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  1. Source: Straits Times Sexually assaulted behind bars By K. C. Vijayan THREE prisoners have been charged with physically and sexually assaulting their fellow inmate in a prison cell in Changi Prison earlier this year. The three men, aged between 19 and 21, are accused of punching and kicking the man in his chest and body, some time between April 26 and May 5. All three are also said to have forced him to perform oral sex on them in the cell on several occasions between April 27 and May 5. One of them, Mohammed Zameen Abdul Manoff, 20, also allegedly sodomised him in the cell on April 28.
  2. Hey there Frotters, would like to kick start a topic for frotters. And to source of who like a good cock to cock rub off in the forum. This is not a common interest but for those those are into this fetish, let's contribute to meet ups and exchange pointers for a frot session. If the respond is great, we can gather in a Line group for more photos, discussion and meet ups. Hear from you frot fellows soon
  3. A. My First Love - Kong Chapter 1: Who am I? At end of my first year, I had an interview with the liberal varsity Christian Students Fellowships on the condition that my identity was to be kept anonymous. It was reported subsequently on its monthly publication of campus profile & personality column. Following are extracted from the publication. Q: You are an interesting person, with your long hair, fair complexion & demure personality; will you tell me what your sexual identification is? Are you a gay? A: No, a definite no, I am not gay. Q: So what are you? A: I am a cross dresser, a behavior that’s deemed unacceptable in this conservative society. Except my childhood friend named Ling, for about 21 years of my life I keep this fetish a secret. Q: Since when you found about this fetish? A: Maybe around 15 in sec. 3. But I think the desire was there much earlier. Q: Any related incident to tell? A: Yes, I remember there was this day when 3 good looking young chaps walking passed when I water the plants at the front yard. My hands clung tightly on the fence while watching them intensely. I was mesmerized by their walks, talks & smiles, couple with the crystal clear ringing tones came from the anklets they worn, from that moment, I had dreamt that one day I would be as pretty, as elegant & as sweet as them. Q: So instead of women, can I say you are craving for men? A: No, not at all. Not even a single though throughout the young age. Q: Why? A: It is insane, it never occur in my mind, as I like only the beautiful things. Q: But by chance I do notice that you were at Chatter Box with this guy behaving so intimately. A: I am not trying to lie, yes, he is my boy friend, but it started when I was doing my national service. Q: A bold question here & you may choose not to answer, i.e. any sexual relationship in-between? A: Hmm… there is, but it is between a guy & a lady, not man to man. I played the female role all times. Small talks & patting are vital to get me mentally satisfied rather than the stuff, you know? Q: Okay, beside the event of awakening by the 3 good looking chaps incident, I believe you just didn’t stop there, right? A: Yes, I went into stealing. Q: Stealing? A: Yes, as student I did not have extra money, so I stole. Moreover, it was not convenience to buy even if I do have the money. Q: Not convenience? A: Let me explain. My first stealing was being at a daily trip from school to home. On this humid sunny afternoon, I walked on this back lane hung with wet clothing on the bamboo poles. I glanced from far focusing on the usual location with rows of lady apparels. Walking sheepishly up, down & back, I grasped a pair of bra & panty & walked off quickly. I shielded the wet stuff in the school bag & walked home hurriedly, I wasn’t sure my stealing was spotted by anyone but simply walked & walked with head down. Back to my room, I explored the wet stuff, I felt excited with heart pumping hard, feeling wonderful about it. Since then the stealing took place whenever opportunity occurred, but I make it a point never steal on the same location. All these were kept in a biscuit tin tightly closed & hide behind the book shelf. This went on throughout my secondary & high school days. Q: Gosh, it must be hard on you. A: Yeah, I struggled with this all those early years, this life had been very difficult, it was sinful, shameful & I had hated it. Imagine having to grow up under the fear of being caught by the public, the owners & or even found out by the family members for such sickening fetish. It had been at the very core of all my problems growing up right into adulthood. Q: Didn’t you seek help from your parent? A: No never. I believe grandma & mom cannot understand. Q: What’s about your dad? A: Well, we never in good talking term, as far as I am concerned, he is just a jerk. Q: Thanks for telling me all these. Do you have anything to add before ending this discussion? A: Till my life end, it is a problem that can never go away. I will use Karl A. Menninger’s quote to describe the conflicting feeling. “ When a trout rising to a fly gets hooked on a line & find himself unable to swim freely, he begins with a fight which results in struggles & splashes & sometimes an escape. Often, Of course, the situation is too tough for him. In the same way the human being struggles with his environment & with the hooks that catch him. Sometimes he masters his difficulties; sometimes they are too much for him. His struggles are all that the world sees & it naturally misunderstands them. It is hard for a free fish to understand what is happening to a hooked one.” x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x To be continued ……………
  4. I wonder are people still cruising at their Swimming Pool? I swim there very often but still don't see any actions happen lately
  5. So I was sitting in a sauna small smoking area (in kl) waiting to look for fun, normally I have low expectation in sauna all the time I play (around 1 yr) as I am not muscular and only average body and look (not fat but have a tummy) and there is this man briefly withdraw a lighter? I think from the bench I am sitting at . So politely I move away got him to take it. When I look at him I know he is way out of my league. not muscular type but very hot normal body with no tummy and a leaf tattoo on this right belly (can't see very clear). He is smoking and walk away from the smoking area i of course steal lots of glance at him. So fucking hot . Is it because he is smoking ? Maybe I have a fetish for a smoking man? After he walks away I am sad and begin to walk away too ( I have wander around for very long not even one person seems interested in me) maybe jerk off and leave. Then the hot guy come back and playfully touch my dick and signal for me to go inside. I was like what the fuck.. it is impossible .. my mouth agape and follow his lead to a room.. towel offs and play with our dick standing. Then he proceed to lie down .. I lick him all over (his body is so soft) and his dick too .. I suck his dick.. through out my sauna career I never ever lick other body or suck someones dick.. I always refuse to do that because it feels so gross (I am just into light fun normally) but this man omg..I want to pressure him so bad. I like the slight cigerrate smell ( we never kiss tho)when I lick this body it smells great .. after I finish enjoy him he signal me to lie down and suck my dick passionately even more so than I am. He then ask if wanna fuck. I never ever fuck before .. I said my butt hole is unclean since I never fuck before he say he is versatile so ask me to fuck him. I ask him if he got condom he proceed to wear it for me then I try to find this hole to enter . I am too nervous to enter his hole then he grab my dick and insert to his hole properly. I fuck him very hard to all my strength then I cum. His horny look still in my dream writing this makes me hard again. We shower and parted I give bid good bye to him at the locker he says bye too. He is wearing a jeans and t shirt he is forever my only true love. After this I determine to slim my self down. Hitting on gym again (have given up earlier) eat healthy. I am so so fucking lucky to have him in my life, maybe he is just too horny and I just barely pass the borderline to meet his criteria. I wish I am a better me when fuck with me. I don't deserve him I am back to Singapore working now .. never have suck encounter at singapore.. after this encounter I will not simply play with anyone anymore. Just the one I like enough to lick his entire body and suck his dick (happily and excites but not because being polite)
  6. This park seems and feels very cruisy anyone had any fun here?
  7. Anyone free tmr orchard scotts,Shaw center/house fun sex? From 10am-9pm outdoor safe toilet fun sex...pm me haha My encounter town area... Paragon toilet weekdays night is quiet nice to play.... Taka weekdays nights too... Tanglin Mall top club shower cubicle had fun sex once with a cute dude there haha weekdays afternoon GreatWorldCity weekdays afternoon and nights Wheelock toilet also nice to play weekdays afternoon Shaw center/house before and after renovation also shiok to play weekdays afternoon n nights ...;) International building also shiok to play handicapped toilet Far east shopping center weekdays afternoon n nights And lastly Forum Shopping Mall P.S: If you are lucky, u get invited for fun sex at Hilton or Yotel
  8. Anyone has had wet dream(s) in camp before? What was it about? How was it like and how'd you deal with the aftermath? I just had one where a group of guys from my camp was standing around me jerking off, letting me suck their dicks. Some of them were slapping their dicks on my face craving attention. One of my bunkmates then started to fuck me while I was sucking another guys tool. As the one fucking me increased his rhythm, it was the moment I think I cummed all over me. Memory is a lil fuzzy if I woke up immediately after but when I really woke up, the whole bunk smelt of cum, my undies and bed sheet had a huge wet cum spot and my bunk mate's morning wood is super showing, making me horny all over again
  9. What are some of the "Pearls of Wisdom" that you have heard or reflected from an experience? Some example are like: 1. You cannot give what you don't have. 2. Good things in Life comes for free. 3. Choice is the Freedom one gets. 4. 静 恩 仁 悟 空
  10. Anyone cruising in CF gyms after workout? At the gym regularly and opportunities are there in the quiet mornings and mid-afternoons. Share your stories/encounters here and arrange to meet up here
  11. Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 1:53 pm i was visiting a friend at a hospital the other day and got luckier than striking the lottery. I walked into his ward, and immediately my lusty sight was directed to a mature patient. He is in about his 40s, and was stranded on bed with an injured leg in a cast. Especially titillating was his open hospital pyjama fly that exposed his brinjal-shaped penis, and a heap of hairy testicles. He seemed like in good health except for his ailing leg that immobilized him on bed. Obviously bored, he broke into a cheery smile the moment he saw me walking into the ward, as if to solicit a chat. Even when I was by the side of my friend's bed, I noticed that the cute uncle was very attentive to our conversation and was watching at our direction - short of joining in. He even whistled hushly from time to time as if trying to win my attention. I also could not resist his open thighs (his injured leg was lifted in mid-air), and staring at me were his huge and loosened balls. What a turn on?!?!?! Before I could think of a clever way to reach into his open fly, he called out for me to help him to adjust his bed. And of course, i saw that as his horny invitation. I gladly obliged and could not get my eyes off his ripened gonads. He then asked if i could help him to the washroom as he needs to rid of some water - i thought i must have struck the sleazy jackpot. While in the cubicle, on the pretext of having to support himself, he requested that i undid his pants for him (what a pleasure). I did as instructed, and before his pants was down, i could see his bulging manhood craning up to life. And before i could find an excuse to stroke his penis that had sprang to life like a v-tec engine piston, he asked if i thought he is well endowed. I nodded in amazement at his horniness. He then asked if i could milk his cock as it had been stifled for a long time in the hospital. He said he needed to 'drain his reservoir'. I unreservedly held his 'brother' in my palm and gave it a jerk that would turn even the paralysed alive! He closed his eyes as if in deep enjoyment of this long-awaited carnal relief. His manhood ballooned bigger in my hands, and i could feel the blood pumping into every single vein and vessel in his penis. I felt a kick of high as well just watching his inflated cock sliding furiously between my fingers. The climax came when he suddenly loosened his grip on me, and a ferocious stream of his manly essence spewed out of his cock tip, not unlike a volcano eruption. His whitish lava seem endless, spurts after spurts they forcefully get discharged from his spongey cock. I have never seen a semen fountain display as lively and powerful. Right after he came, he told me he wanted to come again in a while and asked if i could assist. He said I had the most dexterous fingers he has ever experienced (what a flattery). I laid him back in his bed as he needed some recuperation before we get hot in action again. Talk about a hospital visit turned lucky!
  12. Do you have any stories to share on kinky piss drinking or golden shower? Is there anyone interested in drinking pee? Or being sprayed w pee?
  13. Haven’t seen a Lucky Chinatown in Personals. Personally, LC is my favourite cruising spot. Central and full of eager older men.
  14. Male38

    Penang island

    For all on penang Island..
  15. Any Uncles around here for quick fun? There are some uncles here, but dun seem like PLU Prefer Chinese man late 40s and above, mature looking...hehe This evening at Bukit Timah Plaza...
  16. not exactly new, but kept getting qns about working from home: due to a fact that all work remotely Once a month, or even once every six months, organize a team lunch, drinks or social to get the whole team together to celebrate their successes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasondownes1/2018/10/24/how-to-maintain-company-culture-in-an-age-of-remote-workforces/#4a6749a52b1a yes, there r still sessions of meetup depending on work nature 2) many co.s provide vaccines for staff (not just to frequent business travellor) this is also for you to raise HR/employment related issues anyone of u know of any latest trends to share? pls also share are u also working for the corporate world too (self business is very diff)
  17. Anyone wanna meet for my monthly Staycation in Singapore? Haha...destress myself and review the hotel and services. Sex fun in the swim pool, shower cubicle, sauna and hidden areas...haha
  18. Was having a discussion with my friend on this highly debated topic that was fuelled by the recent revision of laws in Japan banning corporal punishment contrasted with the failure of passing a similar bill in the Philippines. The questions I have are: 1) What is your most memorable moment of being punished as a kid? What did you do and how were you punished for it? 2) What were some creative techniques your parents used to discipline you with? 3) Do you agree with corporal punishment? Would you employ it with your own (hypothetical) children in the future haha? Wonder if there's a change in mindset from our parents' generation till today...
  19. Anyone going to swim this friday..
  20. Stumbling upon this article which I find both interesting and true in most aspects. I thought I’ll just share it for they have come a long way... Enjoy! https://newnaratif.com/research/how-discrimination-kills-gay-men-in-singapore/
  21. Hey Huys, Calling out to University Students in KL, share your post on anything gay. Lets meet up sometimes for a gathering. Or better lets cruise among ourselves, well if youre looking for Young Uni Students. thanks.
  22. Realized there's not much of outdoor fun or exhibitionist stories in Malaysia but I know there's a lot of people do want and have a lot to share! Let's start!
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