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Closet Btm Writings


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"Closet Btm" posts his experience/story steep in Singlish style English.

His sharing never fails to put a smile on my face.

In his honour, I have collected together a list of articles he has written in BW and put it in this "Interesting Thread" Archive. Enjoy !

(Now, I seldom agree to meet people. However for "Closet Btm", if you ever "come" to Singapore, I will make an exception to meet you in person. Although I suspect there will be a queue of your fans forming up smile.gif )

Closet Btm Writings


Exhibitionistic Funs


Got Anal for the First Time


Gay Sex


Pure Top ?


Anal Fun - Is it a must?


Do Btms Cum Automatically When Being fxxked?



Who Still Goes To Fort Road?


Are You Top, Btm Or Flexi?



Beyond Top And Bottoms


PS : I painstakingly combed through BW to put together this list of article who showed that the author is "Closet Btm". If I missed out any other nuggets, please PM me.

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Guest Lulu loves Closet Btm Also

I agree 101% with Hendry.

Uncle, after meeting Hendry, if you still got strength, you can meet me. I bring you to Geylang to eat "No Signboard" crab and then we can trade secrets. Don't worry, I will tone down my sisterly behaviour which some people find so low class.

I can also introduce you to my collection of top uncles. Big, small. long, short. thick, thin, point up, point down, curved one, cut or uncut, arrow head, small head, muchroom head all have. But must wear condoms one when playing ok. :rolleyes:

So tell us when you are visiting again and Hendry and I will take good care of you. Tah tah.

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