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  1. LINE Micrhoid Just chat me up or anything. Also seeking fun buddies.
  2. AGAIN with people thinking I'm underaged. I'm already 23 ffs. I'm already entering NS in the next month even. lmfao

    1. ArchDragon


      Students thought I'm 16.. that's even worse.

    2. micrhoid


      @ArchDragon I gonna end up changing my pics while keeping my growing mustache so that people can either tell I'm of age or probably over 30 years old.

  3. I remembered there was another post regarding about it on Tumblr as well. But here's my take on this, it's just an opinion. Grindr did state in their terms and condition that whatever we posted in here, it goes to show that we understand the situation, and declared our status to both Grindr and its users. However, despite being rather public about our status, it should be within the grounds of Grindr and it shouldn't be spread out to anywhere else without permission. Yes, Grindr did indicate in their post that they have never intended on selling information of our HIV statuses to anyone else. That being said however, Grindr already took the liberty of using our HIV status information, and just spread it towards its partners; even if it is for a greater good (which is understandable to me). They gave away valuable information of sensitive users' status at their expense, and that makes a lot of users really paranoid, especially HIV+ users. This is a breach of privacy because as much as the users did declare their statuses on Grindr, it should only be with people who actually uses the app as well, and no one else. That is why a whole lot of people are not really happy about this in the first place. But again, this is my take on this.
  4. Handicapped Needs - anyone encounter

    There are stories about handicapped people having sexual needs but it's pretty rare still. That being said, I'm actually surprised you guys made the initiative. I wouldn't mind helping out whenever I can.
  5. Lmfao. But seriously tho, it's fine to be sexually positive about yourself knowing that sex is doing you good. If you enjoy it a lot, keep doing what you like. Else, it's fine to stop there and tell yourself "maybe this is too much for me, I should settle down first before I continue on." The only thing you shouldn't be positive about is your HIV status, so do keep that in check whenever you have the chance. Take it from me; I got a scare, did several test, still come out just fine at this point and I'm glad I'm still am. Still doing tests every now and then. In other words, you should be fine. People shouldn't be telling you to stop having sex because it's morally wrong "for their opinion", while you should be reasonably conscious on how safe your sex was and how safe are YOU.
  6. Call Me by Your Name

  7. What happened after 35?

    It's physical appeal, from what I've noticed. There are some men who can age well after the age of 35, and some men don't. Nowadays, the moment you reach 35+, they were expected to blend in the "daddy" stereotype which is actually hot, but some can pull it off, some can't. This too lmao
  8. Path of exile

    Oh yay, they gonna give us free resets for this new changes~
  9. Preferences based on race and nationality is completely biased and racist because these are preferences that cannot be changed at all. Our point is that race and nationality cannot be the end-game answer to all relationships, whether sexual, romantic or platonic. It dictates even more problems for everyone else because nobody can change their race or nationality at all. The biggest issue of it all is that the majority are finding other majorities because they are not willing to conform with change, and never wanted to compromise with a minority because they want the easier way out of the relationship. Take note that these preferences stems down to their convenience. If a person of a certain race cannot conform to their convenience, they are bound not to work out because none wants to compromise and work it out among themselves, which slowly grows into general stereotype as long as it festers on. Yes, it is true that it is futile that people will innately learn to practice bias. That being said however, you can still learn how to prevent that from happening so just by simply learning it back. As of now, people in the gay community are much more vocal about their discrimination, which leaves a lot of damage to all races equally. It's already been known several times that the gay community will never learn about it and let it leech into it "just because it's just the way it is", knowing that racism exists in the community.
  10. Lemme clear out the air first to make this even more understandable. This isn't racism. This is practically preference. He clearly did not state which race it was and only stated their body odor. It has nothing got to do with race whatsoever because his main point was basically about smell and not race at all. Read this carefully, it has nothing got to do with racism. This is indeed preference. This, however, is racism. And you might be wondering; "But Mic, he didn't talk bad about anyone else's features. Why is it still racism?" Anything that has got to do with showing disinclination on what it deems as "flaw" to you from a race, it's already racism by default. You literally encouraged the general stereotype of how not only your race would look like, but other races as well. Saying that implies that every other features another race have isn't appealing to you at all. Lemme just share with you my little background on the community (be it in and out of it) that is related to this. First off, I'm Malay. It's a shocker to some, others can find out eventually. I've been told I don't look Malay by default and I have been told I looked way more Chinese, Myanmar, Filipino, etc. than Malay. The moment I dropped the truth bomb that I am pure Malay, not even mixed in the slightest, a number of people did immediately said "oh okay bye." along with some blocks here and there. For short, people from the majority will talk to me if I pass off as Chinese, but when I tell them that I am Malay, they will slowly, if not immediately, stopped talking to me. I have mentioned about this before on my statuses 3 times total on BW before, and till now, I can still get rejected every now and then just because of how I "fooled" them into thinking that I'm Chinese when I have been Malay all my life, flesh and bones. This is what racism really is and what it does to minorities.
  11. Oh SHOOT the shots are thrown everywhere. Remember to pick up your loose trash, @-Ignored-, SINCE you literally compared fruits to vegetables, as if our preferences are something to wear and change on a daily basis. Race do not have to directly attack another race to show sense of racism. You can be friendly to that particular person and be like "haha no offense I just don't like your race for personal reasons because I feel insecure and disgusted by people like you, but it's fine, we can still be friends." This is what it meant to be "biased", a synonym to "preference". It means the same thing. It's like you guys can't admit you're racist by default while trying your very best to make your preferences validated, while knowing it hurts another race, just because it's inconvenient to you. @-Ignored-, you look absolutely stupid trying to make your points made by making loose comparisons, and @Steven94 already set to stone what it really means to be racist in the Gay community. And you literally proved his point by making those assumptions and loose comparisons, backfiring everything you're trying to cover your racism with.
  12. I've read a few post from this (Steven94 actually made good points here too) and I can support while at the same time debunk a few things about this "racism" issue. To start off, preferences in general is already considered as bias, therefore it is considered as racism. It is true that you have nothing against another race in general, but to have a rather questionable reason (for example, Malays don't eat pork, Chinese do) is already considered biased. I can understand on the religion viewpoint because that can't be changed at all. Technically speaking, we can convert, but we cannot change our religious ways that much, so the preference will have to take place. I remembered having a conversation about marriage in this part from Grindr (surprise), and as far as I know, there are cases where both races still stick to their own religions while still being married, but I would leave this out as I have no absolute answer to this, so take that as a grain of salt. I would personally say that if that ever occurred, then marriage itself shouldn't be the end-game answer to relationships in general, but this is just my take in this situation, so take this lightly. When it comes to language barriers, I can understand those who specifically state what they seek in their own native tongue would seek people who either be their own race or at least someone who knows how to speak their language. But when someone has a preference on their own, and yet have the audacity to speak in English, then the language barriers isn't technically there. You can still talk to someone else in English just fine. Mutilated cocks, as JamesAdmas would bluntly put it out there for circumcised dicks, is where the Chinese and Indians would be in. We all know Malays can't have uncircumcised dicks, and that's okay, that's a genuine preference right there. That being said, should you be limiting your uncircumcised dicks fetish to one race only? The "Indians don't bathe and Chinese don't clean their cocks" is starting to get really tiresome at this point so I'm just going to leave it right here and say that if you're limited to one race just because of this fetish, you're downright racist. I would go into so many details about skin tone, but I'll just keep it simple; the color black has always been a taboo skin tone to all white skinned people, whether you're White or white-skinned Asian like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. So of course the first thing they would do is either they treat every black skinned people as weird people. And from there, it festers onto making fun on how Black skinned people looked like, to mocking their ever existence on Earth. And that's when the actual racism comes in. You have to understand the big history behind every struggles of every dark skinned people out there. That's where the political correctness comes in and plays a part. We're basically telling you what it is. How you take this info is really up to you.
  13. Design Your Dream Gay Sauna

    My genuine advice would actually do some research on what existing saunas have in Singapore. And then try to implement something that they don't have. That way it'll be something fresh and not repetitive like the other saunas basically. I'm assuming you already did all this, but it might not hurt to check it out from various members who are seasoned in going into saunas.
  14. Survey on Hypermasculinity

    My answers are pretty long, how you don't mind reading them through lol
  15. Cardfight vanguard

    Yep yep sure thing. Just PM me whenever you feel like it yeah.