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  1. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Ye, Niantic heard us lol. Everyone prep for this sat double xp event?
  2. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Yup but it’s AR+. Good luck!
  3. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Yay caught my first wonder Kyogre! It’s pretty hard to land the ball on it so you got to throw it real hard. A trick shared by some experts group chat is to toggle AR+ on and off to fix Kyogre to stay in centre. Good luck guys!
  4. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Can use sgpokemap to find zangoose. Quite a handful of them. Caught a perfect female Ralts at cuppage just now
  5. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Zangoose on the loose..
  6. Gardening Enthusiasts

    You can actually literally separate them with your bare hands.
  7. Gardening Enthusiasts

    Ya hang them up with wire. Bought a small cluster from garden festival and since then they grow bigger and bigger but really take many years to grow this big. Each plant only flowers once in their life time. most of them already flowered. So won’t flower any more. I use wire to tie them up in cluster. They thrive well in clusters! Alternatively, you can always mound them on drift wood or other decor that you prefer
  8. Gardening Enthusiasts

    Oh because my plants have been around for many years already. It started off with the size your picture shows. https://myalbum.com/album/Y4Q5EqlrGRAM (just to show the smaller ones I have separated from Mother plant)
  9. Gardening Enthusiasts

    Yes to the air plant. In fact, my parents are taking care of them. They just need to mist them once every 1-2 days. No need fertiliser. When they start budding, you have the options to split them into smaller clusters. Each adult plant will only flower once after which they will start budding (reproduce asexually to produce smaller baby plants) https://myalbum.com/album/FSEBguN6Vz9E ( my Tilly just flowered few days back)
  10. Gardening Enthusiasts

    No I don’t keep cp. just knowing their natural habitat. One way u can maintain humidity is to cluster them together. Don’t keep the plant isolated. Ya my tillandsia is the most common type, Tillandsia ionata, the mini one. It’s the characteristic of tillandsia to exhibit redness at the tip of the leaves when they “spike” (about to flower). I got no experience keeping the rarer ones though. Yup still keeping the shrimps, just that recently my aquatic plants got wiped out due to accidental introduction of a product I was told is good for the shrimp. So got to reset everything.
  11. [2018] Wishes to BW members/Guests

    Happy 2018! Stay healthy & positive always
  12. Gardening Enthusiasts

    Carnivorous plants are tricky cos they thrive well upon neglect, you care a little more they will be upset. Yes, definitely need shade, humidity (moisture). Anyone keeps tillandsia? My all time favourite. It’s been flowering once a year and usually around this time when there is significant weather change
  13. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Got a shiny snorunt & hatched a Santa pichu! Best Xmas gift ever ya agree with MeowPrince, now I’m walking my feebas.
  14. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Ya went on a Sunday morning and 2 rounds of jog gave me about 130 torchic candies, not bad!