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Note to all Members,

Blowing Wind Forum, besides being a Gay forum, it is also a Moderated, Public Forum.

We do not allow blatant solicitation or offer of sexual service here as this might give cause for the authorities to clammed down on such activities, which will in turn give unnecessary trouble to yourselves and other local home based masseurs, but most importantly, it might also give unnecessary problem for volunteer moderators like us here.

Those whom are caught doing that will be given warning. If in any case, you do not heed our warnings, we will not hesitate to remove you from the forum.

Thank you for your understanding.








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22yo chn 181 72 here, looking for people to pay me to use me for kinky fun and for pleasure. I will be your prostitute for the hours you pay me, this is sth that rly turns me on. Mature preferred! Takers pm me pls

How much?

Have a wonderful day....

Yours Indian love sucking cock...

Wechat id : ojomani

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Dear all,


Here are some minor changes I'll be rolling out in the near future because I'm too free. Yeah right..


1. Various area-specific threads will be created and pinned for easier access. If where you're located at is not included, kindly check if you are near the stated areas before starting a new thread.


2. More thread compilations for the special ones. Fetish compilations (exhibition, watersports, edging, BDSM, etc.), schools, malls, CBD, cruising spots, blah blah yada yada.


3. An external chat app (LINE, WeChat, etc.) listing thread for those who go solo, as opposed to the chat group listing we already have. Because your PM inbox is always full, yes. I get it.


Everything will be done based on demand—how many similar threads are being generated by you guys. This will an ongoing "project" that requires more than just time, so please bear with me while I sort things out, literally.



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