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  1. Monster hunter world

    want to, but can't afford ps4 at the moment =(
  2. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

    after you finish a certain post game, someone will give you 50+ big nuggets. that's 2million down out of the 2.6m you need for the set
  3. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

    i'm wearing the kommo-o full costume in game. lol
  4. heard my friends say no more on the shelves, when they went to shop today
  5. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

    here's an excuse for you guys to organize a meet up
  6. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

    https://www.serebii.net/ultrasunultramoon/compatibility.shtml Online and wireless battles in the games remains exactly the same as before. While between Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon games you can do and use anything, when you connect with players of Pokémon Sun & Moon, there are several restrictions. Essentially, you cannot use any of the new Pokémon, forms, new moves and new abilities in battle against these players. The game will inform you as you select your team whether or not it can be used. Trading is the other one of the core aspects of Pokémon and also has several restrictions.Like battling, you won't be able to trade Pokémon who hold any of the new items over to Pokémon Sun & Moon, but you can trade them fine between various copies of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. You also cannot trade Pokémon who have the new moves that are introduced in the new game.
  7. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

    quick link is for local play only. even then, you might get linked with nearby strangers if there are any around doing the same plaza is where you'll find your friend list, either through local play or online.
  8. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

    xy is 6th gen, while sun moon is 7th gen. you cannot cross trade between different generations between sm and usum, limitations of interaction is similar to xy-oras, certain pokemon, moves, forms , items, may not be used for battle or trade
  9. Ipt / Rt Buddies

    i need to, but mine is IPT =\
  10. 極樂宿舍比雞雞

    the title is there. 極樂宿舍. I was watching this while on my flight to taiwan. lol
  11. Any Gamers Here?

    looking for hunters for monster hunter gen. lol
  12. Bedok Swimming Pool

    isnt the pool closed on thursday?
  13. Pokemon Sun & Moon

    put a list here and someone might respond
  14. DigimonLinks (iOS/Google)

    total i got 3 metal etemon, with the 1st one being +2