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  1. I will wear t-shirt, berm and sandals if I’m flying to BKK, Phuket or some beach places while wearing covered shoes, jackets and pants if my destination is cold, like NZ. Hmm, is there a dress code in flight??
  2. Nice.. ya those I’m referring to are locals
  3. Ya but nowadays girls are pretty aggressive and some really take initiatives to pursue.. lol
  4. Seeing this thread reminded me of one interesting encounter one day when I was walking through a forested area. I was taken aback a little when I saw a group of Cisco officers taking a smoking break. As I walked towards them I noticed their uniform is rather tight fitting, with some subtle shine as their bodies moved. It kind of brings out the nice contours of their butts and frontal.. some with nice chests too.. what a sight I thought .. then as they saw me walking pass them, they smiled at me and I reciprocated. The short fantasy of a scene of a person being forced to service a group of police officers did flashed past my mind. Haha, I had a quick wet dream.. I think their uniform is better looking than the new police uniform. But perhaps the new police uniform is designed in such a way to facilitate movement and enhance agility?

    Kirby is pretty fun too with multiple players though it’s a little kiddish
  6. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Huh we got? I didn’t know lol
  7. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    We are not “big” enough to catch their attention ba haha
  8. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Er I think earth day only available to hk, tw and jp Leh..
  9. Ya your trick isn’t new but just reply since I’m free lol.. in the past where got cableless in-ear? So far so good with air nano. No dc and sound quality is good. But because of the one touch-button operation I keep triggering it accidentally whenever I just want to adjust it. It’s a product I backed via Kickstarter. Wow you distributor for earpods?
  10. Lol y u assume all of us using EarPods? I’m using air nano by crazybaby. Nowadays prefer truly cableless in-ear
  11. Hi TS, Although quite similar encounter as what you went through, I started off not with flu but breathlessness. Went through the same process as you, ecg, ct scans and what not. Went gp so many times until he had to tell me there was nothing he could practically do to help me except referring me to the specialist. Took anxiety and sleeping pills for a period of time as I couldn’t sleep on every other days. It was torturing back then. Eventually went for endoscopy and was diagnosed with gastritis although that was not related to my breathlessness. I wanted to reinforce what Glyph said, which is so true. What happened after my last visit to my doctor after the endoscopy had somewhat ended my problem. The doctor simply told me, “sometimes it’s just a small issue. But the more you focus on it, the more it gets amplified.” Well, it may sound like a no-big-deal advice, but it did ended my problem. So, hope you could get well soon!
  12. Horny after IT Show

    So crowded.. plenty of involuntary bumps, brushes and body contacts.. some vendors are indeed hot!
  13. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Ah ok that side of the park.
  14. Pokemon Go [Now in SG]

    Bedok Reservoir Park