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2 hours ago, lonelyglobe said:

one more point to add: put 5 different color notes (can be from different country) in your wallet to accumulate your wealth.


Totally agreed. But for best result, shld put any of the 5 currency inside your wallets: the Euro, the Pound sterling, the Russian rouble, the Chinese Yuan, the Japanese yen,  the Singapore dollar... and the Malaysian Ringgit.

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44 minutes ago, Since u r here said:

any chance of increasing job income or job opportunities instead?


Hope this will help.

8 Easy Ways to Improve your Chances for Success

If you are seriously ambitious to make it big in your career, you can use feng shui to give yourself a boost. Good career feng shui usually manifests itself in the form of increased opportunities.

The career corner is the North of any residential building or personal space. To create good yang energy in the North of your living room and your office, place an aquarium full of lively guppies here.

Success luck is much improved when the location, direction and design of the door that leads into your private office is planned according to feng shui.
  1. Make sure the door is not hit by anything harmful.
  2. Try to have your door located in a corner of your room and facing a direction that is auspicious to you.
  3. Avoid putting glass panels on your door.
  4. Aim for the following door colours in the respective sectors: brown for the East and Southeast; white for the West and Northwest; maroon for the South; black for the North and beige for the Southwest and Northeast.


  1. Sit facing the door. Never have your back to the door as this will mean you losing out in any office politicking.
  2. Sit with a soild wall behind you.
  3. Sit with more space in front of you than behind you. If possible, have a minimum of three feet of space in front of you.
  4. Sit with windows to your left or in front.


  1. Place a regular rectangular-shaped desk diagonally opposite the entrance door of your office.
  2. Position where you sit to face your good direction.
  3. Make sure there is no beam above you.
  4. Try to have a desk that is solid, made of a solid material. There is nothing unluckier than a shaky desk – this will mean that your career is unstable.


  1. When planning your business trips, note the direction of your travel. If you are an East group person, then know that traveling towards the West is generally favourable since you are then flying from the East, thereby bringing good luck with you wherever you are going.
  2. This aspect of feng shui practice is also applicable for travel within a country or within a city. If you travel to work every day from a direction that is auspicious for you, it is better for you, so do check your route and try to use one with the best feng shui.

Place an ornament made of clear quartz crystal on your desk to help energize your career. Ideally use one which matches the shape of your beneficial element.

A signature can attract great prosperity and success for a person if it starts with a firm upward stoke and then ends with another firm upward stroke.

Wear an auspicious watch to attract good fortune luck. Ideally, a moving mantra watch where the mantra is constantly turning brings great good fortune luck.

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11 hours ago, Since u r here said:

any chance of increasing job income or job opportunities instead?

Another good tips for you.


Designing an Office with GOOD FENG SHUI

Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or a humble business owner, if you want your business to grow and become successful under your leadership, then you MUST NOT ignore the importance of bringing feng shui into the planning of your head office. In this article we show you HOW EASY it is to create an office with GOOD FENG SHUI – one that will bring good fortune and plenty of opportunities for profit and growth!

Incorporating feng shui into an office building begins by choosing the building which has the correct main door. Ideally, the main entrance of the office building should be matched with the personal Kua number of the CEO. This is the very first step in creating the right kind of Sheng Chi luck for the CEO, so that the business will thrive under this person’s authority and leadership.

All other things remaining equal, it is the CEO’s luck that has the most influence over the luck of an organisation. Under the feng shui system of luck, a CEO with good feng shui will attract good success luck to an organisation. A CEO who has bad feng shui can cause a booming business to go downhill. There are many true stories that tell of how businesses have suddenly blossomed or suddenly gone bust as soon as its ownership or management changes. When this occurs, it can usually be traced back to the incompatible facing direction of the building with that of the person who manages the business. So a good starting point is to learn how to determine the CEO’s best compass direction based on his/her KUA number and when checking to see if the main door corresponds to the CEO’s good or bad luck direction.

Here, we have an example of a building that faces Southeast 3. This direction was taken using a 24-Mountain compass, standing from the inside of the building looking out. The office in this example is run by a CEO of a large communications business, a Mr Pressmill who has just been hired by the directors of the company. His office is located on the 18th floor of a city building. Mr Pressmill is a Fire Snake, born in April 1953 . His Kua Number is 2. Does this building’s main direction bring good or bad luck?

An important aspect of good feng shui for an office is the location of the Wealth Spot in the building. Once you know where this is, you should activate it with a Water feature. This requires good knowledge of  FLYING STAR feng shui  as it is the flying star chart which reveals the wealth spot. In fact, a great deal of feng shui practice is designing the layout of an office according to good and bad flying stars of the office.
The flying star chart is created using the facing direction of the building. In most cases, the facing direction is the same direction as the main entrance. A big clue for this is if the entrance is grand and large, with a foyer or covered façade. In our example, this office building has a very grand main door which directly faces a large, busy main road. And when measured using a 24-mountain compass, it faces Southeast 3.

The floor plan on the opposite page shows how this office has been designed using the Southeast 3 FLYING STAR chart. Look for the sector which contains the WATER STAR 8 – this is the WEALTH SPOT of this building. In this chart, the Wealth Spot is in the SOUTHEAST sector. Hence, an aquarium has been recommended for the Southeast sector of the Reception area, as well as the CEO’s Office. This activates the Water 8 star and invites the best kind of wealth luck for business success.

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18 Omens of Good Fortune

Belief in lucky and unlucky omens has always been a universal part of our psyche. Like it or not, many of us believe in signs of good fortune and impending misfortune. The greatest leaders of the world believe in it, philosophers think seriously about it, while actresses, gamblers and celebrities are hopelessly obsessive about it. Ordinary people engage in rituals and wear an infinite variety of charms to attract good portents. We believe in lucky and unlucky days. We have our favourite good luck amulets.

Our belief in lucky and unlucky signs is almost subconscious, so much so that we constantly interpret the most commonplace things that happen to us as suggesting either good or bad luck. A broken mirror, inadvertently walking under a ladder, getting stung by a bee or dreaming of white tigers – each time something remotely out of the ordinary happen to us, instantly we wonder if it will bring us good or bad luck. Here are 18 common events in everyday life believed to be powerful indications of good fortune. 

18omens01.jpg When Bats Nest In Your Home
This is one of the most powerful indications that the family is about to become seriously wealthy. The Chinese regard bats as symbols of abundant wealth. The circular pattern of five bats is a very popular design feature found on furniture, paintings and ceramics. The Chinese believe that bats nest only in auspicious places – they have highly developed sensory parts that are able to “smell” out places with auspicious chi. The next time bats come and nest in the eaves of your home, rejoice because this heralds good fortune.
18omens02.jpg When Someone Gives You Money On A Lucky Day
It is the surest sign that you will enjoy a significant increase in money luck. A lucky day is usually a new moon or full moon day. Or it can be a day of your animal sign. Check the Feng Shui Almanac for these lucky days. Make sure you keep the cash given to you on that day, as it is described as “good luck money”. Money can be given to you in many ways. It could be someone repaying a debt owed to you, or someone giving you an unexpected tip for some favour performed. This is the belief behind the tradition of giving lucky money on the fifteen days of the lunar New Year. These fifteen days of the year’s first moon are looked on as “days of miracles”, so money received on these days is always regarded as lucky money.
18omens03.jpg When Bird Droppings Land On Your Head
Many people believe this to be a major sign of wealth coming from heaven. Hence, although, it is really yucky and a major inconvenience, when something like this happens to you, take comfort in the fact that this is described as good luck being just around the corner! In fact, most things associated with birds tend to spell good fortune, such as when birds fly to your home and start making nests in and around your house. While bats bring abundance, birds bring good news and opportunities. The next time a flock of ravens, pigeons or magpies come to your home, feed them with bird seeds. Birds are also said to be powerful protectors and guardians. Even crows are said to be messengers of the Gods. So welcome birds with open arms.
18omens04.jpg Finding Your Initials On A Spiders Web
Is said to be an indication you will have good luck forever. All your plans will develop to fruition and whatever obstacles may be blocking your projects will be dissolved. Like the spider, you will attract food and money without even trying! This actually happens more commonly than you realize.
18omens05.jpg Meeting Up With A Snake
Is another sign of good fortune. Whether in your garden, inside the home, or out trekking, if you meet up with a snake, it means something or someone important is coming into your life. Never ever try to harm or kill a snake when confronted with one. The more poisonous the snake, the better is the good fortune. The king cobra is described as a snake of extreme good fortune. Whatever you do, never kill a snake as they are also associated with some spiritual presence. They usually slither away themselves when they sense human presence.
18omens06.jpg When Your Hands Tingle
It is a sure sign that money is either coming to you or leaving you! The general consensus is that when it is your left hand that tingles, money is coming to you – the 4-digit kind or winning a lottery. When it is the right hand, it means money is leaving you. The same interpretation is also placed on hands that suddenly start to itch. If your left palm starts to itch, mercilessly rejoice. It means you are about to come into a windfall!
18omens07.jpg When You See A Shooting Star
And immediately make a wish, whatever you wish for will manifest within the next thirty days. If you are sick, you will get well; if your luck has been bad, it will take a turn for the better; and if you have just had a quarrel, you will make up. If you have lost something, you will regain it e.g. if you have just broken up with your boyfriend, you will make up with him or find a new boyfriend. Seeing a shooting star can be quite a common occurrence, so always have a wish handy. Close your eyes and wish fervently!
When Your Date Of Birth Adds Up To 8
(without any remainder) such as in 9/6/65 (9 + 6 + 65 = 80) you will be lucky all through the period of 8 which does not end until 4th February 2024. 8 is already a magically powerful number, so when one’s birth day adds up to 8, it is an indication of good luck. Those with kua 8 will also enjoy good fortune all through the period of 8.
18omens09.jpg When Your Ears Start To Itch
Many believe this meams that someone is talking about you. If it is the left ear that itches, it means that whoever is talking about you is saying nice things, while if it is the right ear, then whoever is talking about you is saying uncomplimentary things. Next time your ear starts to itch, you know you are being talked or gossiped about. Some say, “right for spite, left for love.” Others reverse this omen. If you think of the person, friend or acquaintance who is likely to be talking of you and mention the name aloud, the tingling will cease if you guess correctly!
18omens10.jpg When A Butterfly Flies Into Your House
This is commonly interpreted to mean that you are about to receive some important guests. If the butterfly has bright colours, it means the visitor will bring good news relating to your love life. If the butterfly is dark – almost black – the visitor is bringing you good news related to your career or business. Never chase a fluttering butterfly out of your house. They almost always bring good tidings. Do not try to catch it, as inadvertently killing a butterfly causes your good luck to change into bad luck.
18omens11.jpg When A Cat Comes Into Your House
It usually means some kind of bad luck. Usually black cats signify treachery and betrayal, so it is better to chase them away. White cats signify death, but some say that golden cats signify good luck hidden in bad luck. In the old days cats were often associated with witchcraft and bad omens.
18omens12.jpg If You Put On Your Clothes The Wrong Way Round
This is said to be a sign of extreme good fortune. It doesn’t count if you do this on purpose, but if for some reason you wear your clothes the wrong way round, it indicates that you will shortly receive some windfall or some very favourable news. This is a particularly good omen for those who have been suffering a spate of bad luck, as it suggests that your luck is about to change for the better.
18omens13.jpg Finding A Good Luck Symbol
Such as an acorn, a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a coin all spell good luck of some kind coming your way. You should not throw away the lucky symbol, as signs of prosperity often possess some excellent energy. It is also believed that if you bury them in a metal box in your garden, the good luck multiplies.
18omens14.jpg Meeting Up With A Cow
Is said to be a most auspicious sign as the cow is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Of course this is not something likely to happen in big cities except perhaps in India where the cow is so highly revered it is allowed to roam freely on roads and highways and motorists are required by law not to run them down. But if you do take a drive to the countryside one day and are confronted by a cow, rejoice, because it suggests great good fortune coming your way!
18omens15.jpg When A Dog Comes To Stay
When someone brings you a dog as a gift or if a stray puppy decides to adopt you, welcome him or her into your home. A dog entering your home is a very favourable sign, as it means you will have faithful and sincere friends come into your life, helping you overcome obstacles of all kinds. Black dogs bring wealth and protection. Golden dogs bring prosperity and happiness and white dogs bring love and romance.
  When You Hang A Flag
You should make very sure that it is hung up securely and that even with the daily wind and sun causing it to flutter, it should not fall. When any flag you hang up falls from the staff, it implies danger is coming OR that your success takes a tumble. A flag coming down sometimes also means a car accident or some tragic accident. On the other hand, when the flag flies proudly and flutters in the wind, it brings plenty of good fortune. Usually flags flying indicate victory.
18omens17.jpg Garden Creatures That Bring Good Fortune
Include insects and grasshoppers. If a grasshopper were to hop into your house, it means a very distinguished person is about to visit you. It can also mean that you are about to receive a great honour. Ladybirds suggest visitors, while frogs jumping into your home suggest money is coming to you.
18omens18.jpg When It Rains And The Sun Is Shining
The simultaneous appearance of the sun and the rain is a very good sign indeed. This is when it is most likely for you to see rainbows in the sky. Indeed when the sun is shining brightly and there is also a shower of rain, it means that everything you are working on will be successful. You will receive the support of some very important people. If a son or daughter is born on such a day, it is a wonderful sign of a great life. If you happen to be getting married on such a day, you will enjoy a very auspicious life together.
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7 Quick Tips to Bring You Career Success

Are you feeling blah about your life? Does boredom make you unmotivated and unexcited? Are you having a mid-life crisis? Give your personal motivation a boost to overcome this kind of inertia. Here are 8 easy ways to help you set new goals and to get your career back on a course that excites and motivates you.


If you want to enjoy good feng shui at work, try to select your work space carefully.

•  Always try to have your office and desk in the far corner diagonal to the entrance door into the whole office. The deeper you are
inside the office, the better the feng shui.
•  Never have your office or desk located at the end of a straight corridor or walkway.
•  Do not sit in an office or at a desk that directly faces a toilet door or staircase. Your chances for advancement will be severely
•  Do not sit in an office or at a desk that places you directly underneath an exposed overhead beam. You will suffer from endless
pressure and headaches.
•  Do not sit with your back to the door, whether it is the door into your private office or the door into the main office itself.
•  Never sit at a desk which subjects you to the cutting edge of a protruding corner. Move out of the line of fire or use a leafy plant
to block it.

•  When you are involved in business meetings, always make sure you do not sit with a pointed edge of a table facing you. If you
do this, you will have a poison arrow aimed at your stomach and will be placed at a disadvantage compared to the rest of your
colleagues. Always sit facing your best direction while you are working.

West Group Energizer
•  Energize the West with a model aeroplane laden with coins tied with red thread. Bells and windchimes are also effective.
•  Energize the Northwest in the same way. Do not put bright lights in either the West or Northwest as these will magnify all your
•  Energize the Southwest with lots of natural crystals. If your main office door is also located in the Southwest, then placing a
large crystal here is most effective. A large amethyst crystal boulder with a deep ‘pocket’ to capture all the good fortune
coming into office is ideal for attracting good business luck.
•  Energize the Northeast in the same way as the Southwest, but it is not necessary to display crystals that are too large here.

East Group Energizers
•  Energize the East corner with plants, flowers and paintings that feature lush vegetation and water. Avoid anything metallic in this
corner. Windchimes, scissors and blades cause a lot of harm here.
•  Do the same for the Southeast corner, except here you can also display a miniature fountain or a simple bowl of water.
•  In the North, place a broad-based bowl of water with a terrapin inside. This can be real or fake. The real one is to be preferred.
•  In the South, place something red – a painting, red carpet, red cushions – and a bright light to energize the luck of a great
reputation. Properly energized, the South brings excellent reputation.

•  In the office, never sit with your back to the door. Doing so invites deception and betrayal. You should always sit with your back
•  Sit with a painting of a mountain behind you but make sure it is big enough to be meaningful. Do not have mountain ranges that
are too sharp since these Fire element mountains are less useful. The best type of mountain for protection is a mountain that
resembles the back of a turtle.

•  If you want to feng shui the telephone and fax machine in your office, you must first observe from what direction the energy that
brings the messages through the phone line is coming. This is considered the source of the telephone’s energy.
•  The next thing to do is to position the phone so that the source of messages, calls and so forth is coming from your most
auspicious direction – your sheng chi direction.
•  Do not make the mistake of thinking it is the wall plug we are talking about. It is where the connection lead itself is plugged into
the phone that matters.

•  The South is the Crimson Phoenix which symbolizes fame and recognition. The Phoenix also brings the luck of opportunities.
When you energize this king of all feathered creatures, you are also activating the beneficial energies of the South. The luck of
this particular sector suggests a great brightness, because the South is also the place of the element of Fire. Thus a crimson
feathered creature to symbolize the phoenix is extremely auspicious. It will activate your social life and you will become
well-liked and popular amongst your colleagues and work associates.

•  Place a vase of fresh flowers on the East side of your desk. Flowers create yang energy. But do not allow flowers to overwhelm
you or block your view. And always change the flowers as soon as they start to show signs of wilting.

•  Place a healthy small plant in the Southeast corner of your desk. This attracts good income luck and enhances your chances of
personal growth.

•  Place a smooth crystal ball in the Southwest corner of your desk to create the luck of harmonious relationships with all your

•  Any kind of light energizes your good name and reputation when placed in the South. This is one of the most excellent methods
of creating a solid reputation within your company, and within your business community.

Calculators and Computers
•  All personal office equipment made of metal should be placed on a separate table that is preferably located to the West or
Northwest of your desk. If you need to have them on your desktop, place them to the right of you, but make certain you also
have something higher to place on the left side. This ensures that the energies of the Dragon will prevail over the Tiger.

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Chinese coins are square within and round without, which represents The powerful union of Heaven and Earth. When energized with a red Thread, it is a powerful emblem of wealth and prosperity. Note that The Yang side of the coin should always face up. The Yang side has 4 Characters while the Yin side has two. These coins can also be placed In the important documents, on the phone and wallet to attract wealth Luck.


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19 hours ago, Since u r here said:


can the plant be a cactus? they said no gd to have a cactus


also, if the plant is placed at the home (not in office) :  would it have the same impact of " good income luck and enhances your chances of personal growth."


according to the ancient art of Feng shui, a cactus simply brings bad Feng shui in placed on the wrong place.

The only safe position for a cactus plant in your home is the fame and reputation quadrant. Make sure they are NOT positioned in your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, office, or other prohibited areas. Otherwise they may affect your life in a more direct way than you may be willing to admit.


The only exception

Let us see what is the exception to the above rule. According to some Feng shui experts, that happens if you have your bathroom in the Northwest part of your home, while it should normally be in the North direction.

The element of the North is water, so toilets and bathrooms should go there. But if you already have it in the Northwest or some other direction, place a large cactus in the bathroom to alleviate the problem.


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14 hours ago, Since u r here said:

but how about the plant (not cactus)- would placing a plant in home brings in income and personal promotion?


I had provided quite a lot of detail information starting from the first part. You may like to read it and get some information from there.

Yes. it does and depends on what types of plants you put. Also there are others things you need to do not just only plants. Maybe you like to advise so that I can provide you the proper information.

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9 simple tips to Feng Shui your home


1. Fix your squeaks!

Does your entry door squeak or whine when you open or close it? The entry door is the first and last thing you encounter when coming or going from your home. The sound is as if the door is crying and this can affect your mood and well-being. Many people have become so accustomed to the sound that they don’t even notice it. Oil that door hinge and create more positive energy when you enter and leave your house. It’s also helpful to oil any other door hinges throughout the home, but the entry door is the most important.


2. Use your front door

from a Feng Shui perspective this may limit good energy and opportunities in your life because again, the entry door represents how "Chi" enters your home and life. The easy Feng Shui fix? Start using the front door at least once week. The more often the better! Just open and close it when you go get the mail, or maybe to take walk. Write it into your regular routine.


3. Where to place that Feng Shui fountain

Water represents wealth in Feng Shui. A lot of people ask me where the best place to locate a fountain for Feng Shui is. According to Feng Shui principles it’s advantageous to place a water element such as a fountain near the entry of your home. It can be just inside or just outside, but the most important part is that the water should be flowing towards the center of your home. That means that the wealth has the opportunity to pour into your life!


4. Plants above the kitchen cabinets

Take a look at your kitchen cabinets and check to see if they are built up the ceiling or a soffit. It is good Feng Shui if there is no space above the kitchen upper cabinets. This space above the kitchen cabinets attracts dust and stagnant energy. The “chi” gets stuck there and encourages dead energy which may hold you back in your life. If there is a space, there’s a Feng Shui adjustment for you! Place some lighting, green plants (live or very realistic looking) or beautiful and loved objects in this location. These objects bring life to this area and transforms the energy.


5. Keep that bathroom door closed

Many people get concerned about the bathroom when it comes to Feng Shui. The idea is that the water goes out of the home here. Since water is related to wealth, we don’t want our money being flushed away. I have also been taught that water comes back in as it’s being drained, but to be safe, I recommend that you keep the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door closed to reduce this effect.


6. Where is your bed located?

In Feng Shui, we use the “commanding position” to locate important furniture such as your bed. The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture to put in the commanding position because you spend many passive hours sleeping! To place your bed in the commanding position, you want to be facing the door while not in line with the door while lying in bed. Ideally you can be diagonally across the room from your bedroom door. However, I understand this is not always possible. In that case, find a mirror and place it so that you can see the door while lying in bed. I suggest freestanding mirrors, they’re easier to move around and get just right.


7. Cover up the TV in your bedroom

Most of us have televisions in our bedroom. It happens. If you have trouble sleeping it or even if you don’t, it is a good idea to cover the television when not in use. The active energy of the television as well as the electronic aspect of it may be disruptive to the type of calming quiet energy more conducive to sleep and bedrooms. My suggestion, find a beautiful scarf or fabric and just toss it over the television!


8. Clean all windows

It’s not quite time for spring cleaning, but that does not mean you should have dirty windows for the next few months. The windows symbolize your eyes to the world. We want to be able to see and experience everything that the universe has to offer us. Find some old newspaper, grab a bottle of vinegar and water… and clean away the grime. Open your eyes and brighten your space.


9. Do a space clearing

Last but not least, do a space clearing. Our homes and environments retain the energetic imprint of those that inhabit the spaces. It is always good to just take a little time and burn off the old energy to welcome fresh and new “chi”. My favorite methods of space clearing are the following: burn palo santo, smudge with white sage or spraying natural orange essential oil with water. Palo santo is light and great for everyday use. White sage is heavier – for the heavy duty space clearing. And the orange oil is great if you also need something to uplift your mood. Whatever you use, make sure to imagine the space being filled with positive energy and your dreams for the future.

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54 minutes ago, Ethan_Oleh said:


I had provided quite a lot of detail information starting from the first part. You may like to read it and get some information from there.

Yes. it does and depends on what types of plants you put. Also there are others things you need to do not just only plants. Maybe you like to advise so that I can provide you the proper information.

I think he is asking putting it at home instead of in the office

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On ‎11‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 7:49 AM, Ethan_Oleh said:

Hope you will buy the black wallet. :lol:

Black is the most common and popluar color and you got it right! Black represent wealth and prosperity. If you are looking for advancement in career or soar in your business, black is the color to go for. :D


but u mentioned (elsewhere) that all the colours , like red yellow green white black must be in, in order to achieve that

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7 minutes ago, lovehandle said:

Hope so but not, cos my wallet is always black


cool. That's a very good choice indeed. :lol:

The golden rule is try to arrange your money properly inside, put new $ inside if possible, dun put bills, sweet wrappers and other unwanted things inside other than $ and credit or atm card only. Fills your wallets with lots of $ inside. :lol: Try this way am sure it will works for you..and good luck. The 8 tips must check it out, its very useful. :lol:

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4 minutes ago, Ethan_Oleh said:


cool. That's a very good choice indeed. :lol:

The golden rule is try to arrange your money properly inside, put new $ inside if possible, dun put bills, sweet wrappers and other unwanted things inside other than $ and credit or atm card only. Fills your wallets with lots of $ inside. :lol: Try this way am sure it will works for you..and good luck. The 8 tips must check it out, its very useful. :lol:

condoms ok?

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On ‎18‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 9:58 AM, heliumduck said:

would this not be closely related to one's 8 characters?


Yes. it does. But that's also depends on individual whether you like to do more for feng shui for your own house to improve certain things.

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Need a little more wealth and prosperity to come your way? Who doesn’t? You can use feng shui (pronounced fung shway) elements and symbols to increase the positive energy in your home. By arranging your furniture and incorporating important Chinese symbols for wealth and prosperity, you can invite money and abundance into your home quickly and easily. Another good feng shui tips to share.

Things You'll Need:
Feng Shui reference guide, bagua map



Step 1
Get rid of the clutter. Clutter is one of the biggest no-no’s in feng shui. Clutter bogs you down and disrupts the flow of energy. Clear everything out that you don't need. Clean out your closets, make room under your bed. Let the chi flow through your home.


Step 2
Add water elements to your home. Water is the main element that brings wealth to your home. Water should always be clear, moving and free flowing. Never let your water get stagnant. Think peaceful, pure and relaxing. A fish tank is one way to stimulate your wealth areas. Make sure fish are healthy and strong and always keep the tank clean. You can display pictures of water scenes, especially ones showing abundance such as a fisherman bringing in a big haul of fish. Another great water feature to display in your home is a fountain. A fountain is a great way to keep your abundance flowing. A picture of flowing water will work if you cannot place a fountain in that area. Make sure you do not have vases of stagnant water and do not display photos or paintings of violent storms or other disturbing water scenes. Do not use water elements in bedrooms, this will have a negative impact on your finances.


Step 3
Enhance your wealth corners by hanging wind chimes, a mobile, or by hanging Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon (if you do this make sure you use coins in the increments of 3, 6, or 8 with 8 being the most powerful money manifesting number).


Step 4
Add some plants with round leaves to your home. This is another good way to enhance your wealth area, according to feng shui guidelines. If the plants have red or purple flowers that is even better.


Step 5
Include photos or representations of things you want, goals, or representations of abundance and prosperity in your wealth and prosperity areas (you can find these baguas on a feng shui chart). Harvest scenes indicate abundance. You can also put photos up of the new car or house you are working towards.


Step 6
Add representations of richness in your wealth corner. Anything that represents richness to you, such as a jewelry box, a piggy bank, or even your purse, should be placed in your wealth areas. Other general enhancements for wealth are seashells or fish sculptures, healthy plants and Austrian crystals.


Step 7
Paint for prosperity. The best colors for the wealth area are green, red, purple, black and gold, with the most effective colors being red and green.


Step 8
Open your doors and invite the wealth in. Make sure all doors open fully and easily, you don’t want a door that will not open all the way. This could affect your ability to make a comfortable living.


Step 9
Give your kitchen a feng shui overhaul. You should focus on using positive feng shui elements in the wealth corner of the room and throughout the entire kitchen. First of all make sure your plumbing is in good working order. A dripping faucet is symbolically and literally money going down the drain. You should also keep your drains plugged when not in use. This keeps money in your possession. You do not want to accumulate wealth then have it go down the drain. Place a small bowl overflowing with fruit on a kitchen table or island to make it look as though you have an excess of produce. The Chinese believe the stove has a direct connection to wealth so make sure to keep your stove and burners in good working condition and keep them very clean. You can also hang or place a mirror on your stove to double the number of burners seen and therefore increasing your prosperity. Keep a copper, silver, or brass teapot in your kitchen. Have many jars of spices and jars filled with pasta, both of these symbolize wealth.


Step 10
Close toilet lids. You don’t want to flush your money down the toilet. Remember to keep your drains plugged in your bathroom sinks and tubs as well and keep your plumbing in good working order.


Step 11
Add feng shui elements throughout your home. Place a mirror in your dining room to make your table appear larger. Put a wind chime on the ceiling in your work area to attract wisdom and good chi Place all your valuables such as your jewelry boxes, safes, or piggy bank in the far left corner of the bedroom. In your living room hang a round clear crystal on an 18 inch red cord in the far left corner to give your wealth a boost.


Step 12
Incorporate feng shui elements outside your home, in your yard, to attract wealth and prosperity. A fountain can be placed in front of your home; the water should flow inward towards your home. Make sure you turn it off at night to let the energies rest. If the southeast corner of your backyard slopes down and away from the house, put a light there to shine uphill. This sends wealth up to you. Place a windmill, weathervane, or any moving, spinning object in the far left corner of your backyard to stimulate energy and attract wealth.

Tips & Warnings

Feng shui is easy to do, just make sure to consult a feng shui map to find your wealth and prosperity areas.

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step4) but sometimes u mentioned not to have flowers that  might whither

7)  The best colors for the wealth area are green, red, purple, black and gold, with the most effective colors being red and green. Wow! glad to hear that!!!

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On ‎19‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 11:57 AM, lovehandle said:

step4) but sometimes u mentioned not to have flowers that  might whither

7)  The best colors for the wealth area are green, red, purple, black and gold, with the most effective colors being red and green. Wow! glad to hear that!!!


Hi lovehandle,

Am glad you like this. :lol: for 7), you must try it, its very effective. :thumb:

For step 4), case to case. :lol:


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Here’s a popular wealth-making ritual you might like to try. Get yourself a ceramic container (not too big). Write your name and birthday as well as those of your family members on the container. Place 12 coins inside the container. Also place a compass and a small chi lin, a ingot and some real money from nine countries. Bury the container in your front garden at the ideal time of 1pm. If you do not have a garden, you can bury the container in a large flowerpot. The idea is to cover the container with earth so wealth comes to you from the earth. You will start to experience money-making luck within nine days. (No harm trying!).

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Cut a length of green string 30cm long. Use a cotton knit string. Tie it 5 times round your little finger in a clockwise direction. For males, do this on your left finger and for females, do this on your right finger. Then make a knot. As you go about your daily activities note that when the knot gets wet, you should again repeat the exercise on the same finger with a new string. The Chinese, especially those of Cantonese origin, believe that by doing this, you are activating plenty of wealth luck.

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Every morning before you step out from the house, use a red pen and write the word for money on your right palm. (Chinese character - Cai). If this is too difficult, try writing the dollar sign. Do this every morning for fifteen days starting with the day of the new moon and it is believed you will receive a “windfall” within three days of the full moon. It is even more effective if you can use red cinnabar to do this. Or better yet, use a stamp which already has auspicious words on it.

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Here is a truly superstitious belief to generate wealth luck. You will need a red coloured wish fulfilling jewel and a money bank. Draw a hexagon star on a piece of paper, place the red jewel on the center of the hexagon, wrap it carefully, then place it under your pillow. Go to sleep. The next morning, place the red jewel in front of the money bank and put a coin inside the money bank. Then close your eyes and repeat your wish as many times as you can. Repeat this ritual for 15 days starting with the new moon.

All through the fifteen days of the waxing moon, by having the red jewel under your pillow and adding a coin each day, by the 15th night you will have completed the ritual to actualize your wish. When your wish has been accomplished, keep the red jewel and coins safely in a container, which should be kept hidden. When you run out of money, you can repeat this wealth-generating ritual. Remember, you must do this during the 15 day phase of the waxing moon!

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If you are winning some big money during a gambling session, the belief is that you should make sure you do NOT get up to wash your hands. And you should definitely not go to the toilet – better to hold on for as long as possible! In Cantonese, the word pee means “to let go of water”. To the Chinese, water always means money, so if you leave the gambling table to go to the toilet, it is like pouring your money down the drain.  

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The Chinese believe that the SE is the wealth sector in any room you occupy, so it is important to identify this corner. Then make very sure NOT to put or paint the colour red anywhere within this wealth sector. If you do so, it will make it very difficult to obtain wealth luck.  

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It is believed that having a few grams of sea salt inside your wallet attracts wealth luck. The best is to place the salt inside a plastic bag, then put it in a secret compartment inside your wallet. You have to change the salt each month, otherwise it loses its potency. There are some who say the use of sea salt can also be extended to the house. Make your house attract wealth luck by having sea salt (placed inside a small plastic container) in all the corners of your house i.e. wherever two walls meet. Change the salt every ten days. You can also hang a bag of sea salt on the center of the main door, changing it once a month. This is said to attract wealth luck. (Maybe because salt attracts water?)  

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Feng Shui for the Retail Business

General advice on finding the right location:

  1. Look for a building that faces a wide road. It is best if the entrance is facing an empty space.
  2. Make sure that your store’s entrance is not harmed by the presence of a lamp post, a single tree, the edge of a building opposite, the triangle roof line of a building or any other poison arrows.
  3. Do not rent or buy a retail space that lies at the end of long corridor or is located at the end of cul de sac.
  4. Do not rent or buy a retail outlet space sandwiched between two larger and higher buildings.
  5. Do not rent or buy a store that faces a road where the traffic comes towards you.
  6. Avoid opening a retail outlet in a complex that does not have an obvious main entrance.
How to activate your business according to the elements
Determine the element that best represents the product you sell, and then activate the relevant compass direction corner that symbolizes that element. This will strengthen your business and bring good fortune luck.
Southeast - Wood
Best Suits – Grocery business, flower, fashion or engage in selling paper
Enhancer: Place plant
South - Fire
Best Suits – Catering/ restaurants or selling lights
Enhancer: Install a bright light or place a jade plant in the South
Southwest - Earth
Best Suits – Selling crystals, property agent or architect
Enhancer: Place natural quartz or light fixtures here.
East – Wood
Best Suits – Grocery business, flower, fashion or engage in selling paper
Enhancer: Place plant or water feature
feng-shui-for-retail-business-02.png West - Metal
Best Suits – Jewelry, Hardware, Computer Store
Enhancer: Place lots of crystals in this corner
Northeast - Earth
Best Suits – Selling crystals, property agent or architect
Enhancer: Place natural quartz in the Earth sector of your store
North - Water
Best Suits – bank, insurance, pub/bar or travel agent
Enhancer: Water feature or decorate the wall with water motifs
Northwest - Metal
Best Suits – Jewelry, Hardware, Computer Store
Enhancer: 8-rod metal windchime or brass Kwan Kung

Tips to Increase Sales in a Retail Business

  1. Use mirrors to double your turnover. Place mirrors on two sides of the showroom to make your store appear to be long and deep. Let the mirror reflect the product and cash register. It’s doubling everything.
  2. Energize your cash register with the 3 tied coins. Stick the 3 tied coins onto your invoice book, order book and cash register.
  3. Place 3 tied brass coins in all the four corners of your store. This brings stability of income.
  4. Simulate a mountain of gold near your entrance. Place a few gold rocks or boulders just outside the main entrance. This attracts money luck into the store.
  5. Hang two of Chen Lung I-Ching coins tied with red thread on top of your main entrance. This attracts customers to your store.
  6. Hang three tied coins and bell at the entrance door knob. Hang the bell on the outside of the door knob and the coins on the inside door knob. The tinkling energy will attract customers and good fortune luck.
  7. Place 168 pcs of the 3 tied brass coins on the floor of your store. This represents the money making its way to your door step. (Note: You can do this during the renovation stage of setting up your store.)
  8. Hang a chandelier at the foyer of the store. This attracts yang energy and enhances the flow of energy into the store.
  9. Place a wealth ship loaded with precious jewels, coins, ingots and gold bars sailing in from the main entrance. This will bring good fortune and wealth luck.
  10. Activate your water star 8 corner with a water feature and a Dragon to increase your sales turnover.
Shake the abacus or ring the Ringing Bell when there is no customer. It will attract customer comes to your store immediately.
 Things To Avoid
  1. Do not place the mirrors cutting the customer’s leg.
  2. Mirrors should not reflect the entrance, washroom or staircase.
  3. Do not stick the yin character of the coin on the surface.
  4. Do not place the cash register near the entrance door.
  5. Do not place your company name on the floor mat.
  6. Avoid displaying any wealth ships with cannons.

Create an auspicious main entrance
The main entrance of the store is the most important feng shui feature to take care of. Use the 5 element theory to bring good luck to your front door.

Direction of the main entrance Colour Design/Motif
North Blue or black Wavy
South Fire, Orange or Pink Triangular shapes, sun and light
East Green Rectangular shapes
West White, gold or silver Round or circular shapes
Northeast Yellow or brown Square shapes
Northwest White, gold or silver Round or circular shapes
Southeast Green Rectangular shapes
Southwest Yellow or brown Square shapes
  • The bigger your main door the better for your business
  • Use your Kua number to determine your best direction for wealth, and then try to ensure the main door of your retail outlet faces that particular direction.
  • Keep your main door well lit!
Company Logo and name
  • Hang your company name and logo as high up in your outlet as possible.
  • Avoid designs that are excessively yin or yang. Balance the combinations of colours with shapes.
  • Install a bright lights shining on your company name and logo.
  • The best is to place your company name and logo inside the outlet in the SOUTH sector.
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Tip of the day

Goldfish bring good luck in Feng Shui. Placing goldfish inside the home or office aquarium will activate good luck. Keep nine fish- eight red or golden and one black. When one dies, replace with a new one. The most auspicious place for the aquarium is in the living room of a home and the front entrance.

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Tip of the day

Golden Plated Ingot Gold Ingots are extremely auspicious because they signify wealth and material assets, representing savings and worth. Place this item in front of you or on top of your table or cabinet to bring good chi luck and wealth to you. These ingots can also be gifted to someone very near and dear to you. These ingots can be placed in the directions as given below: Northwest - To enhance your family wealth and prosperity. Southeast - To generate money wealth. East - To bring good health, longevity and descendant luck.

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Tip of the day

GRAB A RED PEN. In red ink and on white paper, write a list of all the qualities you think your ideal mate might possess. Once he looks good on paper, place your list and an image of two peonies inside a small silver box, and place the box in the relationship area of your bedroom for 49 days. Your love life will bloom and grow faster as according to feng shui, the stronger and clearer you are in stating what you'd like to see happen in your life, the easier it is for the universe to send you your heart's desire.

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Tip of the day

To hold on to your money longer Use earth tone colours on the walls and floors in rooms that have large amounts of water, like the bathroom, kitchen, and the laundry room. This will symbolically dam the water so you can hold on to your money longer.

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Tip of the day

If your office is extremely irregular, you can have inexplicable setbacks and continuous frustrations at work. If you can't switch offices, you can apply the special nine green plants cure: Add nine healthy new plants to your space all on the same day. The plants should be purchased new for the purpose of this cure.

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Tip of the day

Three coins tied with red ribbon Include three coins tied with red or gold ribbon in your bag or purse. When you are in profession of telephonic sale, include your phone three coins tied with red or gold ribbon . It is a perfect symbol for wealth and career luck.

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