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Media Coverage- Trump Kim VS Wild Boars

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The Wild Boars were rescued! This historic event received massive worldwide coverage.


The Trump Kim Summit also received massive worldwide coverage but this cost tax payers a massive $20m to serve tea & coffee.


The thais however had international people doing work for free. The thais also show the world determination and guts. Its a very feel good event. The thais spent no where near $20million for sure.


Singapore however spent $20million for uncertainty and serve coffer & tea. Also many people have to work very long hours, have leave cut therefore spend less time for family and charity. The people who spend this huge amount of tax payers money justified by with the so called worldwide coverage.


So which event do you think wins your heart and got more bang for your buck? The Trump Kim Summit which showcase luxurious settings like St Regie, Capella, MBS....or thr Wild Boars Rescue which showcased the natural beauty of Thailand, the positive human spirit, goodwill, humble nature and human kindness.


I fell the humble Thais wins the day and will be remembered in history as an event with heart and humbleness while the Trump Kim Summit will be remembered as an event with overtly najib like extravegant luxurious fuss.


What do you think?



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