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Celest Chong Fans & Haters Discussion (Combined)

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i do expect haters who hate Celest! Why? It is because Celest is famous. Will you hate on an unknown? Madonna, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie  Britney Spears, Diana Princess of Whales, lady gaga, Taylor Swift, ...what do these famous women have in common with Celest? All of them havr Haters! Its because these haters are deeply jealous of their fame, talent and beauty!


Celest is also an international fashion icon. Her style is being copied by fashionistas..even her ' 'Chained look' in her performance for Life In A Modern World is copied by Lady Gaga! Her style made her the muse and spokeswoman for the designer to the stars for thr iconic international fashion trend setter Joan Kelly Walker!


Do not be jealous if Celest's success! Spread positivity! Remember You Are A Masterpiece!

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3 hours ago, Guest Guest said:

celest's return to mando pop is a much needed relief in this pandemic situation the world is having now. She is giving her millions of adoring in asia a much needed dose of happiness!


Celest's breathtaking powerful song is all the rage in my office! Everyone is talking about it non stop! As far as I know, the buzz and anticipation of a full length mandarin album is so high that its the wish list of all my colleagues! And mind you, these people are no easy people to please as they have high taste in art, culture, fashion and entertainment. Even Gaga's Chromatica album was a dissapointment to them and the run of the mill Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa are not good enough for them! But they fall head over heels for Celest's new single, powerful yet emotive vocals and her stunning emotional visuals touched their hearts!


Thank you Queen for giving Asia this special gift!


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On 10/1/2021 at 11:14 PM, Guest Celeste said:



Salah zhong lol

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