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  1. I left my headphones in the hotel. Whoops. Thankfully I called the staff there and they helped me out on finding it.

  2. StarTrek Discovery

    It's no surprise they'd give tragic endings to gay lesbian couples lmao.
  3. Whenever I see bottoms having HUGE dicks, I had to cringe so badly like "Omfg that is so much untapped power." And I just feel like "You know what, I gonna help you become a top either way."

  4. I am so bored right now, and I'm supposed to be resting up. But the medicine kept me awake and now I couldn't sleep.

  5. Gay Stereotypes - Dangerous ones

    Ehh, it's mostly straight (and a few other gay people) jumping to conclusions because that's what they all know about. You can't exactly blame them for not knowing all the time, but it takes a while for them to think otherwise. Most of the time, a lot of people are highlighting the clubbing, sex and drugs because that's what they're been told most of the time, and then the stereotype would seep out and a lot of people will assume it being so. That's why you kinda have to simply tell them that sometimes it's not the case because of personal reasons and whatnot. Either way, these stereotypes aren't exactly harmful, it's how you take the stereotype from people who doesn't really know about the community, whether you're genuinely offended or not. I'm only offended about the racial preferences, but other than that, that's it really.
  6. how to find regular FBuddy?

    (side note, you guys would've been getting FB or FWB much more easily than I do since you guys fit in the cookie cutter of what the gay community demands (don't try to talk to me about preferences), but then again, to each their own) It's all about communication. @NeoAstro made incredibly perfect description on getting one. It's not really that hard to find at all. It's all about making efforts on trying to find one that fits the both of you, and compromise accordingly. Sure it's fine not to share a lot about your personal life, but you still need to find something between the two of you guys to stay close together. Else it's gonna be another one night stand and it won't work out.
  7. I have friends who genuinely talk to me about how they feel down about getting 5" or less and trust me; your dick size doesn't equates to your sex life. Sure people would tend to like bigger dicks themselves, but the main thing is that sex can be just as nice and fun, regardless of size. It's all about skill, not sizes anyways. For short, regardless of sizes, I'm sure people still wouldn't mind sleeping with you guys for various reasons. Of course you have to filter out the size queens.
  8. I'm genuinely surprised nobody talks about this game. Then again it's fully Japanese so I can tell how it's not really accessible to majority of the players here in Singapore. Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (東京放課後サモナーズ or Housamo) is basically your typical Card Battle RPG. Majority of the cast in the game is filled with men, furries included. There are very few female units here and there as extras. I can also say that this is probably the first mobile game that caters mostly to gay men that has ONLINE gameplay in a while. The game isn't released outside of Japan, but you can still get it eventually. The link here will give you better details of how the game works, and how to get the game using Android or Apple; https://wiki.housamo.xyz/Systems
  9. Been edging for an hour at home and I have 1h 30min till class starts. What a way to start a day huh. :T

  10. Lmfao can someone drag me out? I don't wanna stay at my house for New years :T

  11. Preowned new 3DS XL

    I highly doubt it is Japanese set cause that would be expensive despite it being preowned. Japanese sets tend to be a little bit, if not, more expensive due to imports. Warranty is already voided however due to jailbreak. Scratches and cosmetic damages should be considered as Dorkable mentioned, but if it's still playable, I don't see why not. However, you need to check on the buttons and calibrations before consideration. If repair is still required, then genuinely speaking, it's just as close as getting a new one. If everything goes well tho, then you got yourself a steal lol
  12. Preowned new 3DS XL

    If you don't exactly know what you're doing with a jailbroken 3DSXL, it's best not to tamper with it and just simply play games with it normally, since $250 with the 3DSXL is a fucking steal. Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire is already kinda outdated, prior to their Pokemon giveaways ended near end of this year.
  13. Ragnarok Online

    I think I'll wait it out until their third job comes out, along with Renewal. Right now I don't think they mentioned anything about the both of them so I just gonna wait or pass.