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  1. mangotsf


    Let's be honest here... Bottoms, who has made u auto cum before Tops, how many times have u made your bot auto cum Personally, only got one such session where I autocame before. Met this viet dude (yep the one from my previous posts). We were on and off and the rship got so toxic but neways. The second/third time we had sex, I was comfortable w him alrd and got used to the pain of being fucked. That's when he didnt show me mercy anymore lol and went full primal on me. Remember how he propped me on his bed, legs over my head to fully fuck me and boy did he fuck me well. I swear I let out a whimper when he went inside fully. He did not even warn me abt anything, expecting me to take him fully. That's when I felt with every thrust, he was hitting my prostate with his curved up dick. I did not know anything about this cuz I was still a noob at bed. But at this point I was alrd moaning like mad. This went on for about 40mins hahah I auto came 2 times that day n it was my best session to this day.
  2. Realized there's not much of outdoor fun or exhibitionist stories in Malaysia but I know there's a lot of people do want and have a lot to share! Let's start!
  3. Inspired by the living in ur 30s discussion, what would you have done differently had you have known what you know today? or no regrets etc at all? Can you still salvage the situation, if necessary?
  4. Share your own personal experiences of Malaysia Gay Saunas/Massage stories. Would like to hear some stories of you guys. What did you do / cruise to get the guy that you wanted? How was the feeling with the person? Would you like to go back again? Share some thoughts and experiences right here.
  5. Trying to exhibit, but don't know where is best?
  6. Hi all Somehow I could no longer find the old thread of the same topic. So I have created a new thread. Let’s contribute and make Katong pool great again. To start the ball rolling, here my 1st post to this thread. Date: 29 June Time: 1-gish pm. Saw someone in black thong but he was discreet when he walked around. He had a shorts on. Wave wave Mr Thong.
  7. I live in a condo in the east. Yesterday, after a swim, I went to the changing room/shower. The sauna is also in there, and the lights were on (it usually is not in use). So I walked in, and there was a mature China man (50?) standing in the nude. I was surprised, said hi, and also took off my towel. We sat opposite one another in the small sauna, with cocks/balls in full view. He was about 3inches uncut, with low-hanging balls and lots of straight pubes. I was thinking "OK, if he makes the first move - like a 'come-here' smile - I would be brave and move closer to him and see what happens". But too bad, we just sat there with out legs wide open and nothing happened. He went out for a quick shower and came back in, but he never said a word. Then he went out for good. I followed shortly to see him showering with the cubicle door open. And while I was showering (with the door open of course), he sat on the wooden bench naked while drying himself, all in full view of me. It may be nothing at all but it was such a torn-on to know two naked men were so comfortable with nudity. After he left, I actually JO in the shower. Anyone has similar experience in your condo sauna?
  8. What are some of the "Pearls of Wisdom" that you have heard or reflected from an experience? Some example are like: 1. You cannot give what you don't have. 2. Good things in Life comes for free. 3. Choice is the Freedom one gets. 4. 静 恩 仁 悟 空
  9. Please reply here with your Telegram ID.. Only for chubs and their admirers..
  10. Hi all, there is a syndicate group targeting our community now. i got to know this person by the name/profile of "frank scott" from fridae. he told me he wanted to buy a house or apartment in Singapore about 1 month ago. he said he does not know anyone in Singapore so i offer to help. he had been calling and email me all these while saying that he is coming to Singapore yesterday. He is from UK and often travel. his mobile number is always unknown number when he call you (+447539580075 or +447031802633). yesterday someone by name of emily wong (+60102799735) called and she claimed to be calling from malaysia customs called me saying that Frank is carrying too much cash and need to pay tax. he can only afford some amount as they had seized all his luggage. so they called me to help to pay the reminding 5000 malaysia Ringgit. i was abit skeptical but in order to save him, i went ahead. i know things happen in Malaysia customs. when asked for the account number to tranfer the money, they gave me a personal account name "Hassan Abdul Karim".Immediately i questioned why is it not a Malaysia customs name or dept. Western Union tranfer of fund does not need account number" She replied that this is the correct account. 1 hour later she called again and said that he need to pay insurance to ensure that the money can comes to Singapore. This time they demanded RM 11800. i immediately turned down as i do not know this person and have no obligation to help. So they reduce to RM 10000. I also asked why is there a need to pay insurance, if he is in Singapore, i can assist him if he have difficulty. Frank was crying at the back and beg for assistance. I recommend to make police report.I told him to contact his family and company for help, but he said the time is still early in London. And i also mentioned if he have access to his luggage, he should be able to take out money from his brief case.i was not very sure if this is real cases Frank also booked a hotel in Singapore and i checked with hotel there is indeed a booking. I draw the money from the bank and went to western union again, this time they stopped me from sending the money saying that one remit per day to one person. Emily called again and this time gave me another account by name of Harry Michael. then the supervisor asked me why i need to transfer so much money, i told them the reason and she called Western Union. Western Union informed that there is a syndicate group from UK and actively in Asia. this is a know thing in Western Union and whenever there is such transaction, they will be on alert. they also given me a website www.419bittenus.com it has all the pictures of the group and stories of all victims.they told me to ignore the call. luckily the RM 10000 money didnt went thru this time. however this time every 3 minutes Emily Wong keeps calling i ignore the call. Last nite i made a police report believing that this is a syndicate group. i also called up the hotel they told me frank scott delayed his schedule to Singapore due to some custom issues. I was still hesitating. I also called Frank and he was blaming me for not helping him. he was abit worried when he heard there is a siren sound behind and keep asking me what was it. I also told him that its no more morning in London and he can call his family for help. However i called Malaysia custom to check this morning and they told me its all SCAM. they heard this story everyday. i know its abit lengthy but a warning to all that the email scam is no longer new anymore..now they will get to know their victim thru website making you believe them. For me i lost abut RM 5000 but not RM 10000.
  11. Time Should I waste my time on you who i can't control Should i waste my time on things that is of my beyond Can't we see the time that went tick tock Is this the right time or is it not? They say time flows like a stream To a land where there are many dreams But you told me you did like to be a place full of surprises and supremes There are no other choices but this is the way its seems. I do not know what to say The world is so full of grey You say I am imperfect and this I know Yet I still think you are gold I may be kind and silly but it’s not fine. Your avoidant ways clearly shows through time Time will reveal who you are And you can really be a pain in the arse Letting you go should keep you afar As there is nothing left to be my fuss Finally I can get on my path. E.T. 13.01.2019
  12. Have you had anal warts before? How do you get the warts treated? Where did you get treatment? What kind of treatment? Please share your knowledge or experience.
  13. Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 Man molest man! A middle aged man was charged for hiding in a male's toilet and subsequently molesting a 29 year old man. The molested 29yo man was using the toilet at HDB Hub Toa Payoh when he met the molester. The molester not only watched him from the opposite cubicle, and also molested his legs by touching them through the gap below the partition. The 29 year old man was shocked and ran out of the toilet immediately. This molest case occurred in 19 Nov 2004, at around 6:30pm at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. The molester was a 44 year old man named Hong Ya Sai. He is a computer promoter. He was charged this morning in court. Hong Ya Sai was wearing a blue T-Shirt and was medium built. He faced a charge for molestation and another for peeping. He is out on bail of S$12,000. The case will be adjoured to 24 Oct 2005. According to the courts, the molestation happened at the 3rd level toilet of Toa Payoh HDB Hub.
  14. Some men or women from Nigeria and china and elsewhere have stolen picture profile of legitimate people to use in love scams with sad sob story of dying well liked grandmother in need of funds for simple operation, or dying son otherwise curaable cancer unless lack of funds. Lets study all the handsome guys pics , they are real actual persons , but their pictures are stolen by hackers and maoney scamming syndicate to befriend females and sometimes males in rich but gullible countries like singapore , malaysia, indonesia, even in places like Canada, Ameirca, ,Europe. Object : Matrimony. immigrate with said gentlemen to beautiful problem western country. SIDELINE : there is always some loose strings to be tied, hurdles to be cleared before the two love birds can meet for thr first time. Money need to be paid at the customs immigration for goods helf behind for lack of proper papers the scammee will always to fork out first before a relalease is secured. sideline 2 > the scammers is arrested by the border for carrying thr worng luggage , wrong passport....the scammee wuill have to send money to the scammers to secure his release, then another arrest for lodging the right border clearance papers. henc emore delays and more more mony sscamme forks out until almost empty back account to realisse, handsome european guy is still asking for air ticket to fly to scammes country because in the confusion the tcket got flush down the toilet. Lets look at pic one Kevin clark not his real name Kevin clark not the real name, but to me he looks honest, determined and generally sexually virile, and have potential for the future sex fucks fireworks, young takes good care of his goatee, good catch noe for future sexual happiness.' HUH Huh you just been scam by Nigerian scammer,
  15. just like to share and warn others to be aware and take caution of a scammer trying to sell supplements for weight loss and muscle gains. Got to know thru the app. Selling some supplements and list (probably screenshot, from gainzlab). After trasnferring the money, no news from him. Before that, he even showed past messages and pictures to prove he is real. Bank account is POSB Savings : 193-41432-0 Goes by jeremy ( or in the app, be something like fat burner, etc) Guess an expensive lesson learnt.. sigh,,already trying to go for equality, but still scammers everywhere. So just do take note and beware. Best luck
  16. Hi guys, just asking for your experience here. Recently I had a friend who was on grindr. He told me he found two guys, both into bdsm. They wanted him to go online and sign up for some Webcam site before meeting up with him. When he told them he didn't have a credit card to sign up with, they asked him to pay for some bdsm kit through a supplier using western union to the Philippines. Luckily he was unable to pay because of the many roadblocks placed. He was so sure that they were real but he didn't have any proof that they were. I was convinced he was getting catfished. Has anything like this happened to you guys? Thanks so much!
  17. Since Johor crusing's forum are close, let's us start the new forum here to discuss which place still active to cruisy
  18. After reading Adam's stories... I also thought it would be nice to share mine as well. Unlike Adam however, I can't recollect back that far back as he could. The following is a story that was posted like 6-7 years ago on another forum. Thought it would be nice to share it here with those who like some bedtime stories...... Part 1 I wasn't certain of my sexuality before I entered the army, and neither did I think that love between 2 guys was possible till my enlistment.... That was years ago. About 6 of us combat enginner NCOs were posted to this God forsaken camp in Lim Chu Kang for armor conversion. We dreaded this place then as it was either very muddy when it rained or very dusty if the weather got too dry. Worst of all, our weekends booking out time were usually pushed back because of armor vehicle inspection :swear: I remembered the very first day we arrived at our bunk. There were just 4 double decker beds meant for the 6 of us. I picked a lower bed near a new cupboard. Back then, most cupboards were in terrible and rusty conditions He came a little later and the first thing he did was to remove my duffle bag from my bed, and threw it over to another one by a rusty cupboard! "Hey! That's my bed! I took it first! Why did you do that!?" I shouted at him. "Well, it's mine now. Don't come and fight with me over it hor!" he replied. Darned! Peter was this Ah Beng whom nobody liked becoz he was a slacker. Just a week earlier before we were posted out of the School of Combat Engineers, our course mates had given him a blanket party by putting eggs inside his underwear before smashing them. As he was taller than me, stronger and also quite muscular, I decided not to play up the issue and resign myself to the bed where he had relegated me to. I was fuming inside me. It was bad enough to be posted to this desert camp and it's worse now with Peter around. Needless to say, we didn't speak to each other throughout the rest of the day. Lights-off was observed at 10pm that night and immediately, Peter jumped out of his bed and hopped over to mine. He put his arms around my shoulders and said : "Don't be like that lah, I'm used to having my way most of the time and I really like that bed leh..." "Oh, you think I don't izzit!? I took it before you did!" I fumed again. "Ai yah, it's only a bed lah! Come on leh, let's not fight over it, ok? Let me make it up to you in other ways, can?" he offered. His hands began to carress the round of my shoulder and admittedly it felt good. I relented and we began to talk. Eventually, we became course buddies... Our training was tough. More often than not, we slept only after 2am and had to wake up by 5.30am. On nights when we get to retire by 11pm however, Peter would never fail to jump over to my bed and we'd talk to the wee hours of the mornings... Soon I too began to enjoy those regular nocturnal treats Peter got bolder by the weeks. I wasn't sure if he was testing my sexuality or trying to liberate me from my geeky nature. Very often, he'd ask me things like if I knew how to masturbate or how to prolong it etc. He'd even stripped to show me his impressive member and how he did it... and boy could he last a long time! Then there were times when he'd use his fingers to play with my ears sending erotic sensations down my spine. I'd never experienced such exquisite touches before that. And just before our summary exercise, he took my hand and slipped it into his briefs and asked me to carress it for him. Believe me, it was a shock to me then and I quickly withdrew my hands and baded him good night immediately Being the slacker that he was, it wasn't surprising that he fell asleep halfway thru our summary exercise and had to sign 6 extras. Our camp was a very small one in terms of staff strength. The regulars hated performing weekend duties and seized every opportunity to catch trainees like us in any minor offence to perform the dreaded weekend regimental duties. Peter had to discharge his all at once meaning he couldn't book out of camp for 3 consecutive weeks. I laughed at him... and unwittingly had to sign an extra myself for some minor offence too It was 10pm that Saturday night. By this time, we had already graduated from our course and were awaiting to become instructors. Our new bunk was located right on the top floor of a mostly uninhabited building. I had to book in for my duty as the guard commander the following morning. Peter was already in the bunk walking about in his underwear as usual; he was the duty COS for that weekend. Just as well that he never changed - he still enjoyed sharing the bed with me.... "So how's your Sat?" he enquired. "Better, if I needn't have to come back here.." "I'm glad you realized that! Ka ni na, I thot nobody knew how I feel!" Peter cursed. Then suddenly, he toned his voice down.... "Erm, you want to play a game?" he continued and I felt his hands carressing my shorts; a tent was forming. "Eh, don't touch my private part can or not?" I gently brushed his hands away. "What do you want to play?" "Nothing lah... Erm..., you ever kiss before? Bet you never tried it before right? JC students like you sure never try lots of things wan..." Peter was from BMC in Bt Merah. "Let me show you..." and he suddenly lurched forward and kissed me on the lips. "Eh, this is odd and uncomfortable leh. Can we play other games?" "Play with cocks lor... very enjoyable wan let me show you..." And he started rubbing my shorts again. "Hey, quit that! Someone may just walk in!" I was nervous; I've never had such an encounter then.... "Maybe you touch mine then, many girls like mine, ok. I let you touch very special already..." And he made me wrap my hand around his long member and started masturbating him. I removed my hands quickly at the first chance I had and kept very quiet. I was not used to these encounters that I was experiencing that night. Peter stopped and kept quiet for a while too. The silence was awkward...
  19. Anyone mind sharing his juicy stories with mature guy? Can be Twink with mature or Mature with mature. Old thread is dead so thought of starting a new one.
  20. Do you have any stories to share on kinky piss drinking or golden shower? Is there anyone interested in drinking pee? Or being sprayed w pee?
  21. Hi all, I have never shared this experience with anyone before and I been thinking whether I should share with you guys and finally, decided to share with you. It happened many years ago when I was in Sec 4. Before I start, pls allow me highlight in advance that this is my real experience (100% real) and it is not sad story or anything bad.. 🙂 so pls enjoy reading it and forgive my lousy English.. There was a period of time in sec 4 when I engaged a private male tutor who is around 4 years older than me. let's just called him Roy (not his real name and sorry if you got offended if your name is Roy 🙂 ). I engaged him together with another male friend. we live nearby so he usually came over to my place to conduct lessons together with my friend. so, usually lessons are three of us together. Roy usually a funny guy and joked about a lot of things. mostly he joked with us about sexuality and most of the jokes were sexual in nature. Of course we don't mind as we were teenagers and testosterone level was very high and horny at that time. (until now still high and horny..). I did not have any feelings for Roy or my friend though as I am only into girls and older women. But sometimes, when we didn't finish homework he gave or we couldn’t answer his questions, Roy got angry and scolded us. So, we kind of scare of him a bit too... Sometimes, I noticed that Roy gave me more chances and got along with me more than with my friend. He commented on my legs and my hands. He said he liked my fingers and my legs. It was a bit wired though but I didn't really mind it. He touched my legs and thigh areas sometimes during the lessons. I did not really mind those touches, as I mentioned, I am really horny guy and those touches felt good, haha. But he was not really obvious and he did not do those touches when my friend was around. Now, I think off those days again, I realized he was really into me only. Normally, when I am home, I did not wear underwear. I still do not wear underwear when I am home until now and even sometimes, when I go out nearby, I do not wear it.. So those touches sometimes, made my dick hard and I had to try hiding it from him and my friend..Sometimes, I had to excuse myself and went to toilet and breathed to relax it..May be Roy noticed those but I was not sure what to do or how to respond those touches.. when the exam was getting closer, Roy suggested that we should stay overnights at my place for a few days and studied together..He would also stay with us for a few days and guided us and helped us in studying. So, we agreed to it and “boob camp” was started.... to be continued...
  22. Now that all the pools are closed, lets tell your best pool stories. 1. where did it happen? 2. when was it? 3. what happened? 4. etc
  23. The first time I talked to him, he was new in the office. I’m not the approachable type but I really got interested in him the first time I saw him. It was on my smoke break and I found him sitting alone. So I introduced myself, and did small talk. Then as we talked, it turns out we have the same interests: food, movies, games. We talked about a lot of stuff about our work, our passion, and mostly a lot about our common interests. And then he asked for my number so he can chat me up whenever he wants to smoke (or hangout). After then we have smoke break and lunch together, even sometimes dinner when we both get off work the same time. Then one smoke break, we were talking about good places to eat here in the city, and then he casually talked about this good place that he went to w/ his girlfriend. I was like “ooohkay, dude is straight and has a gf”. But then what was I thinking, dude is cute and obviously he has a girlfriend. I didn’t mind at first, but would have been awesome if he was single (and better if he turns out to be bicurious). So we hangout a lot, and can say we are very close now. But it’s also hard for me because he’s like the perfect guy, but the one guy I can never have. It wasnt even easy to ignore him because we see each other everyday, and I to talk to him every night (yeah we call/chat each other every night). I kinda distanced myself, just try lah to just not hang anymore and just to forget these feelings that wont ever reciprocated. I stopped going on smoke breaks when he invites me, and just ignore his chats and calls. But he somehow notices it and tries really hard to get my attention and wants ro know whats wrong. And I always end up saying “sorry was busy”. But I felt guilty about it so I tried to make it up to him by going for a dinner. He then asked me what was wrong, but I didn’t tell him of course, instead I just reassured him nothing to worry about. I cannot confidently say I cant fall for a straight guy but every time I see and talk to him, these feelings cannot easily be ignored. I sometimes even want to tell him that I’m bisexual but I don’t know how he will react. I guess it doesnt matter if he knows or not, but I don’t know how to stop feeling this way. He’s genuinely a great guy, and I sincerely believe also he wants to be good friends. I mean, is this even worth thinking about it? Actually falling for this great guy? How do I control this feeling? When will I be able to stop feeling this way about him and still be friends with him? Is it a lost cause to fall for a straight guy?
  24. Seen many who shared their life story here like Larry and Yas. So with the support of Yas himself I would like to share something here on my own. This aint an exam or an ariticle where perfect english or a story with top notch grammar so pardon me on that. Here we go... Part 1 “You got into AC?” That voice echoed from behind me. I turned around and glance. It was Byrant, my bestie since P1. It was the day of our PSLE results and both of us did exceptionally well. “Yeah you too? “ I answered back while looking down on my result slip. It was expectation from both of parents whom are both Teachers to get into prestigious school. I hurried him off so that I could head to my Mum’s school and show her my result slip. It wasn’t until 3 years later when we were in Secondary 3 that something engulfs. I had no idea if it was fated or destined that I was in the same class as Byrant from P1 till secondary. At that point girls were my thing and boys seem to attract me in a unique manner. It is like I have eye candies in school I can drool at em but I can only love my GF back than who happened to be in Raffles Girls. It was somewhere nearing my birthday that we separated. Due to her interest in her studies and me being too busy with school (Prefect and ECA Captain) we eventually drifted. But it was no dramatic separation but a peaceful one where we bid our farewell and exchange pinky to entrust each other with the bond we had and to remain friends. Yes I know Pinky well I was 14 back then. I sat down facing the harbor (now known as Vivocity) and think about what had went wrong and how somewhere rather inside I find sexually attracted to the eye candies in school. Byrant came with 2 sticks of Ice Stick. Those were the time when it was Popular but now I don’t even see it anywhere much perhaps the modified version. “ Hey Aaron whats wrong man “ jabbing me on my shoulder while asking that and simultaneously passing me one of the ice stick. I twisted the plastic tip with my teeth and broke it open. “ Nahx nothing… Me and her. We decided what is best for us and …. “ Before I could even finish my sentence, from the corner of my eyes I could see him smiling sheepishly and he blurted out “ so she finally figured out you wanted best of both world? “ I choked on the ice stick I was indulging on and turn to face him, “ WHAT ?!?! “ I wasn’t expecting this from my bestie of 9 years to be saying in such a tone. “ Come on man, you still need to hide from me ? Those you ogle at in school and your infatuation with those swimmers and your fellow soccer mates. Dude it is obvious I am always there when you have training remember? “ Byrant was in swimming and always stayed back to accompany me for my trainings as we both live quite near to each other. I was taken back and blushed at his comments but tried to put on a brave front. Ego you would call it and did not want to jeopardize anything between us. “ Nahx I just admire how their physique is and nothing sexual “ The sound of thunder clapping through the skies and we quickly head for shelter. We had our dinner and parted ways after. No SMS neither MSN conversation nor the usual phone call that night ………
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