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  1. Tele for all Newbies or anyone seek experiences (sexually) from HJ, BJ, ONS, Worship, Sensual Massages, Bromance, Indoor (Host), Outdoor (Rain/Shine), Groups & anything related SEXUAL. No feelings. No drama. Meet Play Connect Repeat or Thank You, Next! If keen pls PM me. Cheers!
  2. If you have a place to host or available for home/hotel/hostel play, pm me to join the TELE. Can share discuss your interest etc....daytime...lunch time....nighttime or wee hours.... It can be outdoor too if you keen hehe 🤫😜😏😛😋 Only PM your TELE plz. Thank you 👍 🥂⛺🏕️🏠🏡🏘️🏚️🏨🌁🏙️🌆🌃
  3. Do you have any stories to share on kinky piss drinking or golden shower? Is there anyone interested in drinking pee? Or being sprayed w pee?
  4. Always was interested in public encounters but was too scared. Any1 want to share their experience in sg. Share ur favourite/ riskiest moments.
  5. Those who into malays do pm me here with your id will add u up. And for the malays do PM me personally in malay for malay official tele. For those malays, I be conducting jog run and after virus free bootcamp this to encourage malays to running or jog or fitness or swim or all....burn bodyfats and lose weights...hope it help pass your IPPT ah kong give free money take advantage of it. Join a few of us 4th Jog run this Friday. From heartlands to place of interest parks (canals/pavement/bridges/beach/parks/stadium) for now is 5km run normal pace objective non stopping. Let me know if you keen. You feel damn good. Fitness help give you stamina best sex best energy no need the temporary drugs or coffee or ch*ll or p*lls. If you don't fitness n take any temp stuff u cum fast haha unless you jelqing or edging.
  6. tickle , bondage and bdsm telegram Comment your tele id
  7. Hi just curious, does anyone has experience sex in office or workplace? I had mine in the ex workplace address and currently at the new location as office shift location. To share abit, know my ex at the workplace. He was in HR and I was hired for the job. We became close and eventually few months later we are attached. During our period together, we always find excuses to visit the toilets in the office. We are in different levels. He was at level 10 and I was at level 15 and level 13 I think was a lounge and we know the toilet there is always quiet so we will visit there ard 3pm. He will msg me and I will find excuses to say I am hungry and will go down to buy food. Then we will meet at the toilet at level 13. We will kiss and we will bj each other till we cum. After that we will go back to our respective levels and I will wait for him to finish work before going home. But the sex was really shiok and kind of missed having fun there in the office. The excitement and anxiety of not being discovered. Anyway, here is just one of my story, do share urs here. Cheers.
  8. Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 Man molest man! A middle aged man was charged for hiding in a male's toilet and subsequently molesting a 29 year old man. The molested 29yo man was using the toilet at HDB Hub Toa Payoh when he met the molester. The molester not only watched him from the opposite cubicle, and also molested his legs by touching them through the gap below the partition. The 29 year old man was shocked and ran out of the toilet immediately. This molest case occurred in 19 Nov 2004, at around 6:30pm at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. The molester was a 44 year old man named Hong Ya Sai. He is a computer promoter. He was charged this morning in court. Hong Ya Sai was wearing a blue T-Shirt and was medium built. He faced a charge for molestation and another for peeping. He is out on bail of S$12,000. The case will be adjoured to 24 Oct 2005. According to the courts, the molestation happened at the 3rd level toilet of Toa Payoh HDB Hub.
  9. I have been thinking for quite some time now that we have Singapore's Gay Missed Connection. Why not we make a Malaysia Edition for Malaysian gays?
  10. Those who prefer clean fun/jerk off /edge together/edge each other or each you can join this tele. Host/YourPlace 1-1, 3s or groups also welcome. If interested do PM me. Cheers! 🥂
  11. Time Should I waste my time on you who i can't control Should i waste my time on things that is of my beyond Can't we see the time that went tick tock Is this the right time or is it not? They say time flows like a stream To a land where there are many dreams But you told me you did like to be a place full of surprises and supremes There are no other choices but this is the way its seems. I do not know what to say The world is so full of grey You say I am imperfect and this I know Yet I still think you are gold I may be kind and silly but it’s not fine. Your avoidant ways clearly shows through time Time will reveal who you are And you can really be a pain in the arse Letting you go should keep you afar As there is nothing left to be my fuss Finally I can get on my path. E.T. 13.01.2019
  12. Since the previous thread under Traveller's Hut is deleted by the moderator. I think will be good to set up a new thread for member-only. Will start with my first experience at Sempurna Avenue, Cheras As a therapist, it might be surprising that I never been to the famous M2M massage place. I have tried many massage centres, masseurs from the apps, even visited bbboy, and some gay saunas in the past. I first heard about Manchai at Sempurna from my client who said his massage is strong. I decided to give him a try since he is my preferred type. I asked some of the fellow bw members about him. @hornychub kindly replied and gave me his direct whatsapp contact. However, all booking still need to go through the boss. Just happened that Healthland at Sg Chua is closed today. I went there this afternoon but no one around. I have to wait for Manchai to unlocked the main door upon arrival and go up the very dark stairs. No mysejahtera or temperature scan so not suitable for those concerns with COVID-19. Renovation of third floor (due to the recent DBKL raid) is finishing but the boss asked Manchai to use the 2nd floor where some (3) staff stay at that time. Manchai used the room next to the staff common room with workout equipment. The room was air-conditioned with a mattress on the floor. Overall still acceptable but I assume very different compared to third floor (never been). Manchai is friendly and speak Cantonese but I speak mandarin to him. He used to worked at D Spa and Water Spa when he was in Singapore. His brother runs a reflexology centre in Sg when he spent a short stint there too. His hometown from Pahang - origin of Musang King. He started the massage by doing some pressing on the back and proceed with massage of the upper body using lemongrass oil before moving to the legs with good strength using his strong hand, forearm, and elbow. He attempted the batin massage from the face down position. When turned around he massaged the legs and put them on top of his while pressing around my groin area when he asked whether I want extras but I turned down. Then he continues to massage my arms. Lastly, massage on sitting position. I was a bit shocked by the strength on my shoulder blade which was a bit painful but still bearable. Before the massage end, Manchai tried to give me a final body stretch standing up. I can feel his whole body behind and his bulge (could be semi hard) despite not so positive comments on the size, which was tempting to touch but I didn't. Throughout the session he is fully clothed. Overall, I enjoyed the 1h treatment of strong proper massage and he focused on my neck, shoulder, and back as requested. RM70 is definitely value for money. Will return to try again in the future when the third floor is properly re-opened. Skill: 6.5/10 Value: 7/10 Hope @hornychub can share his previous reviews of other masseurs from Sempurna and other places under this thread.
  13. Hi im new and im not sure if this is where u post this but who else exhibiting in public toilets? I always hope that some one would come and take control of me and use and abuse me. sorry if I’m not suppose to post here , do direct/teach me where to post. :)))
  14. CHAPTER 1 – Joey And Hank Strolling towards his parked Audi TT RS in the car park, Hank hugs Joey excitedly before saying out loud “Finally! We have graduated from senior high school, now to next stage, university!” Standing at 178cm tall, Joey looks as if he is completely in Hank’s embrace with his 185cm height. Both Joey and Hank are of the same age however Joey looks younger than Hank because of his fine facial features. With 3 older sisters, Joey is the youngest and the only male in his family. His father passed away when he was still a toddler so he never really understands a fatherly figure but he grew up with lots of feminine love. Joey’s mum told him many times that Joey took after his deceased father’s sharp defined nose and strong obvious double eye-lids though his curly eye lashes are definitely from his mum. Joey has always been the beauty model for his 3 sisters when he was growing up, they would dress him up in their own creative mix and match and using him as a test subject when they were old enough to apply make-up and trying out beauty products. Thanks to his sisters’ unrelenting interest in beauty regime, Joey has flawless skin and immaculately trimmed eyebrows. That always makes him a head turner since his high school days. Joey was in an all-boys school, like many other over-achievers, he dabbled in a few sports and excelled in tennis while topping his academic subjects effortlessly. Even though he has such fine and delicate facial features, Joey has tanned skin due to playing tennis, a stark contrast to his beautiful looks. But of course, in the all boys school environment, Joey also had his fair share of being targeted for some crude jokes. And during those frustrating moments, while Joey was strong enough to stand up to those bullies, he almost always did not need to do anything as Hank would be the first to jump up and pick up a fight with those guys. Hank has been Joey’s best friend since their high school days, other than going to the same high school; they also went to the same senior high school. As opposed to the almost beautiful Joey, Hank oozes masculinity with a naughty boy look. Similar to Joey, he has shiny smooth tanned skin. Coupled with his piercing bright eyes, thick eyebrows and smart crew cut hair, Hank has always been the dream guy of many ladies and possibly dudes too with his extremely taut body built. Hank was a school representative for swimming competitions during his high school and senior high school days however he declined the opportunity of being a national swimmer when he was talented spotted at those competitions. Being an only child born to a rich family, Hank has since young hoped to have a younger brother to fuss about. When he first met Joey in high school, he glued to Joey like bees to honey and was never apart from him for more than a minute including going for toilet breaks together. Hank takes great care of Joey as a great big brother would, driving him everywhere and fends off all unwanted attention showered upon Joey by giving off impression that he is the man in Joey’s life. Hank always enjoys being Joey’s trusted bodyguard and never hesitates to challenge any strangers who dared to even come close to Joey for chats. “Damn, you are so sweaty. Don’t hug me like that in school!” Joey pushes Hank away with a disgusted look and proceeded to wipe off the wet sweat smeared over his face and arms. “We are the gorgeous dream couple since high school and would have continue to be the IT couple if not because we will not be in the same faculty when we enters university. Still you ain’t going anywhere without me!” Hank retorts with a wink in his big round eyes. Joey gives Hank a resigned look and says; “You seriously need to stop all these nonsense. All your ex girlfriends had been blaming me for your break-ups! And I really don’t need to be the butt of the jokes again when we go to varsity.” “Ok ok. With a greek god looking after you, you don’t even appreciate. Those girls didn’t even get to be chauffeured by me more than once. I pick you up from home, drives you everywhere and anywhere every day, you know?” Hank is not going to give up till he gets Joey’s recognition for all his efforts. Joey knows he is not getting anywhere with the topic, he lets out a sigh and pleads with his puppy eyes looking at Hank “Argh, you win. Can we please get in the car now? The scorching sun is killing me.” “Sure my King, your wish is my command.” Hank replies and follows up with a blowing kiss. Joey rolled his eyes. Once they get into the car, Hank’s mobile phone rings and he answers the call with the speaker on. “Honey, I miss you! Are you still in school? Come pick me up to go my place ok? I want to show you the lingerie I just bought.” a sultry female voice from the other end of the phone said. Hank gives off an impatient look, starts his car engine and says “I am driving, going to spend the rest of the day with Joey. Not meeting you. You go home yourself.” “Again? You are always with Joey and haven’t been spending time with me for months! Why does Joey need so much time and attention from you?” the female voice continued. Hank gives a nonchalant look at Joey then says, “Girl, we were no longer an item the day you threw temper at Joey. Remember?” “I have apologized a few times already. Anyway who is he to stop you from getting me that latest edition Chanel handbag? Please I want to see you, and I want to cuddle with you. And more” She said with a quivering voice. Hank cuts her off before she can continue, “Girl you know I don’t engage in intimacy if we are not in a relationship. And throwing temper at Joey is a big NO NO for me. You are well aware of that too, don’t you?” “Hmpf! You are not the only hunk around, there are many others clamoring after me, Hank! You are a jerk!” and she hung up the call. Joey gives Hank an uneasy look “Do you have to do that to a girl? Both of you were in a relationship after all. And once again, you used me as an excuse to get yourself out of the relationship when you gets bored.” Hank shows off his sweetest smile at Joey “I really meant what I told her. Nobody I repeat NOBODY can show any temper or disrespect to my boy. She has only herself to blame.” “Stop it already, I have said it for so many years I am not your boy. Quit your nonsense please.” Joey shoots Hank with an impatient look. Hank returns the look with a hearty laugh, reaches over for Joey’s hands and kisses the back of one of the hand. <Those Moments, Our Memories> is a coming of age boy love (BL) story that revolves around three same sex couples. This 30-part original story is purely fictional with fictional characters that depict relationship between same sex couples and dramatized events. Any resemblances however remotely possible are purely coincidental and are not representative of anyone or any situations that could or may be actual. Please do not proceed if you discriminate against same sex relationship. By choosing to read this fictional story, it is understood you agree you are of legal or consent age to read such contents in your country of birth or residence. I reserved all rights to this self-penned story. Love has no barriers and it is LOVE we celebrate. Happy reading! You can support by checking out the latest chapters on my Patreon and BuyMeACoffee pages.
  15. Calling for all Cyberjaya citizen! Let's do some fun and hang out in our town! Please do share your "fun" stories in Cyberjaya, or else you could find someone clicked in here! Break a leg!
  16. Hi all Somehow I could no longer find the old thread of the same topic. So I have created a new thread. Let’s contribute and make Katong pool great again. To start the ball rolling, here my 1st post to this thread. Date: 29 June Time: 1-gish pm. Saw someone in black thong but he was discreet when he walked around. He had a shorts on. Wave wave Mr Thong.
  17. Have you ever lured or seducing a plumber over to fix your pipes, or any delivery person who sent you food, drinks, or packages? Any experience to share?
  18. Anyone mind sharing his juicy stories with mature guy? Can be Twink with mature or Mature with mature. Old thread is dead so thought of starting a new one.
  19. Hey guys Let's start a pretty harmless discussion. As on the title - I'm perplexed over the Malay/chinese or Chinese/Malay mix background.. I am noticing on dating sites, most of the Malay chaps here identify themselves as " Mly/Chi " mix - but upon meeting, most of them basically good old Malay guys. I did ask - which part are they Chinese - and I get "oh, I can speak a bit of Mandarin" This is where I'm stumped with the response? What defines a Malay/Chinese mix when there is no trace of Chinese DNA in one. Why can't a Malay guys admit that they're Malay? I have friends who are actually Arabs by race, they look like any Malay or Filipinos here in Singapore, they converse in Malay but define themselves as Malay because most of them claim that it be less complicated to explain the ancestry background. I have friends who look very Chinese, fair skinned but they're just full blooded Malay joes... So are the Malay guys here having an identity issues?
  20. Hello, I'm new to this forum, I'm from Penang, heard a lot happening and i encounter few, here some story. Tues morning May 10.30am, BM MPSP Pool, i go swimming alone when i free, suddenly sense someone watching, then i rest at beside. After few second, an uncle about 42, 165, 68, muscle solid build (but no sixpac abs), he keep swiming lap here and there, but when nfront of me, he slow down, i feel he purposely do there, then i go into the water, bingo, he taking out his dick and play. then i dare my self go over toching when , he hint me to bathroom after him, then he said want happy? i saycan try, then we go in the cubicle, and he start hj me, same i do to him, we cum together and left. Tues morning May 11am, BM MPSP Pool, i go swimming again, and try see chance to get cruise, so i purposely bring rubber n lub, then i meet same uncle again, i reject him and say if u allow me to f**k from behind, then i just do with you, he trip few second, then say ok. so we do again and this time I f**k him, he are so tight but he said in rush, so we settle quick and cum on his body, we shower then i continue swim and he left. Sat morning April 10.35am, SBJ Pool, I go to try luck see any happening, no luck, then i left around 11.30am, i drive to the park beside, a lot of people said that place use to hotspot, 2x people in the night, and gangbang session happen too, then yes, few people hanging over there, i just feeling want to get bj as i didnt bring rubber, then a guy say he want me, so we go over the tree and he start deep throat me, his skill are the best i have, then he want to drink my milk, i refuse as we just first meet, then he insist want, i quickly pullout when want to cum, he don't let go, end up i cum all on his face, he slowly lick and say thank, very delicious, we didn't contact and say we will meet again, he agree then i left and he stay, he said want to rest awhile before leave, so i just pass him my mineral water, and he said u the gentleman ever, the first who give me drink after workout out, we smile at each other then bless see each other agian. Thur evening April 4.45pm, i just drop by but i did not bring trunk and google, lucky i wear a brief look like trunk and the safeguard allow me to swim, so i go, yes this time i seen a lot of cute guy, teen, young man, work adult to uncle, i just swim alone and feeling itchy then leave to shower around 5.20pm, when i walk in, a boy and uncle look surprise and hurry run to different cubicles, i wonder i crash thier party?, then i just shower open like army man as there are no door! then i found they keep look at me, maybe my muscle cub body attract them, i didnt hints them, i just shower and smile to them, they smile at me too then i left. i didnt to the park this time as evening session full of healthy lifestyle jogger. feeling next time will come again. Everyone can share their story if willing, and want to swim with me? P_.M me. Thanks ya.
  21. Have you had anal warts before? How do you get the warts treated? Where did you get treatment? What kind of treatment? Please share your knowledge or experience.
  22. Before saunas, IRC and dating apps, how and where would one cruise? Where would PLUs hook up?, Esp in a less tolerant time
  23. Have you ever had any thrilling fun/stories with your classmates/teachers/colleagues/instructors? E.g. kiss, hi, bj, anal. When the sexual relationship goes beyond the superficial relationship, everything becomes thrilling.
  24. So I was sitting in a sauna small smoking area (in kl) waiting to look for fun, normally I have low expectation in sauna all the time I play (around 1 yr) as I am not muscular and only average body and look (not fat but have a tummy) and there is this man briefly withdraw a lighter? I think from the bench I am sitting at . So politely I move away got him to take it. When I look at him I know he is way out of my league. not muscular type but very hot normal body with no tummy and a leaf tattoo on this right belly (can't see very clear). He is smoking and walk away from the smoking area i of course steal lots of glance at him. So fucking hot . Is it because he is smoking ? Maybe I have a fetish for a smoking man? After he walks away I am sad and begin to walk away too ( I have wander around for very long not even one person seems interested in me) maybe jerk off and leave. Then the hot guy come back and playfully touch my dick and signal for me to go inside. I was like what the fuck.. it is impossible .. my mouth agape and follow his lead to a room.. towel offs and play with our dick standing. Then he proceed to lie down .. I lick him all over (his body is so soft) and his dick too .. I suck his dick.. through out my sauna career I never ever lick other body or suck someones dick.. I always refuse to do that because it feels so gross (I am just into light fun normally) but this man omg..I want to pressure him so bad. I like the slight cigerrate smell ( we never kiss tho)when I lick this body it smells great .. after I finish enjoy him he signal me to lie down and suck my dick passionately even more so than I am. He then ask if wanna fuck. I never ever fuck before .. I said my butt hole is unclean since I never fuck before he say he is versatile so ask me to fuck him. I ask him if he got condom he proceed to wear it for me then I try to find this hole to enter . I am too nervous to enter his hole then he grab my dick and insert to his hole properly. I fuck him very hard to all my strength then I cum. His horny look still in my dream writing this makes me hard again. We shower and parted I give bid good bye to him at the locker he says bye too. He is wearing a jeans and t shirt he is forever my only true love. After this I determine to slim my self down. Hitting on gym again (have given up earlier) eat healthy. I am so so fucking lucky to have him in my life, maybe he is just too horny and I just barely pass the borderline to meet his criteria. I wish I am a better me when fuck with me. I don't deserve him I am back to Singapore working now .. never have suck encounter at singapore.. after this encounter I will not simply play with anyone anymore. Just the one I like enough to lick his entire body and suck his dick (happily and excites but not because being polite)
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