well as provide my service and knowledge for the journey to own a property in The land of Smiles. Feel free to contact me through PM or Tele - Leoster
  9. guys you know when entering the army get medical check up one right? Then when they check my penis (if they do) then my foreskin cannot retract then how, will they ask you to do circumisation or anything?
  10. Master Bedroom with attached bathroom for rental ✅ Walking distance to Serangoon Ctrl MRT stattion ✅ Convenient location with several amenities available including NEX mall ✅ Washing machine, air-con, heater, WIFI ✅ Fully furnished with Queen size bed and wardrobe ✅ Light cooking allowed (clean up after use) ✅ No owner and agent fee ✅ No smoking in the room/house ✅ 3 male tenants (Malaysian chinese) staying in other rooms ✅ Room available from 19th Nov 2022 💰Rental for 1 pax $1200; 2 pax $1500 (Utilities will be co-shared evenly among tenants) Please whatsapp 96775991 if interested.
  11. Hi Forum, I am Zen, local Chinese, 40/175/70, certified therapist with 6 years’ experience in providing full body, tui na, manhood and Swedish sensation massage services. WhatsApp @9058 2398 for detail or appointment. Thank you so much.
  12. Update Monthly New Contents! Patch: Microdermabrasion (RnD) and Seasonal Body Scrub Flavor ❄️ WINTER ❄️ @ December2022 Train: 11 Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) stations under project of Stage 3 are expected to open [13 November'22] *NEW* Event: --- UserXperience+ selling professional Facial and Massage services, If you wish to find out more contents, can click this Link: FB Page / Website / My Profile. Certified from Spa School HDB nearest to Woodlands South MRT Exit 2 / Bus stop 46981 (100% Sheltered and ~3mins walk) Driver can consider to park at BLK588A Multi-Storey Carpark Duration: approximately 120mins ~ 150mins Massage Bed: Yes, upgraded to BIG Size with Heated Feature *NEW* Massage Oil: Yes, non-greasy and easy clean! *NEW* Music: Yes, surround Cinematic soothing music Ver 2 *NEW* Shower Facilities: Yes, Rain Shower Big Towel: Yes, fresh clean towel! Delicious Refreshment *NEW* Mode of Payment: Cash / PayNow / Google Pay Everything we will be providing to you, just come and enjoy the experience ~ * We are releasing Promotion pricing to let everybody enjoy the UX+ experience. Never try, never know =D Indulge in UserXperience+ spa for an unforgettable user experience that go beyond what you can imagine. Market Place *NEW* [🛒 x 🛍️] You can buy products at reasonable pricing that cheaper than the shop outside! All are brand new items with at least validity period of 9 months in order not to waste resources ♻️ Dec to Feb: 4-Hands Body Scrub ❄️ WINTER ❄️ *NEW* [ 🍁 ] New seasonal flavor available for you to try ~ [Extended to December] November: 4-Hands Body Massage (RnD) *NEW* [ 🔥 x 🧊 ] Are you adventurous to try advanced therapeutic massage technique, using the applications of thermotherapy with cryotherapy. All our services come with amazing add-on to enhance the experience to next level 🤩 💦 4-Hands Body Scrub (Hands-Free) : +$30 to try something that cannot be missed! ♨️ Jacuzzi Foot Bath (King-Service) : +$30 to enjoy the environment with 40 degree jacuzzi foot soaking 🌈 RnD (Innovation) : +$30 to enjoy creation to enhance the service *NEW* [RnD = 4-Hands Body Massage] *POPULAR* FIRE x ICE (🔥 x 🧊) therapy is an advanced therapeutic massage technique, using the applications of thermotherapy with cryotherapy. This sensual sensation is unexplainable by words with the innovation from UserXperience+ RnD There's a Close-Beta "Hidden Patch" for return customers that have chosen this option before. *NEW* [RnD = Microdermabrasion] *NEW* RAIN x ICE (🌧️ x 🧊) therapy is a revolutionary facial technique for the powerful duo Hydrate x Rejuvenate. This facial time travel is unexplainable by words with the innovation from UserXperience+ RnD 🗓️ Promotion Month: December2022 *NEW* [ ❄️ WINTER ❄️ ] A festive mood with 4 season-themed scrubs to choose from, while stock lasts! [Extended to December] 4-Hands Body Massage (RnD) *NEW* [ 🔥 x 🧊 ] Are you adventurous to try advanced therapeutic massage technique, using the applications of thermotherapy with cryotherapy. ** Exclusively for BW Customers Only, in appreciation of your continuous support from us to you ❤️ * All our services are 90min and add-on option are 30min cannot be missed 💦 ** RnD enhancement are "++ min" where you can get additional time being added to your service. * PROMO: Discount Price from the Original Price We strongly believe everyone deserve a chance to try and hope you like UXSPA Looking forward for your continuous support! Operating Hour *NEW* Monday - Friday: 7pm - 12am Saturday - Sunday: 12pm - 12am --> 10pm last appointment slot *Timing that out of this range can be arrange in advance 😎 All valuable feedbacks are appreciated, it's had been spread across here with "🏆 THANKS" and Website Feedback❤️ Interested candidate that wish to make an appointment or enquires, can drop me an message via: Please book in advance in order to avoid disappointment! (1) Private Massage to me in BW Forum (2) FB Page Message column --> FB Page (3) WhatsApp --> Click to Message (RECOMMENDED!)
  13. Good day everyone, I am Ranson 27yo Chi 170 60kg. I am a freelance Massage Therapist since 2014 around KL, Seremban, Batu Pahat, Japan, US, Singapore. I can speak English, 中文, Bahasa Melayu and bit Japanese, hokkien and cantonese Starting 2020, I will base in KL (Previously in Johor) and may outcall to Singapore if I have the chance. Certified Skills I know:- 1. Swedish Massage (Oil based) 瑞式按摩 (精油按摩) 2. Thai Massage (Non-oil based with stretching) 泰式按摩 (拉根松经) 3. Sport Massage (Focus region massage to promote flexibility, recovery on post-exercise/gym or tire body) 运动式按摩 4. Guasha (Traditional Chinese massage using scrapping board to relieve headache, heatiness, unwell and detox) 刮痧按摩 If you are interested, welcome to pm me at wechat/ line for further inquiry. My Available Services as below:- Swedish Thai Full Body Massage Guasha Therapy Body mask/ Body scrub * Has relaxing music, diffuser with essential oil. * Usually will be outcall/incall in a 3-5 stars hotel. Rate (Revised on 18/3/2022): 1. Full Body Swedish Thai Massage - 60min $150 - 90min $200 - 120min $ 250 * No sexual service provided. Other services 1. Body Mask- $50 2. Body Scrub- $50 3. Guasha therapy- $50 * On appointment basis. Whatsapp: +601111901439 (Mispa Office) My Wechat/ Line ID: jaywinhahaha Instagram: mispa4u2 -FAQ- (Revised on 18/3/2022) Q1: Why your charge is slightly higher than other people? A: Ranson has to go through strict and expensive steps just to visit Singapore, ie vaccination, SOP, VTL, taking care the health, limited client to serve, taking risk to serve clients. Apart from that, quality assurance is another point. From the location (3-5 stars Hotel), environment until the massage. Ranson is particular on the service, hope can give the client maximum satisfaction. Do feedback me during the session with me so that I can improve the service. Q2: Do you provide sex service? A: Strictly NO sex request to be entertained. I am here to provide massage service, not a sex slave service. Q3: Where do you base for the service? A: 2020 Feb onward, Jimm will base in KL. Welcome to PM me if you dropby KL for arrangement.
  14. Wellaholic’s vision is to help our customers look their best, via the use of technology-based treatments and scientifically-researched supplements. We started in 2016, at our first outlet at Lavender. In 2017, we opened our second outlet at Clarke Quay and third outlet at Orchard. We opened our fourth outlet and HQ at Tai Seng in 2019. At Wellaholic, we are constantly reviewing our Brand Promise, which is to: Provide affordable treatments for our customers Help our customers see results with treatments that are backed by science and research Ensure availability of capacity so that customers can make booking easily online Deliver exceptional customer service, and listen to our customers We are rated 4.9/5.0 out of over 80 Facebook Reviews by our customers. We are ranked on Tripadvisor at #3 for our Lavender Outlet, #12 for our Clarke Quay outlet and now #20 for our Orchard outlet. Our latest Brand Promise initiative is our LIFETIME MAINTAIN MODE. Wellaholic has won the following accolades for our exceptional treatments: Voted “Best Rejuvenating Facial” by Spa & Beauty Insider Spa & Salon Awards 2018 Voted “Best IPL/SHR Treatment” by Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2018 As we continue to grow, we recognise the value of our staff whom we treat as part of the Wellaholic family. We also recognise the support of our customers, whom we treat as part of our extended family. Find Us We are conveniently located at 4 outlets. Our Tai Seng HQ outlet is served by the Circle Line. Our Orchard outlet is served by the NW line, while Clarke Quay outlet is served by the NE Line and Downtown Line while our Lavender outlet is served by the EW Line. All four outlets are 5 minutes by foot from the nearest MRT station. TAI SENG OUTLET (HQ) No.1 Irving Place The Commeze@Irving #07-04 Singapore 369546 (3 minutes by foot from Tai Seng MRT Station) ORCHARD OUTLET 545 Orchard Road #04-11C Far East Shopping Centre (Note: not Far East Plaza) Singapore 238882 (5 minutes by foot from Orchard MRT Station) CLARKE QUAY OUTLET 2 Havelock Road #01-34 Havelock II Mall Singapore 059763 (5 minutes by foot from Clarke Quay MRT Station) LAVENDER OUTLET 16M Penhas Road (Level 2) Singapore 208180 (5 minutes by foot from Lavender MRT Station) Contact Us Hotline: + 65 9239 5823 Tai Seng Outlet: +65 68168088 Lavender Outlet: +65 6816 8038 Clarke Quay Outlet: +65 9058 5640 Orchard Outlet: +65 8869 5640 Email: wellaholic@outlook.com OPERATING HOURS We are open every day: Mondays to Fridays: 1100hrs to 2200hrs Saturdays to Sundays: 1100hrs to 2000hrs
  15. Hello dear beloved Readers. I want to introduce my theurapeutic services. senses. First my forte is Oriental massage which I highly recommended for those who want to completely forget about daily muscle worries and stress. The massage consists of pushing and stroking techniques. Massage oils are used in conjunction to relax, rejuvenate and pamper your body as well as your predominate, working to ease muscles and joint pain. It relies upon deep thumb pressures pushing, pressing, and circling along and around the body's energy meridians to break down tensely knotted muscles and to stimulate the body's lymphatic system into releasing its self regenerative power. The deep thumb pressure is accompanied with simultaneuos stroking palm movements, squeezing and pushing against the skin and veins to improve the blood circulation. Service Menu & Rates : Body Scrubs $30/30 minutes Full body Massage (massage oil based) $70/60 minutes $90/90 minutes $120/120 minutes Manhood/prostate Massage $40 Waxing start from $10 depends on the area 1. Willing to provide my best massage for men 2. Mostly cover all area in Singapore 3. Providing incall and outcall to your convenient 4. Please do PM me for more further discussion on your preference of services 5. Only accept Cash as Payment Contact: Phone/Whatsapp: +6583552990 Please kindly text me as i can't pick a call sometimes due to my busy schedules Sincerely C.H
  16. Sengkang - Professional home based massage therapist Swedish massage For incall $60/hour, $90/90mins, $110/120mins at Sengkang West; Add on service: Body scrub $35 Face massage $38 Ops hours: Weekday 1pm to 11pm. (Last call 9pm) Sat 11am to 1pm. Sun 11pm to 1pm. Line Id: Merson82 Whatsapp: 90288141 Carousell id: Soulzz (For more reviews) For advance booking Private room with private bathroom attached. Strictly professional service only.
  17. Any slave available now?
  18. Hi there, As the title suggest, I am looking for a freelance trainer that willing to train me at least twice a month and preferably on the weekends. I am average built with a small tummy. I would like to focus on flatten my tummy and gain some muscles on my upper body. I stay at North West of Singapore and my place got a small gym. Hopefully can find a kind soul to help me with this. Please quote me your rate and drop me your details through DM. Many thanks in advance.
  19. Previously saw on a fetish website with a user offering professional advice for couples regarding BDSM in Singapore. Not sure if anyone has the contact. If have, can provide?
  20. Hi everyone, I am posting this on behalf of a new home-based masseur. His name is Emmanuel and offering in-call service located at Havelock Road (5 to 7 mins walk from Tiong Bahru MRT). Emmanuel is an experienced and trained therapist (certified in Oil Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Indian Head Massage and Foot Reflexology). He provides professional full body fusion massage. Those who prefer strong, firm strokes will enjoy his massage techniques. Emmanuel's place has a cosy spa ambience with a professional massage table. Shower facility is available and fresh clean towels are provided. He uses quality massage oil (infused with his own blend of essential oil) and soft spa music will be played during the session. He serves home-brewed hot tea for all his customers. Emmanuel is fully vaccinated and has also completed his booster shot. Operating hours: Daily, 11am to 10pm (last appointment @10pm) Rates: 60 minutes at $90 90 minutes at $135 (promotion: free warm eye mask, while stocks last) 120 minutes at $180 (promotion: free warm eye mask, while stocks last) Add-on: Full body scrub 15 minutes at $30 (available from 12pm to 6pm only) Payment: Cash or PayNow For appointments or inquiries: WhatsApp 8918 4002 (replies strictly via WhatsApp only) Note: Client must complete their 2nd vaccination before booking an appointment. (Please do not ask for face/body pictures and other personal questions.) Thank you.
  21. BODYWORK MASSAGE. Holistic Massage ($68 for one hour session / $88 for 90 mins session),provided by home-based therapist at a discreet and comfortable location. Body scrub($25 for 30mins) Located near Bukit Gombak Mrt, Cdan Country Club. For more info : visit my website : http://www.wix.com/h...odywork-massage Sms/Call Arthur @ 81004282 For appt.
  22. Below are local web pages, and a handful of international links that I think will interest BW readers. It is not meant to be all all comprehensive. I will continue to add more links if I think it is something that will interest BWers. Under this topic, please add links that you guys think will interest other Bwers. Thanks. ================================================================= Saunas You can refer to them by looking at this Singapore men's sauna map Shogun (24 hrs) Located at 51A, Pagoda Street, Pagoda House, Singapore 059210. Tel: (65) 6221-0367. Shogun is open 24 hours everyday of the year. Entry price of $12 for 24 hour stay. There is no membership requirement. Nearest MRT is Chinatown station. Keybox Sauna (Opens Daily from 12 pm and till 11pm, weekends from 12pm till next morning during) Located at 17 Upper Circular Road. Tel: +65 6299 4121. It is opposite Clark Quay MRT station. Entry is by membership that you can obtained on the spot for $10. Ten Mens Club (Opens Daily from 11am and till next morning during weekends) Located at 323 New Bridge Rd Singapore 088759. Tel: (65) 6327-8870. Entry Price is $10-12. There is no membership requirement. Nearest MRT is Nearest MRT Outram (Brown Line Exit H). Hook Club (Opens Daily from 12 noon to 11pm and 12 noon to 1pm during weekends) located at 285 New Bridge Road Singapore 088755 Tel: 62246334 Entry Price is $5 - $20 Membership is $10. Nearest MRT is Chinatown station. Cruise Club (Closed since 28th Oct 2019) Absolute (Closed since 1st July 2014) Queen Resort (Closed since May 2014) Info pages, forums, bulletin boards The Singapore LGBT encyclopaedia Wiki - Very comprehensive detail on Singapore LGBT & it's history - by Dr. Roy Tan Sg Butterfly - Singapore transgender community portal Yawning bread Chub Sg Plu.sg The Bear Project SGRainbow Gender Collective Bars Tantric Bar - 80 Neil Rd Singapore 088842 +65 9827 4846 Dorothy’s Bar - 13A Trenggannu St +65 6221 6806 Backstage Bar - 80A Neil Rd, Singapore 088842 Tel: 9827 4846 Nirvana Bistro Bar (Closed) DYMK (closed) Out Bar (Closed) Disco ClubKyo (Sunday Only) - Kyo Sunday Best - 133 Cecil Street, Basement 1, Keck Seng Tower S(069535) +65 6225 6001 Taboo (Closed since Oct 2020)(See Taboo Singapore) Play Club (closed) Karaoke Lluvia Pub - 145 Telok Ayer St, Contact: Aaron +65 9109-2592 Check In Karaoke - 235 South Bridge Road +65 6224 4281 ébar - 57 Neil Rd, +65 6324 2802 Eatery Taboo Singapore 57 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089521 Asian Info Sites Singapore Fridae Asia Trevvy.com (closed on 31 April 2021 ) Travel Utopia Asia Out Travel Asia Non Profit Organisation Catering To LGBTQ Actions for Aids Oogachaga Counselling and Support Pelangi Pride Centre Pink Dot Singapore Free Community Church Move Community - Social Networking Events For Lgbt Gay Health Sg IRC Online Chat Channels galaxynet.org channel : #gam galaxynet.org channel : #sgboy galaxynet.org channel : #blowingwind This chat room comes alive daily after 9pm. Warm chat with nice people. Accessible by http://www.blowingwind.org/chat Gay and Bi Sex Stories - World largest collection of gay, lesbian and Bi sex stories. FREE! Make me look like an amateur. http://www.nifty.org Updated on 22 Aug 2022 ============= Disclaimer: The pricing are for reference purpose only. For actual charges, please click the links to the various clubs or call them personally to find out more. BW forum will not be responsible for any misrepresentation in charges, etc.
  23. Brazilian Waxing promotion.. Massage Waxing & Facial Promotion Packages avaiable.. further discount for NSF & Students In the recent years, more and more men are into indugling and embrasing themselves to a Spa Beauty Treatments, pampering and relaxing from the hard day work from the office. Massage Treatments - Most women enjoy a body massage as a regular treatment but as for MEN who enjoy a massage therapy mainly to relieve muscle stress from working out in the gym, relieve the stress from their home / family or partners and a hard day work in the office. Mainly Men will enjoy a Sport Massage or a Deep Tissue Massage to relieve muscle stress or a Swedish Fusion Massage to relieve in the body and mind. Facial Treatments - Most MEN would like to cleans and purify their facial from the Shine and Oilyness, as women who always like to rejuvenate and re-define their face to a youthful look.... Recently that lots of MEN also request for a Skin Rejuvenating Facial Treatment to look younger too. Waxing Services - More and More men has becoming Metrosexual ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrosexual ) and like to have a silky smooth legs, chest, back and even armpits. some even go to the extent to have a Brazilian Waxing ( click the following link to find out more about brazilian waxing - http://malebrazilianwax.charlia.com/what-is-a-brazilian-wax ) David - founder of SINx - a well experienced Estheician who own a New York State Board Licence since 1997 is offering Brazilian Waxing Promotion, Facial Treatment Promotions. Packages are available too Brazilian Waxing Promotion - its @ S$68.00 a session now.. (usual price is S$138.00) Facial Treatment Promotion - Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment @ S$50.00 (usual price @ S$70.00), Purifying / Acne Facial Treatment @ S$70.00 (usual price @ S$90.00). This promotions are for 1st time customers and one time per client only. Facial package course are available too. There will be a further discount for NSF & Students for the above mention promotions. Terms & Conditions Apply.. If you are interested to Fix an appointment, please kindly contact me @ +65-93894696 NOW!!! Please kindly visit my website - http://www.boyzilian4men.webs.com for more promotions, service menu
  24. Hi! I'm in need for cleaning services for my little humble apartment. Open to students who wants to earn extra income during their free time. Here's the services required and payment offered. Location: Sengkang House size : 92m2 (4RM apartment) Condition: Clean Offer to pay: $60/4hours of work Preferred days/time: Saturday/Sunday mornings Frequency: Either weekly or fortnightly Cleaning materials: I'll provide Services required but not limited to: Laundry (ironing - occassional, folding and arrangement) Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping Cleaning of toilets General cleaning/wiping of glass interiors, cabinets, fan, etc Unpacking and sorting of some packed items Let me know. PM, Telegram: @wen_xuan_yasa or LINE: uchihayasa me if seriously keen. Thanks! Sign off! Markus. 😉
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